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Merlin's Grave.

I met up with a friend today and ended up on a quest to find Merlin’s grave in the Scottish Borders. I never knew about this until a few hours ago that according to legend Merlin ended his days in Scotland. 

According to The Reader’s Digest’s Encyclopaedia of Folklore, Myths and Legends of Great Britain, Merlin raised an army of pagan warriors and led them into battle against the Christian community of Strathclyde.  The pagan campaign ended disastrously.  Merlin’s army was slaughtered and Merlin himself – driven insane by grief and guilt – spent the rest of his life living as a hermit in the forests of southern Scotland.

So we arrived in Drumelzier, a wee village on the B712 in the Tweed Valley in search of this grave. My friend Leslie had tried in vain to locate it about 20 years before, all we had to go on was information on Canmore website, which is part of Historic Environment Scotland, it told us that “ According to legend which is at least as old as the 15th century, the wizard Merlin was buried 200 yds NNW of Drumelzier Church, on the level haugh close to the right bank of the River Tweed” We found the Kirk and climbed a wooden stile behind it to a line of trees, Leslie had been told the grave was marked by a tree, information I found online told us that it had been swept away in the 1920,s but another tree had been planted more recently, we spotted a couple walking dogs and they  directed us to the bush you see in the first pic, it had a plaque below it seen in the second pic. Job done, Leslie was pleased as punch, but the day wasn’t over, we jumped back in the car and drove towards Stobo stopping short of the village and up to Altarstone Farm, the clue was in the name, Leslie pointed towards a large square boulder opposite, unless you knew it was there you wouldn’t look twice at it, even if it caught your eye it just looked like a lump of concrete half hidden by the foliage, he told us before Merlin died he converted to Christianity after meeting Saint Kentigern (aka St Mungo) here and this was called The Altar Stane.

I refer to Canmore once again it has a couple of things noted through the years,  “A large stone in the wall at the roadside near the farm to which it gives name. It is of a somewhat cylindrical shape about five feet high and six feet in diameter. The top forms a plane, smooth surface and it is supposed to have formed the Altar of a druid’s Temple or some such object, there is no tradition respecting it. It is always called the Altar Stone but why it is so called, the Proprietor of the estate says, cannot be ascertained.Name Book 1856.” and “There are marks on the upper surface of the stone - said to have been made by a witch.J W Buchan and H Paton (eds) 1927.” 

On to Stobo Kirk and a stained glass window of Kentigern baptising  Myrddin, the name Merlin is derived from in the Welsh language. 

So there you have it, a subject I knew nothing about, and all within easy reach of Edinburgh. I have more pics to post, will add them later. 


Lucie and Za: From Fear to Freedom and Family

Many people think of pygmy goats as a pet breed, but like their larger cousins, they are often slaughtered for meat. Goat meat is extremely popular globally, so although you may not have personally eaten it, there is a huge demand for it. And out of all the goats raised in the U.S., more than 80 percent are raised for meat, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service. Many goats are sold at auction and end up in city live-slaughter markets.

Za and Lucie on the mend (we don’t have pictures of their arrival, since they went straight to Cornell for care).

And auction and slaughter were the fate designated for Lucie and her daughter Za when the person who’d raised them decided they had too many goats and needed to “downsize.” The pair was slated for a trip to the New Holland Auction in Pennsylvania — but luckily, they ended up at a horse sanctuary. And these two were not goats who would have wound up as companion animals, since they are terrified of humans. And their rescuer was even more concerned over their fate, because Lucie was very pregnant.

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So this occurred to me while I was scrolling through some fan-art stuff and I saw this picture of Dany and Daario side by side. It got me thinking; what exactly is their relationship? From the only outside POV we get on the matter (Barristen) it's apparently just Dany being infatuated cause she's young and horny and he's exotically attractive. Is that literally all there is? Is Daario just a boy toy in this story? Does their relationship (sexual or otherwise) have any bearing on the narrative?

Definitely there’s more. And even if it was just Dany being infatuated because she’s young and horny it’s still a big deal that Dany, who was sold off to her first husband, is now in a position where she can choose to have a romantic and sexual relationship.

Back to the more going on. It has to do with the contrast between Daario and Hizdahr, and the political paths they represent.

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So would the Einherjar be humans taken by the Asgard programs and turned into cyborg soldiers?

accurate. warriors chosen by the aggregate are subject to the valhalla scenarios, matrix-like war games of never ending slaughter made to indoctrinate souls and ready them for digitization-harvesting/mass cloning and eventual uploading into aesir war-rigs

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How would the demon kings react to their s/o being in a metal band?


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  • He’s your biggest fan
  • He was a fan before you two even started dating
  • Has all of your merch
  • Comes to all your concerts
  • Cheers you on like the biggest fangirl ever
  • Always wears t-shirts with your face on it
  • Begs you to do a collaboration between your band x Mepphyland 
  • Mepphylands new best sellers is the Meph dog plush in a metal rock outfit holding an awesome looking guitar 


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  • He’s really interested in your music
  • And the style of it
  • He notes how much you enjoy doing it
  • It sounds different to what he usually hears others around him listen to
  • So he’s really intrigued to find out more about it
  • He likes the outfits you wear whilst on stage
  • He doesn’t understand the moshpit at first
  • So when people bump into him he ends up slaughtering a few of your fans 


  • He doesn’t understand human music 
  • He doesn’t hate it though
  • It’s just something that exists to him
  • Lucifer prefers more quiet and relaxing music
  • Something classical and elegant to listen to whilst he’s resting in bed
  • He quite likes the sound of harps
  • He thinks they sound so angelic
  • If his s/o was willing to keep the band life and her life with him separate he wouldn’t mind
  • But he wants to experience and share what his s/o loves together with them whenever he can
  • So he would love to hear all about your gigs and support you how he can
  • If he could manage it he would like to attend one of your shows
  • Even if the music itself isn’t something he enjoys, he enjoys seeing how happy and energetic his s/o looks whilst performing


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  • He enjoys his s/o’s music greatly
  • He shows up to your gigs whenever he can
  • Always brags to everyone about bow great you are
  • Has got lots of demons into it
  • Has actually gotten you so many new fans
  • He’s always complimenting your performances after your finished and tells you how great they make everyone feel
  • Always willing to listen to your rough drafts for new song lyrics and new tunes
  • He’s a big fan of your stage outfits and even tells you to wear them offstage because you look so good

To be honest, the things I’m looking forward most as the community grows, is when the well known, theories come into the play. You know, those theories that explain the back story of each and every character, explain the plot in great detail and fill in any holes if there are any. And my favorite, those theories that rip out your heart and tears to tiny little pieces with so much angst. But not only that, they all so blow your mind. Because you can’t help but go;“It makes sense, it all makes sense now”

Continued from HERE: Part 1 

I shared this on my patreon about two weeks ago but I thought it was time to post the whole thing. As always this is for @shoegazerx who inspires me  so often that her art seems to be catnip to my muses. 


The puzzle box was one of those pieces that were well known but not known at all.

Will had walked into shops where people offered him plenty of money for the piece but no concrete answers and even the Internet was a bust. Though every previous owner had been brutally murdered or disappeared, just like Will’s mother.

His father had always insisted the box belonged to her, a priceless heirloom that wasn’t to be touched. Most of his mother’s past was just that: not to be touched. He hardly remembered her, vague images of a smile just for him.

If the box had been hers, would the pin faced man know what happened to her? He’d made her scream, Will knew that, but had he killed her as well?

What was behind the portal?

He wanted to know what was beyond the light and not just because he worried for his father.

After days of looking for answers to explain the box, the pin faced man, and the blood, Will decided to start looking through his father’s things.

Robert Graham had never been very open or affectionate a father, though Will wasn’t one to beg for anyone’s attention even now. But he’d drilled into Will the need to keep the right path, the good path, leading Will into his teaching profession and even the need to rescue strays.

After Will found the safe in his father’s closet and began reading the journals, he knew that Robert Graham was not the man he had grown up thinking he was. The very first line he read said it all:

Blood looks black in the moonlight.

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At first glance, it may look like a normal class photo. But it’s actually a photo from Columbine High School taken weeks before the infamous shooting in 1999. The students in the top left pretending to aim guns at the camera are Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the teens who would end up slaughtering their classmates just a few days later.


Oh jesus christ…


Sangwoo dyes his hair back to its natural colour since Koogi did say she is going to change up his hair soon. Leading this to make him unrecognisable to choker boy who regularly lurks in gay bars. Since he’s already quite promiscious  it seems with a nonchalant attitude maybe he just forgets what happened with Bae and forgets the picture of Sangwoo Bae showed him altogether now that Sangwoo looks like this.

Then Sangwoo ends up bringing cutie choker boy home with him and things get heated because he’s adorable just like Bum. Then Bum sees this and the new killer instincts within him unleashes and he ends up slaughtering choker boy. Sangwoo stands there a bit shocked but then smirks because he’s pretty impressed. Pleased that Bum is finally seeing things his way.

Choker boy’s disappearance rings alarm bells and Bae is off out to fully hunt woo. 

It’s meta-o-clock. This is one of the best Roan episodes so far and I could not be more proud of my boy. But of course, I have to break it down and elaborate everything going through sabertooth’s mind because there is so much depth to his decisions. 

First off, I have to talk about Roan getting lied to and betrayed AGAIN in relation to his relationship with Clarke. I actually loved seeing how raw and open he remained with her after leaving Becca’s island. And seeing that trust strained, because tension and drama is what I am here for. Testing the limits of characters and how two people are affected when trust is broken. I find it so interesting that when the episode begins, we see Roan trusting Clarke and her defending him. It sets the tone for how they consider each other friends and allies and take their blood oath seriously. Because this contrasts so interestingly with what happens later with the Fleim.

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Summaries of Kung Fu Panda Movies UPDATED
  • Kung Fu Panda 1: Clumsy fat panda goes from working at his father's restaurant to being a Kung Fu master and learns to love himself