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to: japanese imperial demon army | subject: vampire nobles

1st progenitor: unknown.
2nd progenitor: saito. urd geales.
3rd progenitor: krul tepes. lest karr. gabel parthe.
5th progenitor: ky luc.
7th progenitor: ferid bathory.
10th progenitor: fuola honte.
13th progenitor: crowley eusford.
15th progenitor: lucal wesker.
17th progenitor: chess belle. horn skuld.
19th progenitor: mel stefano.

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lol this kinda sucks?

use your words
“no, no, no, no, no!” you hear your 3 year old daughter yell at her twin sister.

you left the two girls in the living room, playing together, as you went to start cooking dinner so it was ready when your husband came home later.

usually the girls got along and were basically inseparable, but they have their little arguments.

today was a different story, it seemed both girls were on edge and you couldn’t control them. earlier was the only time all day they had actually sat down and played together nicely, so you took the opportunity to go into the next room.

the sound of something falling caught your attention as you quickly wiped your hands and basically ran to the living room.

the girls were throwing their toys at each other, one of them was already on the verge of tears.

you picked her up as she rested her head in your shoulder. you noticed all day that her sister had been doing these types of things to her, you wondered if there was anything wrong.

you left one of the girls in the living room after telling her what she did wasn’t nice, and went back into the kitchen with one of the girls on your hip.

as you went back to preparing dinner, you heard the front door open and close, followed by shawn’s footsteps.

“hey babe,” he quickly pecked your lips, taking your daughter from you.

“hi babygirl,” he cooed, tickling her stomach. “where’s your sister?”

your little girl cuddled into shawn like she had done to you when you first picked her up. she had always been the one to cuddle, where her sister was not.

“she’s in the living room,” you told him. “but they’ve been fighting all day and i can’t control it anymore. can you please try and find out what’s happening?”

shawn sighed, walking away to go find his other daughter. you couldn’t make out what he was saying to them, all you could hear was muffled sounds.

you walked to the doorway of the living room, where shawn was kneeling with the twins standing in front of him.

you smiled at the three, even though shawn was basically scolding them, you couldn’t help but smile at how great of a dad he was.

you watched as one of the girls crossed her arms and stomped her foot.

“ella,” shawn warned. “use your words.”

you walked away, hoping that shawn could handle this one. usually ella was the tougher one of the two, something she definitely inherited from you. while emily was the softer one, exactly like her father.

“y/n” shawn called. “i need help!”

you smiled to yourself before heading back to the living room to help shawn with the twins.

If only he knew that there’s literally millions of girls out there who’d do anything to ride his dick. 🙄😂

Drabble 5/5

A/N: There’s only the combo drabbles left. So those will be up soon enough! As for the one-shot native-snowflake I apologize! D: I really thought I’d be able to finish it today! I promise it’ll be up tomorrow! And due to an earlier mishap, there’s two for #46. My apologies!

41. (Thomas Hickey)

“I do-” His confusion was cut off by your lips pushing roughly against his own, both legs coming up to rest on the wooden chair so you could properly straddle him. He paused for a beat, overcome with confusion and amusement, before returning the kiss. His large hands rose, pulling you closer by the back of your thighs as his tongue left a trail of desire on your lips. You couldn’t stop yourself from moaning, body jerking as he pushed up to get closer. 

You were too lost in the feel of his hands and his mouth moving in tandem, your mind addled from the lust. It wasn’t supposed to be this intimate and exploratory, but damn it all, it felt too good. Using the last bit of strength, you pulled away from him, almost giving back in when his lips chased yours like a thirsty man desperate for water. 

“Now, I didn’t say I wasn’t enjoying it, but what the ‘ell was that?” A breathy laugh left your lips, your racing heart beginning to return to normal.

“A distraction,” you whispered lowly, his darkened gaze following your movements as you attempted to slide off his lap. He caught you in a strong grip, keeping you above him.

“Ah, don’t tell me you’re just goin’ ta leave me aftah that.”

42. (Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad)

Had you not felt the wet trail a single, bold tear left as it slid leisurely down your face, you might’ve believed you were numb. Your head rested heavily on your knees, both arms wrapped tightly around your legs. It wasn’t often you allowed yourself to cry, but when you did, there was always a damn good reason. And today, sadly, was no exception. You closed your eyes against the whirlwind of emotion, wishing for nothing more than it all to just leave you alone. But no, you sighed, the sound of footsteps drawing closer, you couldn’t just be left alone.

“(Y/N).” Altaïr sounded unsure and scared, reminding you of a child.

“Yes?” You croaked, cursing yourself when your voice cracked. The air was heavy with confusion, Altaïr approaching you not unlike how one might approach a timid animal.

“I didn’t mean it.” He whispered, knowing he’d messed up. A ghost of a smile graced your lips, eyes once again opening to observe the man behind you. He was worried; hood down, hands fumbling, eyes shining, and lips pressed together. “Please don’t cry. It hurts me when you cry.”

43. (Desmond Miles)

“I told you this was the wrong way.” Desmond grumbled, his hand tugging you back towards the street you’d just come from. Despite the annoyance in his tone, he still had a smile on his face, his golden eyes completely focused on you.

“Yeah, yeah,” you laughed, rolling your eyes. “Let’s just hope this is the right way then.” You replied, a hint of teasing in your voice. He noticed it, a brilliant chuckle bubbling up his throat.

“Oh, it’s going to be the right way.” He stated firmly, the hand interlaced with your own jerking you into his chest. He dropped it, instead choosing to rest both hands on your hips. “And if it’s not,” he began, leaning down closer to your lips, “then we’ll just try another.” You managed a small smile before he closed the distance, his eyelids fluttering closed and his lips meeting yours sweetly.

44. (Connor)

You weren’t entirely sure how you’d ended up this way, but you weren’t complaining in the least. Connor’s hands were spread out along your ass, pushing you closer to him, his tongue laving at the bare skin of your neck. Your legs were locked behind Connor’s waist, head thrown back and hips surging forward in the need for sweet, sweet friction. Breathy moans were escaping your mouth, both hands tangled in his dark hair. 

Despite his obvious enjoyment of the situation, something was on his mind. Something that you were almost sure you knew. Every time a groan of  “Connor” managed to tumble from your lips, he seemed to stumble. It wasn’t that he didn’t love this, he just wanted to hear his name roll off your tongue in ecstasy; his real name. So you delivered.

“Ratonhnhaké:ton.” Your voice was breathy and laced with desire. The brown eyes that you’d spent so long gazing into were swallowed by a sea of black, disappearing in the light of pleasure. “Ratonhnhaké:ton,” you echoed, sure to grind against him at the same time. A low growl was torn from his throat, his words dark and voice husky as he leaned forward.

“If you keep that up, we’re not making it to a bedroom.” A slow smirk formed on your face, his own mirroring yours with absolute wickedness.


45. (Shaun Hastings)

Normally you’d understand Shaun’s diligence when it came to his work, but it had been weeks since there had been any word on Abstergo and peace seemed to finally be here, if only for a bit. Unfortunately, Shaun saw that as all the more reason to work. It was frustrating you to no end, your head resting on top of your fists as you looked up to him with narrowed eyes. Honestly, it wasn’t like you were asking for a whole lot. You just wanted to spend a little bit of time with him away from the whole Templar/Assassin ordeal.

“I know what you’re thinking so just stop.” He grumbled, fingers moving along the keys gracefully without missing a beat. He could be so damn stubborn sometimes. You watched silently for a moment, the insistent sound of tapping as Shaun typed filled the void, almost taunting you to think of someway to get him out of there. And think of a way you did. Biting down on your lip, you suppressed a smile. 

Schooling your expression into one of absolute innocence, you looked up at him, eyes wider than usual and sunlight shining off them like a beacon. Shaun wasn’t able to stop himself from looking, trying to figure out how he’d gotten you to be quite so suddenly. He pulled his gaze away just as quickly, trying his damndest to avoid your look. 

“Don’t you dare give me puppy dog eyes.” He bit out, resolve wavering as his fingers slowed their pace. You smiled, already knowing that you won this round.

46. (Charles Vane)

“You alright?” Vane asked, his head tilted towards you. He couldn’t see much, the sun far too bright, but from what he could see, you didn’t look to be doing too well.

“Just keep moving.” You ground out, a palm pressing roughly into your side. That had been one hell of a fight, but you’d come out more or less unscathed. As for the others, well, they wouldn’t be bothering anyone else anytime soon. You couldn’t help but chuckle darkly, the action sending jolts of pain down your spine.

“That wasn’t what I asked.” He grabbed a hold of your arm, stopping you in your shaky steps. Despite the pressure of his grip, it wasn’t painful. In fact, his touch was quite comforting.

“I’m fine.” You whispered. “But we need to get out of here.” Maybe it was the ache laced in your tone or the urgency of your voice, but he dropped the topic, however reluctantly.

“I bloody well know that.” He grumbled, walking ahead of you. You smiled at the tense muscles in his back. Even if he didn’t admit it, he was worried about you, and that was something you’d never let go of.

46. (Benjamin Hornigold)

The silence was deafening, your head cast down as Hornigold looked to you expectantly. He’d just finished some lecture on how “just” the Templar cause was but you didn’t want to hear what he had to say, too angered by his actions. Why had he betrayed you?

“Will you join me?” He questioned quietly, the smallest twinge of regret in his voice. His hand reached up for you, stopping and dropping once again when he realized it might not be welcome.

“I hate you.” There was no malice in your tone, just you stating a simple, true fact. You thought you loved the man oh so long ago, but you could never think that now. You couldn’t even look at him.

“That wasn’t what I asked.” His voice was barely audible above the sounds of waves crashing against the shore outside. Your eyes slipped shut in a shoddy attempt to stave off the inevitable pain.

“I will never join you and I will never forgive me.” You didn’t need to look up to know he had dropped his head, hand going to his blade. You were a threat, one that he needed to take care of. Only, you weren’t a threat, not to him. But you had too much pride to tell him that. You held your tongue, waiting for death to drag you down in its tight grip, a tear slipping from your eye no matter how hard you tried to hold it in. You never thought it would end like this.

47. (Haytham Kenway)

You were careful to avoid any particularly small branches, knowing that should you hit one, he’d be more than aware of your presence. No, you couldn’t have that, so you continued forward, leaping gracefully to another, studier branch. You’d been following Haytham for a little under an hour, his deep blue cloak almost seeming natural against the solid white snow now. Just a few more minutes and you could strike; you could end this. A smirk tugged at the corner of your lips, nearly losing your balance in your cockiness of the moment. 

So long as the cold winds were at your back, you were not out of the water yet. But, you were considerably closer to shore. Excitement twinkled in your eyes as Haytham stood exactly where you needed him to, your feet pushing you off the branch and towards him with a little more force than intended. A second of biting winds and you were on him, your hands pinning his arms on either side. For a full moment there was nothing but silence, his gray eyes betraying nothing as you stared into them. Ever slowly, your expression melted, a smile taking its place. His soon followed, adoration in his gaze.

“(Y/N),” he greeted, still sounding eloquent despite the fact that he was pinned beneath you.

“Haytham,” you breathed, wondering what it was he wanted. He’d left you a letter a few days ago, stating that he wished to speak with you. “What is it you wanted?”

“I think you know exactly what I want.” He growled huskily, eyes raking down your figure. You shivered, though it wasn’t entirely from the cold. You may have caught the Grand Master off guard, but he was the one that really surprised you.

48. (Jacob Frye)

Ever since you’d returned from America, Jacob had been acting different. You hadn’t been gone for very long, but the Brotherhood found it fitting that you spend a little more time amongst those who might be a better influence. Granted, Jacob and Evie weren’t necessarily bad, but you’d definitely gotten a little more aggressive since meeting the twins. You couldn’t complain too much, you’d only been gone for a few months. Not to mention, the trip wasn’t all that terrible. But from the day you returned to this very moment, Jacob had barely left your side. There were times when Evie needed to, quite literally, drag him away from you. Finally fed up with his incessant following, you turned to him with blazing eyes.

“What the hell is your problem? You’ve been following me like a lost puppy!” Immediately after your outburst, you felt a twinge of guilt. He looked so hurt, his head dropping in something akin to shame. He may have been annoying you the last couple of weeks, but that certainly didn’t give you a right to hurt him. He muttered something inaudible under his breath, top hot obscuring your view of him. “What?” You asked much quieter than last time, taking a step closer to the Englishman. A swallow worked its way down your throat when he looked to you, a strange look in his eye.

“I said,” he paused, sighing. “I missed you.” His stare caught yours, seriousness conveying in it. “I need you. I need you so bloody much.”

49. (Ezio Auditore)

Each breath sent a stab to your abdomen, the impending doom that had been looming above you for a while now, finally caving in. You weren’t going to last much longer. No matter how hard the doctor tried and no matter how hard Ezio begged, you were going to die. The thought made itself apparent in every scrape and bruise on your body. Time was dwindling with each passing second, the end presenting itself to you in the form of a bloodied sword and a scarlet stomach. The hand squeezing your own was pulling you from the embrace of death, steadfastly ignoring the beckoning of darkness. It was boldly keeping you from your own demise, guiding you back towards Earth. Only, despite its best efforts, it was only delaying the inevitable.

“Amore mio,” Ezio whispered, voice gravelly with emotion. His teeth were clenched, a clear effort to hold back his tears, to accept your fate. “I don’t ever want to live without you. Please, bella, please don’t do this to me.”

“Ezio.” His name came out like a sob, your body shaking in fear. You didn’t want to leave him, you wanted to stay. You weren’t ready to die. Your head fell limply in his directions, eyes attempting to memorize every detail of his face; from his brown orbs to the scar running through his lip, you wanted to remember it all. Your unoccupied hand reached out for his cheek, hoping to rub it along his familiar features one last time. The hope was snuffed out as your hand fell back to the ground, your eyes shutting out the world. With one last painful breath, everything disappeared. You weren’t there to hear his shouts, his cries, his pleas, his screams. You weren’t there to see his world shatter around him. And you sure as hell weren’t there to see him break.

50. (Ezio Auditore)

It was an accident, nothing more. One that most definitely could have been avoided, but an accident nonetheless. However, Ezio did not see it that way. He saw it as you being incompetent, perhaps even foolish, for attempting what you did. How were you supposed to know that there would be that many guards at a church? Honestly, what is with these people? It’s a church! There isn’t supposed to be enough guards to create a small army! Paranoia seemed to run deep in your enemies, some of them even going as far as refusing to leave their homes entirely. But bringing an army to a church was a little ridiculous. Besides, you were just using an opportunity presented to you, something that Ezio had taught you was important in your line of work. Unfortunately, that particular point doesn’t seem to extend to you trying to take out a leader of the Templar Order.

“Do you have any idea what could have happened, sciocca ragazza?” His voice was sharp, no humor present like usual. “Cosa diavolo stavi pensando?”

“It wasn’t that big-”

“Non era un grosso problema?” He laughed curtly. “It was foolish.”

“Ezio…” You tried, dropping your head to the ground. He may be mad, but he always had a weak spot for upsetting you. The guilt would just eat away at him until he caved and apologized. A few seconds ticked by, your eyes trained on the colorful carpet beneath. Just a few more minutes and…

“Mi dispiace, (Y/N).” He sighed heavily, his hand beneath your chin so you were forced to look into his eyes. “Just please,” he paused, adding to the effect of his tone, “Don’t ever do that again.” You nodded, smiling softly at him.


isn’t enough time apart? (Zach Dempsey x Reader)

Hey! so i’ve made a new imagine, its more like an introduction when they found each other but i could easily leave it there although ive already wrote some things for an upcoming part II. I’d love if you let me know what do you think, if you actually want a part two (with the more personal stuff) or if its just crap and i shouldn’t write anymore

Resume: Zach and the reader found themselves working together after 10 years since their break up when they’re fully professionals 

Warnings: this contains some real facts and i tried to be as responsable as possible but don’t forget this is fiction, and also dont forget english is not my mother lenguaje. I literally wrote a cat grant reader

Words: 1070

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SeaWorld’s final baby killer whale is born at Texas park

The last baby killer whale to be born at a SeaWorld theme park has made its debut.

The company said it welcomed its newest aqua-animal when Takara, the 25-year-old matriarch of the SeaWorld San Antonio killer whale pod, gave birth to the calf Wednesday afternoon.

Takara was already pregnant when the company in March 2016 announced that it would be ending its breeding program for killer whales, which are also known as orcas. The program had come under criticism from animal-rights activists, especially since a 2013 documentary claimed that captivity was harmful to orcas. In addition to ending the breeding program, the company said in 2015 that it would be ending its killer whale shows by 2019. (Photo: SeaWorld/AP)


I’m so in love with Jesse Eisenberg fml

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Hi! I'm new to the sugaring world and I was wondering, how did you start off? Was there a website or something? And any advice for newcomers and how to maximize my gains? Thank you!!

Hi babe!

I first started exploring the sugar world in 2015. I heard about it for years, because I had a friend who was a sugar baby (a terrible one). I actually think she got scammed more than she made, she was that friend who sold blowjobs for $100, and sex for $200. I thought to myself, there is no way the sugar world is that bad. As a curious individual, I decided to experiment, and I honestly think it was mostly luck. I am very selective with who I meet, and I understand not everyone has the same opportunity. I am speaking from a standpoint where I have no bills or financial responsibility in my life, thanks to my parents. I sugar fully out of greed. This allows me to weed out the sour men, even if it takes a while. The first SD I ever spoke to ended up being my first AND longest SD- he’s actually getting married this year. He was the first SD I ever met off the site, and he offered me $300 to meet for coffee. The rest of the SDs I met off SA also ended up being whales (ie. they are in Canada’s top 100 wealthiest or gave me $5000+ monthly). I also think this is a result of my high standards, I will only meet a man if he is willing to bring me an monetary gift upon meeting. My time is valuable, my gas is valuable, and so is my attention. If I didn’t request a gift upon meeting, I’d be wasting my time meeting time-wasters all day. Yes, I am aware that this may turn away a lot of potential SDs, but I’m not willing to take the risk, and have my time wasted. 99% of the men you meet will NOT be your SD. IF A MAN IS GENEROUS, HE WILL BE GENEROUS OFF THE BAT! I also prefer to meet for coffee instead of dinner, that allows me to take my cash and leave if the date is sour. I ONLY used SA until last May/June, and then, I joined Tinder. Tinder gives you a greater variety of men. I posted on my SB IG last year that a man sent me $1000, and ghosted on me. We never even met. You get weirdos like that- the rare occasion, but I found a few of my current slaves on Tinder.

Lastly, I suggest not travelling to meet a POT unless he has already sent you money for your transportation costs. You never know, he could stand you up OR give you nothing at all. I would never go out of my way to meet a POT, because I know it is at my own risk/cost.

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Cell 13 + Upa's reaction to see their s/o cry, only to learn they're crying over a sad commercial?

omg my first crackish ask! tyty also my first ask with Nico and Upa!

Jyugo: At first he would probably have no idea what to do except just hug them till the end of eternity, because he hates seeing his s/o sad. Probably a couple of kisses here and there and sweet nothings whispered into their ear. Once he learns that its just about a commercial, he’s like “Why are you crying? It isn’t real” but if his s/o ends up whaling about it, he’ll just keep on hugging him he loves them too much

Uno: When Uno finds his s/o sad, he goes into overprotective mom mode “WHO DID THIS TO YOU? DO YOU WANT A HUG???” and would hug you so tight you can’t breath. Once he learns it’s just a commercial, he’d probably ask to watch it and probably cry with you if it was really really sad. “THE DOG CAN’T JUST DIE LIKE THAT WHYYYY” 

Rock: He’s lowkey worried about anything having to do with his s/o, so he would pull you into a bear hug and ask you what was wrong, also offering up some comfort food. When you explain that it was a sad commercial, he’s the one that understands the most. “Hey! It’s fine! Everyone needs to cry sometimes!” and would probably suggest watching something a little happier.

Nico: Would try and distract you as much as possible from your sadness “Hey (name)-chan! Why don’t we play some video games?” and try to ask you what was wrong. He would give you lots of hugs and maybe a couple of kisses here and there. Once he learns it’s just a commercial, he would laugh about how his s/o is so caring and cute

Upa: Same with Uno, he goes into overprotective mom mode “Who did this?” but at the same time, doesn’t really know what to do, like Jyugo. He would probably sit you down, make some tea, and talk and cuddle. He really hates seeing them sad, and would encourage them to talk to him. Once he learns it’s just about a commercial, he gets kind of pissed “Why’d you have to worry me so much??” but at the same time, understands that his s/o needs him and tells them it’s okay to be sad over some of the more meaningless of things.

And that’s it from me nonnie! I hope you enjoy! Thank you for the ask!

The last baby killer whale born at SeaWorld gets along swimmingly with its mom. 

The last baby killer whale to be born at a SeaWorld theme park has made its debut.

The company said it welcomed its newest aqua-animal when Takara, the 25-year-old matriarch of the SeaWorld San Antonio killer whale pod, gave birth to the calf Wednesday afternoon.

Takara was already pregnant when the company in March 2016 announced that it would be ending its breeding program for killer whales, which are also known as orcas. The program had come under criticism from animal-rights activists, especially since a 2013 documentary claimed that captivity was harmful to orcas. In addition to ending the breeding program, the company said in 2015 that it would be ending its killer whale shows by 2019.

Lex Luthor Imagine

A lot of you wanted a Lex Luthor smut imagine so here you go. Hope you like it.


-In this imagine Lex and [the reader] are married and already have kids. They just moved in to a new house.


-Contains SMUT

“Look at this, Lex. My underwear looks sad I really need to go shopping for new underwear.” You comment staring at your reflection in the mirror.

“Well, yours is sad and mine seems to be very, thanks to you.” He giggles.

“Dork.” You say to him and throw yourself on the mattress.

“Dork?! I’m the dork? Excuse me ma'am but you’re the one with the “sad underwear” problem.“ He complains playfully, resting his body on top of yours.

“Shut up and take those pants off already.” You laugh at him.

He kisses your neck and starts pulling off his pants when suddenly the door bursts open, revealing your 6 year old son, Alex.

“Woah, woah, woah! Hang in there, son.” Lex says, rapidly putting his pants back on and you sit up.

“What is it, sweetheart?” You ask Alex.

“There’s a monster in my closet, mommy.”

“Stay right here, babe. I’ll be right back.” Lex says and leaves the room.

Once they’re inside your son’s room, Lex checks underneath his bed and his closet, letting him know there was nothing in there.

“There’s nothing to worry about, buddy.” Lex shakes the little one’s hair.

“But daddy I can’t sleep alone. Can you stay with me?” He asks his father.

“Of course, big boy.” Lex says, picking him up and placing him on his bed before drifting into sleep.

-The Next Day-

“Hey, I’m sorry about yesterday.” Lex tells you.

“Why, baby?” You ask him, confused.

“I told you I was coming back but I fell asleep.” He admits covering his face with his hands, embarrassed.

“It’s okay sweetie you were tired and you did it for Alex.” You smile, placing your hand on his cheek.

“Do you like it here?” He asks you.

“Yeah, I’m very happy here. What about you?”

“You know if you’re happy I’m happy.” He answers pecking your lips.

“I’m kinda worried about Alex, though.” He adds.

“Yeah, I don’t think he likes it here, but he’ll get used to it. You know changes can be difficult for kids.”

After a couple of seconds, he finally breaks the silence.

“Well, the kid’s at school now and there’s a couple of things we could do…”

“Like, what?” You ask, biting your lip.

“Oh, you know lik–”

“Like, this?”

You cut him off by pushing him gently onto the bed and climbing on top of him. You take off your bra and kiss him slowly, savoring each other’s mouth while grinding on him as he caresses your breasts. Lex lets out a groan and you smirk.

He flips you over forcefully, instantly attaching his lips to your neck. You let out soft moans as he bites and sucks down your collarbone to your breasts. He sucks one of your nipples while massaging the other with the tip of his fingers. He takes off your panties with his teeth and you help him take off his boxers. Lex reaches into the drawer to grab a condom. He tears the package open with his mouth and slides the prophylactive down his erection. Lex spreads your legs and runs his finger up and down you slit a few times before ramming his dick inside you.

“Fuck” You cuss, grasping his long hair as he goes deeper.

“Ugh, you feel so baby girl” He kisses you hungrily. And after a while his thrusts become faster.

“Oh Lex, I’m gonna-” You yell, digging your nails in his back while Lex grabs your hips as the overwhelming feeling of pleasure takes over both of your bodies. He lays down next to you on his back and you snuggle your face in his chest. He kisses your forehead and starts playing with your hair.

“I love you so much Y/N.” He tells you lovingly.

“I love you more.” You answer and kiss his chest.