end pose

voltron as stuff people have said at the ice skating rink part 2
  • keith: if i was in charge of the music i'd just play black parade on a loop
  • lance: look i'm johnny weir *dramatically slides across ice* *falls*
  • pidge: oh god help i'm surrounded by cosplayers
  • shiro: *comes in 30 mins late* shut up. i'm not late, you're all unreasonably early
  • hunk: i just spun 4 times in a row and i'm feeling a little bit like death
  • allura: no listen you have to get the picture from the right angle so i look super cool. *grabs phone* here let me show you you amateur
  • coran: *falls* oh don't worry that was just my ending pose

Like A Chapel In A Hospital - Chapter 1

Patrick meets the love of his life when he hits him with his car. Through a series of escalating awkwardnesses, he ends up posing as the man’s fiance. But what will he do when Peter Wentz wakes from his coma? 

A super fun, fluffy riff on While You Were Sleeping for Bandom Bingo! Prompt: amnesia. Completed work will be ~8k. Chapter 2 coming soon!