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Me, seeing great pricefield edits: “Nice!”

Me, seeing spanish sahara lyrics under the aforementioned great pricefield edits:


One of my fave things about 2016 was definitely Brian Molko’s intsa activism

I also love how he low key indirectly dragged the people in the comments who called him a “social justice warrior”. You tell’em Bri

(also the comment section in general on their instagram went pretty batshit about it, which is why he sadly left. Bri pls come back we need you)

Just wanna say that basing the quality or chemistry in a ship based on IN GAME BATTLE SYNERGY IS STUPID AS SHIT AND MAKES NO SENSE. How well two characters being played by real people who all play differently work together while fighting in a fucking video game does not somehow make a ship “lesser” if they don’t work as well together as a ship comprised of two characters who DO synergize well in battle.

 The in game battle synergy and actual character chemistry writing wise are entirely separate and trying to justify harassment of others, and arguments that this ship you don’t like “is totally awful and makes no sense because they don’t synergize well in battle” is childish, lacks logic and I’d think people would have enough common sense to realize how fucking stupid it sounds. 

So saying Gency is a bad ship just because Mercy Pocketing a Genji doesn’t synergize as well as a Mercy pocketing a Pharah is stupid af and makes no sense because game and actual character are two separate things.

The reach in this argument is like…your arms must be made of rubber if you’re able to reach that far. You do realize it’s okay to dislike a ship for no real reason right?? No one is telling you that you have to like it, reaching for a reason so far that you come up with stuff like this that doesn’t even really make any sense is so silly…just, chill out man, stay in your shipping lane and we’ll stay in ours.

  • You, screaming into the void: I just feel like we should uplift and glorify only healthy relationships in our media and fandom so that people can firstly, recognize what healthy relationships look like in real life, and secondly, not force anyone to relive any past trauma that they may have endured with regards to potential previous abuse
  • Me, outside your window holding a boombox: Understandably so, but the internet as a whole cannot take on the responsibility to keep everyone in their comfort zone- that's up to the individual to filter the content that they consume for themselves. Additionally, fandom does not equal reality and enjoying the relationships in a fictional setting does not mean you approve of them in real life
  • You, reaching for a glass of water: While that may be true, doesn't condoning them in fiction also normalize it to a more impressionable audience as well as further demonstrate to people with previous abuse that their abusive relationships are romanticized by others?
  • Me, lowering the boombox to turn it off: It can, which is why people should be responsible for the content they consume and liberally filter their experience if they're easily upset by dark themes in fiction.
  • You, still kind of hoarse: What happens when people who enjoy these canons and ships are rude, refuse to warn for it after being asked, or spam it without consideration for their followers?
  • Me, tossing up a cough drop: Then they're assholes and you should probably unfollow them.

I just read someone saying Jackie doesn’t care “that much” about Hyde marrying some stranger and I just–

Destroying with her bare hands her favorite stuffed animal, something she truly does love and has been shown with during the entire show, doesn’t count?

Being mad at her best friend for her inviting the random stripper #294385 to their slumber party and getting even more furious at the fact that Donna keeps being more friendly to her than to Jackie doesn’t also count.

Obviously not wating to be in the basement or anywhere near Hyde also doesn’t count.

Spend like two episodes mopping around doesn’t count either.

Going out to a bar and literally getting drunk, something Jackie doesn’t truly do in the entire show until this moment, and flashing everyone her boob because she herself says SHE’S SAD and she wants to not be also doesn’t count.

She literally spends the first episodes of the season constantly saying how sad she is and how bad she’s having it, just because she does talk to Hyde and tried to spend time down in the basement, doesn’t mean she’s ok.

This season has everyone out of character, but at least Jackie’s sadness is there at the beginning. And if you want to get on a more meta level, man, she was so damn depressed, she ended up fucking FEZ.


@koitoshi asked for Kenma and Kuroo wearing glasses and i was like siGN ME UP

I feel like she’s one of those girls that calls herself straight but will suck on a titty for a shot of Coors Light so…how straight can you really be?
—  The text conversation I’m currently having with a friend is nothing short of priceless.

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100 days of Phil is one of the reasons, to me, to stay alive... Love ya, and appreciate your hard work. Hope you get better soon💕

i just started crying?

Sometimes I’ll see current snippets of ouat and I just….still don’t get how Hook became such a prominent character and the love interest to the main protagonist. Like NOTHING about it feels like it was forward, natural storytelling or organic character development. And it’s just….so horrendously jarring to watch.

Between himym and ouat I feel like it’s two cautionary tales of how you should sometimes listen to fans but also not let them dictate the entirety of the storytelling.

I just,,, i love Xayah and Rakan so much,, Rakan is my baby– he’s my fav champion in league i love him hes the only character im playing rn 

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i mean!! just look at them!! they’re my favs & ima gush over them;;;

i wanna write and draw so much gt for them!! I’m so sad that whenever i look up league of legends gt stuff, its 100% gts and porn stuff ;;;; idc if im a 1 woman army making gentle/sfw gt stuff out of league of legends characters ima march on!!!

i have!! so many headcannons for giant rakan!!! safasfsg

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How come you never talk about Shoot? I figured two deeply layered neuroatypical characters in the best show on TV at the time who have this ultimate slow burn lesbian romance would be exactly your cup of tea. Shoot is just as epic as Clexa for me.

I love POI??? I haven’t watched the last season, but just because I don’t talk about something 24/7 doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it “the best show on TV” but it was certainly a fantastic series that produced “If-Then-Else” which happens to be one of my favorite TV episodes ever. That episode is brilliantly written, directed, acted, and edited. Not a single flaw to it. Also, I personally wouldn’t put the ship on equal footing as CL, but like…that is so subjective and I totally respect your opinion in that regard. 

Listen y'all because I got many followers today and I plan to lose them

1)When Dan says “ this is not a forever home” (or house? I don’t remember) he means that he will not live forever there=he will buy a house some day=he will not live forever with phil. That is the meaning of Not forever.
Why are you happy about it? Even I am sad about it

2) When Dan says “ when a house is bought” he means when A house is bought.
He speaks in general.
He means that when a person buys their home, only then they can get a dog.
He was being neutral, he tried to explain why people who don’t own the house can’t have a dog

Why are y'all thinking he means something else?
Some people do have selective hearing

Godnight bye lmao

Thing I will never understand: how come every person on Tumblr who’s like “I can’t have a critical opinion on this thing from another culture because [discourse]” is always really into being an uncritical fan of another culture’s media? Like that person who wrote that discourse disaster post about “I can’t have any opinions on cultures not my own so maybe it’s appropriation to learn a language but idk” has a Korean URL and their blog is almost entirely gifsets of K-pop and K-drama stars. And every person I’ve seen who’s raised pitchforks about a white woman running an anime blog that talks about feminism or whatever supposedly “appropriating,” is themselves a white person who’s super into anime and half their blog is anime gifsets and shipping fanart.

It’s just so backwards about the ways “appropriation” actually works and how you actually go about combating it. The key thing is to engage with other cultures respectfully and thoughtfully and the only way you can do that is by learning about the culture… by doing things like studying their language and cultural traditions, and talking to people from that culture! And by critically engaging with the ideas in it, which can include considering cultural differences! It’s specifically when fans don’t know or care about any of that stuff that you’re most at risk of being appropriative. The grossest stuff I’ve seen in anime fandom has not come from the people who’ve bothered to study Japanese language and culture…it’s from the people who treat Japan as some weird inscrutable Other they can never fully understand. Like seems to be increasingly the right attitude to have in Tumblr Appreciation Discourse.

If you’re a fan of something from another culture, you already “have an opinion” on it. You may as well make it an educated opinion, by learning a little about the cultural context. You’re way more likely to do right by the people who made it than from just squeeing into the void.

Colt model 1911A1 Customized with engraved barrel and ivory grips.

I would just like to state for the record that Rafe Adler and Dean Winchester both have excellent taste in their choice of firearms. ♥

People are actually attacking Michael Chu on here and Twitter because he mentioned he liked Genji and Mercy, that he ships them. He’s never said anything official and Tumblr has lost their minds by saying he’s ignoring the LGBT community.

These people need to reread what he’s said. He’s not answering ANY questions with a clear answer because he can’t. I follow the guy and there are people pushing ships on him from all angles. The guy can’t say one way or the other how the game is going to go. He can only say what he likes on a personal level. Blizzard employees’ Twitter accounts can’t contain game information unless it’s already public knowledge or they’re told they can reveal something. Of course, it’s convenient that the Tumblr community forgets that other Blizzard employees reblog art and pairings all the time because someone reblogged Genji x Mercy, or Junkrat x Mei, or whatever.

People need to put down the pitchforks and leave others alone. Attacking someone because they might not be I to what you’re into is just a sad sad state of affairs… It’s especially worse when they start calling a Blizzard employee a homophobe for liking a straight couple when he himself is straight.

I’m really getting tired of seeing the bloodlust on this website because of the sexuality of characters. I genuinely am. Going after each other will NEVER make the bitterness go away or change someone’s mind on how they write their characters. STOP trying to force someone’s hand by guilt tripping them. If you want change, do it yourself. Get a job in the industry, make a game with characters that fit your standards, but do not get upset that someone else’s game doesn’t go the way you like it….


ahhhh i’m living for conor’s new video!! they really know what kinda videos we love lmao conor is the hotter one tbh

Just realized I have almost $200 left for SLCC and now I’m tempted to use some of it to buy Mark’s Represent shirt…