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Why Kai is my bias; why I love him; why I will always be his fan

Never would I have ever imagined that one k-pop idol, one boy, could change my life so much. Today is this particular boy’s birthday, so I am going to take this opportunity to finally put into words why I stan and love Kim Jongin.

But, first, a little about Kai – because although sometimes Kim Jongin and Kai are one and the same, these two identities are more often than not separate (but connected).

Over one year ago, when EXO was preparing to debut, Kai was introduced to the world via his first teaser. My first impression of him (like almost everybody else’s, I’m sure) was: oh, he’s a good dancer– but nothing more than that. I’m not a dance expert, so Kai’s dancing didn’t seem all that special. There were plenty of excellent dancers in the k-pop industry, so what? It’s hard to imagine now, but after watching EXO’s first several teasers, I even lost interest in this Kai person.

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"You get to a place where you do your job, and then you dust your hands off and say, ‘Okay, my job is done. Now, it’s in the stars. We’ll see what happens.’ There’s nothing I can do to affect it."