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I am not a great maker of lists. Unless pressed, I will make exactly one each year, and this is it.

This is a list of 50 of the wonderful things that wandered through my field of vision in 2014. It is not a definitive list of the best things. It is not merely subjective but sublimely subjective. It leans away from (but doesn’t entirely avoid) what’s been most highly praised and what seems to have been most rewarded.

Also: It is cultural things, not all wonderful things. (Whenever I make this list, someone says something like, “How about a walk in the woods, huh? How about that?” Yes. I like the woods. This is not that list.)

Without further ado, and with gratitude to all of you for reading this year and all of these great folks (and lots of other great folks) for making such good stuff, let’s get on with it.

Linda Holmes’ 50 Wonderful Things From 2014

Above: Jenny Slate and Jake Lacy in ‘Obvious Child’. Photo credit: Courtesy of A24


If there’s anything I’ve learned this year it’s that personal growth does not come from safe places.

Thank you for all your love and support. 

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” - Martin Luther King Jr













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My six selfies from 2014! It has been a crazy, interesting, tough year. At the beginning of the year I was living at home waiting to come to Japan to teach. Sitting on the couch, with my boyfriend playing Assassin’s Creed. Now at the end of the year I’m heading back home for Christmas break. I can’t wait to see him. The first three months of 2015 I will be in Japan, and then I will return home… and I have absolutely no idea what happens after that… 

I do have dreams but I feel like they are pointless, and will never happen. 2015 will be a difficult year. I know it is, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a good year. yeah… This kinda comes off as a bummer doesn’t it? ha. 

I should tag people, but I always feel awkward doing things like that… soooo if you haven’t done one of these yet please do one! It’s a lot of fun! 

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I should have done it WAY sooner, but I had a hard time finding a song (especially a free-to-use one), but hey, better late than never! Besides, it’s kinda nice bringing back good ol’ memories! And it’s the 4th July and everything so. <;

Here’s some clips back at the end of the year 2013 when a Tumblr party was hosted! Hoping for more in the future!

(Also, sorry for the lag!)

More videos:
GW2-video tag


Well guys, it’s come to that time of the year, were I decide to make my follow forever. I don’t like making them as I feel that I want to follow everyboyd forver regardless if they are one this list or not. But I always like to show people the great blogs which I follow and blogs which they should think about following.

Also the year is coming to a close, and wow, i have only been in this fandom for around 9-10 months but it has been brilliant. I have met so many great people and have made so many friends, which i hope will continue.

So the list will show who I will follow forever and of course there will be blogs in bold, these bolded blogs are people who I have become particularly close with, and are basically my great mutuals! I really hope I don’t leave anybody out! And if you feel like I did, just give me a message cause I would hate to do so!


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Reflection time!

As the school year ends, it is time to reflect.  These are the reflection questions I have going in my mind.  I’ve love to hear your answers via a reblog with responses:

1. What surprised you about this year?

2. What will you do differently at the beginning of this year?

3. What made you feel the most proud of yourself?

4.  When did you feel proud of your students?

5.  What were good resources for you to grow professionally?

6. What do you need to do this coming year to build up PD hours or college credit to renew your license (I had a friend who forgot to stay on top of this, so I worry about it every year)?

7.  What educational issue impacted you the most this year?  What are you doing about it?

8.  Which unit/topic/etc. do you think is your weakest area?  How can you make it better?

9.  What worked for you as far as dealing with stress and your workload?

10.  What will you do in this coming school year to improve or maintain your health?

2014 in a nutshell (or so)
  • everyone becoming smooth as fuck
  • everybody asking what’s gonna be the first meme of 2k14
  • Jennifer Lawrence’s dress at the Gloden Globes Awards meme
  • selfie olympics
  • Frozen invading your dashboard
  • bunch of tumblr viruses appearing from nowhere
  • the gay-ish winter Olympic Games at Sochi
  • flappy bird
  • no more flappy bird
  • Supernatural fandom still has a gif for absolutely everything
  • thousand of new versions of flappy bird
  • Leonardo still haven’t got his oscar
  • “blood orange—"no shut up it’s fucking red.
  • Pizza boy deserving an oscar for keeping it cool at the oscars and petition for him to have his own fandom
  • Gay marriage now legal in England 
  • you see, it’s a metaphor…
  • Ellen Page comes out as gay
  • elmo from hell
  • Eurovision
  • Angry luigi
  • hail hydra
  • None pizza with left beef
  • #is this an example or a reaction? Yes
  • talk dirty to me
  • The Great Tumblr Crash Of June 2014
  • “Women are hard to animate” also known as the big drama about Ubisoft
  • Dude yes. Dude no.
  • i came out to have a good time and i’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.
  • 4chan bullshit
  • 2014 FIFA World Cup
  • Dashcon aka for 17,00$ we’ll offer you 1 extra hour in the ball pit
  • baby meme aka “I…I….i….” “What is it baby? I love you?” “I don’t understand from where this is coming from”
  • text post meme
  • #ASL Icebucketchallenge
  • Leaked nudes
  • iPhone 6 flip flop
  • Steal Its Look meme
  • Skeletoon war
  • Green butt plug Christmas tree destroyed
  • pregnant meme
  • [clenches fists]
  • Alex from target
  • transparent dashboard
  • starter packs meme
  • when mom isn’t home
  • ebola
  • ferguson
  • frog meme
  • i crave that mineral goat meme
  • aesthetic
  • everybody asking what’s gonna be the last meme of 2k14
  • caramel the vampire
  • iggy azalea interview meme
  • leelah alcorn

A Collection of Brendon Urie’s Vines.

May this make the remainder of your 2014 significantly happier.