end of world saga


Whole Foods Market official spokesperson AU 

Colin Farrell Visits Tampa Film Festival 

It was about a quarter after 7pm on Thursday Night, March 21st, 2013 when Colin Farrell decided to drop-in at the Gasparilla International Film Festival’s red carpet at the Cinebistro in Hyde Park Village, FL. Thirty minutes before he hopped off of a plane from LA in hopes of supporting his friend Ante Novakovic, director and co-writer of “The Fix”.


Here are some Characters that I thought it would be cool to have in Smash so you can stop voting for Ridley or Pichu.


Anna Kendrick + Casual Style

Arrived home from Denver to find my @musemonthly package waiting for me! This description has me dying to read it:
“How to describe this book? Imagine it is the end of the world, and Tolkien, Beckett, Mark Twain, and Miyazaki (with Icelandic sagas and Asterix comic books stuffed under their arms) are getting together in a cabin to drink and tell stories around the last bonfire the world will ever see.” -Le Magazine Litteraire