end babygate

  1. Briana deleted a lot of Freddie pictures
  2. B’s family relatively silence on SM
  3. Denial on friday with Dan Wrinkle
  4. Eleanor’s name being key on interviews
  5. Dan Wrinkle has yet another exclusive with Louis tomorrow (monday)

I dont wanna get my hopes up but my my hopes are doing the tango over the moon right now

Do you ever just realize, that Larry is real and get that feeling when you want to punch a wall

Just a friendly reminder :)

Xander and Camille were both in Harry’s Concert last night but guess what Harry the darkest fucking larrie did?

  • He wore all blue
  • Sang You’re Still The One by Shania Twain
  • Kacey changed the lyrics from “We’re still together, still going strong” to “They’re still together, still going strong.” ft. Harry smirking smugly about it.
  • Instead of singing the songs to his GiRlFrIeNd or to a man he initially dated in 2015. He Looked up at the VIP Box where Louis was rumoured to be in during Sweet Creature and If I Could Fly and even during a part of You’re Still The One.

Xander and Camille who? Sorry, I only know Louis Tomlinson.

danielle didn’t eat salad outside a window to be erased like this

anonymous asked:

I love how Tammi just started going over the top with referring to Freddie as her grandson and making sure to call her and Brett the grandparents. She was probably told to really emphasize that exactly when the XFactor auditions started. There are going to be a lot more eyes on them,they can’t afford to screw up. I wonder how many new people will discover the BG Masterpost 🤔

The child is confused. “So my dad is also my granddad?”

Family is a social construct. It is 1905. DNA has not yet been discovered, and the Theory of General Relativity not yet published. Einstein sits in a spare room in Switzerland, working out with pencil, paper, and calculus how a child born in January 2016 can be four-years-old in 2018.

Mendelian genetics has barely been accepted by the scientific community. A woman of superhuman strength holds an iPhone and a baby car carrier in three fingers, despite having given birth only the day before. An infant crying somewhere nearby, the woman is searching the (not-yet-existent) internet for products to sell.