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f i r s t

stan’s lips taste like lip gloss and a secret he’s not telling. he’s pressed up against the wall, his shirt riding up a little at the back. the way they’re standing, him n bill, bill’s hands are in the perfect place to grip and rub at the soft pale skin his boyfriend is showing off, but he chooses not to. his hands are cold and stan squeals and pulls away if he ever touches him when he’s cold.

they’ve both been spending the day apart - bill with richie and eddie, and stan no doubt curled up on beverly’s bed, leafing through fashion magazines and being her model. as they’ve grown, stan’s become beautiful in a delicate and graceful way and it makes him the envy of most of the girls in school. bev’s taken full advantage of this, forcing him and his gorgeous legs into whatever she pulls off her sewing machine. bill doesn’t mind, and stan certainly enjoys it (and the attention it gets him, for that matter), but he wishes he could spend more time like this. alone in his bedroom with his boyfriend. no parents, no losers, just love.

bill pulls away, gasping for air, chest heaving. stan’s looking up at him with those doe eyes and he feels winded all over again, heart pounding. stan licks his lips, a small purring sound coming from somewhere deep in his throat, rubbing gently on bill’s upper arm. 

“missed you.” he mumbles, voice barely above a whisper as he leans into his boyfriend. all 6′5 of bill is towering over the 5′6 that stan amounts to, but the power is clearly in stan’s hands. he clicks softly with his tongue a couple times, looking bill over as though deciding what to do with him. there’s a certain lack of public-stan in the room, and bill wonders acutely if the stan the losers see if all a lie or if he’s just special enough to get the bonus content to the stanley uris experience. he’s not sure which he likes more.

there’s a beat or two and then stan must’ve decided that he wants to make out more because their lips are back together and stan’s pulling him by the collar towards the bed and bill’s stumbling and stumbling and then falling into stan and god he’s so soft and so warm and how did bill get so lucky?

“i love you,” he blurts, and his whole world stops for a second because, well, fuck, neither of them had said it before now and he’s not even made it romantic and he had such big plans for the first time and he’s fucked it he’s fucked it he’s-

“i love you too.” stan sighs, the doe eyes making an appearance yet again. he’s smiling, soft and sweet and honey-like in it’s form and bill actually thinks he’s fallen in love all over again in this one moment.

he leans down and kisses his boyfriend again.

an attempt at half-thot stan inspired by @wyattghouleff‘s thot stan headcanons but i kinda derailed it so it’s somehow not thot stan and it’s not regular stan it’s a weird in-between that’s super ooc so sorry, y’all, but i haven’t written like this in so long so wow hopefully it’s okay?

@stanleyurisisalive thank you for inspiring me to write again + also thanks again to wyattghouleff for the insp. too!!!

Okay so Ive been thinking a lot on the Joseph True ending and the Escape Margarita Zone achievement.

Like why would they have that as an achievement if they scrapped it?

So Im testing out of few things with the dates with all the dads. So heres the things I know so far that we could all look into a bit more:

1. Theres certain things that connect in all the storylines with the cult ending for Joseph. Robs Tattoo, the wives all being absent, the fact that you can get the Walk Mary Home true end as long as you dont play any of Josephs route (play all first dates except joseph and 2/3 second dates except joseph and youll get the scene where you can walk Mary home ferreal)

So assuming that to get this True End, you have to play through all second dates of the Dads. There might be certain things in your choices that will unlock specific interactions that trigger a component of Josephs story.

Like saying you date rob twice before going full joseph route, youll have an altercation with Rob before meeting up with Joseph where he will tell you he doesnt trust Joseph.

Knowing this, you have to now understand that dating the other dads in the playthrough has now become extremely important because it changes interactions entirely

Another thing that can affect it is whether or not you mention the tattoo to Rob. Or tell him he deserves to be eaten by the Dover ghost during his second date. Maybe You have to complete Robs dates instead of Josephs to get Joseph true end? Or cult end? Maybe theres other things in the other dates thatll trigger responses on or related to joseph thatll unlock parts to Joe true end?

2. Why the fuck do you have a choice of options with Dadbook?? Whats the point?

Maybe those choices are important when considering Josephs true end? The question is do you appeal to the dark side of yourself in it (ie the answers which are emotionally vulnerable) or the Joseph answers that you would expect him to like

Looking at the choices more, you notice that there ISNT really a choice that specifically caters to Joseph. Sure some of them are close but can always apply to likely Brian. Which leads me to believe that Joes true end could come from the emo answers. Or at least influenced by them.

3. Will the grades you get on other dads affect Joseph true end?

Ive been trying to put together a list of possible routes you can take. Like one where you ruin every date but for rob and joseph. Or ruin every date except joseph? Because in the cult ending its said to thrive off despair(?i believe?).

But does this also mean you have to be a shitty dad to Amanda too? After the first second date you confront amanda crying in bed and can neglect her for this scene too. But ALSO you can neglect her feelings when playing Robs playthrough. When she first approaches you after she looks like shes been crying theres a choice to call her out on lying and it will result in a negative reaction from Amanda.

Does this ultimately affect whether you can get Joseph true ending as well?

All in all, I think we should make an effort as a community to look into these things

True, it could all be a humongous bug, but I am honestly surprised that the team behind ddadds hasnt responded to it yet??? Its a huge thing and???? Its really weird that they would just ignore this unless theres SOMETHING to be unlocked with the choices you make in the game as a whole.


Give my man Hoodie some love, boi been working his ass off on this game

the battle at akademi

THIS ISN’T PROOF READ and it’s not serious at all, so it’s garbage, please enjoy

Akademi High was quiet. Too quiet. So quiet that phantom-chan’s nonexistant heartbeat could almost be heard over the sound of Rival-chan-sama’s eery cacophonous laughter.

The first shot was unexpected, launched from somewhere behind the middle row of lockers. Gay Muja screamed in Lesbian as Ayano’s dab attack catapulted milk at her, staining the knees of her stockings.

“Nice try, Edbony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, but my stockings aren’t the same material as Kizana’s pretentious Chanel outfit,” Gay Muja laughed lesbianly, beaming lesbian lasers of lesbian-gay from her eyes at the edgy goffic girl.

“It’s fucking Dior,” Royal Megaymimi scoffed, swishing a giant royal scythe. “My girlfriend has standards, Dr. Tiddies.”

“There’s a kid in the room! Watch your language you assholes,” Salt said saltily, covering a small potatoe’s ears and cradling it protectively.

The Megaymis’s gay wife Amai burst in, wielding a piping bag of buttercream as a weapon. She cocked the bag like a real big fuckin gun and aimed directly at Ayany Dark'ness-chan. “Guys, focus. We have to take care of this sassy lost child.”

But then!! Suddenly! Edgy knife kid Yan-kun crabwalked out from behind Anyano, wielding knives made of guns that shot smaller knives.

“O fuck! It’s a level 10 boss fight!” Angry Megami shouted yellingly with anger rage. “There’s two hot topic dwellers to defeat!”

Angry Megaymi threw a rock-hard croissant at Nyan-kun-gun-chan-sama, causing them to say ow in Spanish.

“Haha,” Kaga giggled in an evil and gay way as he crawled out of a locker that had been oozing slime, “You’ve forgotten about my secret weapon.

“Shut up Kagay, we don’t have time to listen to your 420 IQ bullshit,” Kizana said in a Shakespeare accent.

Kaga merely quirked a scientific eyebrow and slurped on a blue icee he pulled out of his labcoat pocket. “It’s 42069, actually.”

“Stop fighting!” Fruddeddo yelled. “We have to beat these murderous emo milk thots, maaaaan.”

Ayani and Knife-kun did an evil Naruto run on the ceiling, throwing more milk and lemonade balloons with dabs of steel.

Osoro blocked the thicc liquidy attaccs with her massive biceps. She grinned, flexing, and her biceps flexed to reveal another set of biceps, which held up knives.

“Get skuubi dubi dunk’d on!” Fred Jones-sama said as he threw the entire Mystery Machineu at Ayanano and Nyaaan-kun-senpai-chan. They both got kawaii anime nosebleeds, desu, and growled as Freddie twirled a sharpened skuubi sneck smugly in his fingers.

Kizana removed her rock hard croissant hair extensions and glared at the Yuno Gasai wannabe twins. “Alright, team,” she said in a theater kid accent with a violent and glittery flourish, “Let’s finish them!”

All hell broke loose- knees were shattered, milk was tossed, frosting covered the halls.

“No! My weakness!” Yan-kun shrieked as Kaga force fed them a refreshing thicc glass of chocolate milk, which killed them instantly.

Ayano Weenie-chan was about to seek revenge for her sibling when suddenly from the courtyard came a shout.

“HEY, MOTHERFUCKERS!” It was Taro! “Are you kidding me? Right in front of my salad?!”

Ayanana was so heartbroken that she accidentally opened a portal to hell and got succed in where she later married Voldemort.

Asu walked in, carrying a 30 pound kitten and 70 bags of protein powder. “Damn it, did I miss something when I went to Target?”

“No,” Angry and Royal Meggamis comforted her, “but I think we need a new school rule about opening portals to hell outside of the occult club. The wall is fuuuuucked.”

They all lived happily ever after except for Yan-kun who will never join the milk-drinking thot club

the end

jesus foster was not a selfish person

jesus foster was not an asshole

jesus foster did selfish and not so great things sometimes but so has every single other person on this fucking show and unlike most of the other people on the show at least he recognized his mistakes and tried to make them right.

jesus foster put the happiness of every single woman in his life above his own happiness. that was why he always seemed to lose it when it came to girls, because he was trying to do what they wanted and not what he wanted, he was always trying to put them first. ana treated him terribly in his childhood and he still cared about her well being. jesus would have literally done anything for mariana, would have protected her from anything she needed protection from and cared about her above all. 

jesus foster was a good fucking person.