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thorin put so much into making sure his people could be happy !! he worked so hard to find them somewhere to call home ! and he STILL turned around and had more guts + balls than every fuckin one else and went on a journey to reclaim erebor for them, for himself, and for his worthlessass father and grandfather. and he DID IT. he SUCCEEDED. and after that? he OVERCAME the DRAGON SICKNESS. and AFTER THAT? he won the fight against his NEMESIS. he avenged his father and grandfather. he won back his homeland. he did right by. fucking everybody. imo. and yet what did he get in the end? both his nephews were slaughtered in the battle and he bled out slowly in the arms of someone he realized he was in love with in his dying f u c k i n g breath and couldnt do anything about it. 

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Why the hell do you ship wincest? By actively suporting it in the show you support it irl. You are harming naive and easily manipulative children into thinking something like that is ok. That makes it easier for incest to keep happening because they are desensitized and even view as a good or hot thing. As a survivor I need to ask you to stop. Its not cute, its disgusting.

This is an automatic feed. As in, a feed from a different website. In this case, an automatic feed from AO3, featuring a ship that has 23k fics to date. Fics that are posted to AO3, and get automatically posed here. 

Are you still with me? Good, cause this is the important part. 

When I say fan fiction, I mean fiction, as in - and I’m quoting the dictionary here - “literature in the form of prose, especially short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people,” and “invention or fabrication as opposed to fact.”

AO3 also has about 2-3k fics on bestiality, around 1k on necrophilia, and about 5k where the main attraction is people pissing on each other. Staggering 13k featuring rape, and solid 500+ fics where one or both people are extremely underage.

Now, stay with me, because this gets good. There are approximately 129 million books in the world. And they feature: bestiality, necrophilia, incest, torture, murder, rape, child abuse, drug use, suicide, child sexual abuse, animal abuse, bullying, eating disorders, bondage, Satanism, cult worship, human sacrifice, cannibalism, gangrape, ethnic cleansing, and so on and so forth. 

Can you guess why that is? No? Because it’s fiction. Because it’s not real. 

Now, if you want to restrict all those things, starting with incest and ending with idk, mass slaughter, you’re welcome to try. But may I suggest you start with the oldest printed book in the world, which features all of those things and more, and work your way up to AO3. 

A huge thank you to all who participated in this year’s @knotonmyplanet initiative! It’s with your help that we can help end the slaughtering of elephants. Thank you, @imaanhammam, @behatiprinsloo,@adwoaaboah, @_dilone, @mirandakerr,@micarganaraz, #JuliaNobis, @rosiehw, @real_achok,@georgecortina, @jeannedamas, @soojmooj, @_ihua_,#KesewaAboah, @angelcandices, @taylor_hill,@carlynecerfdedudzeele, @emrata @natasupernova@iblamejordan, @joansmalls, @sunneryjames,@sarasampaio and @iosonomariacarlaboscono! In addition, thank you, @imgmodels,@womenmanagementny, @dnamodels,@wilhelminamodels, and @thelionsny. Specifically, we thank @halucinajen, @ashleybrokaw, @donatbarrault,@locknj, @blackberrylizz, and everyone else who made this possible. #KnotOnMyPlanet

Show Me: Part 1 - Rowaelin

Notes at the end

They had been home for almost a year. Almost a year since the war ended, since the slaughter had stopped, since the the whole continent was able to take a breath. Almost a year, but still so much pain lingered. 

Orynth was mostly rebuilt. So many of Terrasen’s inhabitants had flocked there. First for refuge as war loomed, and then to rebuild and celebrate when the war was won. After what Aelin had sacrificed, what she had done to win the war, the Lords of Terrasen had bowed to her. Accepted her for the queen she was. 

Now a calm had settled over the city, a quiet, peaceful, happy calm. A healing calm that was spreading throughout the city, throughout the country. Because all of Terrasen’s citizens were still healing. Especially their Queen. 

Rowan knew that Aelin had come a long way since she was rescued from Maeve’s torture. For so long she had been distant. Withdrawn. Closed off from everyone. Even him. And it had broken his heart, still did.

She smiled and laughed more, now she was present in the moment. But Rowan saw that a hollowness still lingered. And he had not been idle about it. Somehow he had managed to keep a secret from Aelin, amazingly no one had let slip about the plan at any stage of it. Although Aelin had caught wind of some humming excitement but it was apparent she didn’t have the drive to pursue it. It would be this evening when he would reveal everything to her.

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Merlin's Grave.

I met up with a friend today and ended up on a quest to find Merlin’s grave in the Scottish Borders. I never knew about this until a few hours ago that according to legend Merlin ended his days in Scotland. 

According to The Reader’s Digest’s Encyclopaedia of Folklore, Myths and Legends of Great Britain, Merlin raised an army of pagan warriors and led them into battle against the Christian community of Strathclyde.  The pagan campaign ended disastrously.  Merlin’s army was slaughtered and Merlin himself – driven insane by grief and guilt – spent the rest of his life living as a hermit in the forests of southern Scotland.

So we arrived in Drumelzier, a wee village on the B712 in the Tweed Valley in search of this grave. My friend Leslie had tried in vain to locate it about 20 years before, all we had to go on was information on Canmore website, which is part of Historic Environment Scotland, it told us that “ According to legend which is at least as old as the 15th century, the wizard Merlin was buried 200 yds NNW of Drumelzier Church, on the level haugh close to the right bank of the River Tweed” We found the Kirk and climbed a wooden stile behind it to a line of trees, Leslie had been told the grave was marked by a tree, information I found online told us that it had been swept away in the 1920,s but another tree had been planted more recently, we spotted a couple walking dogs and they  directed us to the bush you see in the first pic, it had a plaque below it seen in the second pic. Job done, Leslie was pleased as punch, but the day wasn’t over, we jumped back in the car and drove towards Stobo stopping short of the village and up to Altarstone Farm, the clue was in the name, Leslie pointed towards a large square boulder opposite, unless you knew it was there you wouldn’t look twice at it, even if it caught your eye it just looked like a lump of concrete half hidden by the foliage, he told us before Merlin died he converted to Christianity after meeting Saint Kentigern (aka St Mungo) here and this was called The Altar Stane.

I refer to Canmore once again it has a couple of things noted through the years,  “A large stone in the wall at the roadside near the farm to which it gives name. It is of a somewhat cylindrical shape about five feet high and six feet in diameter. The top forms a plane, smooth surface and it is supposed to have formed the Altar of a druid’s Temple or some such object, there is no tradition respecting it. It is always called the Altar Stone but why it is so called, the Proprietor of the estate says, cannot be ascertained.Name Book 1856.” and “There are marks on the upper surface of the stone - said to have been made by a witch.J W Buchan and H Paton (eds) 1927.” 

On to Stobo Kirk and a stained glass window of Kentigern baptising  Myrddin, the name Merlin is derived from in the Welsh language. 

So there you have it, a subject I knew nothing about, and all within easy reach of Edinburgh. I have more pics to post, will add them later. 

At first glance, it may look like a normal class photo. But it’s actually a photo from Columbine High School taken weeks before the infamous shooting in 1999. The students in the top left pretending to aim guns at the camera are Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the teens who would end up slaughtering their classmates just a few days later.

The Case for Jonsa: Why Jonerys will be one-sided at best

First, yes this is very anti-Jonerys and it is pretty brutal. I understand why Jonerys shippers will have a problem with that so there’s no need to call me delusional or pathetic. Please keep in mind, we don’t choose who we ship.

Also, I am spoiler free. If you know something from a leak that negates one of my theories please keep it to yourself.

So, why do I believe Jon and Dany’s relationship will be almost entirely one-sided? While I do believe that a Jonerys marriage is inevitable and that the writer’s have attempted to show physical attraction between the two, I do not believe that any romantic interest will be equal on both sides. I think it’s clear from this episode that Dany has already fallen hard for the brooding King in the North while Jon… not so much. For clarity’s sake I’m going to include the evidence I discussed in my post The Case for Jonsa, but there are definitely some new scenes to examine. Let’s begin:

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How would the tale & fell sans react to that horror game "tattletail"?

May I just say that I kind of love jumpscare games? I can’t play them by myself, but watching gamers (Markiplier) play horror games (and scream like a little girl) is the best. Link to Tattletail here.


Red isn’t exactly enthusiastic as the game starts up, seeing as the last time you chose a game for him… well, it didn’t really go well, to put it lightly.
“wait, so it’s a horror game?” he asks, and his shoulders relax slightly. He can do horror, especially if it’s made by humans. He watches horror movies with you all the time (he finds them funny, not to mention the way you bury your face into his neck when you’re scared). After catching a glimpse at the gaudy, painfully cheesy kid’s toy at the loading screen, he lets out a laugh. Yeah, no way this is going to scare him.

It starts pretty okay. He’s rolling his eyes at the darkened screen as the game starts in a little kid’s bedroom, with the objective open your christmas present early on the upper left corner. He snickers at that, and proceeds to head down into the basement to do just that.
“what a little shit, opening his presents before christmas,” he remarks. Things are going pretty well.

Fifteen minutes later.
“wait, who’s mama?”

1 hour later

“oh my fuck. oh, shit, i’m gonna fucking die kid someone oh fuck shit oh no OH MY GOD FUCK NOPE OH SHIT-”
Red’s pretty much lost it, by now. Sweat is dripping down his skull and his shoulders are wound like a spring trap as he pants. His phalanges are shaking and his eyelights are tiny little spotlights bouncing erratically in his empty sockets as his gaze flickers over the screen.
“Mama’s coming~”
He’s jumpscared, and he topples out of his chair with a strangled scream.

Some undetermined number of deaths later
“No more Mama~!”

Yeah, he’s pretty terrible at the game. Once Red finally makes it to Christmas day, he’s nearly crying.
“oh god, finally,” he says, and begins to open the present under the tree.
It opens to reveal a Tattletail box.
…it’s empty.

Cue jumpscare.

… Yeah, he’s never playing a video game again. You better find some way to make it up to him, because he sure as hell deserves a little sympathy after the shit you put him through. And yes, he does take payment in the form of kisses.


Sans won’t even approach the computer until you assure him that no, there isn’t any psychological manipulation that ends up with him slaughtering the child he was supposed to be taking care of (this time, at least).

Then you tell him it’s a horror game, and he’s a little less wary. He’s far from scared of the human concepts of horror, no, on the contrary. He actually finds it quite amusing. Humans find monsters terrifying. As long as their isn’t gore (which you’ve assured him there isn’t, for the most part), he’s fine.

So he slips on the earphones and agrees to play, as long as you sit on his lap as he does so. He raises a brow at the starting screen, which a flickering photo of some kind of creature that looks similar to the toys Papyrus had found when he was little (you’d called them fuzzles, or something like that) flashed onto the screen. He sends you a skeptical look, and merely puns before proceeding into the game.

He gets the gist of it right away. Take care of your Tattletail. Keep him quiet. Don’t be killed by the massive, murderous Mama Tattletail. He’s pretty damn good at surviving, actually, and doesn’t get jumpscared once. He’s patient, and will wait out Mama in the little space outside until it’s safe. He manages to get all the eggs, too. At times, however, the suspense seems to get to him. He’ll tense up a little, and his free hand will tighten on your waist. What really gets him, however, is the dark.

Sans is afraid of the dark, much to public surprise. He can’t sleep with the lights out, unless he’s wrapped up in your frame. The darkness reminds him of the void, cold and pressing as it whispers assurances that nothing matters. It presses in on him, crushing him in it’s powerful jaws as it reminds him with doting words that no matter what he does, nothing will change. It’s pain, and blood, and dust, and RESET after RESET after fucking RESET and he’s starting to hyperventilate because his flashlight just turned off, and there are glowing red eyes staring at him in the darkness- not red eyes, oh god, not again, no, no, no no no please no stop he’ll do anything just not again those fucking e y e s-

He doesn’t realize he’s crying until you wrap your arms around his neck.

Shh. Shh, it’s okay. You’re sorry. You’ve got him.

You finish the game without him as he sits with his head in your lap, and you only call him to watch at the very end, in which he gets the good ending. You might have finished the last part, but Sans was the one who really put in the effort.

Sans has trouble sleeping that night, but he doesn’t tell you. You hadn’t meant to hurt him, anyways.

But it’s so dark out.


Lucie and Za: From Fear to Freedom and Family

Many people think of pygmy goats as a pet breed, but like their larger cousins, they are often slaughtered for meat. Goat meat is extremely popular globally, so although you may not have personally eaten it, there is a huge demand for it. And out of all the goats raised in the U.S., more than 80 percent are raised for meat, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service. Many goats are sold at auction and end up in city live-slaughter markets.

Za and Lucie on the mend (we don’t have pictures of their arrival, since they went straight to Cornell for care).

And auction and slaughter were the fate designated for Lucie and her daughter Za when the person who’d raised them decided they had too many goats and needed to “downsize.” The pair was slated for a trip to the New Holland Auction in Pennsylvania — but luckily, they ended up at a horse sanctuary. And these two were not goats who would have wound up as companion animals, since they are terrified of humans. And their rescuer was even more concerned over their fate, because Lucie was very pregnant.

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I kind of want a Fire Emblem game that has similar themes to the PS2 game Drakengard (or Drag-on Dragoon in Japan). A game that’s central theme was “Immorality” and how there shouldn’t be a happy ending for characters that have slaughtered thousands.
The closest we got to this was with Birthright and Conquest in its endings and its incestuous supports.
But I want so much more than that. I want a FE game that shows the harsh, cold realities of war. That shows that not everyone on your side is good and how your troops commit countless war crimes against the enemy survivors of a skirmish or innocents. That features a lord who is reluctant to killing others and then ends becoming completely obsessed with it and winds up as a tyrant at the end.
I just want a Fire Emblem that isn’t just clear cut black and white. I know that would become a black sheep of the series and never will happen but I can just dream.

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Hi! I remember you saying something a while ago about The Secret History, where Camilla was like Persephone, and Henry was like Hades, and whether or not Julian was Dionysus. And I was wondering who the others in the Greek Squad would be, in similar comparisons. Sorry if this doesn't make sense, thanks!

no, not at all dear! it actually makes so much sense, since i think donna purposely built up all the tsh characters as symbolic representations of the greek gods, but really much mixed up with so many other classical figures as well? if you’ve studied those subjects, it’s almost impossible not to notice all the hits the author left all around the novel, you know. and then, obviously there are even your own interpretations, as a classicist and/or as a reader, so it’s almost impossible to discern where donna’s intention ends and our personal opinions might begin? so, consider what i’m about to say as my personal interpretation of the matter, even if it’s clearly supported by some kind of obvious intention of the writer, ok? :)

said that, certain comparisons are explicitly written down in the novel, for example the one you already mentioned, henry being hades and camilla being persephone. that is said as a metaphor in the book with those clear words, no hits or allusions. it’s interesting tho, the fact that on the other hand at the very beginning of the novel bunny compares camilla to diana - in other words, artemis. i find this funny and super interesting not just because obviously to any person not completely unfamiliar with greek mythology camilla and charles would immediately be the exact representation of artemis and apollo, but what really intrigued me about this is, i’m quite a “deeper scholar” of ancient greek deities and their philosophies, i’ve read pretty much everything you can read about those subject by now, i did out of passion, and as anyone who has actually studied those matters digging a little more, i’ve come to realise in many fragments and text and poems, artemis and persephone actually were described as the same deity - at some point of the orphic hymns moreover, persephone is first called “artemis” and then a few lines afterwards, demeter even says something like “oh, my poor daughter! you were destined to bear the glorious offspring of apollo and now you are married to that hideous man!”.. does it ring a bell? camilla is first in some kind of relationship with charles and then she falls for henry? who is compared to hades?
anyways, i’ve already written about this and i absolutely don’t wanna bore you with the all hows and whys, but this superimposition of deities on the same figure is a pretty common phenomenon in ancient mythologies and it’s called “syncretism”. the same god could have many names depending on the function he was summoned for. artemis, persephone, selene, hecate - they were in truth just one goddess whom aspects had several names. so it’s super funny and as much as intriguing to me, that in tsh camilla is actually first called “artemis” and then “persephone”, given the fact that she first is with charles and then with henry, respectively apollo and hades. i don’t know if donna tartt was aware of all this and did it on purpose, or if this is merely a coincidence, but it’s totally something i’m really fascinated by and that makes a huge, cosmical sense in my “classicist eyes”? lmao
and i have to say they are oh so bloody perfect for the role? all three of them? camilla being the fragile forest creature who could actually eat you alive anytime, without even blinking; charles being so much apollo he could even be the god himself as far as we might know: charming, handsome, calming, nice, but at the same time violent, anxious, deeply possessive and jealous, his dark side as deep as his ability to enchant others; and henry, well, am i even to explain what makes him a perfect hades? shady, riflessive, lost in his own world, cold intelligence and a total self-made moral, so close to the one a king could have made up to excuse himself anything? superiority/god complex, great leader, but at the same time hunted by his own demons and his own solitude, so much he wanted to find some way to escape his personal “dark kingdom”, his own mind? and he then falls precisely for the said apparently delicate creature that in truth is so much like him it is almost scary when we do find out? do tell me if all those are coincidences, i really don’t think so.

regarding all the others, it is much more difficult to say, tbh? because we are not told something as explicit, you know?
if you already read my other ask, then you know that i’m really sceptical about considering julian being the novel’s personification of dionysus. i kinda see francis much more fitting for that role if i have to name someone, but honestly i don’t actually think dionysus to be among the characters of the novel - he is indeed in the novel, but being himself. in other words, being at the same time everyone and no one at all. that’s the nature of dionysus, his very purpose and i don’t think i could accept any other interpretation, tbh.
also bunny and richard, i don’t think they are the representation of any deity whatsoever in this book. they are respectively the representation of what we are going to call the “non-believer” and the “believer”, so dear to the ancient tradition of the cult of dionysus. i don’t know if you are already aware of this or not, but it’s really a fundamental theme of dionysus’ painful journey to regain his “godhood”, meeting this two symbolical figures wherever he goes. dionysus is the god who died and was reborn, the one god who become human and had to prove his own divinity once again before being allowed to come back to olympus to claim what was his by birthright. so, every single time, in every single myth, the theme is always the same: someone does not think him a god, they disrespect him and his power, trying to kill or imprison him and they always end up slaughtered in the most amazing ways. that’s bunny. bunny who never takes anything seriously, bunny who wouldn’t understand and so that is not invited to the bacchanal, bunny who realises everything and disrespects the holiness of the act, taking the accidental murder as an atrocious act and nothing more than that, bunny that does not see it as the sacred consequence of an even more sacred experience, bunny who blackmails the actual “maenads” of dionysus (that’s what the clique became that night, kind of, in a representative way) and bunny who has to be killed, not just because of the actual modern danger of what he knew, but even because of the moral ancient one - he doesn’t get the divine importance of what happened that night; dionysus himself would have wanted him dead. this is the non-believer’s doom.
the second recurring figure in all the dionysus’ mythology is a poor, usually misunderstood and underestimated human who, while everyone is making fun of this young lad who calls himself a god and wants to punish him for that, they actually believe in dionysus’ godhood and help him achieving his purposes. this is what i called the “believer” and that’s what richard is in tsh. richard doesn’t really fit in the clique and he kinda always sees things from the outside, even in the very end. he’s a man in a land of gods, no matter how badly he wants to become one, he’s well aware he is not, he himself tells us this at the very beginning of the novel. but unlike bunny, his merit is that he just gets it. he gets the beauty of what happened, he gets the higher purpose, he gets the importance of it. richard respects and is deeply fascinated by the all story, so he’s rewarded for it in the end, just as the “believer” is always eventually rewarded in dionysus’ tales. he cannot aspire to become “that high”, “that important”, “that godly”, but he is the best a human being can aspire to be - mixed up with gods’ business, helper of the gods, touched by the gods, accepted by the gods. and that’s no light thing in the end, if we think better about it.. no light thing at all.

and here we arrive at francis, don’t we? francis is the most difficult to frame, he’d always been to me. he can seem many things, but he’s truly none of them at the end of the day. after accurate consideration, the god to whom i feel more comfortable comparing him is hermes, without any doubt. now, hermes is always seen as the playful god of thieves and mischief, apollo’s best friend, never serious, grand in wit, but not that important, am i right? well, in truth hermes is one of the most important gods of all the greek pantheon and i think he fits francis’ character perfectly as hell. first of all, hermes is playful yet always unreachable on the outside, but really complicated and shady on the inside. he’s not just the god who protects commerce and trades, he’s also one of the few phsycopompos deities of all ancient greek mythology, in other words he has the power to freely come and go as he pleases between the different realms of existence, both the living and the dead one - he’s both light and shadow. also, hermes is one of the freest sexual-oriented gods i know (he fathered hermaphroditus), but he kinda always keeps everything for himself? he doesn’t go around showing off as all the other gods. he loves deeply, but there’s always something holding him back, some shadow following him everywhere he goes. he’s also the messenger of the gods, he has the power to create a bound, a real contact between divinity and humanity. that’s so francis, tbh. francis who seem so unreachable, but at the same time so easy going and comfortable with anyone, francis who is probably the only one who actually really bounded with richard (the humanity i was talking about), francis who is never free to completely be himself out of the fear of letting down his “theoretical role” in the society, but at the same time never shows his sorrows on the outside with anyone? he lives constantly divided between two worlds, never having the courage to be fully “a god”, but scared to death to be left alone in the land of the humankind. that’s precisely hermes in my eyes, even if i don’t actually think this was really donna’s intention? who knows. i’ve certainly always seen him in this particular light.

really hope this will make any sense to you? lol if not, i’m so deeply sorry. i tend to be a little too passionate about those subjects, you know!

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So this occurred to me while I was scrolling through some fan-art stuff and I saw this picture of Dany and Daario side by side. It got me thinking; what exactly is their relationship? From the only outside POV we get on the matter (Barristen) it's apparently just Dany being infatuated cause she's young and horny and he's exotically attractive. Is that literally all there is? Is Daario just a boy toy in this story? Does their relationship (sexual or otherwise) have any bearing on the narrative?

Definitely there’s more. And even if it was just Dany being infatuated because she’s young and horny it’s still a big deal that Dany, who was sold off to her first husband, is now in a position where she can choose to have a romantic and sexual relationship.

Back to the more going on. It has to do with the contrast between Daario and Hizdahr, and the political paths they represent.

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How would the demon kings react to their s/o being in a metal band?


Originally posted by sra-birthday

  • He’s your biggest fan
  • He was a fan before you two even started dating
  • Has all of your merch
  • Comes to all your concerts
  • Cheers you on like the biggest fangirl ever
  • Always wears t-shirts with your face on it
  • Begs you to do a collaboration between your band x Mepphyland 
  • Mepphylands new best sellers is the Meph dog plush in a metal rock outfit holding an awesome looking guitar 


Originally posted by amaimon-the-king-of-earth

  • He’s really interested in your music
  • And the style of it
  • He notes how much you enjoy doing it
  • It sounds different to what he usually hears others around him listen to
  • So he’s really intrigued to find out more about it
  • He likes the outfits you wear whilst on stage
  • He doesn’t understand the moshpit at first
  • So when people bump into him he ends up slaughtering a few of your fans 


  • He doesn’t understand human music 
  • He doesn’t hate it though
  • It’s just something that exists to him
  • Lucifer prefers more quiet and relaxing music
  • Something classical and elegant to listen to whilst he’s resting in bed
  • He quite likes the sound of harps
  • He thinks they sound so angelic
  • If his s/o was willing to keep the band life and her life with him separate he wouldn’t mind
  • But he wants to experience and share what his s/o loves together with them whenever he can
  • So he would love to hear all about your gigs and support you how he can
  • If he could manage it he would like to attend one of your shows
  • Even if the music itself isn’t something he enjoys, he enjoys seeing how happy and energetic his s/o looks whilst performing


Originally posted by gekkous

  • He enjoys his s/o’s music greatly
  • He shows up to your gigs whenever he can
  • Always brags to everyone about bow great you are
  • Has got lots of demons into it
  • Has actually gotten you so many new fans
  • He’s always complimenting your performances after your finished and tells you how great they make everyone feel
  • Always willing to listen to your rough drafts for new song lyrics and new tunes
  • He’s a big fan of your stage outfits and even tells you to wear them offstage because you look so good