I Want You To Know That I Kerr

How did your Christmas go? I bet it was another moment to remember. As for mine, I think I’ll skip sharing except for the part where I will always be thankful for the blessings God has showered for the last eleven months.

On another note, can you sense the pun intended on my title? No? Well, my look for today is actually inspired by Miranda Kerr! hehe. If you read the latest flair icon post I made here, you’d see the first picture of Miranda effortlessly sporting a striped shirt and skinny jeans combo. I could have nailed the look if only I was as model thin as her! haha.  

I actually wore this look (sans the heels, of course) to a night out with some high school friends. It’s been a while since I last spent time with them so I thought I should loosen up a bit just so I could see them again before Christmas.

It was fun while it lasted but if there’s one important lesson that I picked up that night, there is a great difference between happiness and joy. Can you tell the difference?

I added my sister’s native-made necklace for that little color and character boost.

I think I’m obsessed with jeggings now.

So how did you guys spend your Christmas? Are you excited for 2013? I sure am!

spend your last few days of 2012 wisely,