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bangtan boys feature in my hogwarts au.

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hogwarts au sign me the fuck up. can i request bakugou and a female reader for the prompt about the quidditch announcer and the player?


It was a game between Slytherin and Ravenclaw. Bakugou was a Slytherin and was one of his teams chasers, as he enjoyed scoring points for his team, and he was the best on his team. The game went on relatively even at first, both teams scoring one after the other, never truly getting ahead of the other. The game was going a little longer than usual, so you and the other announcer decided to have a little fun. They decided to start off first, “And Kaibara Sen of Ravenclaw neatly passes the Quaffle to Yaoyorozu Momo, a great player she is and mighty cute!”

The comment had flustered Momo enough that when she passed the Quaffle Bakugou intercepted it. A smirk grew on your face, signaling to your partner you’d take him, “And Slytherin, Bakugou Katsuki, takes the Quaffle from Ravenclaw! As expected of one of our schools Quidditch protégés, and his uniform just seems to cling to him in all the right places!”

Usually you two would have been warned by a teacher at this point but many of the students seemed to find what you two were saying funny and the teachers decided to look the other way. So you two continued, making comments about all the players, most of them were little jokes or nice comments that could be taken different ways. Some of what you two said flustered the players, others just made them roll their eyes. Most of your comments, specifically the ones that could be taken two different ways, were targeted towards Bakugou. You mostly said them to try and fluster him, although the comments didn’t seem to have much affect on him.

After some time though, a teacher finally gave you two a warning and you continued with regular commentary until the end of the game. The game ended after Slytherins seeker grabbed the golden snitch, allowing for their team to win. Though, a look at Bakugou would have made it seem as if he won all on his own. You always thought he looked handsome with that smug look on his face. How you fell for him you’d never truly understand, all you knew was that he slowly grew on you and at this point you could consider each other friends. 

You were heading back to your dorm when you heard someone calling for you, you turned to see it was none other than Bakugou himself. He walked up to you with a smirk, “I heard your comments about me earlier.”

“I think everyone heard those comments Bakugou, you’d have to be deaf not to.”

“Did you mean them?”

“‘course, I wouldn’t have said them if I didn’t.”

You didn’t even have to look at him to know he had that stupid smug look on his face, “Didn’t know you liked me in my Quidditch uniform so much.”

Deciding to be bold you responded in a teasing tone, “I like you in most anything Bakugou, although I definitely would prefer you with nothing.”

It worked. Your comment finally worked to fluster him. He looked like a deer in the head lights, completely caught off guard by your comment. That look only remained for a second before his proud, smug look returned, “That can be arranged.”

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could you do a Ron Weasley x reader where the reader invites the golden trio and the Weasley twins to their house, and they want to play like hide or seek ( I know its babyish, but bear with,), but the reader doesn't want t play and so goes off to sleep or something. Ron ends up being the seeker, and finds reader sleeping, but thinks its just someone hiding, lots of fluff? Really sorry if this is weirdly specific, based on a dream!

YES, I love Ron and this is so cute, thanks! ❤

Marco. the sarcastic and funny friend. the idiot. also a ruthless strategist and brilliant mind. perpetually smirking. gets average grades. knows random trivia. understands people. acts like life’s a joke. pretends not to care. cares too much. laughs to keep from crying. perfect poker face. survivor. “life is either a comedy or a tragedy.” not afraid to make a scene. appreciates irony. loves his mother. takes care of his father. knows how the world works. fights for personal reasons. considers logic over morality. bottles up emotions. likes to have all the information. recognizes the absurdity of the world he lives in. Jake’s childhood friend. Jake’s right hand man. would follow him to the end of the world. expects to do exactly that. adapts easily. pokes holes in the plans so that they can be fixed. averts disaster time and again. eminently practical. sees the solution when all seems lost. complains about everything. always there when he’s needed. “you’re insane.” backs his friends up every step of the way. goes off on tangents. plays head games. laughs in the face of danger. uses every advantage he can get. doesn’t believe in coincidences. gets disemboweled alarmingly often. loyal to the end. a thrill seeker in his own way. great at video games. debates ridiculous topics. “you ever realize how many words there are for throwing up?” hands out nicknames like candy. makes friends with aliens. too clever for his own good. spectacularly terrible driver. doesn’t trust easily. cold and calculating until his family gets involved. pushes the limits. never wanted to be a hero. “I did what I had to do.” without him they would have died so many times over. always ready with a joke to lighten the mood. even when all he can think of is a dumb pun. makes pop culture references mid-mission. he’s there to keep them sane.

Now don’t think that awakening is the end. Awakening is the end of seeking, the end of the seeker, but it is the beginning of a life lived from your true nature.
—  Adyashanti
Cold Comfort

Wherein Cassandra and Varric are stranded in Emprise du Lion, and Varric falls ill. Thank you enigmaticagentalice for being awesome. This is for you. 


Varric’s skin was grey, and sweaty.Cassandra laid her hand against his forehead, frowning when she felt the heat emanating from his body. Despite the flushed warmth of his skin, Varric had woken briefly, and weakly complained about the cold. It had been the first thing he’d said in hours, and idiotically, Cassandra felt relieved. If he was making sarcastic remarks, whatever ailed him couldn’t be too terrible. It was a small sliver of hope that Cassandra held onto fiercely.

Outside, the wind howled and smashed itself against the thin walls of the hut, snow swirling through the cracks and missing boards. Beneath their piled up clothes, and scavenged blankets, Varric shivered fitfully. Cassandra added more fuel to the fire, noting that they were running out of things to burn. The thought of leaving Varric filled Cassandra with unease. Logically, she knew her presence had no effect on Varric’s illness, and yet she felt loathe to stray far from the dwarf’s side.

He was just so sick.

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mbti games pt 3: hide and seek

When creating your perfect hide and seek team, keep these things in mind.

  • ENFP: Hider. Can find some of the least conventional hiding places, but often get bored halfway through and start making loud noises.
  • INFP: Hider. They’re quiet as fuck, but they tend to come out of hiding too early, thinking the game is over.
  • ENFJ: Seeker. Their excellent leadership qualities can convert found hiders into seekers, but they second guess themselves with obvious hiding spots.
  • INFJ: Seeker. They know where all the good hiding spots are, but are too diplomatic of a player, and allow found hiders to escape.
  •  ENTP: Hider. Like ENFP, are able to find the best hiding spots, but they are absolutely terrible at controlling their laughter.
  •  INTP: Hider. They never come out of hiding (ever) but this concerns the other players, and the game ends abruptly. 
  • ENTJ: Seeker. They are ruthless, and won’t stop until every hider is found. Unfortunately, the hiders are well aware of this, and avoid them.
  • INTJ: Hider. Their will-power will keep them in the game as long as possible, but they can become easily annoyed by other players, and quit.
  • ESFP: Hider. They pick spots so obvious, they aren’t obvious. But they can’t stay hidden for more than 3 minutes. So it better be a short game.
  • ISFP: Hider. They’re excellent at camouflage, but they like to hide in trees, despite having no balance. They often fall out of these trees.
  • ESTP: Seeker. Their magnetic personality lures people out of hiding, but they’ll probably quit when the game stops being fun. 
  • ISTP: Hider. They can easily switch between hiding places without the seekers noticing, though, they tend to leave the game before it’s over.
  •  ESFJ: Hider. They often refuse to reveal their teammates hiding places. But that being said, they always hide around other people.
  • ISFJ: Hider. Their patience puts them ahead of the others, but they’re much too trusting of seekers, and are often lured out of hiding.
  • ESTJ: Hider. They’re determined to be the last person hiding, but once found, their bitterness will often drive them to reveal their teammates locations.
  • ISTJ: Seeker. They know everything there is to know about hide and seek, but often refuses to convert found hiders into seekers out of fairness.
Draco on how Seekers were invented

“That’s how teams win,” Harry says. “The game ends when the seeker catches the snitch.”

“But it’s a disproportionate amount of scoring power! It throws the entire game out of balance, and it makes all the work the other players do virtually pointless!”

Harry frowns, and Professor Snape says, “I rather think you’ve wounded his pride as a seeker.”

“The game would make so much more sense if they got rid of that rubbish rule about the snitch being worth 150 points,” Draco continues heedlessly. “It would speed up the game, for a start, and put more pressure on the seekers to catch the snitch while their team is ahead and offer incentive to distract the opposing seeker while their team is behind.”

“That—” Harry begins, but he can’t seem to come up with a refutation.

“You know what? I bet the entire role of the seeker came about because the poor bastard who invented the game had an obnoxious kid brother who kept whining about wanting to play with him,” Draco says. “And eventually, he just said, ‘Okay, look, your job is to stay out of the way and look for this tiny golden ball. No, no, it’s totally an important role – because, uh, if you catch it, you win the game!’”

“You’re sort of ruining this for me, Draco,” Harry says.

“It’s not my fault the game has logical inconsistencies.”

-Chaos Theory, Tessa Crowley

Imagine a Hogwarts AU, you and Loki are both Slytherins and are constantly one-upping each other. Your competitiveness, while never too friendly, stays decently respectful. The two of you banter, but it’s never meant to be hurtful. It’s all for the fun of the competition. One day, during a quidditch match, you, a chaser, take a nasty hit, which knocks you unconscious. Loki, the seeker, ends the game as fast as he can so he can get you help. A few hours later, you wake up in the medical wing, with a worried Loki by your side.

No, Gandalf, no.

it’s not as if i don’t have wips or other fics to write. Noooo, plotbunny has won tonight and now I have 3k Hogwarts teachers’ Quidditch team AU. I squarely blame you-know-who.

„No. No. Most certainly not. No, Gandalf, no. Don’t look at me, no.” Bilbo decisively shakes his head. “No.”

He leans back in the unduly comfortable armchair and takes a demonstrative sip of his tea. Even if he has his doubts on how Gandalf is running the school, the headmaster does brew a nice cup of tea. And right now his old acquaintance is watching Bilbo with a patient smile over his own cup of tea and saying nothing.

“No.” Bilbo repeats firmly.

The last time Gandalf looked at him like this they sat in Bilbo’s tiny Manchester flat, having tea, too. And afterwards Gandalf had convinced Bilbo to come to Hogwarts to teach. But he’s not going to agree to Gandalf’s latest scheme this time. Not when already can imagine that things aren’t quite as Gandalf describes them.

“Gandalf, it’s been thirty years since I last played Quidditch,” Bilbo says. “I don’t even recall the rules.”

“Oh, they haven’t changed at all. You’ll find there aren’t too many.”

“Yes. Yes! That entire game is hazardous to ones’ health! It should have been outlawed centuries ago!”

“Maybe you should give it a chance,” Gandalf suggests. “I know Quidditch looks quite harsh when coming from a muggle perspective – you know, recently some muggle parents coming here asked me about insurance. I told them not to worry – you just need to give it a try.”

“No.” Bilbo takes another sip of his deliciously warm tea and crosses his legs. “The muggles are perfectly right. That game is madness.” And you must be mad to think I’ll join, he adds in his head. Teachers’ Quidditch, really. Who comes up with these things?

But Gandalf just chuckles and Bilbo feels his blood pressure rise. “Oh, I think it might suit you quite fine. Just go to the tryouts, and see if you fit in. Might help you get back into the swing here.”

Bilbo takes a long, calming breath. Term hasn’t even started yet, and he’s already regretting his decision to return to Hogwarts. Just how is Gandalf this strangely convincing? So far the man has done nothing but smile at Bilbo over the rim of his teacup, a spark in his eyes, and with a sinking feeling Bilbo remembers that Gandalf did not do anything else when he made Bilbo sign the contract.

Teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts. One year only, because the position is apparently cursed, not that Gandalf actually answered Bilbo’s question about that, the old coot. Cursing a teaching position seems indeed fairly absurd, but Bilbo has seen weirder (including being caught up in a muggle tradition called “no-pants-Monday”), and he has looked into the fates of the former DADA teachers.

Why again did he agree?

Gandalf smiles at him. “Just think about it, and maybe go visit the tryouts tomorrow. It might be a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues.”