end of year 3

james hogwarts headcanons

- when he finds out that he can’t be in the quidditch team as a first year, he tries to trick his way in by taking an aging potion which ends up with him looking like  a 70-year old for 3 days straight

- he discovers his first secret passage within his 2nd week at hogwarts,,, and it was definitely because he was looking for hiding places after his Great Plan failed (or maybe good places to nap, to give his old bones a break? the world may never know) 

- the reason snape and him actually become enemies is that he overheard him criticizing james’ hair, so james made a poll within all the 1st years about who had the worst hair between the two of them

- snape lost and was never able to get over it

- james’ crush on lily starts in 2nd year when he sees her flip off slughorn’s back after he says for the first time that her potion is ‘acceptable’ and not amazing

- from there on, any time she looks at him, he trips over his own feet, causing peter to genuinely believe he has a serious balance disorder for a couple of weeks

- he can’t stay still and keeps fiddling with things, the happiest day of his life is when remus shows him a muggle pen that he can click during class

- flitwick has low-key hated him ever since

- his research on werewolves in 3rd year leads him to read YA werewolf romances and even at 21, he would defend his favorite trilogy to the death 

- he holds “pun nights” in the gryffindor common room every saturday, and sirius makes him a badge P.R.O.N.G.S. which stands for Potter Recklessly Organizing Notoriously Ghastly Saturdays and this is the true origin of his nickname

- during their first summer together in 5th year, sirius and james are called into the ministry for incorrect use of magic eight times, and no one knows how they got out of it every time

- until the day he dies, james’ only answer to the question is “my charming and irresistible wit…” which always causes him to receive a Look™ from sirius, prompting him to grudgingly add: “…and sirius’ ass”. the latter has never been explained further

- he wears a mohawk somewhere in between 5th and 6th year and not the good artsy kind

- he doesn’t even react when lily finally accepts his invitation out for a date, he’s actually halfway through the corridor before he Realizes

- and then he lets out a little scream, runs back down the corridor and asks everyone if he heard correctly

- and everyone is cheering and yelling in astonishment and basically having a riot in front of the classrooms, so mcgonagall shows up to shut them down but james just says: “she said yes”

- and mcgonagall blinks, gasps and goes “oh my”, before leaving them to party 

- (later that night, remus and sirius take it upon themselves to lecture james loudly about the bees and the birds in the common room where lily is incidentally reading a book, and if they both somehow end up waking up on a mattress in the middle of the lake the next morning well, who says james has anything to do with it?)

- (mcgonagall does. he gets 2 weeks of detention.)

Decisions, Part 5 - Epilogue

It’s finally here! I’m so glad to be able to post this. I hope you all enjoy it. I really wanted to give this fic and these characters (at least as they exist in this version of things) a happy ending. This is set 3 years after the last installment. 

Thank you for all the encouragement you’ve all given as I’ve posted these stories!! 

Three years later…

The royal ballroom is once again filled with nobility and sweeping orchestral music plays as couples float together on the dance floor. Once again, Drake stands by the bar sipping a whiskey. Once again Liam is the center of attention. So many things are the same, but really everything is different.

Liam steps up on the dais. He’s absolutely radiating joy and his voice is happy and excited as he addresses the crowd.

“Welcome ladies and gentleman! I am so pleased to be here today with all of you celebrating not only the 3rd anniversary of my coronation, but also the official announcement of my engagement!”

The crowd erupts in thunderous applause and Drake smiles. They’ve come so far.


It had taken six months of searching but with Liam’s help, they had finally found Savannah. In one of life’s strange, unexplainable twists, it ends up she’s been in New York the whole time and not even that far from Louisa’s own neighborhood.

Louisa stands beside Drake hand in hand outside Savannah’s door. His sister knows they’re coming. Drake has been texting her for a couple weeks, but he’s clearly still nervous, fidgeting with his shirt collar and shifting from foot to foot. Louisa squeezes his hand and gives him an encouraging smile. Drake takes a deep breath and knocks on the heavy wooden door. A moment later it swings open.

“Savannah!” Drake cries and all hesitation is gone as he pulls his sister into a tight hug. Savannah clings to him and starts crying. Louisa watches the two of them, tears welling up in her own eyes at their emotional reunion.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, Nissi! I used to be in a relationship with this girl for quite a while (~3 years). Before, when I tried to end it, she would (or her friends) would tell me she wasn't eating, sleeping, etc. and I still care for her as a friend so I felt like I had to go back for it to stop. I ended it for good about a month ago, but on social media, I see that she's going back into similar habits, obviously posting so I can see it, what do I do? I'm sorry for the word count but I'm so tired of this.

(Last anon, 3 yr. relationship) I’m sorry again, but there’s more. When I do see it, I try to ignore it, but then my phone gets a lot of angry texts like, “How can you not help her? You’re fucked up, etc.” I end up believing I did something wrong. I tried to contact her to make sure she was fine and she basically said that I’m giving mixed signals, which is why I’m so confused with this whole situation.

this is all extremely manipulative. when a person is going through struggle, helping them is good. but when they use what they are going through to make you feel guilty or make you feel bad about yourself, their goal is not to get help, but instead to put the pain they feel onto you. it is not your job to fix your ex. it might sound cold, but it is literally not your job. if you are not a person equipped to help a person who has destructive habits, your involvement in her life could either do damage, or enable her. if she needs help, she needs to get it. but that is not your burden. and taking on that burden could do her and yourself harm.

as for her friends, block them. block them now.

underoosie  asked:

btw here we start school in march, in july we have a 2-3 week winter break and we end the school year in mid-november so like i know who are my friends and who isn't. there's so much toxic people there, and my classmates are all 12-13 and they're so immature sometimes, i want to punch them............

that’s such a weird schedule?? and at least it’s only a few months!! it’s not much longer until november!! and it’s good you know who your friends are, so just stick with them. and try not to punch anyone please; although they may be annoying and immature and toxic, just try to ignore them and stay away from them. i believe in you!!

Feb 13. Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Zombietale.

Lorde’s Melodrama

I am blown away.. totally was not what i was expecting.. Lorde displayed fiery bravura and evoked MELODRAMA with this album. Even better than Pure Heroine.. Ella really snapped in that studio lyrically and musically. Potential album of the year and perhaps the best post break-up album i’ve heard

i’ve just been informed that this album isnt necessarily about loss of love but more about the good and bad of loneliness according to Lorde. even BETTER!!

Getting to reaallllyyy know the person before you put titles on shit is cute n all till you end up in a situationship for 3 years

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I finished another re-listen of the whole series last week, and I’ve been legitimately thinking about this a lot since then.

Taako is smart as fuck. Like even from the beginning, his intel stats were pretty fucking decent. When Justin made the decision to start playing Taako as, in his words, a dullard, he made sure to note that even though Taako knows plenty of about magic and cooking (ie book smart), he lacks certain levels of common sense. 

At the time, this character choice was a pretty straight forward play. And, of course, there’s no way in fuck Justin would have known what ended up revealed 2-3 years later, regarding everyone’s lost memories.

But that’s the thing about both Justin and Griffin, and to a different extent Travis and Clint.

Griffin took this story and wove it beautifully. And when he presented Lup to Justin, Justin fucking embraced his knew fictional sister whole heartedly.

Looking back at the beginning of TAZ with the context of Lup being removed from Taako’s story, from his memory, it makes SO MUCH SENSE that he had trouble making sense of the world. Until the IPRE, it was just the two of them for their ENTIRE LIVES. She was central to his survival, to his education, to his career, to who he was and how he saw himself fitting in to the world. 

Without Lup, he was homeless. Because his sister, his twin, is his home.

In the context of Taako forgetting Lup? Taako also forgets a piece of himself. Taako forgets a piece of why he learned magic, how and why he learned to cook, he lost the most important tether to how he stayed grounded, even if he never truly put down many roots otherwise.

TLDR:: Taako in the finale is a fucking genius because he can finally remember everything he’s always known. Taako’s world didn’t make much sense at all when he couldn’t remember his heart, Lup.

i just have a lot of feelings about peter and mj so here we are. (part two can be found here)

  • peter is not looking forward to junior year
  • he somehow ended up signing up for like 3 different AP classes that he definitely did not remember signing up for
  • but being spiderman, he barely sleeps so his memory has been out of sorts lately
  • anyways so the first day of school rolls around and his first class is AP bio, and ned was his partner in regular bio but Ned is taking environmental science this year
  • and ned is peter’s only friend
  • so our spidey boy is without a lab partner, until michelle walks in right as the bell rings, drops her bag right next to Peter’s laptop on the lab counter, and begins reading catcher in the rye
  • she’s read it multiple times, just fyi
  • peter is shook
  • because he and michelle are friends now? i mean she’s caption of decathlon now that liz is gone and he’s sort of one of the best on the team and they are sort of partners there too
  • so peter rolls with it
  • and michelle ends up making AP bio fun, for example she and peter come up with names for everyone else in their class since they sit at the back of the room
  • flash is named: “dumbass”.
  • not original, but it works for them
  • AP bio is usually after lunch, and so often if there is a quick decathlon meeting during lunch, peter and michelle find themselves walking together
  • it’s not until peter realizes he’s low on webs that he realizes the problem
  • Michelle is sort of his ‘other ned’ if you will
  • basically, she never leaves him alone
  • and she doesn’t know he sneaks into the labs to make more webs
  • this is a situation, because how is peter supposed to distract her long enough to sneak into the chem labs?
  • cue ned the chair guy
  • peter gives ned one job, JUST ONE JOB, to keep michelle distracted during lunch so he can sneak into the chem lab, test out his new webs, and get out.
  • but the only thing ned can talk about is his new lego millennium falcon
  • and michelle is not into hearing ned talk about that for more than 5 minutes because he isn’t peter
  •  so somehow she escapes and finds herself wandering around the halls when she realizes where the hell is peter?
  • eventually she finds herself downstairs and she hears a strange noise from a nearby door. 
  • so she peeks into what looks like the chem lab and low and behold peter parker is shooting webs out of his hands
  • it clicks
  • the bruises, the sudden disappearances, decathlon, why spiderman was in DC out of all places…
  • next thing peter knows, michelle is in front of him, and she’s pissed
  • like, REALLY pissed
  • peter doesn’t catch much of what she’s saying besides the occasional “you could be killed” or “NED knows and i DON’T?” or “is this the damn stark internship?”
  • and peter is staring with his mouth open because even though she just found out his deepest darkest secret in the most obvious place (did he learn nothing from the aunt may incident?) her eyes are a gorgeous shade of brown and she’s kind of adorable when she’s mad
  • but that’s not that point
  • it takes peter the rest of lunch period to calm her down and to convince her not to tell anyone, not that she would, but you never know
  • and it takes him even longer to reassure her that he is perfectly safe and that the suit is very, very, reliable
  • she demands to see it, and peter refuses because they’re in the damn chem lab for god’s sake
  • eventually they head to AP bio, and Michelle doesn’t ask anymore questions. In fact, she doesn’t ask anymore questions for a while
  • peter thinks she forgot, or that she doesn’t care that much, but then a major accident happens in downtown in the middle of the night a few days later and spiderman is seen pulling people from a burning building, but no one saw spiderman come out before it collapsed. 
  • he skips school the next day because he’s “sick” and ned brings him his homework. he doesn’t ask about michelle, because he thinks that if she really doesn’t care after all, it’s better that he doesn’t know
  • he’s proven wrong – because when he does go back to school and walks into AP bio, Michelle launches herself into his arms in front of the whole class. 
  • and while afterwords she makes some joke about how peter saved their project that isn’t due until the end of the semester, peter starts to feel butterflies in his stomach. 
  • and maybe, just maybe, michelle feels them too

The day they moved in was the best day. It felt like the start of something new. Something good. After everything that had gone so wrong with my life, they walked through that door and they brought possibility. When you look back at your life with a person, sometimes you wonder ‘would we be friends if we met now…or did the path that we went on together lead us to this place?’ Did every triumph or mistake along the way make us fall in love? I think that everything happens for a reason. Love. Life. Even death. I hold on to this place for a reason. And that reason is now.

BEING HUMAN (US) [January 17, 2011 – April 7, 2014]

This was a sad Eurovision for Spain not because we lost, but because we wanted zero points SO BAD we got frustrated when someone gave us five.

3/9 happy miku day