“Sam? Sam wake up. You alright?" 

Slowly, painfully slowly all of Sam’s systems came online.

"Something happened,” He asked as he finally regained control of his automatonic body. “Didn’t it.”

Peter Vi nodded, though he also sighed in relief. 

“I.M. Becile, he knew we were going to change out your core. He tried to take us back.”

“Since we’re still all here I am going to assume he was not successful.”

“Heh. Yeah, he snuck up on us but we kicked his ass.” Peter grinned.

“Is everyone okay?”

“Everyones fine. couple scrapes and bruises but surprisingly nothing too bad. He tried to kidnap Ian too but Michael got him, they’re in Pappy Rabbit’s verse. Steve’s gone to bring them home.”

“Oh thank goodness. Had he gotten his hands on Ian I don’t want to imagine what he would have done.”

He sat up and was pleased to note the blue glow in his chest. It seemed they’d successfully pulled off the core switch.

“You’re okay!!” The Jon cheered as he skipped down the stairs, followed by Rabbit.

“Ya g-g-gave us a scare there sport!” the copper bot added.

“I am so very very sorry."  he replied teasingly, earning a snicker

Peter V re-entered the lab, a spring in his step as he dusted off his hands.

"And that’s one green matter core we never have to see again!” his tone was chipper and upbeat.

“Music to my ears.” He sighed, “Lets get out of here.”

Rabbit patted him on the back and they all went to see to the others.