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I completely blame all the people I follow online for reblogging all these bendies(bends?bendys?bendies?bendieys?????) for making me draw this

This was actually based off of @ceeblathers dumb shenanigans but then it spawned the thought of “what if there was one of those obligatory eps where the mc clones themself a billion times?” which then brought around “what if there was an original soundtrack record collection?”

EDIT: Forgot to add in some extra ink spots

It is a curious thing, the death of a loved one. We all know that our time in this world is limited, and that eventually all of us will end up underneath some sheet, never to wake up. And yet it is always a surprise when it happens to someone we know. It is like walking up the stairs to your bedroom in the dark, and thinking there is one more stair than there is. Your foot falls down, through the air, and there is a sickly moment of dark surprise as you try and readjust the way you thought of things.
—  Lemony Snicket, “The Reptile Room”

the way allistics think of special interests, specifically the way they present this thinking in popular media, is pretty much a premium sample of how they think about autistic people in general re: the “high functioning/low functioning” mindset

computers/science/math autistics are the high functioners whose special interests revolve around something neurotypical society views as useful.

you can find these tv autistics being portrayed as Eccentric Misunderstood Geniuses on like every tv crime drama. also the writers will conveniently never use the actual word autistic. if they’re feeling daring they might say “on the spectrum” or use some euphemism like “he’s just…. Different” with an audible capital D.

trains autistics (and the rarer pop culture autistics that occasionally make an appearance) are the low functioners. even when the knowledge they possess is absolutely staggering it doesn’t matter because allistics don’t value this knowledge.

you can recognize this brand of tv autistic because they’re often presented in the light of “oh if only they would stop focusing on this useless thing and just Connect with their peers instead”.

tl;dr autistics in media essentially can usually be put into one of two equally shitty trope boxes and it all comes down to functioning labels and, beneath that, the essential allistic philosophy that autistic people’s worth is determined solely by how valuable we are to neurotypical society and how easily the Undesirable parts of ourselves can be swept under the rug. fuckin sweet.


“It is a curious thing, the death of a loved one. We all know that our time in this world is limited, and that eventually all of us will end up underneath some sheet, never to wake up. And yet it is always a surprise when it happens to someone we know. It is like walking up the stairs to your bedroom in the dark, and thinking there is one more stair than there is. Your foot falls down, through the air, and there is a sickly moment of dark surprise as you try and readjust the way you thought of things.”

― Lemony Snicket, Horseradish

do u ever think about how mika is probably terrified of becoming a demon but at the same time at least he wouldn’t have to hurt anymore?

13.01 coda

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Anyway, this scene definitely should have been in the ep.

“Can he teleport?”


“The kid!” Dean snaps. “Does he have wings?”

Sam stutters out that he doesn’t know, and, right. How would he? Dean wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and it comes away bloody - his lip stings where he’s touched it.

He closes his eyes and takes a slow breath in through his nose. He’s trying his absolute hardest to keep it together, but his hands shake regardless.

“We can check along the main roads,” Sam placates, mistaking his silence for frustration. “We’ll be faster in the car than he is on foot, assuming he doesn’t fly, and he can’t have gotten far.”

Dean opens his eyes, but he doesn’t reply. He keeps his back to his brother.

“It’s going to be ok, Dean,” Sam says, only a few feet behind him now, and damn it if that just doesn’t break Dean’s heart all over again.

Soon enough he hears the dirt start to crunch under Sam’s shoes. He has to swerve around Dean to get to the passenger side, his usual post in times of crisis, but Dean lets out a sigh just as he gets his hand on the door.


Sam turns back to look at him, eyebrows raised expectantly.

Dean swallows. “I need you to help me with something first.”

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Better off with you watching over me (Jason Todd x Reader)

A/N: Okay so I finally finished this… at uni in the library. You’re all a bad influence on me. I had a hard time figuring out how graphic to go with this so hope this is what you were looking for? Anyway, here ya go anon ;) 

You were staring outside the window again. It was dark outside. Apart from some outlines and dim lighting you didn’t see anything, you just heard the rain ticking on the window and the warmth of a blanket around you. You gritted your teeth as you were trying very hard not to think of the million things that could be going wrong with Jason right now. After his death he had become more reckless… and you were scared you weren’t going to get him back again if something… happened. You shook your head as you tried your damn best to ban those ideas out of your head. They were no good now and they never would be. It was part of the deal to grid and bear it. You grabbed your laptop and dropped yourself in his couch. Not quite as luxurious as his room at Bruce’s place, but more… anonymous somehow. It felt good to be alone together but at moments like these the place just felt desolate.

You opened your laptop and glanced at the time. 2 am. Damnit, you were lucky you didn’t have anywhere to be the next morning. Not that you wouldn’t be there if you had. You had just had one of those days where you couldn’t get him off of your mind. You sensed something was off, usually when this happened he came back more torn up than usual. You glanced over at the bandages and the disinfectant you put ready. “Jason where the hell are you even at.” You murmured. You checked some texts online, they were interesting enough but not to the extent they banned the worry that clung to you like wet clothes. You decided laying down was an option and started to dose off when you heard someone enter the door and closing it behind him. You opened your eyes. Not sure what you expected to see.

“ Jay… please tell me you’re still alive.”
“ Well, I’m technically undead.” You opened your eyes and saw him standing there in the doorway. Suprisingly, he didn’t seem too badly hurt. Some cuts and bruises at most. Nothing he wouldn’t have been able to easily fix himself. He flung his leather jacket in the general direction of a chair where It flung over the back support.
“ An ungodly hour for a booty call. What the fuck are you doing here at this time?” He asked, sounding tired and utterly done with the world in and of itself.
“ I wanted to check up on you. What happened?”
“ You’re better off not knowing.” He grunted. He looked frustrated and something you could not define as easily.
“ Bad day at work, huh?”
“ Doesn’t begin to cover it.” He walked over to you and you noticed something was really, really wrong this time. “ Jason what happened.” He sighed and sat next to you, legs spread and taking up a lot of space in the couch.
“ I stopped some jackass from killing a woman. “
“ That seems like a good thing to me.”
“ Not the first victim. And she’s alive, but in a coma. Fuck, she looked like you. Same… hair and build.“ You arched your eyebrows.
“ Did you think she was me?”
“ Of course not, I’d recognize your ass anywhere.” He grinned but it wasn’t genuine.
“ Jay.” You were pleading with him not to joke about this for once. He always did this.
“ No. But it served as a reminder. Being with you puts you in the line of fire. I made a fair share of enemies, maybe she was supposed to remind me of you. They could have found out I’m not entirely on my own. Maybe you should… steer clear for a while.” He started to take off his clothes, revealing some cuts and bruises but once again nothing he couldn’t handle himself.

“ I know for a fact you’re not self-conscious about how you look so how exactly do you intend to persuade me if you’re gonna run around shirtless?”  That earned you a smile. You followed him into the bathroom as he ran some water of the shower already. He used with hot water, and it took some time for the thing to heat up. He got under the water but you knew he could still hear you and vice versa.

“ I’m serious, y/n.”
“ About the being without me for a while… Indefinitely you mean? You’re never gonna stop being who you are, doing what you do. I ain’t going anywhere. I know the risks and the code to the gun safe.” He looked at you proudly through strands of hair stuck to his face.
“ My little rascal. No, just until I know for sure he wasn’t working for someone or a copycat.”
“ Not a chance that I’m staying away from you Jason. If I’m not around you get even more trigger-happy out there.”
“ How’d you know?”
“ I just do.”

He didn’t even try to contend your statement. This wasn’t a first, but last time you had a massive fight over it. He seemed almost too calm now, concerned rather than pissed off because you wouldn’t listen to his suggestion of steering clear from him. Like he didn’t expect anything else from you at this point. You decided to just let him shower and looked at him. Damn, he looked good, almost unreal. The most attractive zombie you’d ever seen. When he was drying off he looked at you again, with the torn expression he had before.  
You walked over to him and noticed he kept his hands off of you, not even pulling you into a hug. Considering just how physical he usually was, you couldn’t see that as a good sign.
“ Jason, mind telling me why you’re not even touching me?” No response. “Hey, look at me. You’re not going to lose me. I’d crawl my way out of the grave to be with you too”
He looked at you with a sense of guilt in his eyes somehow. “ You might not get so lucky.”

You clung to him, head on his still on his bare chest, and felt his hands slip around you as well. He pulled you close, first carefully as if you’d break then the way you were used to. Old habits die hard.  

“ I’d lose my goddamn mind without you. “ he practically whispered against your hair.
“ I’m afraid you’re beyond that point anyway Jay. “ The fact that he didn’t come up with a quip to counter yours showed just how haunted he was by the thought of losing you. When you backed up a little you noticed the trail a tear left on his cheek. Jason didn’t do bawling, barely did crying, so that meant that it got to him. Damnit.

“ You’d save or avenge me.” He cringed at the word avenge, thinking of what that implied.
“ I love you. I’d rather not have to avenge you.” He said, in a surprisingly clear voice.
“ I know. But I’m dating you of all people. They’d only come after me if they had a death wish.”
“ Some of ‘em do. Hell, most of them do. What have I got to fucking offer you anyway? You’ve got a life, I’m spending my nights hunting monsters down. And I can’t get the damn image of that woman out of my head, but then as you. “
“ Then we have to replace it with another image. Of a very, very alive and safe me.”
You grabbed his hand and lead him to the bed while unzipping your cardigan.  At first he seemed frozen in place but he caved quickly when he saw the look in your eyes, that you weren’t just doing this in an attempt to make him feel less like shit.

Before you knew it he had helped you out of the rest of your clothes as well and you ended up underneath the sheets. His touch, his body felt warm against your skin, that hadn’t changed since the Lazarus pit. He was still hot-blooded in personality and sheer body heat. And you still reveled in both. His kisses were greedy, desperate, like this was the last chance he’d ever get to be with you. You pushed him away but he started kissing your neck.
“ Jay, not that I’m complaining but…” “ Shhh, unless you’re about to tell me what you want just stop thinking.”  He found a particularly sensitive spot on your neck.
“ Fuck you’re good at this.”
“ You’re still looking at me as if you’re saying goodbye somehow. Like you’re trying to get the image of me in your head.” By now you could read the man like a book.
He wanted to get back to your neck but you shoved him off of you and got on top of him.
“ Jay, I’m not going anywhere. And I’m gonna be in more harm’s way if I try to track you down after you decided to move. And we both know I’ll do it. I won’t deal with you being stripped from my life again.” He sighed, still staring at you. He felt his way up from your tighs to your side to your breasts where he lingered before moving to your arms and shoulders when you leaned forward a little, supporting on your arms. You couldn’t help but lean in to his touch. Didn’t help your resistance that he looked at you with a look of amazement in his eyes. As if he couldn’t believe you were even real.
“ You’re the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen. “

“ Flattery isn’t gonna get you off the hook, Jason. Promise me you won’t leave.”
He gritted his teeth, looking you in the eyes again. He pushed your arms from under you, landing your upper body on top of him. “ You really gotta learn to shut up from time to time.” He knotted his fingers in your hair and and kissed you, deepening the kiss and making you get lost in it again. He gently put you on your back again and caressed your body and traced butterfly kisses from your collar bone down to your stomach where he lingered for a little while.
When he wasn’t kissing you somewhere the sense of panic of him leaving crept up on you again.
“ ‘C mon Jason. I’m better off with you watching over me.”
He tried to get lower but you put stopped him with your knees, he looked at you with amusement.
“ Babe, we both know you can’t stop me.”
“ We both you know you wouldn’t do anything if I didn’t want you to.” He sighed.
“ I’m just trying to keep you alive.”
“ Then stay. Promise me. “ He got off of you and rolled over to his side of the bed.
“ Can’t.”
You sighed. “You get a week, I’ll work from here for the time being. This place is surprisingly well secured and I got taught how to use a gun by you. I’ll wear a bulletproof vest whenever you’re away. And then we drop this. Deal?” He ran his hand through his still wet hair, seeming to convince himself to go. You put your hand on his abdomen and kissed him, up his body, properly, not lightly.
“ Besides…” You got to his lips and pressed your body against his as well as you could. “ How long can you really go without this? ”
“ Fucking hell, fine.” He grabbed you from the back of your head and kissed you greedily again, this time just with the familiar fire that seemed to be running through his veins. He grabbed a condom and got on top of you again. “ If you want me to I can first…”
“ No. I’ve waited long enough.” He grinned and placed the palm of his hand on your chest while he went down on you. After he had you gasping for air almost making you come, you managed to bring out “ You’re fucking evil Jason.”
“ No, but I am about to…” He got in you. “ fuck you though.”
“ Always.” He kissed you again, hard, and as you felt him moving with you. After you came together, he whispered in your ear. “ I love you. So much it hurts to know how much danger it puts you in.”
You kissed his shoulder.
“ Imagine what it’s like being me then. At least I’m not hunting down the scum of the earth.”
“ Just Gotham.”
“ Cause that’s reassuring.”
He laughed, and you could tell he wasn’t faking it. “ You’re glorious. In every way. Looks, personality,.. what the fuck did I ever do to get you?”
“ Come back from the dead? I mean, I seem to have a thing for zombies? “
“ Really, got a history do you?”
“ Nooo… just one. But hey, when you got your hands on the hot one.” He brushed some hair out of your face.
“ I adore you.”
“ Likewise. “
He seemed happy again, demons driven away. At least for a while. But regardless of whether he wanted you to or not; you would be there to do so whenever he needed you to.
Because you needed nights like these at least as much.

anonymous asked:

If your up for a challenge what about RFA + V + Saeran reactions to finding out for the first time an MC who sleeps with no clothes on. Some people just do it okay #noshame

Well, anon…this was indeed a challenge. This was more crack (no pun intended) than anything because we don’t do NSFW, but….um, yeah. Hope you get a good laugh!


  • He’s really embarrassed, not gonna lie
  • He doesn’t touch you when you’re sleeping
  • He’s scared he’s gonna end up ripping the sheet off and expose you wrongly
  • He covers his eyes when you wake up in the morning and get ready


  • He’s literally wearing a blindfold
  • And he’s still blushing
  • So flustered…all the time…
  • He never lets you get up–even for water
  • He’ll get it for you, with his blindfold still on
  • Makes such a mess


  • She never even felt comfortable changing in girls’ locker rooms
  • She looks just at your face
  • Literally nowhere else…she’s so stiff
  • In the morning, she throws clothes at your face


  • He didn’t understand why…
  • He thought you just didn’t like your pajamas
  • He tried to offer you all different kinds
  • He even turned the temperature all the way down, just in case it was because you were too warm
  • But yet you still slept that way
  • He still tries to find a reason behind it


  • He accidentally found out when you blanket slipped off your side one night
  • He tried to look away and leave the room, but ended up falling over all his mess
  • When you wake up, you’re covered in like fifty blankets
  • He’s covered in bruises from his little escapade to keep your privacy


  • He’s so mad
  • You don’t why he’s so mad at your choices, but he is
  • “Do you normally just sleep naked on people’s couches or something?”
  • “…I do own pajamas.”


  • He can’t see, so he doesn’t know
  • He tried to tap your shoulder and he didn’t feel any cloth
  • “Oh no! Did I assault you? I’m so sorry!”
  • You have to calm him down and explain
  • “Oh….I have…shirts if you need them?”
  • He’s too sweet to refuse 

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Uff, I really will need to add another paper. I’m not even half through with the story.. 😵
(and i didn’t plan it to become that big! I mean, that are already two DIN A3 sheets 😫) .

Other WIPs of this works. 

Daddy Devil  { Dominance }

<– [Prologue] | [Submission] –>

Words: 5,630

Genre: Smut/Demon!AU

Warnings: Daddy kink, bondage, bdsm, etc.

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM NAMJOONNNNNNNNNN!!! Love of my life, seriously. I have some many feels towards this man, ahhhhh

Anyway! Please enjoy this story! I’m not sure if there will be more following this, but if there is, I’ll be writing it at my own pace, whenever I feel like it, so ^^ fair warning~

In the meantime, please enjoy! It’s been a while since I posted the prologue, so if you need a refresher, or haven’t read it, I suggest you go and do that~ <3

You’re too tipsy to deal with anyone else tonight. Dragging your friend’s home from the bar had been trouble enough—especially when multiple male demons had paused you along your route to flirt and offer companionship for the night. Somehow you’d managed to convince them to turn down the strange offers, and had finally managed to shove them through the front door of their apartment building. You hadn’t even bothered walking them up to their floor, too fed up and tired and horny (you blame it on the alcohol) to even think about wasting another second on their drunken asses.

Managing to hurriedly walk home to your own apartment, you tumble inside and lock the door behind you. Third level rarely has many crimes, but you can never be too safe—especially when the residents of each level are allowed to travel freely…for the most part.

Dragging yourself through the tiny kitchen of your studio style flat, you pad into the main area and pull your tight fitting shirt over your head, shivering as the soft fabric brushes over perky nipples. Despite your minds weak protests, you’d decided to be a little…adventurous in your evening out, and had ventured around town without a bra. It excited you—like your own little secret…unless someone was sharp enough to notice, but at that point they’d earned the treat of knowing anyways.

Sighing blissfully, you sensually coast your hands across your chest, gripping the soft mounds. The artificially made moonlight illuminates every inch of your body, but on the third story of the building with no one else around, you can’t be bothered to draw the curtains, far too occupied by the way your vagina aches for more with each tug of your nipples between your fingers.

Head lolling back, eyelashes fluttering against your cheeks, you continue to pleasure yourself, crafting an imaginary scene behind your eyelids to aid the growing pool of heat between your legs. Immediately, like all the other times, a tall, dark figure comes to mind. You can’t see the face of the man, but his body is sinful—his hands possessive as he grabs at you. You imagine him feasting on your breasts—all tongue and teeth—his vocabulary sinful as he stakes his claim, making you his.

“Fuck…,” you breathe hotly, your panties becoming soaked, and you hurry to undress yourself. Looping your thumbs under the band of your pants and also your panties, you tug them down in one fell swoop, kicking them from around your ankles and tossing yourself onto your bed.

One of your hands coasts down the expanse of your chest and stomach, migrating between your thighs. Your wetness immediately covers your fingers as you pull apart your folds, clit throbbing with anticipation.

Digging your heels into the messy sheets, you arch upward, a wanton gasp leaving your lips the second your fingers touch your most sensitive bud. Rubbing the swollen area slowly, you dip your digits down towards your opening, coating yourself in your wetness.

However, before you get the chance to touch your clit and pleasure yourself to your release, you’re interrupted. There’s a tap at your balcony window, and your eyes shoot open, blood running cold when you see a man sitting there, smirk on his face.

And not just any man…its Jungkook.

“Yah!” you screech at him as he innocently tugs at the glass door wall, happiness apparent on his features when he finds that it’s not locks. Sliding it open, clearly not caring of your state of undress or the fact that you’re bounding to your feet, haphazardly wrapping the white bed sheet around yourself, Jungkook steps inside.

“Maybe I should hang around your apartment more often,” he comments teasingly as he glances you up and down, and you scowl, knowing that he can tell how red your face has turned.

For the most part, you’re unfamiliar with Jungkook, but you know him. Everyone does. And for the most part, in return, he knows everyone. It’s his job to keep track of third level residents, after all, so he’d made a point to become acquainted with everyone. So, in the most basic sense, you know him. You’d encountered him maybe about a dozen time during your stay, and none had been unpleasant—in fact, you’d actually sort of taken a liking to his fun yet somewhat shy personality. But now—with him approaching you slowly, hidden intent marking his gaze—you’re wondering where that dash of shyness went, and if you’d ever known him at all.

“Y/N,” he beckons, voice calm. Jungkook extends his hand towards you, and your heart thrums, fingers twitching at your side because even though you have no goddamn clue as to why he’s here, he’s…tempting.

But you hold your ground, not giving in, your eyes narrowing at him.

“Why are you here?”

Jungkook grins and rolls his eyes. “You ask too many questions.”

Before you can blink, Jungkook is suddenly chest-to-chest with you, your nipples poking through the sheet and pressing into his sculpted chest.

“Hey–!” you begin to protest—because that’s the first damn question you’ve asked!—but Jungkook silences you with his lips, his tongue lapping up your surprised gasp and contented moan. Sadly, your contentment doesn’t last long—shattering the moment Jungkook grabs the end of the sheet you’re using to shield yourself and tugs—hard.

His strength obviously inhuman, you’re sent spinning and are only saved from sure disaster to yourself and your apartment by the fact that Jungkook grabs you—his hands steady on your waist as he waits for your head to stop spinning.

“You asshole!” is the first thing you cry, pounding your fist against his chest, knowing that he probably doesn’t even feel it. Having the balls to laugh at your futile efforts to detach yourself from him, Jungkook slips his hands down your sides—causing you to shiver—and grips each of your ass cheeks. He then proceeds to lift you up, leaning backwards so your chest is pressed flush to his, and without warning launches backwards and flies from your apartment window.

“Jungkook!” you scream, goosebumps prickling your skin as the night air rushes over you. Down below you can see buildings and a few scarce people in the late hours of the night, but that doesn’t fix your embarrassment in the least. Jungkook—the goddamn little shit of a guardian—is holding you by your ass, naked, and flying you over the entire damn city.

“Yes?” he finally responds, humor in his voice, and you match his gaze, eyes ablaze.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” you hiss in a harsh whisper, not wanting to be seen or heard, dear god. “Put me down this instant!”

“Yeah?” he grins, licking his lips, and all of the sudden his grip on your ass disappears. You startle, eyes going wide as you fall away from him.


Before you can even finish there’s a strong hand on your ankle, and you squeal as you flip upside down, hair falling down towards the fading city below.

Jungkook!” you scream, attempting to clench your legs together, but it seems Jungkook has already gotten a perfect eyeful of your attributes, his teasing gaze now filled with undeniable hunger.

“I’m jealous,” he says, flipping you with ease, cradling you in his arms as if you’re a princess. “But He’s already asked for you, so I can’t lay my claim.”

You blink, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. What the hell is he talking about?

“What? Who asked for me? What the fuck is going on, Jungkook. You literally just came into my home and stole me away—while I was naked, mind you, which is unkind—to me and everyone, considering no one needs to see what it is I’ve got going on.”

Jungkook snorts a laugh. “What you’ve got going on, Y/N, is something I wish I’d noticed sooner—”

“Oh hush. You’re a baby.”

Pausing, Jungkook’s gaze darkens, tinting with dominance, his eyes flashing a hypnotic color of red.

“If you ever come back to third level and are returned to my domain, I promise I’ll show just how wrong you are…”

You gulp, thighs tightening as the threat tugs on the orgasm which you had been unable to reach just a few minutes earlier. You want to ask him what he’d do—because dear god the thought is suddenly so wonderful to imagine—but more importantly…

“Why would I not come back to third level?? Jungkook, where the fuck are you taking me?”

“To your daddy devil.”

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Best. Birthday. Ever. - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @mf-despair-queen​ & @minhosmeanhoe

Characters: Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 12,469

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving), Slightly Rough but Passionate Sex, Unprotected Sex, Orgasm Denial, Multiple Orgasms, BIRTHDAY SEX

Notes: Oh snap, did you know it’s August 26th? That means it’s the birthday of our favorite skinny little nugget. So, I popped this idea to Camile earlier this week and she’s like “Oh snap, let’s do this. I love this idea!” She came up with most of the plot (I gave her ideas, I promise) and BAM! COLLAB COMPLETE FOR DYLAN. We just gotta say that we love you, Dylan O’Brien. You are our everything. You are the most amazing person in the world and I don’t know what we would do without you. You genuinely are the most passionate man, and you have graced us with your heart and soul. Thank you, for everything, and happy 26th birthday.


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moment of clarity || bill skarsgård

description: in which all he wants to do is put you back together again

requested by: @scarlet-doll-13

warnings: mild sexual content, swearing, angst, mentions of cheating, 

notes: this is a really old request, one of the first i got when i made this blog. i ended up tweaking it a little, but i hope it’s still to your liking my dear. 

It was a glorious winter morning.

The cool air bit into your skin the moment you stepped out onto the open porch that connected to the cozy cabin you’d been tucked into for the night. The sun had barely begun to rise, leaving the sky an odd pinkish blue hue. 

Your breath came out before you in white plumes, curling into the air and disappearing thereafter. You leaned up against the sturdy wood railing, gazing upon the beautiful landscape. 

It was all like something out of a story book, really. A romantic tale of a boy and a girl, so much in love, leading a life safe and warm in their quaint little cottage, living within their means. But the truth was, this was no fairytale, and you were not in love.

At least, that’s what you kept telling yourself. 

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BTS Reaction: You bleeding on the bed sheets

  • Not requested
  • Fluff + a lil smut
  • Warning: Swearing
  • Enjoy!


You woke up that morning feeling awful. That could only mean two things, you were sick, or your period had started. You felt the sheets, knowing that the latter was true. Embarrassed, you got up and noticed that Namjoon wasn’t next to you anymore. As you went to use the bathroom, Namjoon came back in. ”I just had to get some detergent baby. Go clean yourself up and I’ll take care of the sheets.” He kissed you on the forehead and preceded to pull the sheets of the bed. You were glad you had such a loving and understanding boyfriend.


“Ahh f*ck” you said as you woke up with a sharp pain in your side. You had exclaimed it so loudly, waking Seokjin up in the process. “Princess are you ok? You seem to be in a lot of pain. Let me give you a hug to help relieve it.” As he rolled over to hug you, he felt something wet on the leg of his pants. He stopped for a second, looking at his leg while you looked down and saw the huge red dot on the bed. You immediately covered your face and started to cry, feeling terrible that you had destroyed the sheets that Seokjin had just cleaned yesterday. Seokjin then grabbed you and gave you a loving hug. ”Don’t cry princess, I’ll clean them again. Go clean up and I’ll make you your favorite breakfast.” You nodded, feeling better in Seokjin’s embrace.


You had told Yoongi last night that you were on your period and that he should put down towels while you had sex. But Yoongi, being lazy per the usual, said that there wouldn’t be that much of a mess, since it was towards the end of your cycle. You agreed, and proceeded to have sex without the towels. It was dark in the room the previous night, so neither of you were able to see the mess on the bed. As your alarm furiously rung the next morning, you felt the bloody mess below you, and saw that it had splattered around to multiple areas of the bed sheets. Yoongi then woke up, groaned, and closed his eyes again. “Yoongi! Who’s gonna clean up this mess?” You asked.”I’ll do it later baby, now put on a tampon so you don’t bleed on here anymore.” Yoongi’s sarcasm made you giggle, and you got up and started to pull off the sheets, giving your loving but lazy boyfriend a little head start with his cleaning job.


Immediately after noticing that your bedsheets looked like the Japanese flag, you got up and went to shower. You knew that Hoseok wouldn’t like waking up to blood next to him since he liked to keep everything clean. So instead of seeing his reaction, you decided to stay in the shower for as long as possible to hopefully avoid him. You suddenly heard a loud scream and winced, worried about what was coming for you. The bathroom door flung open as you tried to cover yourself. “ARE THERE SNAKES IN THE HOUSE NOW JAGIYA?” He screamed, sounding more frightened than angry. You hesitated to respond for a second, but you knew you would have to admit that there weren’t any snakes or spiders in the house otherwise there would be a scared Hobi running around everywhere. “It’s just my period Hoseok. There are no snakes in the house. I’ll clean up the sheets in a bit, ok?” You stepped out of the shower and left the bathroom to start taking the sheets off the bed. Hoseok felt really bad about his outburst so he ended up cleaning the sheets and buying you a giant teddy bear and some chocolates later that day. You forgave him and kept laughing about his reaction earlier that day.


You woke up to the sound of Jimin snoring peacefully. Since you had to get to work early that day, you quietly got out of bed, but gasped a little when you saw what was on the sheets. A big, bright red stain, indicating that Aunt Flo had decided to make her monthly visit starting today. You started to walk out of your room to get some stain remover but Jimin woke up right at that moment. “Jagiya..” he said in a groggy voice. “Go back to sleep Jimin,” you replied. But he shifted over a bit, believing you were still there as he tried to hug you. Instead, his hand landed on the big red spot, making his fingers wet. He immediately woke up and stared at this hand. “Get out of bed now and I’ll clean the sheets. It’s my fault anyways.” Jimin continued to stare at his hand but snapped out of it after 20 seconds. “Don’t bother Jagiya, I’ll clean the sheets today.” Later he came home with a box of tampons, blushing as he gave them to you. “I figured you would need these.” Jimin was such a cute little mochi sometimes.


As your alarm rang and rang, you finally woke up, not ready to start the day whatsoever. You turned to your right, wanting to wake Taehyung up as well. But instead you saw him, wide eyed like a young child, looking between your legs. “Not now, Taehyung,” you said as you covered his eyes, not wanting to have sex that morning. But he wouldn’t stop staring, which was unusual for him, considering he was such a gentlemen. Wondering what was so interesting between your legs today, you looked down, only noticing a large red stain on the sheets and your pants. “Jag..jag…Jagiya? Do I need to take you to the hospital? You’re bleeding a lot. That’s a lot of blood.” He sounded so worried that you felt a little mad at yourself for laughing as you said your response. “It’s just my period Taehyung. It perfectly normal. It just means that the condoms are working and I’m not pregnant. So no, I don’t need to go to the hospital.” Taehyung’s expression changed and now he looked ashamed at himself for not remembering what it was right away. “Oh I’m sorry Jagiya. I’ll buy you whatever you need ok? And I’ll clean off everything as well. Now go take a shower and get cleaned up.” He kissed you on your forehead and gestered toward the bathroom. He came back later with chocolate and candy, which he gave to you with his beautiful box smile as he apologized for acting ridiculous earlier.


(A/N this is the really smutty part, so skip if your not into that)

Your eyes slowly opened to the feeling of something between your legs. Trying to ignore the weird feeling, you looked at your phone and saw it was 4 AM. Suddenly, you realized that someone was fingering you. You moved your head to the right and saw Jungkook, one hand in his pants and the other in yours, quietly moaning as he tried not to awaken you, which was ironic considering what he was doing at that moment. “I swear if we don’t have sex every night this kid just goes crazy,” you thought to yourself. “Jungkook get your damn fingers out of me right now!” you yelled-whispered. “Hmmph,” he groaned, pulling his fingers out of you and preceding to lick your juices (he was half asleep during this). But something tasted odd, fishy almost, not a normal thing to come out of you. Jungkook immediately woke up and winced, disgusted when he noticed blood and his fingertips. You also realized that the sheets had been stained because you had forgotten to put another pad on when you were fighting with Jungkook because you didn’t want to have sex with him the night before. “So that’s why you didn’t want to have sex with me…” whispered Jungkook as his mind started to make connections. You were really tired, so you preceded to fall back asleep. When you woke up, it was light out and Jungkook was nowhere to be found. Instead, a giant teddy bear and a box of pads were next to you with a note that said “Sorry Y/N. I’ll be more considerate next time, and I’ll try to control my hormones too. If you need anything just text me. -Jungkook”. You were happy that Jungkook was considerate, even though it took him a while to understand things sometimes.

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