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“Why is one episode so long? I was here less than 30 minutes last time. It’s been two months now! Why isn’t it over yet?! What if the time keeps on running like this? That’s right! This is a serial webtoon. Does it need something to end the episode? Right! Something should happen to the lead character! An incident which can be the ending scene. An incident. What kind of incident?

Okay with all the awesome things that came out of Beyond, I need to say this (spoilers):


Person that I saw in the West End. A6, 2016.

Pink tits forever. Pretty eyes. A stray cat drank blue milk from a hubcap. Open window into a brick wall view. Frog arse. Miserable seascape. Grand canal of shite. Wanky abstract. Hole in the ground. Yellow sick. Thigh highs. Sad lamppost. Dead Blue Tit. Empty church on a black island. Literal shit lump gone mad on brutalist concrete juice. Back alley magpie guy peck apocalypse. The last tree. Dirty water. They cut out their own eyes and offered them to the plastic saucy head. Crucified snowman. Conjoined twins birthed by a giant flying ant. Whipped flesh. Abandoned brain. General chaos. The frames are more interesting than most of these works. Blue bunny boneless and the cabinet of heads. 863 is sort of awful but I like it. Squirty hands. Plinth pile of mutated bleeding scream-lumps. £48,000 you fackin piss take. Naked pie fight with prosthetic nose. Bouncing ghoulies and the tied-up suck fest. Seagull rave. Skin pipe death tangle. Oversized ultra face with no features. Long head mind guck chatting hole with a snake-body flesh crime that used to flip chicken lungs for McDonald’s. Escaped multi-eye worm pile with the leaking mind. Big blue spiders on the gold teeth skull pile. A portrait of Rick Astley why. Exploded head of a salesman. The spicy eyes of Marie Antoinette torment you. And so on.



Hey, remember this?

Too bad the clip got cut off just as the SWR Outro logo comes on-screen.

It was one of the most beautiful ending scene. Though heartbreaking.

I was remembering the hitsuhina moment in the end credits scene of BLEACH 366, and I just imagined this happening: back at the ruins of the Gerard fight, Momo finally sees Hitsugaya in his adult form but is too stunned to say anything; Rangiku runs in out of nowhere and her boobs push Momo into Hitsugaya’s chest.

Beyond + Khan...

I’m still on mini-hiatus for probably a couple more weeks. Things are hectic busy.

But whenever I get the chance, I rewatch Beyond. *-*

I enjoy it for itself too but it’s 5000% more delicious if you watch it while imagining Khan in it as well.

Did that this morning and the ending scenes were so emotional that I started randomly crying at weird moments during the film. lol (Because the scenes with Khan in my mind were overlapping the stuff on screen so well that it was like watching it for real.)

I’m tempted to write it as a fic (fix-it fic…?), but a) I’m not sure it would translate into my writing as well as it was in my head with the actors and the music and everything, and b) I’m crazy out of time at the moment and desperately need to update my wip fics. ^^;

But at any rate I definitely plan to write meta at some point about the potential post-STID mindset of Jim etc. and how that might relate to Khan and everything that happened during STID + everything that happened since then.

It’s a spoiler if I say what moments in particular made me think of this very much during Beyond, but if you’ve watched it thinking about Khan, you probably noticed it.

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in the origins ending scene the kids have action figures for the entire original crew except for Tank. negative foreshadowing?

Maybe the Tank Dempsey action figure wasn’t out yet

ok i just watched gmsl2 and i’m still 100% lucaya & riarkle but i do think the episode was cute. i still think that the whole maya only liking lucas to protect riley crap but oh well, if it is the truth and if that’s what the writers have been trying to do this whole time then okay sure whatever. at least they’re happy!! like omg their faces are just like !!!! and smarkle & zay were a++++ lmao. also that end scene tho ”you are my extraordinary relationship maya” ugvrbihgvjbrekleshvb i’m rilaya af.

i’m still sad abt lucaya and riarkle tho. sighs. 

the mountain goats sentence meme.
  • “down there in the dark i could see the real truth about me.”
  • “but down in your arms, i am a wild creature.”
  • “i write down good reasons to freeze to death.”
  • “i am going to make it through this year if it kills me.”
  • “the scene ends badly, as you might imagine.”
  • “there will be feasting & dancing in jerusalem next year.”
  • “let’s pretend the fog has lifted.”
  • “now you say you love me. pretty soon you won’t.”
  • “'cause you just can’t do things your body wasn’t meant to.”
  • “i will remember your kiss.”
  • & take your foot off of the brake, for christ’s sake!
  • “you’re the last, best thing i’ve got going.” 

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14 and 20 for the five facts meme, please and thank you. i hope you're having a lovely day.

14. Five facts about your favorite movie.
Titanic; I’ve watched way to many behind the scenes things on this so sorry!
- in the opening scenes with the submarines and the ship wreckage if you see two subs it’s a model of the ship in smoke and if you see one sub it’s actual footage of the real wreckage.
- the poker scene at the pub before Jack boards no one knew how to play poker and learnt on set.
- James Horner (the composer of the sound track) sent James Cameron a demo of some music and that was put into the film as “the portrait” in the scene when Jack draws rose.
- the ending scene when old rose throws the diamond off the ship was different there is alternative ending probably find it on YouTube.
- James Cameron drew all of the drawings Jack Drew and the scene when Jack js drawing Rose it’s actually James Cameron’s hand drawing the picture, they had to flop the image though as James Cameron’s left handed.

20. Five facts about any random person (it could be more facts about somebody already mentioned or somebody else you’d like mentioned here).
I’ll do it about Chev cause Obvs
- she has one sugar in her tea
- loves pasta
- has a beautiful warm heart
- is utter sin and filth
- very beautiful

toothandfang replied to your post :DC How the FUCK do you bork “The Killing Joke.”…

That’s out? How did they fuck it up??

They stuck this big romantic sideplot with Bruce and Barbara Gordon.

There’s even a sex scene.

This is NOWHERE in the original comic. I think the writer said he put it in to make Joker’s attack more “powerful” I guess? But that’s fucking stupid. Batman doesn’t get frothing mad when Joker makes fun of her new disability during the funhouse scene because they’re bangin’. Batman gets frothing mad because he’s fucking batman and this fucker just gave a spinal injury to one of his best friends.

That’s the big issue, but aside from that the movie just feels really muted and oddly paced.  Here’s the ending scene (spoilers, obv)

Now compare this to the last page of the comic

Maybe I’m nitpicking but it just feels… soft.

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Is it weird that I can't watch THAT scene in the bronze? Like it makes me feel weird.

i mean i wasn’t sorry when the scene ended so i get you

Building a Scene: It’s over isn’t it?

For Pearl’s song “It’s Over isn’t it?” the scene is about Pearl accepting a loss. As the series has progressed, she’s learned that she isn’t always right, and that there are things about herself that she’s has to reevaluate. This all comes to a sort of climax in this scene where she accepts and admits out loud that her relationship with Rose was never as deep and complete as she wanted it to be or told herself it was. This is where she’s left at the end of the scene, feeling lost and out of place.

In the outline written by Ben Levine and Matt Burnett, this is how the scene looked:

You’ll notice a lot of things ended up changing compared to the final version. Most of that was due to time constraints. When we started storyboarding the episode, all of the rough demos of the songs were recorded so that we had an idea of the amount of time we had between each song (which ended up not being very much). The result was that we had to basically be transitioning constantly between songs, but doing it in a way that felt natural and as gentle as possible.

In addition, Rebecca remembered a part from the 1982 movie “Victor Victoria” starring Julie Andrews that she wanted to use as reference for the feeling of the scene:

Right away we latched onto this spinning 360 degree camera move. I loved the energy and focus it gave to the character and I immediately roughed out a version with Pearl.

If you’re ever stuck during a scene this is what you do: Don’t start from the beginning, find the moment you see clearest in your mind and build out from there. From these rough thumbnails I built the rest of the scene outward. I brought back motifs like her sword skills and her dance style to help evoke the past events of the series, and I tried to give as much time as I could to each shot and make her acting as expressive a possible.

Below are my rough boards set to Rebecca’s demo. At the end, i added a pause for when she throws the Rose into the air. It felt like a good spot for things to crescendo ring out. Deedee Magno Hall’s rendering of this blew us all away when we heard it.

From there clean up was pretty much straight forward. The scene didn’t change much except for tweaking her acting here and there. I’m super proud of how this scene turned out, hats off to Nick DeMayo our animation director and to the team at Sunimin in Korea where they draw the entire episode on paper: