end the days of oppression now

right now we’re all talking abt organising, taking action, n like, for those of us who can, great – that’s exactly what we should be doing. but anyone who can’t, for whatever reason that may be, let me remind u: you are not failing anyone.

at the end of the day, the most important thing for all of us is that as many of us as possible survive. the biggest threat to the systems that oppress us is our continued survival. and so we therefore have 2 look after ourselves as well as after others. i promise u, ur not failing anyone. we can all only do what we can, and sometimes that’s simply being around to support our friends

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could you guys possibly make a both pastel or both punk masterlist? or could you link me to some with that?

I’m not sure if there are enough for two masterlists, but here are a few :)


Climbing The Ladder - Punk!Dan and Punk/TattooArtist!Phil both struggle to find themselves after past event that have shaken their trust in other people and in themselves.

Save Rock And Roll - Oppression of punks is now worldwide. Dan and Phil lead the rebellion to save the punk rock music scene.

Still the Same As 5 Years Ago - Punk!Dan and Phil were boyfriends back in their high school days. Dan eventually corrupted Phil (In a playful way of course). Phil even gave his virginity to Dan. Eventually they lost contact after high school though, but they ended things on a good note. Phil gets a job as a tattoo artist and Dan comes in one day to get a tattoo. Dan is just as flirty and attractive as Phil remembers him to be.


The Cure For A Broken Heart - Dan was suffering from a broken heart and from what he knew, flowers cured broken hearts. When he enters Phil’s newly opened flower shop he quickly learns that the boy inside is a better cure than the actual flowers.

Giant Nerds Who Like Flower Crowns - Pastel!Phil is the new kid at pastel!Dan’s school, learning that they both wear flower crowns, they hit it off immediately and become best friends.

- Emily

jfc this is such a classic history lesson. 

allowing liberal identity politics, like non-stop talking about lack of representation and circulating cute wedding pics and jokes about bi v pan, without acknowledging everything else that comes with being lgbt, was such a mistake and now its coming back to haunt us big time. 

by ignoring the fucking brutal hardships of being lgbt to make life a little bit easier for us we ended up making the lgbt community look like its the place to be for lits every1 bc its so ~~nice and inclusive~~ [which, if youre lgbt, it is in comparison to every day life as someone who’s oppressed for being sga and/or trans]. in that process of creating safe spaces where for once laws controlling and prohibiting our existence, violence, abuse, addiction, HIV, homelessness, etc werent mentioned in order to protect ourselves from the constant irl onslaught of that, our community started looking like a catch-all for everyone who doesnt fit into cisheteropatriarchy and normativity. 

mogai and cishet aces demanding lgbt resources is the direct result of that. by creating something good for ourselves and uplifting each other without acknowledging where we come from, an image was created that was desirable to many who arent lgbt. 

it fucking sucks bc it shows that we cant have anything safe, bc cishets will always immediately think its up for grabs for them. the lgbt community was founded by and for trans folks and/or ppl who experience sga, but neolib identity stuff allowed a quiet chipping away at that foundation.


Trans youth speak about why we need #MoreThanVisibility!
This is so important. Visibility isn’t the end-all solution to trans oppression. Now let’s hear it from trans youth!

One day, Darwin was browsing through several social justice blogs.

Now he’s foo’s (foo insists on using foo/foos/foom pronouns, thank you very much) a trans non-binary 2-D/3-D fluid rainbow space unicorn wolf mermaid-kin in a bipedal amphibian fish’s body, who won’t stop ranting about how 3-D people are being oppressed in Elmore, believes that all cis-2-D people must die, and is seriously, traumatically triggered at the mere mention of words ending with -ism.

I hope I don’t get lynched for this. No offense is intended toward anyone.

can we talk about Luke a bit?

Because “it’s alright, you and I will be able to share our love openly on day” fucking broke my heart. This is a man that spent the last 18 years struggling with self hate, that had to accept that he’s different now (not even by choice) and had to adjust from what he was raised to believe (that downworlders are less than shadowhunters) to self acceptance and to wash away the hate and self righteousness that shadowhunters are brainwashed with. And at the end he did find happiness, even if only in the mundane world (even if even now biracial couples are still being oppressed, regardless of gender or sexual orientation).

Thing is, he and Jocelyn were dragged back in the shadowworld. And he fucking knows that when Jocelyn wakes up, their relationship will be scrutinized and judged, because shadowhunters and downworlders don’t mix. But he has hope, because he just heard that a shadowhunter kid came out and kissed a downworlder at his own wedding, throwing the clave’s racisme and homophobia right at their faces.

And he knows that the world will be a better place for it, that he just has to keep fighting and be brave a little bit longer. That when Jocelyn wakes up it might not be easy but it will be worth it because they’re not the only one and they can all stand together.

I fucking love Luke Garroway and the social commentary of this show okay? and don’t you dare tell me that Alec coming out doesn’t have a positive consequence, because it did (in many ways).

(@halliwellxx​ i’m tagging you on this bc we were talking about the inspirational value of the malec kiss and it just came to me)

Okay while gay marriage is legal now, it’s very important for everyone, ESPECIALLY allies, to remember that this is not the end of homophobia. There will still be homophobic people who try to stop this, and gay people are still extremely oppressed. It is a good day, but we can’t brush gay people away just because we can marry now. It’s still important to fight for our rights.
Also, we need to remember that this doesn’t support everyone in the LGBT* community, and we still need to get them full rights. Thank you!

ok, but think about that.

In “Look Down” Gavroche sings “This is the land that fought for liberty, now when we fight, we fight for bread”. He’s clearly referring to the French Revolution, when people fought to get rid of the oppressing monarchy, to be free and to be considered an active part of France and forty years later, they are still fighiting, but this time it’s to get some food, to survive and to reach the end of the day. This is a demonstration of how miserable French people have become, and this line, expecially pronounced by a little boy, is really powerful.


I was thinking about the final scene of the episode: a happy picnic with the whole family, children running and playing happily, a serene, joyful and relaxed atmosphere. I could not help but think back to the Jane’s happy memory  ruined forever by RJ (ep 5x22). Even then it was a picnic, a day of celebration, with the little Aileen Barlow, taking the center of the scene. A moment of joy that has remained in Jane’s mind, during his adult life to give him relief in the darkest moments, as he could not call to mind the memories of Angela and Charlotte because they are too painful. RJ tore that memory away from him , replacing it with the oppression of guilt for the end of that innocent girl.

now, it’s as if the memory has been ruined forever has been “replaced” by another one, certainly different, but also similar in a certain way. Another picnic, another occasion to celebrate. The pain for the previous loss will always be there, to occupy a part of his mind and his heart, but now there is the possibility for Jane to create new happy memories and still before, living other happy experiences with Lisbon. This makes me think in general at the life of this man that in one night was completely destroyed and was then laboriously put together, piece by piece, thanks to sympathy, friendship and love. 

in that scene then, I haven’t seen represented only Jane’s and lisbon’s pas but also their future … Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but Jane  holding the baby and lisbon watching him from afar smug and happy, the two children (the blond boy with the vest and the little girl with dark braids) running and that clearly resemble a little Patrick and a little Teresa, all this seems to me a hope for a bright future …