Some should really understand that the "but SM confirmed KxxxxxL" and "they can't be gay" arguments are actually invalid. There is honestly no point in believing what SM says. It's not because an hetero couple is acknowledged by its agency that it's real. Media play. Everyone is free to enjoy their ship and to respect their idols, but don't bash others with such "arguments".

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Oh crap I just wanted some cute medical fluff not this WHAT HAVE I DONE PUZZLE IM SO SORRY ; - ;

Edd: “There’s only a few more hours of this! We can survive this…”

Tom: "Yeah, it sure is great to have four arms and three eyes!”

Matt“It’s still much better than being a zombie!”

Tord: “That… Is something I can agree with.”

{M!A: 2 days/ 3- only a few hours remaining.}

i love jasico so much just thinking about how jason and nico might interact at all in the trials of apollo is literally brining tears to my eyes i LOVE jasico please let them be happy


*slowly opens door**whispers softly* just a friendly reminder that all the finished art i post is available on about a trillion different awesome things in my redbubble store *closes door gently* *backs away on tiptoe*