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hello sunshine!!. i dont know if u already talk about this sorry.. it hard to be an adult :o. but can u share with me what do u think this lines mean for harry in meet me in the halfway?? "i walked the streets all day running with the thieves." & the last line "cuase once you go without it nothing else will do"

I’m sorry that I took so long, @tommosarmpits. I had an emergency last week.

Meet Me in the Hallway is a song that compares love to addiction. We know that the song was written before May 7 (when Harry made his IG post about donating hair to the Little Princess Foundation), because of these photos from @kristyjeannn:

I have posted previously about some ambiguity in the lyrics. Apple Music initially had these lyrics (screen-captured by a friend):

Later changed to these:

So it appears that the from “more of you” to “morphine” came later. “Morphine” makes the comparison more straight-forward and explicit. But the initial lyrics already suggests the attitude of an addict:

Just let me know I’ll be on the floor, on the floor
Maybe we’ll work it out
Gotta get better, gotta get better
Gotta get better, gotta get better

Give me some more
Just take the pain away

What’s also super interesting to me is the very first line of the original lyrics (see first photo): Take Me Home. A reference to One Direction (the very first words of the very first solo album), and also a reference to The Wizard of Oz / Home (and Louis’ song). Later, of course, it was changed to “…two, three, four.” 

But the allusion to HOME is not accidental. 

Sweet creature, sweet creature
Wherever I go, you bring me home
Sweet creature, sweet creature
When I run out of road, you bring me home

Incidentally, go to Google Lyrics, and you’ll see that the lyrics still say:

When I run out of rope, you bring me home

Sorry for the detour. I think that the last lines clearly refer to an addiction (to both love and drugs) that only another hit can satisfy:

We don’t talk about it
It’s something we don’t do
‘Cause once you go without it
Nothing else will do

I think the lyrics,

I walked the streets all day
Running with the thieves

describe how a junkie might behave, running in the streets, trying to steal currency to buy his addiction. “Running with the thieves” conjures up a poetic, romantic image. One imagines something like Alibaba and the Forty Thieves, a band of ne’er-do-wells who live and die by street rules of courage and loyalty. 

The Take Me Home lyric opening also makes me think that this song might be about an addiction to the kind of fame that Harry experienced as a member of One Direction– the unstoppable, hysterical adulation that gave him such a high when he was on stage. Once a performer experiences that kind of stratospheric love, it’s hard to deny it to oneself, hard not to want to continue being in the band and getting huge audiences, listening to the screams. 

‘Cause once you go without it
Nothing else will do

Then the lyrics “I walk the streets all day/ running with the thieves” describe what we saw in the If I Could Fly listening party video, at the end, where the tour bus pulls away from the venue, leaving fans behind, the foreground dark. The boys are truly alone. They have no family, no friends from home. They walk with strangers. They are with people who want to take advantage of them, want to sell them and sell to them– thieves. 

Again, I apologize for the delay. Please feel free to message me back. Thanks.



We’re fans at a concert who won the chance to hang out backstage with the singer after the show.

Options 1) It turns out that the famous person is really rude, so we both leave early and go somewhere else instead.

Option 2) The three of us get along really well, so the singer invites us to the end of tour party.


part 3/? of my surfer au mood board series

Stay With Me

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The stage of a relationship that is most often taken for granted is that of the honeymoon phase. Those first few weeks or months of pure bliss, those days filled with sweet kisses and timid touches where neither party can do any wrong, are often reminisced upon later on in the relationship as the ‘good ‘ole days’ but while they’re happening, they don’t seem all that important. They don’t seem to be something to covet.

And, as with all good things, you miss them when they’re gone.

The honeymoon phase of your relationship with Jay seemed to last much longer than it had for any of your previous relationships. The two of you spent nearly a year in pure bliss before you experienced your first fight. And even then, for two more years afterwards, fights were few and far between. Your lives seemed to intertwine seamlessly and your relationship blossomed regardless of the distance or the nagging whispers of those who were worried his lifestyle would leave a lasting negative impact on you.

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Elevator - GDragon Drabble

dedicated to @nemesyis it didnt turn out how i expected but i hope you like it

“looks like we’re gonna be stuck here for a while” said jiyong as he tried pushing every button in the screen of the elevator, you sighted and hugged yourself and stood as far away as possible from him.

How did you end up in that situation? Simple, because you were stupid as fuck.

You were one of korea’s most wanted choreographer, in your short life you had won as many dance battles as bigbang had won prizes in music shows, all the entertainment companies wanted to hire you as their leading choreographer, but you weren’t really interested in teaching trainees how to dance, you didn’t have what it took to be a good teacher, well that was until yang hyun suk in person asked you to be YG Entertainment main choreographer and dancer, not only you would be teaching dancing to the new addition of the company but you would also had the chance to be on the stage you would also appear in the artists music videos, plus the amount of money he offered you was no joke, so you found yourself accepting the all so tempting offer.

Everyone in the yg fmily accepted you with open arms, most of the best dancers in the company treated you with admiration or respect and you found yourself being part of that amazing and talented family, but not all of them treated you with ease.

You should have known that someone like him wasn’t going to be so nice on you, but you wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt after all you thought it was really hard to be on the spotlight the way he was, criticized by every little thing he did, netizens never leaving their favorite star alone, but then again you also thought that that wasn’t an excuse to treat you the way he did.

Overall jiyong was a good person and he didn’t have bad intentions, you knew that from the way he behaved with the people around him that he was a nice guy and down to earth, but for some reason you and him didn’t really get along that well.

It was your first day at yg when you two met, you already knew who he was, everyone knew who gdragon was, so you happily introduced yourself, he turned around and looked at you from your head to your toes and scoffed and walked away without a word, you stood there shocked but then you shook it off thinking that maybe he wasn’t having a god day, so you forgot about it and kept going with your day without thinking about it.

But it happened the second day and the third and by the end of the first week you knew that gdragn did not like you.

It was as if you were a ghost, he ignored you as if you weren’t in the same room as him, it put you ina really bad mood because every time you would try to ask him the reason of his constant cold shoulder he would roll his eyes and walk away.

So you decided to just ignore him.

That was until yang invited you to the end of the MADE tour party, he said that because you helped a lot with the choreographies and the dancers you deserved to be there just as much as the other yg artists, so you got dressed in your best party outfit and joined the yg family n their celebration.

You must have drunk a lot of alcohol because the next day you woke up naked with a pounding headache in a strangers bed, well not a strangers bed, in kwon jiyong’s bed, you wanted ot run away as soon as possible but jiyong walked inside the room and offered you some breakfast, he was actually being nice to you, you couldn’t refuse or run away so you stayed and talked a lot, and then he suddenly decided to drive you home.

Kwon jiyong the most famous guy there is in South Korea offered you to drive you home.

And again you couldn’t refuse, so you got your things and followed him to the elevator, in which you didn’t know you were going to spend a nice amount of free time with jiyong.

“I swear to god this never happens” he muttered as he rubbed his head, you sat down and hugged your knees, you tried your best not to have a panic attack in the elevator, not when he was with you.

He looked back at you and saw you laying your head in your knees and frowned “please tell me you are not claustrophobic” you shook your head, he sighted and sat next to you “why don’t we spend this time talking about ourselves?” he asked you while he placed his arm in your shoulders you looked up to him frowning “why?” he shrugged “I have a feeling that we will be here for a while so why not talk and get to know each other” “why do you want to know me?” you asked still confused after all this was the guy that ignored you since day one “well we met a year ago and I don’t know anything about you” you looked at him as if he was a ghost.

“Are you serious? You have been ignoring me for a whole year, acting as if I was a bother to you, as if I was a ghost, you didn’t even speak a word to me since probably last night, when he got drunk and we end up having a one night stand and now you suddenly want to know all about me?”

He sighted and took his arm away from your shoulders making you feel the cold metal of the elevator on your now heated skin.

“Look y/n I’m sorry ok? I don’t know why I acted that way towards you, it was really bad for me to do that and I am really sorry, but while we were on the tour I started to look at you differently and I found out that I actually like you, a lot, would you please forgive me so we could start over?” he looked at you with hope in his eyes, you sighted and nodded, you extended your hand “hey I am y/n and I am a choreographer and dancer, it’s nice to finally meet you” he smiled and shook your hand “nice to meet you y/n my name is kwon jiyong and I think you are really beautiful” you blushed and looked down.

“will you go out on a date with me?” he asked as he put his hand on your chin so you could look at him, you smiled and nodded “I would love to go on a date with you” he smiled and got closer, you were about to kiss him when the elevator shook and started working again.

“Fucking finally”

My Thoughts on the B.A.P “Security Warning” Teaser

Looking at the new release of B.A.P’s “Error/Security Error Teaser Image” we can immediately pull a few things- 

 1: The image is portrayed as an error, “ROSE has been shut down.” The easiest way to decipher this would be to say that this states the end of the ROSE period, a new album is being released and the Party Baby! Tour is coming to an end, which began right when ROSE was released. 

 2: “If you go back to ROSE, the opened data files which are not saved will be lost.” 

What opened data files? The new songs of the new album still in progress? They haven’t been announced yet so they are still “not saved”? Of course if you returned to the ROSE period of B.A.P, the future album that hasn’t been told yet would be “lost”. Is this what they’re trying to say?

 3: The exact codes for the “New Project" 

Code 1: #000000 

Code 2: #FF0000 

 If you google these codes, they come to be the hex codes for the coloring system. Each color has a code. The codes for these colors are Color Hex Black and Color Hex Red respectively, this we already knew. These codes have been used in the past to promote the NOIR and ROSE albums before. “NOIR” being French for “Black” and “Rose” being a popular shade of “Red”, it’s safe to say they’re mentioning the previous albums here. Or maybe.. that’s what they want us to think? 

 4: Technical Information. The code left at the bottom of the image is a Morse code. If you input this Morse code into a translation, you get this answer:


 So now we have three colors: 

Black (#000000)

Red  (#ff0000)

And Blue. (#0000ff)

Also note, the screen image released is Blue, to represent the “Windows Blue Screen of Death.”

So far, there’s no evidence that states that the numerical code of the colors has any significance to any information. So a lot of the thoughts are heavily relied on the significance of the colors themselves, rather than the numbers. 

These things are what I guess/what is known based off of what was given in the trailer, now if you’d like to journey with me further down the rabbit hole- here’s some speculation thoughts I’ve had over the codes…

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Keith took Uschi with him to a party to celebrate the end of the tour. They went to the side room where there was an erotic lesbian dance performance for the Stones. But that apparently wasn’t Keith’s thing. “He made me feel like a queen” said Uschi. “He made me feel really good. Women were tearing their clothes off in front of him and he didn’t even look.
—  1972, Keith Richards: Satisfaction by Christopher Sandford

170527 Firstly I gotta say THIS is exactly how I wanna party with ZTAO! So freaking lit 🔥. To celebrate the end of his first tour he had a DJ and partied with the fans. He even went into the crowd and sang! Looks like he had an amazing time. He better do this if he has a concert in LA 👌 #huangzitao #zitao #tao

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*The wind blows softly as the vampire bounty hunter walks out of the woods looking at the city where her next target resides she looks at a picture of her target*

Miku and her fellow members of Crypton had just finished a concert, and are now on a bus making their way to a party to celebrate the end of their tour.

Liam Payne’s Dad Led A Conga Line In The Crowd At One Direction’s Last Show

And then they played the end of ‘Act My Age’ about a hundred times.

by patrick hosken

SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND — On Saturday night (Oct. 31), One Direction threw a spook-tacular (get it?) end-of-tour party in Sheffield, England at their last On The Road Again stop of 2015. Fans were very emotional, and so were all eight dudes onstage — including the awesome 1D live band.

Of course, there were tears. But there were far, far more smiles from the moment Directioners began lining up outside the arena to the last fleeting seconds of grand finale “Drag Me Down.”

The best grins — you know, the shiniest — came from Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam when, near the end of “Act My Age,” Liam’s dad suddenly flew down the aisle near the runway with an entire conga line behind him. Yeah. It was strange and entirely unexpected and awesome.

That’s none other than Geoff Payne himself at the front of the dancing queue, wiggling his way right up to where the boys could see and, fittingly, lose their sh-t.

Liam was incredulous. “Honestly, I never thought I’d see the day my dad would lead the conga down the aisle,” he told the crowd. To commemorate such an occurrence, there was only one thing to do: repeat the cool little Irish jig part of “Act My Age” again and again to keep everyone jumping.

So that’s what they did. Several times.

You can watch the hilarious full video below and use it as a guide to assembling your own conga line next time you listen to Four — or even better, when Made In The A.M. drops on Nov. 13.

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So I was thinking #12, but maybe something where there's all this unspoken sexual tension between Harry and Y/N, and maybe they don't even know each other all that well yet, and they meet somewhere accidentally, and wherever they are, there aren't a lot of people around, and they kind of stare at each other, and there's all this desire and sparks, and oh my goodness. (Sorry, I've been watching a lot of people stare longingly at each other in period films lately.)

WoooOoooOooOOOOooooOow I like the way you think. 

12. “Kiss me.”

You know this is not the place to be doing this. 

Hell, he probably knows this is not the place to be doing this.  But here you are. One Direction’s latest End of Tour party held backstage at the arena they’d performed in earlier that night.  You, a member of the hair and makeup crew, had of course been invited.  And you are having fun.  You are. It’s just… that damn Harry Styles won’t stop looking at you.

You know there’s been far too much sexual chemistry between you and Harry, and it’s gotten past the point where either of you could deny it.  Luckily though, no one else had really ever brought it up before.   Whether or not it was a noticeable thing to others on the crew was entirely debatable.  But as it stands, you and Harry are well aware of your chemistry.

Which is odd, considering you’ve hardly ever really spoken to him.  Sure, you’ve been on tour with him for the past couple of months. But other than the quick hair style or powdering of his face, you’ve hardly spoken.  Lou would occasionally coax a few stories out of you, and yes there were times where Harry would tell you an interesting story about his own life or what he did earlier that day. So it wasn’t really that you didn’t talk.  It was just that you didn’t talk often.

Maybe, by some miracle of fate, tonight was supposed to change that.  Or maybe it wasn’t.  All you know right now is that Harry Styles is on the other side of the room, and this is the twelfth time he’s looked at you.

You sigh, the butterflies in your stomach refusing to relax.  You decide you need some fresh air, so you pick up the drink you’ve set down and head out to the stage.

Nothing in the arena has been taken down yet.  The lights are still up, the catwalk still reaches far out across the football field.  Its all left up for whatever reason.  You’d heard it wasn’t scheduled to be taken down until tomorrow, and for that you’re grateful.  Because this catwalk has given you a place to sit and think. 

Barely two hours ago, Harry was up here performing his heart out to THOUSANDS of people.  Nearly every seat in this arena was full.  And now?  Nothing.  It’s almost eerie really, in the most calming sense.  Which shouldn’t even make sense, but it feels like it does.  But maybe that’s what loving Harry does to you.  Maybe nothing makes sense when you’re in love with him.

You curse silently under your breath, angry at yourself for admitting that you loved him.  You’d always known it, but you’d never let yourself admit it or really even think about it. How could you love someone who you’d only spoken to when you were getting him ready to perform for thousands of other girls who loved him just as much, if not more?  

“Hey.”  A deep voice startles you and you nearly drop your drink.  You whirl around to see him standing, awkward and gangly with his hands in his pockets. He chuckles deeply, flashing a dimple.  “Sorry, sorry.  Didn’t mean to startle you.”

“No, no.  You didn’t.  I mean, it’s fine.  Uh.”  You laugh awkwardly, reaching up to play with your hair as he takes a few slow steps towards you.  “What… what are you doing out here?”

Getting closer to you, Harry takes a deep breath and looks around.  “It’s a really cheesy answer.”  He laughs, wiping at his nose.  “You’re gonna make fun of me.”

“I am not.”

He grins at you.  “I like to come out here sometimes after shows when it’s like.. empty like this.  You know?  Makes it so… surreal.”

You nod.  “I know.  Those seats were all full of girls screaming for you not two hours ago.”

He laughs, subconsciously getting a little closer.  ‘Yeah.  Ha. Silly, innit?”

“Not silly!” You say.  “I’d scream for you.”

An awkward pause follows those words and you realize what you just said.  Your eyes widen.  “NO! No. I mean. I didn’t mean it as creepy and like, sexual as it sounded.  I meant like, if I was a fan.  Not that I’m not a fan! But.  You know.  I’d scream for you. If I was out here during your shows.  Which. I’m not.”

Harry, the little shit, cannot stop laughing.  “Really?” he teases.  “Think if you were out here I could make you scream?” He wiggles his eyebrows, but you can’t deny the butterflies in your stomach at that.

You roll your eyes, trying to brush it off with a laugh and a little shove.  “Shut up Harry.  You knew what I meant.”

He laughs.  “Yeah, yeah.  I did.  No worries.”   Another silence follows, but this one is not as awkward.  He clears his throat and you both look out at the arena. Again, the sense of eerie calmness creeps over you, even more calming now with Harry’s presence beside you. And god, how you want to just reach over and take his hand in yours.

You’re torn from your thoughts when you notice him staring at you.  Your cheeks instantly redden and you smile.  “What?”

“You’re just… I mean, why didn’t we ever like, talk?”

You turn to face him now.  “Um. I don’t know. I mean, I guess it was cause the only opportunities we ever got were when I was doing your hair.  And we were kind of like, in a rush.  I don’t know.”

He nods, taking this into consideration.  “Yeah,” he says quietly, more to himself than to you.  It’s then when you realize just how close you two are standing. You bite at your lip anxiously. 

“I mean,” you continue.  “You’re… like… you’re Harry.  And I’m just your hair stylist, you know?”  You giggle, feeling awkward standing so close to him.  Awkward, like a little middle school girl standing next to her high school crush. “Ha.  Harry Styles hair stylist.  That’s a bit of a tongue twister, huh?”

“Kiss me.”

You shake your head a little in disbelief. You can feel your eyes widen and your cheeks hurt from trying to suppress the smile that wants to make an appearance. “What?!”

Before you can answer, he grabs your face and pulls you in closely.  The moment your lips connect, it feels like every cheesy Rom-Com movie you’ve ever watched, where fireworks go off in your head and a choir sings.  Your heart is on overdrive, and when he pulls away, you realize that you’re grinning stupidly up at him.

Luckily, he’s grinning stupidly right back.

He chuckles, filling the silence that follows.  “God,” he says.  “You’ve no idea how long I wanted to do that.”

You giggle.  “No, I think I might have an idea.”  You reach forward and brush his hand, hanging limply at his side.  He gratefully interlocks his fingers with yours, and his stupid grin subsides into his cheeky little smirk.  

“Can I kiss you again?” he asks. 

You stand up on your tiptoes to kiss his lips, feeling once again the fireworks and the choir singing.  His arms snake around to your hips and its the most innocently romantic thing you think you’ve ever experienced in your life.  Just standing there kissing, holding one another on a stage that was the center of thousand’s of people’s attention.  So perfectly isolated.  So perfectly in love. ~Sydney

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“GD&SEUNGRI couple” has been born… BIGBANG’s shocking transformation into women in after-party for their concert

[엑스포츠뉴스=이아영 기자] SEUNGRI wore women’s clothes and G-DRAGON fell in love with SEUNGRI.

On March 8, YG Entertainment’s CEO YANG HYUN SUK posted a short video shot at the after-party held after the end of BIGBANG world tour “MADE”’s Seoul concert, on his Instagram account.

In the video, BIGBANG’s SEUNGRI in pink school uniform like a member of Mnet’s “Produce 101” show is talking in front of others. G-DRAGON who broke into the angle all of a sudden looks excited and he tries to touch SEUNGRI.

Then, GD claps his hands at a remark that “Mr. YANG HYUN SUK supports your couple”. The video also shows DAESUNG in women’s clothes, too, and TAEYANG bursting into big laughter behind DAESUNG.

[ENG TRANS] Daesung on でぃらいと (diraito) Interview by EXCITE MUSIC

[Source: http://ent2.excite.co.jp/music/special/2014/d-lite2/interview.html

Translated by mmvvip. Please credit if you want to take these out. thank you]


Q: Concept mini album “Diraito” was fun to listen. How did you think of this concept? 

D: During D-LITE DLive 2014 in Japan D’SLOVE Tour, I sang Furui Nikki (Old Diary originally by Akiko Wada) and Japanese version of Nalbwa Gwisoon which I received a great reaction, and I personally had so much fun singing them. It’s almost the end-of-the-year party season so I thought it would be a great idea to make an album that people can sing at karaoke and have fun. My music video shows the fun choreography so I want people to sing and dance at parties.

Q: So the “fun project in fall” you mentioned during the tour was about this.

D: Yes it was. Nalbwa Gwisoon and Daebakiya were the two trot songs that were perfect for the concept of the album and I wanted to put additional 2~3 songs.  I sang Furui Nikki during the tour so I decided to include that, then I chose Dounimo Tomaranai which I listened to when I was searching for songs.


Q: Nalbwa Gwisoon was translated by Kenichi Maeyamada (a.k.a Hyadain). The lyrics are very unique.

D: I’m very thankful because Hyadain is the only one who can express like this.  The original Korean version was full of humor.  I kept worrying “What will happen when this gets translated?”, but I was relieved when I saw his lyrics. So I decided to let him write Daebakiya too.  I tried rap in Kansai (Western Japan) dialect for the first time.  I never even talk in that dialect so it was difficult, but Hyadain made a guide vocal for me. I used that and listened to it so many times to practice. Recording took a while.

Q: Furui Nikki turned out to be a rock style that you like?

D: Yes. I really like rock, and also the original song sounded rock-ish to me.  That’s why I wanted to make it rock style. I thought it would suit my character.

Q: Not only the HA! shout but also different kinds of fake-souds were included. Were you able to add them naturally?

 D: No. I record them beforehand. We make different kinds of fakes and try them during recording. Then I receive opinions from staffs and choose the good ones.

Q:  You prepare carefully. 

D: Yes. By the way, I heard that Akiko Wada (original singer of Furui Nikki) played my version of Furui Nikki in her radio show yesterday.  I was so scared (laugh)

Q: That is nerve-wracking (laugh)

 D: I really wanted to know her reaction…. Staffs told me she happily said “I’m very thankful~” and I was relieved! Because the most important thing for me is that I want the original singer to enjoy listening to my version and not to lose the original appeals.

Q: Did you know Dounimo Tomaranai by Linda Yamamoto from before?

D: No. I found out about this song while I was trying to find songs for this album.  I thought I wanted to sing it right away the moment I saw the performance by Yamamoto.  Its “power” was great and it was a little different from Akiko Wada’s power. The concept of the arrangement was “marching.” I had this image in my head of people singing it and marching forward, so I arranged it with that style.  I put in the part in the interlude where people can sing along, because it felt like many people would be able to sing it together.  I thought it would be a great idea.  Then I actually made it in and it suited perfectly than I was expecting.  I listen to it when I go running and it gives me power. 


Q:  Singing these old songs is a chance for young generation to listen to it for the first time. How do you feel about that?

D: Isn’t it great?  I wasn’t even born in the 70’s when these songs were made.  I know that many people already know these songs because they are famous, but there will be young people who would listen to it for the first time.  I want for those people to listen to the original songs.  I really want to tell them that they are great songs.

Q: Not only as a singer but you also have so many ideas as a song arranger.

 D: No, not really (laugh) I have to listen to soooo many songs, be concerned, think a lot, then finally get new ideas. I don’t know when those good ideas come so I keep thinking and thinking.

Q: About ideas. You planned the ideas for Nalbwa Gwisoon MV.  I laughed so hard; it was very comical!

D: Thank you (laughs) My ideas weren’t organized so I really want to thank the director who put them in order and made this MV.  I had an inspiration from this one commercial I saw a long time ago.  I’ve made so many MVs until now, but I feel disappointed when people don’t understand the concept of them.  Even though we put so many messages into it, people don’t understand it watching them only once.  So this time, I didn’t really think of the overall flow but simply tried to express the lyrics.  I wanted to make the MV like a commercial; just showing funny short scenes for 5~10 seconds that anyone can laugh at.

Q: I think you successfully managed it (laughs) Which idea do you have the most confidence?

 D: I personally felt confident in that scene where I break the crackers. But I wanted to express that scene more clearly.  When I watched the MV, I thought the funniest scene was that part with G-DRAGON.

Q: Did you personally ask him to appear? 

D: No. I felt bad to ask him so I couldn’t.  But G-DRAGON said that he will be in Japan when I was filming the MV and wants to be in it. It was nice of him to say that so I really wanted him to give him a handsome character and a great scene for him.

Q: You are so nice! That scene was funny but you probably felt sad…

D: Yes. I had no confidence after shooting that part (laughs) I just had to forget all my handsome side in this project. I named this album “diraito” in hiragana (simplest Japanese character) so people can feel closer to me.

Q:  You wanted to have the comical role so the fans can enjoy?

D: That’s right. I feel that I have to when I have to.  I didn’t want to worry about my past impressions on people. When I have to be funny, I would change myself 100% completely, then I go back to the past image.  That way, I think fans will enjoy it more and they will be able to look forward to my next album.

Q: I see. By the way do you have end-of-the-year parties in Korea?

D: End-of-the-year party is also popular in Korean culture; people in our Ent do it too.  We have been busy these recent years but until 3~4 years ago we had them every year.

Q: So do you guys drink and talk about how the year was?

D: In Korea, we don’t talk.  Only drinking (laughs).  We just say “Good job~! Now let’s drink!”

Q: Do you have any party plans this year?

D: No~. Wait! There is a party that would be great.  BIGBANG Dome Tour would be the great end-of-the-year party!

Q: BIGBANG Best Album will be released soon . 

D: There will be 50 songs included in that album so you will be able to know everything about Bigbang.  Please look forward to the new concept pictures.

Q: How did you feel looking at the list of 50 songs? Was it long or short?

D: The time felt so short.  We debut in 2006 in Korea and it would be our 10th year in two years.  I could never imagine BIGBANG will have its 10th anniversary.


Q: So you thought BIGBANG wouldn’t last that long when you debuted?

 D: I just didn’t have the time to imagine about our future. We were so busy every day…

Q: You are probably still busy these days, but you are successfully building up on your career and doing well on both solo and group activities.  What are your goals now?

D: The difficult topic that BIGBANG have on our minds now is “What and How are we going to remain?” We must make better things and we must achieve higher goals. This idea is making us difficult to make an album and the process is becoming time consuming.  Also the fact that so many people listen to our music now compared to when we debut is making us take our time to make new music.  But we all have in mind that we want to make music that people can listen to and feel fresh even after 10, 20 years. 

Q: What comes in mind when you hear “autumn/fall”?

D: Fall is the season of “preparation”.  I love winter, so fall is the season to prepare to go skiing, hot springs, and parties.  I think everyone should listen to my mini album and get ready for parties (laughs)  I sing Nalbwa Gwisoon at parties.  We had an after-party after we performed for Incheon Asia Games.  We went to Karaoke and G-DRAGON put Nalbwa Gwisoon and called my name.  I had to ran to him; he handed me the mic and I sang.  I’m always prepared to sing it (laughs). 


Josh Dun Imagine

Heck yeah I will. Also thank you, you’re so nice omg.

Words: 3,083

Warnings: Strong language!

“What? No, I said in the living room,” you grumbled into your cellphone, jumbling two tubes of floor plans and two cups off coffee. “Ye- wait no, the silver clock goes in the kitchen. Ask Erin, he should know.” The call ended, leaving you in a bad mood. “I literally asked her to do one thing for me. One!” You said, talking to yourself in a disgruntled manner. Your friend from college was suppose to be directing the movers into your new apartment, but apparently that was going down horribly with your absence.

As of yesterday, you were a newly hired intern for the lighting crew for Twenty One Pilots short, three month in-country tour. Mostly shadowing the lighting tech and making sure the artists were set. It wasn’t hard to land the gig being the singer’s cousin-in-law. It was nice to get to bond with Tyler, but hard to treat the whole thing as a real job. Basically all you had to do was run some errands here and there. Other than that, you were free to do whatever. At the moment, Tyler had asked you to get coffee and the crew needed the plans for the first day of tour. You still hadn’t yet met Josh, Tyler’s best friend and the drummer of the band. 

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