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Temporary Love (Tom Holland)

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Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader, Harrison Osterfield x Reader

Warning: Cursing

Summary: While Tom is busy filming a final scene, Y/N and Harrison decide to go back to his trailer to wait for him and while they are waiting, the two get drunk and share a drunk kiss.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: This was a great request by anonymous who said, “Can you do a tom holland imagine where the reader is dating tom. One night while tom is shooting a scene late, haz and the reader get really really drunk and end up making out with each other, tom walks in on them making out?”

Masterlist Request a Prompt

You smiled as you watched Tom do what he did best, act. You were proud of him, of all that he had accomplished in what seemed like a minute of his life. You and Tom had been together for three years, ever since you were seventeen and not a day passed that you weren’t amazed by him.

Harrison came up behind you, placed a hand on your shoulder with a sigh. “He’s gonna be working for a little longer, so do you just wanna go wait for him in his trailer with me?”

You turned around and smiled at one of your best friends.

“Yeah, that sounds nice. I’m getting a little tired.” You said, crossed your arms over your chest and followed him out.

You guys arrived at Tom’s trailer in no time and climbed inside. You took a seat on a small couch while Harrison rummaged through a cabinet. 

He cheered as he pulled out two bottles of wine. “Look what I found! I knew Tom hid some alcohol in here, but not like this. This is the good stuff.” 

He set a bottle down on the counter and opened it as he looked for glasses, but came up empty. 

“We can just drink it straight out of the bottle.” You suggested, motioning for Harrison to join you on the couch.

He nodded and took a seat beside you. He took a drink out of the bottle before handing it to you and you followed in suit. 

“How much longer do you think Tom’ll be?” You asked, handing over the bottle. “Cause we were all going to get dinner and I am not going to wait much longer. I’m starving.”

“He’s probably not going to take that long. Plus he has food in here.” 


“Bottom right cabinet.” Harrison said, pointing to the cabinet as you got up and retrieve protein bars from the cabinet and opened one.

You put the box back and continued to eat as you sat back down next to Harrison. You two sat and ate and drank for about another hour until you were both wasted, laughing and talking.

“Hey, Y/n, your face.” Harrison said, placing a hand on your cheek.

“What about it? Do I have something on it?” You placed your hand on his.

“No, I like it. That shit’s really nice.” He said softly, leaning in close to you until your lips brushed against each other.

You leaned in closer, your drunken mind only able to process the soft and tingling sensation of Harrison’s soft lips against yours. Your lips brushed once more before you two kissed again and again. 

Harrison pushed you against the arm rest of the couch softly, his tongue sliding over your bottom lip before entering your mouth, causing you to moan softly. 

That was when the trailer door opened and a very tired Tom entered the room, unbeknownst to you. 

“What the hell is going on here?!” Tom hollered, shocked.

You pulled away from Harrison and got up, running over to Tom and throwing your arms around his neck. “Tommy! Harrison and I were just getting acquainted.” 

“But you’re already friends.” Tom stated through gritted teeth before looking at Harrison. “You got my girlfriend drunk, mate?”

“No! She’s not drunk and I am most certainly not drunk.” Harrison said with a shake of his head before he tried to stand up, only to fall back on the couch. 

“Oh my god, you’re both bloody drunk.” Tom sighed, pushing you gently away from him and helping you to the couch, sitting you down besides Harrison. 

“Uh oh.” Harrison laughed, causing you to laugh with him. “Somebody’s mad.” 

“Of course I’m fucking mad!” Tom shouted, throwing his arms up. “You got Y/n drunk and then made out with her.”

“It’s only cause I really really like like her!” Harrison whined. “I just wanted her to like me too.”

“I like you, Haz.” You said softly. “But only as a friend, ya know? I like like Tom a lot, but you and me can still be friends.” 

Tom watched as you acted like children, whining and blubbering about your feelings with simple words and phrases.

“I’m sorry I kissed you, Y/n.” Harrison apologized. “And I’m sorry I kissed Y/n, T-” He was cut off by his vomiting on Tom’s shoes and floor. “And I’m sorry about that, too.”

“Bloody hell, Harrison!” Tom said, taking a step back and shaking his feet in an attempt to get the vomit off of them. “It’s fine. It’s fine. You’re drunk and you didn’t mean to. It’s all fucking fine.”

“Are you mad at me, Tommy?” You asked, pouting a bit.

“No, baby, I’m not mad at you. I’m just a little annoyed.” 

“Good! Cause I wanted to tell you that I loved you.” You said in a sing song voice.

“I love you too, Y/n.” Tom said softly. “I love you, too.”

What about an AU where everything is the same except it’s Makkachin that dies instead of Vicchan so it’s Victor who bombs the FS instead of Yuuri. The nerves still fuck with Yuuri somewhat but not nearly as bad, so he ends up getting bronze, but Victor is such a wreck that he misses the podium entirely, doesn’t come in last, but fourth place is not something that happens to Victor Fucking Nikiforov. Chris ends up getting gold, but neither him nor Yuuri can really be all that happy about beating Victor when the poor guy is so heartbroken about his best friend dying (even Yakov doesn’t have the heart to yell at Victor much.) So Yuuri has conflicting feelings about everything, wants to be proud of getting a medal at his first Grand Prix but doesn’t feel he earned it, wanted to compete with Victor but not like this, is actually really worried about Victor…and still ends up getting drunk and asking Victor to dance because ‘you’re way too pretty to be so sad.’ And he wants to make Victor smile again! Come to Hasetsu, Victor! A soak in the onsen will make you feel better! And my mom can cook for you! And you can cuddle with my dog! And you can coach me, so next year I can win the GPF and feel like I earned it!!!

And then of course Yuuri blacks out and forgets all about it until a few months later when Victor shows up at the inn, petting Vicchan with a bittersweet smile on his face.

New Year, New Surprises

Summary: You meet a charming stranger named Steve at a New Year’s party and try to make it until midnight.

Request: So, it’s not that I don’t love all the Christmas stuff going around, but are you planning on writing something New Years. Like two people get REALLY DRUNK and end up together then wake up the next morning like “um…. well… happy new years?”

Warnings: swearing, allusion to smut (no actual smut, just lots of sexual tension and kissing)

Word Count: 2696

Author’s Note: Ok! I wanted to mix it up so I made a Steve x reader story! Eeeeep! It’s my first one really, so feedback very much appreciated.

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As far as you’re concerned this year can kiss your ass, personally, professionally, globally. Truly. Which is why you had RSVPed yes to this New Year’s party weeks ago fully intending to spend the last minutes of 2016 in complete and utter alcohol-induced oblivion.

You’re well on your way to executing that plan, lifting your third Manhattan to your lips and taking a careful sip. Leaning on your elbows on the bar, shoulders hunched, you’ve dryly dismissed every overly cheery advance, every ostentatious proposition and slick offer of another drink.

You’re quite pleasantly buzzed when you roll your head, attempting to iron out the stress that’s settled in your neck and shoulders. Your thoughts are interrupted by a clear, deep voice. “Wow. That ready for next year, huh?”

A bitter laugh ripples through your throat, “You have no idea.”

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To Joseph, what are you like when your smashed AKA drunk? Happy drunk, angry drunk, sad drunk or clumsy drunk?

CAE: “That’s the last thing we need, you making a bunch of goddamn stupid decisions and then blacking out. Che cazzo…

a slow burn ship/plot of two best friends (a “straight” one and a gay one omg) where the gay one is just really casual/nonchalant and flirts with his straight friend bc that’s just who he is and the straight friend is fine with it (bc i am NOT HERE for those homophobic types who can’t even let their friend joke around with them like jfc) and like… just eventually they get really drunk/high/etc one night and things end up happening and it’s kind of just like? a snowball effect of the straight one questioning about if he’s actually straight and then it leads to just… a cute relationship where it’s just like “we’re dating now but like before anything you’re my best friend. we might break up, or fight, or whatever, but you will always be my best friend” and just CUTE SHIPPY SHIT FAM with only a little smut thrown in (okay maybe occasionally a lot, i just want this to be more about their relationship than their sex k fam)

Too Much To Drink


Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Warning: Contains smut

Summary: Can u do an imagine where Isaac and the reader are besties and they get really drunk at a party and they end up having sex

It was that time of year again, no it wasn’t Christmas or Easter nor was it someone’s birthday. But most, if not all, would consider one of Lydia’s famous parties a holiday of it’s own. Exams were finally over and that meant booze plus teenagers left in an unsupervised adult house to do whatever their hearts desired. Okay, it was a bit more controlled especially since Lydia was the host…but parties always got out of hand one way or another.

Standing in your own little space away from the cheers, dancing and general mayhem that usually occurred, you scanned the room mostly just to pass the time. Observing the party your eyes fell on your friends. Lydia was mostly trying to get people to not ruin her grandma’s lake house and keeping them away from any expensive objects, Scott being the caring person he stood back and jumped in if any trouble was about to start, Stiles was hitting the dance floor, while Kira was making conversation with Malia.

“I think you could use one of these”, and here came Isaac Lahey holding two red paper cups in his hands. Isaac is the person who you considered your best friend, out of all the pack members the two of you developed a close bond.
Giving him a disapproving look, “I’m good thanks”. However he didn’t budge and it seemed like he wasn’t taking no for an answer. “Y/N this is the time to let loose, our exams are over which means our summer break has started. Having one cup won’t kill you”. Isaac grinned and he had a way of talking you into doing just about anything. If you had to guess, it was those eyes of his that held so much power, although you weren’t ever going to tell him that.

“You Isaac Lahey are a bad influence”, you stated taking the cup from his large hands and downing the liquid inside, which tasted like vodka mixed in with something sweet. “Ah my love, that is why we’re best friends. Have another!”. He shouted over the loud music that engulfed the speakers, dragging you by hand into the kitchen were the noise subsided, not by much but it was much quieter in here than out there.

Isaac poured another drink into a cup and slid it across the bench, “Drink up, can’t let this free alcohol go to waste”. There it was again, the temptation which Isaac could make to sound so good. “I only agreed to one drink”, you told him firmly. He came up behind you and maybe the first sip of alcohol was messing with your inhibitions, but the close proximity between you and Isaac was starting to arise a different feeling then usual in you.

“We all know one drink never means just one, come on Y/N have some fun with me”. He pouted his lips and you didn’t even need to turn around to know what expression he was wearing, it would be without a doubt his pleading look, the one that gets you every time. “Who can say no to fun, right?”. Picking up the cup you took a big sip, letting it burn down your throat.

“That’s my girl”, Isaac smiled while he also took a sip of his drink. It didn’t take long for the affects of getting drunk kicked in, one drink become two which then turned into 7…

For the life of you it was a blur on how you and Isaac managed to make it back to your house. Rubbing your temple which was throbbing with pain, all you could remember was Isaac and you laughing, drinking and dancing at Lydia’s party. So how on earth did you guys end up here?

Letting your vision become more clearer this was your bedroom that was obvious, looking around everything seemed to be in order…expect for one small detail. Feeling a sense of shock radiate through your body, Isaac was laying beside you and his upper torso was completely bare. “No, no, no, no, no”, you muttered quietly. Lifting up the covers you immediately covered your body again, when you discovered underneath the bed sheets you were naked. “Oh no, oh god”, mumbling into your hands. It was all coming back to you, every last moment….


You were giggling like crazy and you blamed in all on you being drunk, because in your normal state of mind you wouldn’t ever consider giggling. “I-I think we had one to many”, telling Isaac as the two of you were laughing on the couch surrounded by other drunken teenagers. “Impossible, there is no-”, Issac let out a hiccup and then finished his sentence, “no such thing”. Both of you burst into a fit of laughter. The couch by now was starting to get crowded and other people were trying to cram themselves in, which caused you to particularly straddle Isaac. His hands instantly held onto your waist.

“I’m sorry, the couch all of a sudden got full”. You said looking into his eyes, for a brief moment a rush of soberness passed through. Isaac cleared his throat and had the same look on his face, “It’s okay, I’m not complaining”. He responded back. It was surreal, something that only happens in movies. However it could be that your emotions were in overdrive and everything else was in low caring mode, considering what occurred next didn’t seem to phase either one of you.

A pair of soft lips planted themselves onto your own, tangling your hands in his somewhat curly brown hair, it was a fight for dominance, which Isaac won. Taking a brief pause a voice in your head kept repeating how wrong this was, but that pesky devil on your shoulder whispered to go for it despite the consequences. And since you were intoxicated the devil won the battle.

“Let’s get out of here?”, Isaac asked. Grabbing his hand you called for a taxi, while Isaac grabbed another bottle and you two were off to start a party of your own.

Stumbling onto the front porch, the light came on making it somewhat easier to put the key in the door. After many attempts you finally unlocked the door and went on inside, before anything could be registered Isaac smashed his lips onto yours. Bumping into cabinets, doors, walls it felt like forever until both of you found the bedroom. By that point Isaac’s shirt was gone and your jacket had gotten discarded somewhere downstairs.

Kicking the door open and shut, Isaac slammed your back into the bedroom door. His lips didn’t stop moving, they begun kissing anywhere and everywhere this included collarbone, neck, even the exposed skin down your chest. “I can’t believe we’re about to do this”, he breathed as you lifted your arms up so he could easily remove your shirt, leaving him to admire your black lace bra.

Taking the lead now you pushed him onto the bed, he looked surprised but mostly turned on. “Me either”, you whispered replying to his earlier statement. Teasing him, you slowly begun unzipping your jeans. Wiggling your hips Issac now had a clear view of the matching black lace panties, he licked his lips and grabbed your wrist, making you fall on top of him.

“All this teasing is taking too long, I need to feel you now love”. He seductively whispered in your ear, body immersing in goosebumps as you could feel his member harden underneath you. “Then take the lead Isaac, come on big boy show me what you’ve got”. It was that sliver glint in your eyes that made Isaac flip you over, now he was displaying dominance. Pinning your hands above you, his hand travelled down in-between your legs, rubbing continuously making you moan.

“I can already feel how wet you are baby, I’m so touched that it’s all because of me”. Even though he hated to be teased, he sure was taking his time teasing you. But he was in control, and you were at his mercy. “Please Isaac, just fucking do something!”. He smirked and oh boy, were you about to get your wish.Tearing off your underwear without hesitation, his face buried between your legs. Licking and sucking on your heat causing loud moans to slip from your mouth. He was hitting your sweet spot, grabbing a fist full of his hair you arched your back allowing him better access. The next few minutes were pure heaven, the build up was coming, you could feel it in every part of your bones. “Isaac-I’m so close”. He replaced his face with three fingers, pumping vigorously in and out. “Come undone baby”, and that’s exactly what you did.

Steadying your heart rate down from that pleasure rush, you opened your eyes and saw Isaac licking his fingers. “Fuck, you taste better than I ever imagined”. It still hadn’t kicked in that this was your best-friend in front of you seeing you naked, while doing all these naughty things to your body. Adrenaline was taking over and it was your turn to satisfy him. Reaching for his belt, Isaac’s hand stopped you. Giving him a confused expression, “Don’t you want me to pleasure you?”.

“That can wait, right now all I want is bury myself deep inside of you and hear my name come out of your mouth, love”. He unbuckled his own jeans and removed his boxers, leaving his member to spring forward. Your breath got caught in your throat, Isaac certainly was a big boy. Not being able to help yourself, you reached out and stroked not once but twice. Isaac closed his eyes and bit his lip to prevent a groan but one slipped out anyway.

“I guess the big boy remark from earlier was true”, letting your hand ran down his chest you got to his lips, “Don’t hold back Isaac. I meant what I said, show me what you’ve got”. Displaying a smug grin he once again switched positions so he was now on top. “It would be my pleasure”.

Without warning Isaac slid himself into you causing your nails to dig into his shoulders. Your walls clenched around his member and Isaac wasted no time in quickening up the pace. The bed was rocking back and forth, as each of his thrusts got deeper. Arched back, sweat dripping from each of your bodies, moans and heavy breathing all filling up the room. “Faster Isaac”, you demanded adding more friction by rotating your hips in a circular motion.

It was evident by now that both you highs were coming to their peaks, Isaac was starting to slow down. “Let go baby, let go for me Y/N”. Isaac panted above you. Squeezing your eyes and scrunching up the bed sheet, you screamed his name and he soon followed screaming yours as each came undone. Gasping for some much needed air, Isaac pulled himself out and collapsed beside you. Covering the sheet across each others bodies the goal now was to get your hearts to a normal speed.

Turning your head, Isaac chest was rising up and down. “Promise me that once we wake up in the morning and remember this, it won’t be weird between us”. He too turned to face you, “We just had sex, one of us is bound to wake up tomorrow morning and panic”, he replied. Looking up at the ceiling he was right. The alcohol would disappear and all that would remain is cloudy memories and a pounding headache.

“I’m serious Isaac, I don’t want to lose my best friend….I won’t be able to survive that”. Isaac could sense your sadness because he pulled you closer. “You aren’t going to lose me Y/N, I promise”. He traced his fingers up and down your arm, in an attempt to calm your worries. Not long after sleep took over.

End of flashback

Isaac was still sound asleep beside you, slipping from the bed, grabbing a fresh pair of undergarments and a long oversize top you entered the adjoining bathroom. Once you got changed, you quickly sneaked back. Looking over at his sleeping form, the one thing that kept on repeating inside your head was…..You and Isaac, your best friend had slept together. And what was worse you knew that as soon as he woke up, things were going to be awkward. There was just no way in stopping that, not even if the two of you promised it wouldn’t be. Because sleeping with your best friend, how could things not get awkward?.

unfortunately i have work tomorrow, but i’ll catch up with you soon baby!

we met at my friends party, we ended up growing really close over night. my friend ended up getting drunk and me and him put her to bed whilst we stayed up all night talking. i opened up about my mental health for the first time in 8 years to him, he did too. we glared at each others scars and promised we wouldn’t hurt ourselves again. about 4am, we went for a walk and talked about our experiences in a psych ward. it felt so weird opening up but im glad i did it. after the party, we went back to our different high schools and i would regularly see him perform at football matches and tell him how proud i was of his of his progress. the last time i saw him was after prom where i noticed new scars on his wrist, after talking to him about it after prom was over i promised that i was going to see him the day after and we would go bowling or to the gym to take our minds off life. however he had work the day after so i couldn’t see him.

he ended up committing suicide at 5am, july 2015. i really did love him.
thank you for everything, james

“This is gonna be a long night.” (Ethan)

Requested by anonymous: “can you do an imagine where you and E hate each other and had an awkward hook up a few months ago then end up accidentally getting locked out on a balcony at a party after everyone else is passed out or left?”


“Are you kidding me? Fucking Ethan is here.” You said. You had just walked into a house party with a friend of yours and you already wanted to leave. 

“Okay, and? Whatever happened between the two of you was months ago. It’s in the past.” She said.

“Yeah, but it still happened.” You whined. 

A few months ago, at someone else’s house party, you and Ethan both got really drunk, and ended up sleeping together. And you hated that memory. He was the biggest womanizer you knew and you were mad at yourself for ever falling into his trap.

“C’mon, (Y/N). Everything will be fine.” Your friend said. She was lucky she drove or else you would have already left. A few hours had gone by and there had been no run-ins with Ethan. Until now.

“Hey, (Y/N).” You heard a voice whisper in your ear. You turned around and looked up at Ethan, his six-foot body towering over you.

“Hi.” You said sternly. You turned back to the counter and continued mixing your drink.

“Awe, come ooon. Don’t blow me off like that. Not after that night we had together.” He said, moving to stand next to you.

“You mean the drunk sex we had? Yeah, how romantic.” You said as you walked off, Ethan following close behind you.

“Please, you know you liked it.” He pestered.

“I don’t remember anything, because, y’know, I was drunk.” You reiterated.

“How about we jog your memory tonight.” He said with a smirk.

“Oh please. That’s the last thing I want.” You said as you pushed him away.

“I’ll bet you’ll change your mind by the end of the night.” Ethan called after you as you got up to leave. You rolled your eyes and walked out onto the balcony. You wanted nothing more than to be alone at home, but being alone on the balcony would have to do for now. You sat out there for a bit, enjoying the fresh air, marveling at the lights, and just enjoying the alone time. You closed your eyes and began to fall asleep, but were woken up as the door opened.

“Oh, hey. I didn’t know you were out here.” A voice said. You looked up and saw Ethan standing above.

“Fuck off, yes you did. You saw me walk out here.” You said.

“No, I swear. I really didn’t.” He said.

“Well, I have to pee.” You said. “Awe, fuck.” You said as you tried to open the door. “It’s locked.

“What? Are you serious?” Ethan asked.

“You did this on purpose, didn’t you? So you could get me out here and convince me to sleep you again.” You spat.

“What? No. I swear, I didn’t lock the door. Like I said, I didn’t even know you were out here.” He said. You started banging on the door to try and get someone to come and open it.

“Ugh, who am I kidding. They’re not gonna hear this over the music.” You said. You slid down the wall and sat on the ground. “We’re gonna be stuck out here all night. Or at least someone notices that we’re not inside anywhere.”

“At least we’re not alone.” Ethan said.

“I guess.” You said. After a few hours, it had started to get cold and you were balled up on the ground, trying to keep warm.

“Come here.” Ethan said, holding his arms out towards you.

“I’m perfectly fine keeping myself warm, thank you.” You said, turning away from him.

“Okay, (Y/N), listen. I know we don’t like each other, and are far from ever being friends. But I’m not that big of an asshole. I’m not going to let you sit out here and freeze.” He said. You sighed and moved closer to him. He wrapped his arms around you, draped his jacket over the two of you like a blanket, and held you tight.

“This is going to be a long night.” You said to yourself. “At least his cologne smells good.” You thought as you forced yourself to try and sleep.

Ok, but consider this: Drunk Trolls

All of them.

Imagine is the Bergen’s turn to throw a party, right? So King Gristle decorates the party room in the castle and there is food and drinks and music, and everything is nice, right?

There’s even a small table on top of the Bergen size table with Troll sized cut food and tiny cups for them to have a drink. A nonalcoholic Bergen drink, of course, but surprise! It makes them drunk. 

They drink it without restrictions, without knowing, (how could they know if they have never had it before?) so naturally, they end up as drunk as you can get. Which is really really drunk. 

Enough to know what kind of drunk they are. But they would be a different kind of drunk depending on which state of inebriated-ness they are. 

Like, for example, if Biggie is just starting to get drunk, he would start twerking even the ballads, then, if he kept drinking, he would start sharing stories that don’t make sense and crying over them, and finally, at his final state, he would make you promise to look after Mr. Dinkles if he dies, and then proceed to recite all the things you would have to do to take care of him before passing out. 

But I need help! Spam this post with all your headcanons of Drunk!Trolls you can think of. Who would be the cuddler? The philosophical drunk? The happiest of them all drunk? The sentimental drunk? At which state?

C’mon, share share share!!

anonymous asked:

yugbam sneak alcohol from the hyungs and get really drunk one night and bambam ends up really really sick from drinking too much and yugeom gets so scared bc he doesnt know what to do he thinks that bambam is dying or something and he has to go wake up junior or jb or someone and yugeom starts crying and stuff-- fluffy and funny and cute omg

warnings: drinking? and one swear word from jinyoung, naturally

author: Kay

word count: 1.9k

a/n: To be honest, this is my first time writing something based on Yugbam (and first time doing something other than JJP/Markson). Hope you enjoy the pure platonic fluff :)

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every once in a while someone from the fukurodani team throws a houseparty and everyone expects bokuto to get ridiculously drunk but he actually doesn’t, even if only bc he keeps talking to everyone and forgets to drink

akaashi, on the other hand, gets wasted everytime and is a really happy drunk who always ends up sitting in bokuto’s lap sticking his fingers in his hair only to pull them up and into the air dramatically with a quiet ‘whoosh’ and explains to bokuto where his nose is and where his eyes are and ‘you need eyes to see, so you can look at people like zoom’ and ends up being the most entertaining part of the evening

(I’m going to assume they’re a little aged up for this.  Also, caveat: I have never personally been drunk, so I don’t have a lot of frame-of-reference here.)

Green gets really emotional.  Once while drunk, he tried to hug all four of the others at the same time, saying “I love all you guys” with tears in his eyes.  If he continues drinking past that point, he probably passes out and starts snoring really quick.

Blue tries to tell jokes, but they make less and less sense the more he drinks.  When he’s really drunk, he ends up at the surrealist sort of “Why did the cucco cross the road?  Fourteen!” level of lolrandom humor.

Red holds his alcohol better than you’d expect – or maybe it’s just that he doesn’t have many inhibitions in the first place.  He’s maybe a little more cuddly than usual?  Really hard to tell, considering the baseline is already so high.

Vio doesn’t drink, because he hates feeling like he’s not in complete control of himself.  (He was faking it at the Fire Temple.)

A drunk Shadow is a Shadow who has lost all ability to discern good ideas from bad ideas.  Dare him to do something.  Just about anything.  He will do it.  He’ll probably shout “parkour!” first, too.  The fact that he actually can do parkour is worth nothing, either: he’s gonna fall flat on his face.

i love one piece. i love one piece because the characters are so real and so flawed, because even the story is so real and so flawed… because it is horrible and hopeful and full of things you have to swallow. i love one piece because it feels like coming home

friday night was soooooooooooooooo much fun :D
it was like an old school westi party. so great.
I was incredibly drunk but who even cares, it was fun. we danced so much.

at first Tytti left, then Linda left and Lissu and I decided to go somewhere else and ended up at calle….as always. it’s funny how often I end up there despite really hating that place. I guess when you’re drunk enough, you’ll dance to anything.

I feel so old. I’ve gone out two weekends in a row and I’m feeling like I need a break xD I don’t even understand how I could just drink and be out all the time, almost daily even, when I was younger :| it sounds absolutely awful and if I attempted to do something like that now, I’d probably die :D

I got really drunk last night and ended up vomiting real bad.
Atty literally sat in the shower with me until I felt better, then cuddled with me until I fell asleep.
It mightn’t have been the best ending to a Valentine’s date, but my god, I love this boy

Joe Sugg imagine || Drunk & hungover. ||

Anonymous said:

hello love!! 😁 can you write an imagine where Joe and the reader broke up over a really bad fight, and a few weeks later, the reader see’s Joe at a club talking to girls so she ends up getting really drunk (for the first time) and Oli is there to help her through it, and she tells him that she misses Joe? I hope that isn’t confusing! Xx 💜

- - -

Anonymous said:

can you write one where Joe helps y/n with her first hangover?

- - -

“(Y/N) you need to stop drinking,” Oli said following you around the very busy bar-club you’d gone to in downtown London earlier tonight to take your mind off your recent breakup with Joe – who you’d been together with for almost two years.

But you ended up about a half hour into having a drink with Oli and going to the washroom, spotting Joe at the bar with a very beautiful girl, all smiles and happy laughter.

It upset and made you feel angry, you thought that by downing several shots on vodka quickly from the other side of the bar would make you feel better – however it didn’t, it just made you even more angry at the thought of Joe having moved on to quickly.

You had, had a drink or two before but you had never gotten drunk and it was a whole new expierience.

“I’m fiiiineeee.” You assured him as he caught you from tripping over yourself, keeping you standing upright. “No, you’re so drunk you don’t know left from right.” Oli was trying to drag you with him toward the exit of the club.

“I’m not, I- I’m not done drinking yet, Oli!” You tried turning around and reaching back toward the bar as Oli finally got you outside. “Yes, you are.” Oli muttered, letting you go for just a second to zip his leather jacket up, you started to giggle wondering back to the front doors.

“(Y/N), no – come on!” Oli grabbed your arm again, pulling you onto the pavement with him, you wrapped your arms around a lamp post. “Ohh – hello.” You looked up at it and grinned.

“Come on, seriously – you need to sober up.” Oli said trying to unlatch your arms from around the lamp post but you were a strong drunk.

“Let go – come on.” Oli said prying your arms off it finally and you stumbled backwards but he caught you. “You’re lucky you’re my best friend or I’d’ve jus ditched you by now.” He muttered putting his arm around your waist, holding you up again, you wrapped your arms around him as best you could. “I love yooouuu Ollllii!” You said brightly, trying to pull him down to kiss his cheek but he fought against you.

You crossed the street together, you waved at the cars you were passing. “WAVE BACK YOU BASTARDS!” You yelled at them and Oli put his hand over your mouth. “Shhh.” He said lowly, rushing across the rest of the crosswalk.

“(Y/N)!” Oli said as you let your legs give out on you, you almost fell onto the pavement. “I’m tired – I don’t wanna walk anymore.” You murmured pathetically trying to crawl up the side of the walkway, Oli following behind you.

“Alright, - stop, stop.” He muttered, standing over you and trying to pull you up, you noodled and wouldn’t let him pick you up, he stopped trying and you turned over, sitting in the middle of the side walk you looked up at him, your lower lip trembling.

“Oh god, what?” Oli said seeing you, he sighed sitting down beside you on the cold pavement.

Tears had started streaming down your face, “I MISS JOE!” You sobbed in the loudest voice Oli had ever heard from you.

“(Y/N)…” He trailed off watching you. “I do! I miss him! And he’s just … He’s with other girls! I love him and he’s just moved on!” You stopped talking and a bunch of weird noises escaped you as you tried to express your devastation.

“Okay babe, I get it.” Oli whispered, reaching over it put his hand on your knee consolingly. “You miss him.” He added and you nodded starting to dry your eyes.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry – I’m fine.” You let out a long breath to calm yourself down while Oli kept watching you. You looked fine for half a minute before you burst into tears again. “Oh christ.” Oli whispered, watching the waterworks flowing from your eyes, he put both his arms around you holding you close.

“I’m sorry I’m leaking all over you!” You looked up from your out burst feeling you had left two large wet patches on Oli’s grey t-shirt. “It’s fine.” He sighed, rubbing your back. “Come on, lets get you home.” He stood up and pulled you with him.

“I’m sorry I ruined our night out.” You whispered, holding onto Oli for dear life as you both walked through the small park toward your flat. “No, it’s fine.” Oli squeezed you, getting you back into your flat, you stood in the kitchen holding a zip-lock type bag that contained pre-shredded cheddar cheese, most of it was ending up on the floor as you watched Oli come back from your bedroom.

“Oh my God,” He said seeing the pile of cheese on the floor around your feet. “I was hungry.” You admitted, talking with your mouth open some pieces of cheese escaped and joined the pile on the floor below.

“Come on – you need to go to bed,” Oli picked you up, putting the cheese on the counter and carried you into the living room where he sat you on the couch, pulling off your shoes and socks.

“Ouuu, Oli.” You said wiggling your eyebrows. “No.” Oli muttered, rolling his eyes at you. He picked you up again and put you into bed.

“Good night, Oli – I love you.” You grinned up at him as you cuddled into your blankets.

“Night (Y/N).” He said, looking down at you. “You don’t love me either?” Your eyes started welling up again. “I love you, I love you.” Oli said quickly watching the dismay disappear and you smiled brightly again, before you turned on in a flop, closing your eyes…

… “Oh dear god,” You groaned as you opened your eyes, feeling your head aching like somebody was squeezing it as hard as possible. “Oh no…” You whispered as certain memories from last night came flooding back to you. “Oh god.” You repeated as the sudden urge to be sick washed over you and you never thought you could move so fast as you bolted out and into the washroom, getting sick. “Oh why?” You groaned.

“Because you can’t handle your alcohol?” A voice from behind suggested and you looked up and behind yourself quickly, “Ohhh…” You groaned as your head spun. “What are you doing here?” You were staring at Joe who was looking down at you.

“Oli called me.” He was watching over you, wearing grey sweat pants and a long sleeve black t-shirt, his hair was messy. “Said he couldn’t handle you anymore and that the only reason you were this drunk was because of me, so I had to look after you.” He recounted.

“Oh…” You whispered, before you lent over getting sick again. “By the way – why is there cheese all over your kitchen?” He asked as you finished being sick for the second time.

“Ohhh,” You muttered thinking about cheese, you almost became sick again but didn’t, you pulled yourself up and flushed your toilet before you laid your head down against the coolness of the washroom counter, turning on the sink.

“You’re in pretty rough shape, huh?” Joe asked, looking over you, you didn’t move but just nodded a little bit. “You’re not much of a drinker – what were you thinking drinking so much?” He asked coming to stand beside you, opening the mirror cabinet finding the plastic cup you kept in it, filling it with water from the tap.

“I was angry.” You whispered making your body remove itself from the counter top, taking the cup Joe was holding out to you. “About?” He wondered, reaching into his pocket, “here – take these.” He added opening a baggie which contained a few different pills of shapes and sizes.

“What are they?” You asked skeptically, still feeling angry and upset at him. “One is a Naproxen for your headache, another is a multi-vitamin your body really needs, another is a anti-upset stomach tablet.” He put them into your palm, you knocked them back into your mouth and took a sip of the water.

“Thanks.” You whispered. “So, what had you angry that you went on a drinking binge?” He asked as you both walked from the washroom after you brushed your teeth.

“You.” You admitted lowly and Joe raised both eyebrows at you, “me?” He asked confused. “Oli didn’t mention?” You crawled onto the couch, pulling a decorative pillow under your head, you laid in a half fetal position.

“No, what did I do?” He asked sitting on the arm of your chair in the corner of the room.
“You were at the bar with this really hot girl – it made me jealous.” You whispered lowly, Joe scoffed a little. “That’s why you went nuts drinking everything in sight?” He asked and you nodded a little.

“(Y/N)! That was Kaitlin, she’s apart of the team working on marketing my graphic novel.” He was laughing.

“So…” You muttered, hearing his laugh made you miss him even more. “She’s like … Thirty-five, married to a footballer – and has three kids. Definitely not what I’m after.” He laughed even more and you narrowed your eyes a little.

“So why were you at the bar with her?” You quizzed. “If you had maybe just said hello or something, you’d’ve known that I was there with the whole team working on the novel… She was helping me carry the drinks back.” He cleared his throat.

“Oh.” You whispered feeling instantly stupid for getting that worked up. “Honey,” He said and you felt odd, he had never called you honey, babe, sweet heart, love, all of those things but never honey. “You really need to stop blowing things out of proportion.” He shook his head standing up. “I mean, I love you, but relax.” He laughed, going into your kitchen.

“You still love me?” You looked up, your head coming off the pillow as you stared into the kitchen. “Of course I do. Don’t you still love me?” He asked, coming back in holding a mug. “This is coffee – it should help you fell better.” He held it as you sat up. “Thanks.” You said taking the mug into your hands.

“Of course I still love you.” You whispered watching as Joe sat down beside you, his hand brushing some of your hair behind your ear. “That’s why I went on a drunk, I was really upset and I missed you.” You looked down, taking a sip of the coffee before you put it down on the coffee table.

“You went on a drunk for me, because you thought I was seeing someone else.” Joe figured out and you nodded a little, feeling embarrassed about it. “That’s so stupid.” He laughed, “but – really sweet in a way.” He added.

“Don’t laugh at me.” You sighed and he shook his head, “not laughing as in making fun of you – just laughing because you still care about me.” He smiled.

“Of course I do.” You lent back into the couch. “I still care about you,” he added with a smile, “I’m sorry we fought, that fight was all my fault.” He said and you nodded to agree, it had been totally his fault.

“We both made some mistakes.” He continued. “What do you say – we go get some really greasy breakfast?” He offered you his hand and you took it. “Always makes me feel better.” He added and you smiled a little, still tired feeling. “Just let me get presentable looking.” You stood up with him. “Nah – you look beautiful to me.” He smiled, leaning in he kissed your cheek.

“Thanks, Joe.” You gave him a hung over smile and he laughed…