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Brittany goes away. Santana doesn’t realize how much she hates it, until the second night she leaves work, and feels in ache in her stomach that she has to sleep in her own bed again. She never thought that she’d be like this, but she loves sleeping beside someone else. She loves waking up with her head on Brittany’s shoulder. She loves Brittany sleepily tangling their fingers together beneath the sheets. She loves their quick morning showers together, and dressing quickly so she can pour cereal while Brittany rouses her baby bear from bed. She loves being part of a family. She loves being home.

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I just watched the entirety of Fireball Charming.

It was hilarious, but I’m not entirely sure what I’m supposed to think.  Is it one of those things where the series makes more sense the second time you watch it, or do I just have Japanese comedic timing to thank for how nonsensical it is?


Luke: Holly Plumbob! I just can’t believe it!

Intern lady: What is it, Dr. Argyle?

Luke: I think it’s Llama Syndrome! It’s very rare, I’ve never seen it before.

Patient: You do know how to treat me, right?

Luke: Yes, but we need to act as fast as we can. If not, you’re going to end up in zoo.

Intern lady: What exactly Llama Syndrome is?

Luke: It’s when you spend so much time around llamas, your body starts to act like you’re llama too. It’s a complex mutation, really fast one.

Patient: I think I’m gonna wag my tail now.

Intern lady: Oh my Gosh, it’s already started!

Ajin Lawyer AU

- Satou doesn’t go off to war - instead he goes to college

- Consistently 4th in class like clockwork, because any higher would draw attention. literally no one remembers him beyond that he was ‘really good’.

- Satou ends up a lawyer, of course

- Ends up playing defense

- Hard mode engage, takes the most impossible, hard as fuck cases you can possibly imagine

- Saves Tanaka from a false conviction and Tanaka ends up his intern who wants to go to law school

- Talks big game about how it’s a lawyer’s job to believe in their clients innocence, etcetc

- Tanaka has 10000000% fallen for this and believes Satou’s saving other people like him who are innocent and about to be falsely convicted

- Nope actually Satou’s saving a bunch of absolute scumbags, because he just picks whatever case is the hardest

- Okuyama’s the tech savvy secretary who doesn’t really care as long as he gets paid

- Takagen are the building’s security guards who do jobs for Satou on the side

“Sam, they literally caught the guy in the process of stabbing his wife. The knife was in her when the police kicked the door down.”
“I can get him off on a technicality.”

“This should be an easy case. Who’s the defense?”
“Sam Owen.”

Jakarta children’s choir takes gold at international competition with awe-inspiring performances

The Resonanz Children’s Choir (TRCC) is one of Indonesia’s most amazingly talented musical groups, a fact they proved once again last weekend with a huge win at the Claudio Monteverdi Choral Festival and Competition, which was held in Venice, Italy, from July 7-10.

TRCC came out on top at the end of the international competition, in which they sang against other top choir groups from all over the world. They not only earned the top spot in the Children and Youth category, they also earned the Grand Prix award for the best overall score of any team in the competition.

The Jakarta-based choir’s winning performances mixed Asian and Western song choices, including a stirring rendition of “Táncnóta”, by Hungarian composer Zoltán Kodály, as well as the traditional Papuan song “Yamko Rambe Yamko”, which they performed in the final round.

In a press release announcing the big win, TRCC’s manager Dani Dumadi wrote: “The Resonanz amazed the jury and audience in the Santa Margherita auditorium. That could be seen from the standing ovation they gave the choir.“

This is not the first major international competition triumph for TRCC. The 42-person choir has also won singing contest in Hong Kong, Hungary and San Francisco.

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“I’m scared of loving ye. I’m scared of hurting ye.” [{Literally what Vick thinks with every person I ship her with xD}]

“If you end up hurting me, Vick, it’s because I’m the one who deserved it. Lord knows I’m stupid enough. But still… D’you think I wouldn’t forgive you? Because I would. Every time. Even if you hurt me every day for the rest of my life, no matter how short that is.”

Naval History & Heritage Command 
Rear Adm. Richard Byrd is appointed to command the 1939-1941 U.S. Antarctic Service Expedition ‪#‎OTD‬ in 1939. Under objectives outlined by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Byrd establishes an east and west base and holds a wide range of scientific observations until international tensions end the expedition to Antarctica in early 1941.

'Cause I'm Not Thinking Straight

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/29E45av

by Liliace

Peter was finally (maybe) going to kiss Wade.


A second part to this fic of mine, but can be read as a stand alone.

Words: 1823, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 3 of Spiderpool & Deadman

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/29E45av

Gabriela looks at Danica with a smirk on her face. The look on Gabriela’s face boils Danica’s blood, but she does her best to remain calm.

Gabriela: I always told Jude you aren’t the prettiest or smartest girl, but now I see that you’re delusional as well. Jude is kidnapped? You’ve been watching too much SimFlix, sweetie!

The mocking tone in Gabriela’s voice infuriates Danica. 

Danica angrily: Windenburg! 18 years ago! Travis and Eve Scott, do those names ring a bell, Mrs. Lim? I know EXACTLY who you are, Gabriela Lim. Never in your wildest dreams would you imagine that your son’s girlfriend would end up INTERNING at the same talent management company that manages Eve Scott, the woman whose baby you stole! I learned all about Jude’s kidnapping, they still talk about it in Windenburg.  I actually interned with Savannah Benson, the woman you shot so that you could kidnap Jude!

Gabriela: You’re a lunatic!

Danica: No, YOU are! You kidnapped Travis and Eve Scott’s son! Jude’s real name is Travis Scott, Jr!

Gabriela screeching: Shut up, you crazy witch! How DARE you? Jude is my son! MY SON!

Danica: He’s NOT! But don’t worry. I won’t tell him who you REALLY are.  Your terrible secret is safe with me… for now. Jude loves you. If I were to tell him everything I know… that you stole from his biological parents and ruined his entire life…it would destroy him. So I’m taking him to Windenburg with me, and I’m going to help him uncover the truth on his own.  Hopefully you’ll have turned yourself in to the authorities by then, for Jude’s sake! But if not, I hope when we leave, that you’ll disappear from Jude’s life forever!

Gabriela yells: GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!

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I would love a ship please! I am 5'8", with very short light brown hair and bright blue eyes. I'm curvy. I am Pansexual. I am a Ravenclaw to a fault. I always have a witty remark, but try very hard to be personable and understanding. I usually just end up being awkward. Internally, I can be really guarded and shy. I focus on whatever my project is to the exclusion of all else. I swear, a fire could start and I wouldn't notice. Thank you!! I love your brain!!

i ship you with..

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hermione! your blue eyes would instantly focus her attention on you. you endless supply of witty remarks would always keep her on her toes, and a bright smile on your face when she had a good comeback. when first meeting you, your shyness made her heart melt. she brought you out of your shell, and she really appreciates how understanding you are when she’s going through tough times.

i’m doing a ships day all day today (july 23rd) so send in a short description about you if you want one!