end of the twist out


After a tiresome game of badminton a group of friends go for a night out at a local restaurant. They indulge in some tapas and a few drinks, which sounds like a lot of fun - but ultimately somebody has to pay the bill at the end of the night. What has started out as a pleasant evening ends with a shocking twist, as an argument about who is going to pick up the bill erupts - and then spirals out of control.
- The Bill, Tuesday 21st February 10pm, BBC2.

I know some people are upset that Guzma isn’t the lighthearted goofball that was predicted, but let’s look at the facts

- he loves hot chocolate
- his bed has three pillows on it
- he has an actual throne with an overflowing treasure chest next to it
- his throne plays his theme music
- he arranges a hilariously complicated password system including a twist ending that likely involves cussing someone out if this wasn’t an E rated game
- he at the very least permits Wii U tournaments and could very well partake of them himself
- he has a catchphrase
- he climbs phantom trees for no reason
- he leaps after an Ultra Beast without his pokémon, indicating that he was probably going to fight it himself
- his outfit and Flava Flav necklace
- his room access involves going out the window and crawling across the roof
- he spray paints graffiti indoors

So yeah he definitely has a goofball side.

I Don't Have a Gay Son.

A few months ago, my oldest son, Charlie, came out to me as a homosexual.

He sat his mother and I down in the living room and confessed everything to us; about how he had always felt attraction towards men, for his entire life. He even told us that he had a boyfriend who he wanted to introduce us to. Justine and I had always had our suspicions about Charlie, but we were still shocked by our son’s revelation.

Suffice to say, Charlie is no longer a son of mine.

You see, every now and again, teenagers in our town get unnatural urges. We try to correct these impure desires early- teach kids right from wrong. If you don’t nip these thoughts in the bud while they’re still young, they’ll manifest as behaviour in adolescence. We pull offending children up and tell them, again and again, from morning worship to Sunday school.

“Your ungodly impulses are a choice” we lecture. “You can choose Heaven or you can choose Hell. Which will it be?” For many youth, the threat of damnation is enough to set them on the right path. But there are those who cling to their perversions, convincing themselves that their lifestyle choice is the correct one.

If only we had beat it out of them. Maybe that could have saved Charlie.

I’ll never understand what compels teens to commit such awful sin. Some say that it’s the media, corrupting the minds of the youth. Others think that it’s just the primal evil of humanity, inevitably seeping through. All I know for sure is that these teenagers go about defiling the Lord, and our town, remorselessly.

There are probably those out there who would call us intolerant. That’s fine by us. We believe that there are some transgressions that simply shouldn’t be tolerated, under any circumstances.

And we will never tolerate abduction, torture and murder.

No, I don’t have a gay son. I don’t have a gay son, because those twisted f*cking bastards killed him.

Reasons Everyone Should Read Skulduggery Pleasant Series

• the main character is a badass teenage girl who is sarcastic and grumpy
• the other main character is a talking skeleton that doesn’t know when to shut up
• they’re best friends and throughout the series have said they don’t want to live without each other
• magic
• also detective-y stuff
• the women are mostly all badass and can save themselves
• it doesn’t focus on any romance plots (they’re more side plots and not that huge)
• Valkyrie wears all black most of the time
• China Sorrows is the best
• further along in the series there are complaining zombies
• it’s fucking hilarious
• there is a side book of just stories about missions and stuff - basically a book of fanfiction written by the author
• the series is over and ended with an amazing twist so no waiting for the new book to come out
• you will fall in love with a Texan psychopath
• skulduggery pleasant supports LGBT (in dying of the light he is commenting that someone is always changing their uniform and says “why don’t you wear rainbow colours next? You could support the lesbian, gay and transgender community”)
• valkyrie’s parents are amazing

Y’know, something is telling me that Will and Eleven might have some sort of connection that we don’t know fully about yet… It’s curious to me that Will’s able to manipulate the lights and the radio to communicate with his mom in the first place—not to mention his uncanny survival ability in the Upside Down despite the likely fatal toxicity—leading me to believe that he may have a sort of ability allowing him to do that. But the way Eleven shows almost as much genuine concern for someone she’s never met as the boys do for their childhood best friend and the way she seems to so strongly connect to his presence in the Upside Down….it just seems like they’re intertwined in too many ways to be coincidental 


Stephanie advises us to go out and play.


I saw FBAWTFT yesterday & I have an enormous crush on Percival Graves (don’t judge me).
I think I have a problem, but Colin Farrell is extremely charismatic I just CAN’T HELP IT


So, at the end of the movie there’s this huge plot twist, in which it turns out that Percival Graves was Grindelwald all along.

But this really CONFUSES ME
Is there a “real” Percival Graves? There has to be right??? Grindelwald couldn’t possibly create a whole new identity with a huge background and be for this long part of the american wizard society, could he?

So…will there be more of Graves? The REAL one? Maybe actually GOOD one?
His time felt so short, Colin is a great actor & I really am wishing to see more of him

Who is MC?

Okay so currently I’m obsessed with Mystic Messenger. I love my boyfriends and my girlfriend of course. And I appreciate Cheritz for this marvelous gem they put out.

Now I just want to talk about our dear, Mc. The one we are playing as. Did they gave her a blank slate so we can filled in our lives with hers?

We really don’t know anything about her.. We can assume she is either a student or works at a office.

I think MM can have sci-fi undertones if we keep in mind, Seven knows about the reset. Its not your average otome game. MC can deliberately manipulate who she ends up with and what kind of ending she gets.

By doing that is MC the most twisted out of all of them? She can be light to the RFA members helping them overcome their troubles and reach their happiness with her.

But she can also push them to their limit and bring the worse of them. Like possessive Jumin and yandere Yoosung by the choices she makes. Let keep in mind Mc knows what she is getting herself into as she can simply reset again…

MC, darling, are you really the angel everyone thinks you are.


Tom and Marco’s favorite show is the Twilight Zone, and Tom is curious as to why Marco says it’s scary. And he laughs at Marco for thinking that and teases him. But then once the twists at the end come in Tom visibly jumps and freaks out like “MARCO! I did not see that coming!!! Oh no!! Marco oh no!!!” And Tom freaks out and Marco is just laughing at how cute he is.

  • what i say: i'm fine
  • what i mean: how the FUCK did canada air alejandro's ending over heather's? heather earned that shit, she earned that money even if it got fucked destroyed. literally the only reason alejandro wins in his ending is because they pulled this plot twist of heather throwing his dummy out of their asses to justify it. and the worst part is that ending is "canon" thanks to it airing as the official aired ending in canada. what the actual fuck
You are good at something, stop lying to yourself. You’re good at breaking down comic book plots, cooking ramen perfectly, making your friends happy, knowing the time without looking at a clock, getting the perfect ending at RPG’s, or figuring out the twist ending to movies. Don’t let society tell you your talents are meaningless because they don’t serve an economical purpose. Your talents reflect your interests and passions, and what’s important to you is important.

Flat Twist Out

First time doing a flat twist out w/perm rods at the ends (after deep conditioning). It was still a little damp at the ends so they didn’t quite set all the way like I wanted them to BUT it still came out fabulous 😊 Quick and easy summer style!

Products Used:
- Cantu Leave-In Conditioner
- Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
- Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion

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WAIT so i cant tell if this is just a very long running joke or is all the ninja shit in naruto ACTUALLY ALIENS??? if so i really need to start watching


it turns out, in an end-of-the-manga plot twist, that most (if not all) of the main characters are descended from aliens and they fight aliens and im literally not even joking

it makes me laugh SO HARD that this is canon im LITERALLY not kidding


Wow sorry I was gone for so long guys lol
But! After a mishap with my stylus, I got a brand new one so ‘s all good now ;D

And, as you’ve probably guessed, I spent the time I would’ve usually used to draw to play the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game…

Now. Let me say things.

This game

There were so many unexpected twists and god, the ending? Just rip my heart out, I didn’t need it anyway. I would’ve been fine if I had to disappear, but no, they just had to take my child away, and that’s not allowed. I cried so much ;m; And I was really scared that he wasn’t gonna come back but it…all turned out okay in the end…thank Arceus
But yeah, I was really impressed with this game, it was about 10000000 times better than Gates to Infinity (which sucked in my opinion). Of course it can never beat Time/Darkness/Sky since those games were my childhood (and Grovyle, nobody can top my Grovy <3) but they did a pretty fantastic job with plot and storyline…the soundtrack is pretty decent (I prefer T/D/S but eh) and they even brought back some of the old soundtracks…like Great Canyon from Red and Blue! I almost started screaming, that’s one of my favorite soundtracks from that game 👍
They also did a great job with the partner, their personality was so freaking adorable I could hardly stand it ahh 0//w//0 I probably prefer this one over the one from T/D/S but I dunno…still though they’re so cute and the part where they were avoiding the player because they thought they were being annoying was so cute and sad ;w; (YOU’RE NOT ANNOYING YOU’RE A PRESHUS CINNAMON ROLL OKAY? SWEET BBY CHILD)
I also like that they made the dungeons a little more challenging. At times it got to be a little annoying (like that time I went to Heart Lake, the 29 floor dungeon and died at FUCKING FLOOR 28 GOD DAMMIT) but I’m glad they’re a bit more difficult now, makes the game more interesting.
The Connection Orb is an interesting feature…I still prefer Friend Areas from PMD Blue and Red lol but this is okay I guess? I don’t like that you can’t take whatever Pokemon out that you want and that you can’t have duplicates but…guess there’s not much you can do about that. //shrugs
Overall I give it a 8.5/10! There’s always room for improvement, but I can definitely say without doubt that this has made my favorite games list. If I had to choose whether I liked this or PMD Blue and Red better, I’d probably say this one. But I do love the classics…as for PMD T/D/S, I give that a 9.5/10, because it’s definitely one of my favorite games of all time but the ending isn’t satisfying enough for me. My ideal ending for that game is having Grovyle, Dusknoir and Celebi come back and be a part of your team ;D

So anyway here have a dump of my children, I suck at Pokemon anatomy so have some lame gijinkas haha 030

(Also? I ship the player and the partner together so hard
So when he came back I just imagined my character being super super clingy lmao, because I pretty much felt the same, like “DON’T YOU DARE EVER LEAVE ME AGAIN OKAY NOW GIMME A HUG” XD”

If you haven’t guessed, player/me: Piplup, and my partner is Chimchar! They were actually the same team I used in T/D/S, and I couldn’t bear to part with them and start a new team so I stuck with them haha

See? The shipping is real

And headcanon that the partner has a crush on the player but they’re unaware lmao  ༼இɷஇ༽

MEW NO (ˊᗜˋ*)

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wanting to get into mapping and curious about your startan layouts. do you feel like they are helping you? how do you approach your layouts?

They are helping me a lot. I really wish I had done this practice/exercise earlier, because the amount of progress in such a short amount of time has been stellar.

My layout approach, however, has been quite brute-force to say the least. I’ve been following the idea of throwing everything possible at a wall and seeing what sticks.

For actual mapping it’d probably require a little bit more in-depth of a process, but for these practice layouts I’ve been drawing a wide string of completely random shapes. Completely illogical, nonsensical, random shapes. The end result oftentimes looks like a terrible MSPaint scribble that twisted itself inside out.
After that, I open up Notepad and actual MSPaint and start writing out a faux-walkthrough. I pretend I’m writing a (very barebones) guide for the player and I start sketching out a path of how one would jump from shape to shape, talking about the areas one would need to go through and how one would progress through the obstacles, connecting the shapes line by line.
Then from there, I start actually connecting the shapes. I refine them down so they look less awful and more like an actual arena, scooting the shapes together and forming rooms, corridors, and arenas. I merge shapes together to form larger rooms. I connect them to the grid and add doorways in between them, form lines in between so they’re separated by higher/lower ground.

Finally, I set an exit point and take a screenshot, drawing out one more path.

It’s not really an easy method. I’ve been doing this for 14 layouts (four have been entirely scrapped because of how awful they are) and I’m only just now starting to get the hang of it. My first iterations were bad, bad, bad, bad. And it’s not a fast method, either.
Takes me a good several hours to get a single layout. Compare to a friend, who can spoot out an entire map, enemies and weapons and decoration and everything, in maybe half a day.

But it’s improvement.

It’s All Coming Back To Me Now

Closed starter for @engineeringmonkeywiz

Walking into the facility, Jemma tried to push some hair back over her ear but, having forgotten her long hair was pulled into a low twist, she just ended up mucking up the side. She breathed out a curse and got her ID out of her bag to show to the guard. There were weapons trained on her from overhead while the guard ran her ID through the scanner but that was simply a vague awareness in the back of her mind. What her brain was screaming in the foreground, overriding almost anything else, was: Fitz!

She’d been tasked with the job of inspecting S.H.I.E.L.D. facility 042 on Director Mace’s behalf. Fitz, as the head of this science and research facility, would be impossible to avoid this time. She’d had to visit the site once before, but had managed to slide through without seeing him.

Actually, she hadn’t seen him since the day he’d broken things off with her. She’d tried to speak to him once or twice—admittedly halfheartedly—they’d only been messages, one of them after she’d had a bit too much wine. But that was before she’d known. Not that she was getting into that with him. It was too late, she couldn’t tell him now. He wanted nothing to do with her and she was trying to respect that—unless her job required that she speak to him, which it did, unfortunately for them both.

“Just point me in the right direction,” she told the guard as she smiled pleasantly after he’d confirmed her identity as the assistant director via retinal scan. “I can find my way there on my own.”

He gave her some fairly simple directions but it was mostly for the benefit of the guard that she’d asked. She’d studied the plans before she came. It was an inspection after all.

When she came upon the facility director’s office, she caught a glimpse of him through the crack in the door before she’d fully rounded the corner where he might see her. He looked nearly the same. Suddenly, all the feelings came rushing back. The guilt, anger, confusion and heartbreak was all right there on the surface. She put her back to the wall and took a moment to collect herself. When she was certain that she wouldn’t cry, she fixed her hair with her compact and then, shouldering her bag, turned and marched into his office.

Proud that she managed to keep her face neutral, she said, “I believe you were expecting me, Agent Fitz?”