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Request: For the next bratty!y/n and daddy!harry writing you should do one where y/n is ‘mad’ at him (for a childish reason) and says stuff like ‘i won’t ever have sex with you ever again’ but they end up having really rough sex lol. Idk, i thought this would be funny, i had a dream about this too. Love your writing btw !

(A/N: your overwhelming love for Brat Y/N has FINALLY brought out this piece! It’s crazy how well this idea has grown into over 2-3 pieces so I hope you enjoy this and send me your thoughts!!)

A piece where Y/N gets a tad jealous, and Harry has to show her she’s the only one he wants.

Y/N knew she was being irrational.

She knew that whatever she was feeling right now was being of her blowing things out of proportion.

But she couldn’t help but glare at the waitress every time she would come by at the table. Harry wasn’t returning any of her attempts though. In fact, he was holding Y/N’s hand across the table, rubbing his thumb over and inbetween her knuckles the whole time they were seated at the restaurant. Y/N would see the way her hand would rest over her shoulder, giggling as he asked her for another bottle of wine.

“Oh anything for you, Harry.”

Y/N rolled her eyes huffing out as she turned her head away. Harry looked back at his girlfriend before smiling slightly chuckling.

“Hey…. wha’s the huffin’ and puffin’ all ‘bout sweetheart.” He prodded leaning forwards, tugging her hand towards him a bit.

Y/N only rolled her eyes looking at him.

“You don’t see it? She’s practically all over you! Touching your arm and giggling over something that isn’t funny in the slightest, I’m pretty sure I saw her glare at me when you grabbed my hand.”

Harry chuckled pressing his cheek against the back of her hand. “Y/N.. you know ‘m not paying attention to her in the slightest.. right?” Y/N only shook her head looking at him.

“But she thinks you are! That’s why she’s come over here 5 times to refill your water even though it was already full.” She scoffs trying to move her hand away from his. Harry only tightens his grip on her hand tugging her towards him again.

“You’re the only girl fo’ me… ‘ave to be polite to the person serving us food.. we can go in a minute jus’ relax…” Harry murmured slow pressing his lips against the back of her hand. Y/N watched him softening her gaze and un-tensing her muscles. He smiled to himself seeing her relaxing, squeezing her hand.

Y/N had nothing to be worried about, this was her man. Her Harry. She was getting riled up for nothing. He made it clear that he’s only hers, and that’s more than she could ask for.

But when their check came back with a pink pen scribbed in the waitress’s hand writing saying ‘call me ;)’ along with her phone number, Y/N’s cheeks flamed in jealously. Her eyes flickering up to Harry’s face as his left dimple indented into his cheek, shaking his head to himself. Y/N wanted to just get up and pour the bottle of very expensive wine they had received on the house, all over that girl’s head. Once Harry had paid the bill, handing over the check with a wink at the girl making her flip her hair giggling, Y/N was out of her chair already making her way towards the entrance to get to their car as fast as possible. Unfortunately, Harry’s lanky legs were quick to catch up to Y/N, tugging on her hand as they walked to where they parked.

“Babe slow down will you?” Harry huffed, Y/N letting go of his hand once they stood in front of his car.

“Don’t you wanna head back to her maybe? Take her and show her a good time?” Y/N crossed her arms glancing back into the restaurant. She knew what she was saying was wrong, but she couldn’t help but seethe with jealousy knowing this girl was purposely getting under her skin by flirting with Harry bluntly.

Harry rose his eyebrows pausing his hand in his pocket as he reached into grab the keys. Slowly stalking towards her.

“‘Scuse me?” Y/N stepped back with every step he took forwards towards her, until her back hit the passenger side door. She swallowed thickly placing her hands behind her, looking into his eyes. Only the street light was illuminating on both of them, despite that, Y/N could tell Harry’s eyes were twinkling with amusement, but more than that she could tell his jaw was tensed at the accusation.

“I….. I said maybe you should take her back home, she seems so desperate, I’m sure you’d think she’d be better in bed than I am.” Y/N murmured quietly keeping her eyes down away from his.

Harry grabbed her chin, tugging it up till her eyes met his. He leaned down till they were nose to nose.

“You are so stupid you know that?” Harry growled moving his hand to cup her jaw, pressing his thumb just under her lower lip and tugging it down. “I don’ want anyone else, but you.” His mouth dropped down onto her, his tongue immediately slipping into his mouth. His thumb kept pressed under her bottom lip to make sure his tongue had free reign to dominate every inch of her mouth to show her who she belonged to. Y/N let out a whimper into his mouth when she felt his fingertips pressing against the back of her head, feeling herself feel light headed from the lack of oxygen. Their lips pulled away with a light ‘smack’ sound, Y/N letting out a gasp of air looking up and him through bleary eyes.

“‘M gon’a ruin you when we get home… show you exactly.. who I want in my bed..”

The moment Y/N stepped into their house, Harry had slid his arm under her knees, and the other around her lower back carrying them upstairs. Both their eyes locked together in a tense staredown as he walked them to their bedroom, kicking the door shut with his foot. Harry walked over to the bed and lied Y/N down right in the middle, looking the neck tie he had worn, never taking his eyes off her. Once he had his tie an jacket tossed off, he pressed his knees down into the bed, slipping off Y/N shoes slowly, tossing them to the floor as well before pressing a kiss to her ankle bone. Y/N head slightly lifted up off the pillows looking at him, biting the corner of her mouth. Pressing his hand son either side of her head, he leaned down pressing his mouth deeply against hers, letting his weight rest comfortably over her body. Y/N’s hands pressed against his taut back over his flimsy t shirt, wrapping her legs tightly around his waist as they licked into each other’s mouths. Harry swallowed up each of her moans, feeling them bubble in his chest as his hips moved on their own accord against her center. Layers of denim reducing the touch to feel each other right there. Y/N tugged on his lower lip with her teeth as she pulled her own lips back. Harry looked down at her through hooded eyes before bringing his forehead down to hers.

“‘M the only one kissin’ you silly right now.. not even thinkin’ ‘bout her.. only you.”

Y/N turned her head to the side whining out as she tried to move her hips up against his. Harry hand moved back to her jaw, tugging it towards him so she had no other choice but to look at him.

“I should be punishing you fo’ thinkin’ I would want another girl in bed…” Y/N shook her head quickly looking at him.

“N-no no no no no I’m sorry I didn’t mean any of it…” She quickly rambled before being shushed by Harry’s thumb pressing into her mouth, pressing it against her tongue. He let her tongue loll around his thumb, biting down onto his own plushy lips training his eyes on her mouth. Harry kept his thumb in her mouth before pulling it out and dragging it down her chin and the middle of her throat. Y/N’s head instinctively tilting up as he pressed against a point in her neck dropping her jaw slightly feeling her windpipe close in. Harry’s mouth dropped down under her ear, sinking his teeth down into the skin. Y/N’s hand quickly gripped over his shoulders tightly whining out trying to squirm away from him.

Petal….. quit movin’ will you?” Harry murmured in her ear, sitting up and slipping off his shirt. Y/N’s eyes greedily moved over his upper half, her mouth watering as his warm skin was on full display for her. Harry smirked more to himself seeing the way Y/N was driving herself mental just with his shirt off. His hands moved to pop open the button of her jeans, glancing up at her as he tugged them down. Her legs moving a bit to make the process of getting these jeans off a whole lot easier for him. Once he got them off, he leaned down on his stomach to sink his teeth into the plushy flesh of her inner thigh. Y/N’s thigh jerked, slightly giggling once his teeth made contact with her sensitive spot. Harry couldn’t help a huge smile slip through, and she could feel it against her skin.

He couldn’t help himself, she was just too damn cute.

Her giggles immediately melted into her moans once Harry’s mouth pressed over her clit over her panties. He just moved them to the side, letting his tongue slip out to just get a taste of her. She was properly soaking for him, bucking her hips up slightly as his tongue moved away quicker than she wanted him to move. Harry looked up at Y/N licking over his lips, seeing her chest move up and down shakily. He hooked his fingers into the waistband before tugging them down her legs and wasting no time into latching his mouth back on her. Y/N let out a yelp, dropping her hands down to tangle in his hair, feeling his tongue work her nerves into overdrive. Her eyes were squeezed shut tugging at his hair to move his head faster against her. Harry’s nails were digging into Y/N’s thighs, making sure she didn’t move one inch as he suckled on her clit. His tongue showing no mercy on the bundle of nerve, making her back arch and writhe under him, wanting to pull away but keep him there till she came. She lifted her head up to look down at him, already seeing his bright eyes looking up at her.

He was the epitome of sex right now in her eyes.

His button nose just barely peaking out as his tongue delved its way deeper into her entrance. His lower half of his face completely hidden from her sight, based on the noises he was making, she was sure she was all over his jaw and mouth. His hair flopped into his forehead and eyes, making Y/N writhe even more at the sight. Her head was thrown back and a loud moan escaped her every time his nose bumped against her clit. Her release getting so close she could feel her body burn and warm. Harry abruptly pulled back making Y/N look at him quickly nearly sobbing out.

Harry moves to quickly slip off his jeans and boxers, just as eager as she was to cum. Y/N took off her shirt and bra at the same time so nothing would be inbetween them two, Harry glanced between her chest and eyes before leaning down and wrapping his wet mouth against one of her nipples. Y/N looked down at him holding the sides of his jaw, arching her back up to his mouth. Harry’s large hand covered over her other breast as his eyes were shut, letting his teeth just barely tug at the nipple between his teeth. Y/N winced slightly, whimpering out pleads as she tugged his head up to meet their mouths together. Harry blindly slipped one of his hands between their two bodies, wrapping it around the base of his shaft. Y/N parted her lips from his once she felt the tip of his cock brush against her swollen clit. Harry’s eyes opened to look down at her biting the corner of his mouth.

Beg fo’ it…

Y/N looked at him blinking a few times to get her thoughts into order before shaking her head. Harry rose his eyebrows just slipping the tip into her, seeing her eyes flutter shut. He pulled out just as quick, making Y/N’s jaw clench looking up at him.


He moved his free hand to wrap around her throat, pressing his thumb just under her chin.


Y/N took a shaky breath shutting her eyes before looking back at him. “You know how much I want you cock H… just give it to me.. show me ‘m yours.. show me that girl is nothing to you.. I’m the only one you want..” Y/N murmured looking at him, seeing his lips press together to hide his smirk.

“Say you’re sorry.”

Y/N whined flopping her hands back on the bed. “Sorry for what!?”

“Fo’ thinkin’ I would want to fuck a girl other tha’ you…. fo’ thinkin’ I would wanna make love to a girl other tha’ you.. say you’re sorry.” Harry spoke firm, but slow as he slowly pressed his cock into her heat, making Y/N eyes widen looking up at him. Her choked breaths as she held the side of his jaw.

“I…… I’m sorry…”

Harry presses himself all the way in, his hips grinding down against her clit making her cry out. “Sorry fo’ what.” Harry spoke through clenched teeth as she tried squirming under his. “‘M not movin’ till you say the whole thing baby….”

Y/N huffed, her eyes welling up with frustrated tears swallowing thickly. “I-I’m sorry for thinking you’d wanna be with any girl other than me…” She shook her head looking up at him with pleading eyes. He brought his head down, pressing their noses together, pulling his hips back and slamming them back in making Y/N cry out.

“Apology accepted.”

Harry’s hand held Y/N’s jaw the whole time his hips pounded into hers. Making sure she kept contact with him the whole time, making sure to nudge the tip of his cock against the spongy part of her walls that made her tummy coil. Her hand gripped his wrist tightly with one hand while the other was held down by Harry’s hand. Her mouth turned to pant hotly against his thumb, making Harry lean down and press his lips repeatedly over her cheek and down to her ear.

“You are the only girl I want, no other person will ever amount to how much I fucking love you…” He whispered keeping his mouth pressed against her ear. Y/N squeezed her eyes shut feeling more that just the tears of wanting to cum in her eyes, but the utter love she has for him

God I love you too…” Y/N mewled out turning her head to look at him, her tears slipping down her temple into her head. Harry looked at her clenching his jaw as his hips slowed to steady slow pace, making his own eyes well up with tears. Y/N looked up at him, moving her wrist from his hands to cup over his cheeks rubbing under his eyes. He dropped his forehead to hers. Turning his head to hold her hand against his cheek, pressing his lips to the palm of her hand. Y/N smiled through the pleasure flopping her head back and shutting her eyes, feeling her tummy ready to explode. Her thighs tightened around his hips, showing Harry that she was just as close as he was.

His hands slipped down to hold the bottoms of her thighs around his hips, pressing his forehead tightly against her own, both their choked up whimpered getting caught in each other’s throats. Harry’s mouth pressed down into hers, their noses smooshing together as Y/N’s body shuddered as she came. Her arms wrapped tightly around his neck to hug him to her, letting out mewls into his mouth. Harry let his forearms rest on either side of her head, framing them in as he felt himself cum. Thick spurts coated her walls making Harry quiver as the aftershocks went through his body. Both their mouths lazily slotting together, completely locked into their own world at this moment. Y/N was the first to pull back, licking over her lips as she looked up at him. Harry’s cheeks were flushed pink, lips swollen from their kisses, his eyes were shut trying to catch his breath. She was stuck in a moment of awe just looking at him.

Harry’s eyes peaked up, smirking lazily dropping his mouth down to hers in a soft peck.

“Got somethin’ on my face?”

Y/N giggles shaking her head as she looked at him, running her fingers through his hair.

“Just… love you and all…” Harry looked at her tucking her hair behind her ear, pressing a firm kiss to her forehead.

“I love you too pet….”

Yui’s self confidence breaks my heart

Have you seen how self conscious is Yui?

At least once in every route she says something bad of herself

No wonder why… The boys always say something mean about her, even if they’re just teasing, they make her feel ugly.

Nobody around her tells her nice things (except of her blood) she doesn’t have close friends, family, someone who cares for her emotionally.

Her temper doesn’t help either since she’s really humble and selfless, she never talks about herself, she focuses on helping the people around her instead of worrying for herself.

And you know

She’s actually really cute!

Her lovely hair, her bright eyes, her innocent smile, her legs… She doesn’t see it

And I can’t tell her that

But I can tell you

You are pretty, brave and beautiful

No matter what people tells you, believe in yourself!!

Do it for Yui :)

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Dazai: “Any luck ending that supernatural mystery novel thing you were working on? The one where the character that is ‘totally not you, Dazai, I don’t know what you’re talking about’ stays in the city instead of disappearing to, I dunno, Hokkaido with his best friend and his five children?”

Oda: “Uhh… no…? Were you reading my manuscript?”

Dazai: “Make the totally not Chuuya character taller and no one will notice.”

Oda: “Oi.”





I wouldn’t want to have people I know taking care of me after I get my wisdom teeth pulled out. Imagine all the shit I’d spout abt BTS. Don’t even get me started on the ships. And fanfics. Good Lord, the smut I’d pull out-


See,these are the conversations I would have loved to see happen in Tri!

Hikari,Sora and Koushiro are three of the most important people in Taichi’s life.They all deserved to have some sort of involvement in his arc instead of just acting as mediators between him and Yamato.

My favourite one has definitely got to be Koushiro’s line.I feel it is a callback to Adventure when Taichi revealed his darkest secret for the first time.

Koushiro has seen Taichi when he is the most vulnerable and he sure as hell is not going to turn a blind eye when it is about to happen again.


Honestly, it feels like the Stage Play understands their friendship more than Tri does. 

Although their roles should have been bigger,Sora and Hikari at least had some moments with him regarding his conflict.But what about Koushiro?His close friendship with Taichi has been completely shafted by Tri as if it never even existed and I don’t like it one bit.

Taichi’s relationship with Hikari,Sora and Koushiro are just as important as his relationship with Yamato and they all deserved to reach out to him in his time of need.

Midterm Headcannons

  • Although Logan has the best scores, does all the extra credit, and logically realizes he is already prepared, he still panics and thinks he’ll fail the class despite it being impossible with his practically perfect grade average.

  • In front of his friends he’ll be confident and will not give an ounce of doubt to the thought that he’ll fail, but the minute he’s by himself, he’s emailing the teacher about one question he got wrong 5 months ago, pulling far too many all-nighters, and drinking 3 times more tea and coffee then he already does.

  • Patton, for the most part, acts almost exactly the same during midterms, though perhaps a bit more worried about his friends than usual.

  • Testing isn’t really something he has ever worried about for himself, but he does feel a sort of second-hand stress for his friends. This results in him refreshing himself on older material, and trying his best to study with others to keep their morale up.

  • He relaxes before the test instead of frying his brain with too much cramming and complicated notes. (And he invites anyone who even hints at needing the break to a show or brings them real, home cooked food)

  • Roman isn’t always the best student per se, but he is a solid test taker. He very rarely lets the stress of midterms get to him, so he usually puts himself in charge of making sure no one pushes their limit too far.

  • Acing tests isn’t what he goes for- Roman doesn’t want to put that kind of pressure on himself- so he studies at his own pace and tries to get others to do the same. Algebra, Chemistry, and really just STEM in general are not his strong points, but he always stays confident to try and motivate others to feel that confidence themselves before the tests start.

  • When the affect of Christmas cheer wears off, the tidal wave of testing crashes down and Virgil falls even deeper into his role as the embodiment of every anxious student in school.

  • He goes through periods of re-reading anything even remotely relevant to lessons and studying all night before class, to doing absolutely any other task besides school work and laying in his room wondering whether he has enough time to shower.

  • (Virgil does have the time, but he always ends up stressing himself to the point that hours pass and he has to go with dry shampoo and darker eyeshadow to cover up his lack of hygiene. Again.)

Now that that’s all over, we have to discuss the damn present: besides just being a threatening image, what was the beheaded teddy bear supposed to convey? Who was it a warning for? Was it intended for us? For the members on stream? Was it just an obvious nod to the previous nights’ shenanigans? Was more planned that we just couldn’t get to? Is something more sinister still in store?

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I'm confused about something and my mind will not be at peace if I don' t ask you. So, I'm a bit skeptic about the whole Poe Dameron ordeal. I just noticed this scene wherein Rey sees Poe for the first time and she introduces herself and Poe answers here with "I know". And Poe waking up when Rey screamed while Snoke was trying to squeeze the life out of her. That really has got a lot of people questioning. Will there be a possible love triangle? Sorry if my english is a bit broken and wonky.