i lost my leg serving as alex jone’s personal bodyguard during the information wars of 2020. the dems put a bomb under table at the capitol hill meeting chamber. when i went in for inspection i triggered what was intended to be an end to his reign of terror. i took most of it. i had my buddy johnny inspect the room with me. a piece of shrapnel tore his heart in two. 

the explosion didn’t kill alex jones directly, but the shock of it gave him a heart attack which hospitalized him for about a month. he kept leading through the war, his health declining each day. he took his last breath in september of 2022. his days of eating nothing but mayonnaise and those bogus dietary supplements lead him into a fatal series of strokes. 

the war was over. no one really knew what to do then. america was reformed, although utah and wyoming didn’t join the new united states, and were cut out of the country with giant chainsaws and placed somewhere in the atlantic. 

💖Yuumika week》Day 6: Cuddling, kissing💖
🎀I’m late :‘c anyway, I liked making this one. (I don’t really think the anatomy is right, whatever.)🎀 🌸I’m trying different ways to color everyday of the yuumika week (hopefully they look good). 🌺
💞I want to get more confident with the way I color.💞
🌺Made it with Medibang Paint for Android with a Samsung Galaxy Note ♡
My instagram》@hilda_joana

Clarity release tour -
Fri, Feb 3 The Dorchester Arms, Southampton W/ The Long Haul & Hospitals
Sat, Feb 4 Basingstoke W/ The Long Haul
Sun, Feb 5 Margate W/ The Long Haul
Mon, Feb 6 The green door store Brighton W/ The Long Haul, Gnarwovles
Wed, Feb 8 Karma Cafe, Norwich w/RUN, WALK!/NO COAST/NO FUN/MEASURES
Thu, Feb 9 Westgarth Social Club, Middlesbrough
Fri, Feb 10 Banshee Labyrinth Edinburgh w/ End Reign
Sat, Feb 11 The World Head Quaters, Newcastle w/ End Reign/Cavalcades
Sun, Feb 12 The Hangman, Chester w/Horrorstruck,Knife Crimes
Mon, Feb 13 Tiger Lounge, Manchester w/Cavalcades, Hindsights, Speedboat Salesmen, Model Radio, Knifecrimes.

More dates to be added…

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In case you missed it last night, here’s a new track of ours. Mixed by Dedmoon and Mastered by ex lavotchkin guitarist Ben Wishlade.
Lyrics for "Black Moon"

Black Moon.

Below darkened sky as the planets align
An eclipse that scars the night
A zealot cry to end all time
Fanatical premonition, destruction of life

All you know and all you love shall be wiped away
Possesions are now meaningless on this our final day

All you know and all you love shall be wiped away
Possesions are now meaningless on this our final day
Where are your beloved gods and why do you still pray
Give up all hope and desire
Goodbye human race

No….no hope for us
You have got to accept this is the end and all is lost

City sink beneath lunar tides
Stars shall fall as the world ignites
The people run and hide from the titan in the sky
Can’t stop it now……..black moon arise

A judgement on the earth
Darkness prevails, light disperse
A story old as time
Destroyer bring rebirth