end of birthday spam

grattis på födelsedagen sverige!


Happy birthday, Park Chanyeol,

Thank you for always working hard and for making me so so so so happy in the past 3 years, for always working hard to be the best for your fans, for always smiling through hard times and showing a strong image for us so we don’t worry about you.

To Chanyeol, who never fails to make me smile, happy birthday, my lovely giant. Please always be happy.

i wish you all the best and i will keep loving and supporting you for the next 3, 5, 10, 100 years.



“You get to a place where you do your job, and then you dust your hands off and say, ‘Okay, my job is done. Now, it’s in the stars. We’ll see what happens.’ There’s nothing I can do to affect it.”

This old geezer’s giving away some book-ish goodies 🎁 PART TWO

Winner/Prize #1:
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Winner/Prize #2 (edited*):
   → Must be a Canadian resident (sorry! shipping rates are horrid)
   → Will receive a book-ish goodie package, including:
       1. a sticker (here is the list);
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       or Alice in Wonderland themed.
      4. and possibly other little goodies :)
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   → Giveaway blogs will not be accepted.
   → Please avoid spamming this post
  → Giveaways ends on my birthday: June 6th, 10:30AM (Toronto Time)
   → Your ask box must be open, you’ll have 2 days to reply to my message, after that I will choose a new winner.
   → You must also be comfortable giving me your name and address.

Any questions or concerns? Let me know!
*edited cause I’m dumb and forgot about how bad shipping rates are
this should have at least 200 notes so there are enough entries