end of the lock out

Hey kid.

A/N: This is for Nat. @keepjasontoddsafefromeveryone. I made you older….hope that’s ok! @bat-lakota you’re in here too. :)

   “Nat!” Jason yells out as he enters the apartment. You don’t respond. You just lay there on the bed. “NAT!” Jason yells again this time a little more worried. You still don’t respond. You lay on the bed starring at the ceiling.

   Jason is starting to get nervous. Bruce pulled him off of a mission because you have gone missing after your last college final two weeks ago. You didn’t want any human interaction after classes ended. So you locked yourself into your apartment. You even kicked out your roommates and made them go live with their boyfriends.

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Alec walked into the loft and dropped his gear by the door. He sighed lightly as he rolled his shoulders to relieve some tension from the day. With war raging between shadowhunters and downworlders, things at the institute had been hellish. He was happy to finally be home.

“Mags,” He called, walking further into the loft. “You home.”

“I’ll be right out.”

The warlock’s voice floated from his study. Alec knew better than to disturb him while he was finishing up work, so he went over to the drink cart and starting pouring. He looked up when he heard footsteps coming down the hall.

Magnus looked as gorgeous as ever. His shirt fit tightly over his arms in a way that made Alec nearly drool. He pants were perfectly tailored over his shiny black shoes. His make up flawless, from the glitter above his eyes to the shimmering gloss painted on his lips. But there was something different about him today.

“Hey, you put the colors back in your hair.”

Magnus nodded, reaching for his drink. “I did.”

“I like it,” Alec walked closer to him. “It’s…sexy.”

Magnus smiled at him, sliding his hand up Alec’s arm and neck. “Sexy? Really?”

“Really,” Alec murmured, leaning a little closer. He saw Magnus start to smirk as he closed his eyes.

Magnus’s hand on his cheek brought their lips together in a soft kiss. Alec sighed softly as Magnus’s mouth moved against his own. He had been craving this all day, the feel of Magnus in his arms, solid and strong against his chest, the taste of his tongue, his hands on his body.

He wrapped his arms around the warlock’s waist, ready to draw him to the bedroom when the front door slammed open.

“Clary’s been kidnapped!” Jade shouted. Alec broke the kiss with a groan.

Of fucking course.

‘We Met Through Our Roommate’ AU’s

- “you’re the roommate of my crush and you felt sorry for me and my pathetic attempts at wooing them so you offered to help me get in their pants but somewhere along the way we ended up falling for each other” au

- “you slept with my roommate who is notorious for one night stands, and now im meant to tell you that the reason you woke up alone is because they had to get to an early class, and proceed to get your phone number and tell you that they’ll call in a few days before binning it as soon as you leave, but i never do that so hi, sorry my roommates a jackass. pancakes?” au

- “my roommate is crushing on your roommate, who i hate. and your roommate is crushing on my roommate, who you hate. care to help me sabotage their relationship?” au

- “your roommate is pretty much stalking me, and you keep accompanying them to make sure they don’t do anything stupid and i accidentally mistook you for my stalker and kneed you in the crotch and i’m so sorry please let me get you some ice” au

- “your roommate got drunk at a party i hosted and passed out on my bathroom floor and you’ve come to collect them, but moving them from the bathroom and down to your car seems to be a two person job so now how do we get them round this corner and down the stairs without dropping them or giving them brain damage?” au

- “my roommate is in love with you an i’m meant to be getting you to date them but now i think i’m falling in love with you myself and this sucks everything sucks you suck” au

- “our roommates are fucking and its gotten to the point where we’re so sick of hearing them go at it all night that we have keys to each others places to escape the midnight moans, grunting and bed creaking and i don’t know where this is leading but i hope we end up fucking too” au

- “your roommate hosted a party and you’re not really a party person so you’ve locked yourself in your room but i’m not a party person either and its really loud out there can i just sit on your bed and play games on my phone or something?” au

- “your roommate is crushing on me, and my roommate is crushing on you, and we’re both meant to be setting the other up with our respective roommates but we’ve ended up falling for each other and this cannot end well” au

- “your roommate locked you out so they could have sex, and my roommate borrowed my key and then decided to go out last minute so we’re both stranded in the hallway together for an indefinite amount of time and wow your roommate makes really weird and loud sex noises" au

- “me and your roommate share a class together and help each other study weekly and you’re an annoying twat who thinks its funny to keep interrupting us and wait what do you mean they’re running late? no im not waiting here alone with you for two hours are you insane” au

Pillowtalk (M)

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Genre: Smut

Summary: Namjoon was the one, once upon a time. He can’t come back into your life and expect things to go back to normal. You’re happy with Hoseok, and no random visit in the middle of the night is gonna stop that..right? (Previously posted on Suganeedsanap)


Word Count: 2,860

Written by: Admin Jaefairy

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ssree  asked:

Tsuna, after sealing of his flames, becoming near-invisible to everyone.

The day Sawada Tsunayoshi turns five, he ceases to exist within Namimori. Even to his own mother.

It’s a tragedy, one that, were it not for Hibari Kyouya, would have ended in the death of a child.

But Kyouya finds him one day locked out of his house, dirty and crying with a too-thin frame and badly dehydrated. He’s cold, not cruel, so he takes Tsuna to his mother, who seems to immediately know what’s going on. She takes Tsuna to Kyouya’s father, and that’s the last Kyouya sees of the tiny herbivore for nearly two weeks.

When he does see him again, he’s smiling shyly and looking much healthier. Kyouya’s parents watch him with keen eyes the same way they used to do to Kyouya, but they smile when Tsuna comes up to them and asks them something.

Later, they pull Kyouya in with them and introduce Tsuna. “He’s your little brother,” Kyouya’s father says sternly. “No matter who comes after him, always protect him.”

Kyouya takes his father’s words to heart. At first he’s unsure about the baby herbivore. But it doesn’t take long for him to realize that he likes Kyouya. Tsuna smiles at him, bright and cheerful, but not obnoxiously so, and obediently follows where Kyouya leads. Even later, when Kyouya receives his first pair of tonfa and sparring lessons, he follows.

He follows to Nami Middle, where Kyouya reigns unchallenged. Tsuna quickly establishes himself as the Precious Baby Brother who has an unfortunately Crazy Older Brother, and the people in his class are quick to flock to him for help. They somehow think he’s capable of controlling Kyouya, or barring that, changing his mind. It’s amusing, especially since half the time Tsuna’s actually the one to egg him on, the little brat.

But still, Tsuna finds amusement in the deception, so Kyouya allows him his fun. Not always, because he does have a school to run, but often enough that they’re both satisfied with the way things go.

And then the man called Reborn shows up on Tsuna’s thirteenth birthday, and everything changes.

Bookstore Girl

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Stiles x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: sex, cuteness

College was more stressful than Stiles thought. Places to study were scarce, the campus library was always to crowded to work in comfortably, his dorm rooms were filled with loud and irritating people and everywhere else was a buzz with noise.

Stiles was silently gleeful when he found a small bookstore looking for some part time help, he got to study at the back of the store while he went home with some extra cash, making the sight of his fridge the best part of his day.

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Fic Rec

Title: (I forgot) the key to your heart
Author: lazarusthefirst
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 15590
Status: Complete
Summary: Stiles forgets his room key a lot, and Derek lives right down the hall. Unfortunately, they may or may not have met before, and Stiles may or may not have forgotten the entire thing due to alcohol and poor life decisions (but mostly alcohol)

Like I’m Dyin’

Rockstar Dean/Demon!Dean Winchester x Reader 

Small town singer Dean Winchester suddenly becomes a Vegas rockstar. Will his girlfriend be able to get back the simple man he once was?

Warnings: ANGST, double dose of SMUT, breath play, fluff, feels, alcohol, demeaning language, a moment of non-con which is resolved, angsty ending. 

A/N: This is for @bulletscrossbowpie’s AU Challenge/Rockstar. Also @mrs-squirrel-chester’s Album Challenge: D.D. by The Weeknd. I figured this was my chance to combine my fav version of Dean with my fav version of Jensen. So I give you, Rockstar Demon!Dean in leather. WC: 6238 On AO3

Gifs aren’t mine, but the concert pic in the aesthetic is from @stardustandmelancholy and the gifs/videos are from Tumblr and YouTube.

Hyattsville was a small town in western Kansas, known for it’s ‘biggest hay bale in America’ tourist trap and a former high school beauty queen turned national news anchor. I met the Winchester brothers one evening when I was getting coffee at a shop in town. They were singing at open mic night- the younger brother playing guitar as the older brother sang. He had an amazing, sultry voice that sent shivers down my arms. And the fact that he was absolutely gorgeous didn’t hurt either.

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As Long As You’re Mine

Pairing: Daveed x Reader

Summary: Reader is taking the part of Elphaba in Wicked on Broadway alongside Aaron Tveit as Fiyero and Libby Servais as Glinda. Daveed is her boyfriend and gets jealous of the relationship that the reader and Aaron share on and off stage.

Note: Well,I’m back at it whether you like it or not. Thanks so much for the feedback on Lost in You. I pumped out this fic for y’all mostly based on the fact that I’m extreme trash for Wicked, Daveed, and Aaron so this was birthed from that. Thanks to those nearest and dearest to my heart, @strongenoughfoundation, @literallylin, and @linslovelylocks for listening to my rambles about my idea for this. I hope you all enjoy! As usual feedback is appreciated.

“Looking a little sick, aren’t you? It’s almost showtime!”

     Glancing in the mirror, all you saw was green. Your face, your neck, your hands. All green. And for a pretty good reason: you were finally going to be whom almost every actress longs to be: Elphaba Thropp, the leading lady in Wicked. You’ve been working for this role ever since you got the chance to see Idina originated the role back in ‘03.

    “Very funny, Lin. Truly. I haven’t heard that one before.” Lin Manuel Miranda. The man was a genius. The two of you met back in 2006 when you were fresh out of high school and he was working on Heights at an acting seminar in the city. You never lost contact and became fast friends despite the age difference. Eventually you befriended his wife Vanessa and the two of you meet every Saturday for a little shopping trip.

     “I’m just kidding, (Y/N). I’m proud of you. You’ve come all this way from that little 18 year old dreamer. Look how well you did in Hamilton.”

 Yes, it’s true. Everyone’s other dream: to be in the new hit musical. As a part of the original cast ensemble, you got to sing and dance onstage every night beside your closest friends. You and Jasmine became almost attached at the hip as soon as rehearsals began. When she and Anthony began dating, the two of you became close as well. Let’s not forget the most important relationship: You and Daveed. The two of you had been crushing on each other and flirting since the beginning. “If you don’t snatch him up soon, I will.” Jasmine used to tease you. “Jaz, you have a boyfriend!” You would reply. He finally gathered up the courage to ask you out last summer and the two of you have been going strong ever since. Even after almost a year, the two of you were still on cloud nine.

“C’mon Lin, don’t tease the poor girl. Can’t you seen she’s nervous?” Daveed said, walking into your dressing room with a smirk on his face.

“Baby, I’m not nervous. Just, well, okay maybe I am a bit nervous. I mean who wouldn’t be. Playing Elphie is an honor.” You replied shakingly.

“I have full confidence in you, (Y/N/N). You’re going to go out on that stage and kill it. Defy gravity. No pun intended.” Daveed affirmed, embracing you in his arms, careful not to smudge any green.

“I second that!” Lin piped in, “Or V and I wouldn’t have flown all the way from London to see you. You’re gonna do amazing out there.”

“(Y/N)! Get in your place. It’s almost time!. Good Luck!” the stagehand, Ralph, called from outside the door.

“Oh, God I think I’m going to be sick!” You cried, pacing back and forth running your hands along your face.

“Well, geez, you do look a little gree-” “Seriously, Lin?” “Sorry. Good luck, I know you’ll do amazing out there. Show em’ what you’re made of!” He said, running out of the room heading to his seat.

“Hey, Look at me.” Daveed said softly, grabbing your arm pulling you closer to him. Glancing up at him through your eyelashes, you began to listen to what he had to say.

“You’re going to get on that stage, give the best performance of your life, and make the audience go wild at the finale. You’ve worked so hard for this role and you deserve it without a doubt.” With the way he looked right into your eyes, you knew what he said was sincere.

“God dammit, D, you’re gonna make me cry. I can’t have this damn paint smudge!” You answered with a giggle.

“Well, you know me always making the ladies cry.” He winked at you, pointing with finger guns.

“Finger guns, really?” You said with crossed arms and a smile on your face.

“Oh come on you know you love em’!” Daveed said on his way out of the room. While he was walking out, another just happened to walk in.

“Aaron!” You exclaimed. Aaron Tveit. The man of everyone’s dreams. Tall build, blonde hair, gleaming eyes, and a killer smile. As the two of you began to talk, you didn’t notice the slight scowl on your boyfriends face as he left the room.

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omgbarbiegurl  asked:

Betty or Juggie locking their keys in the car and having to call their spouse to bring the spare key. Can be irritated or funny.

This is going to be fluffy. Pregnant Betty in a future fic. Adulthood has been getting in the way of me writing lately, but I love getting prompts and I WILL get to all of them so keep ‘em coming.

Being pregnant was driving Betty crazy. She hadn’t slept a full night in months, between having to go to the bathroom every ten minutes and being unable to get into a comfortable sleeping position with her belly as protruding as it was, she felt as though she was slowly losing her mind. She knew that the amount of sleep that she would get was only going to be less when the baby finally came, so she was annoyed that she couldn’t get sleep beforehand.

She got out of the car and slammed the door, annoyed at her lack of sleep, clicking the lock as she exited, before tossing her purse onto her shoulder and waddling with determination towards her last day at the Register before her maternity leave. She was due in three days and she could not WAIT to stop being pregnant and finally meet their little girl. 

She dreamed that their daughter would have her husband’s deep blue eyes and wavy dark hair. Jughead had told her that he hoped their daughter had what he referred to as her “halo of blonde locks that shine brightness into even the darkest of souls.”  

She smiled to herself as she pushed open the door of the Register. Her mom looked up from her desk and gave her a small smile.

“You just have to edit the one article I emailed to you, then you can go home. Jug Head told me how tired you’ve been. You need to rest so my granddaughter can be happy and healthy.”

Betty smiled at her mom’s uncharacteristic kindness before settling into her seat and placing her purse down next to her, flipping open her laptop to finish the article. 

After about an hour of editing and reediting, Betty finally pushed out her chair, grabbed her purse and headed for the door, saying a quick goodbye to her coworkers and mother, excited to get home and catch a bit more sleep. 

As she pushed open the glass door of the Register, the summer heat washed over her in a suffocating wave of discomfort. She rushed to the car as fast as she could, tightening her honey blonde ponytail to keep her hair from sticking to her face. 

When she reached the car, she began to dig around in her purse. The keys, where the fuck are the keys!?

Betty looked at the car, a feeling of exasperation sticking to her the same way that her clothes were beginning to. Then she saw them.

“SHIT!” the keys were sitting on the passenger’s seat, glinting in a way that she felt was almost taunting. Betty felt tears burning in the back of her eyes. She felt pathetic, tears streaming down her face in the middle of main street, after she locked her own keys in the car. She sank down onto the sidewalk, leaning back against the car and letting the tears stream down her face. 

After letting herself cry for a few minutes, she pulled her phone out of her purse and quickly dialed a familiar number. She put the phone to her ear, listening to it ring as she grimaced at the hot screen beginning to stick to her cheek. 

“Hey Juliet, what’s up?” the deep voice on the other end asked sweetly.She choked back another sob.

“I-I-I l-locked m-myself out o-of the c-c-car.” she wailed.

“I’ll be right there, love. It’s ok. Drink the water bottle I put in your purse this morning and I’ll be there in five.” 


“I love you, Bets”

I l-l-love you t-too”

A few minutes later, a beat up pick up truck pulled up behind Betty’s car, engine cutting out and the door opening to reveal her husband, clad in a black tshirt and black jeans. Jughead rushed over to her, crouching to kissing her forehead.

“You’re ok?”

“Yeah, I’m just stupid.” Betty said softly, in a near whisper. 

Jughead placed the side of his index finger under her chin, lifting it so her green eyes could meet his blue ones.

“You’re not stupid, Bets. C’mon, I’ll get the keys out, we can go for lunch, then you can go home and have a nap. Sound good?” 

Betty nodded as Jughead stood up, offering his wife his hand to help her off the ground. She took it and with a great deal of heaving and panting on her part, she finally stood. As she stood she felt a gush between her thighs.

“Juggie.” she whispered


“I think my water just broke.”

anonymous asked:

Prompt idea? Dex/Nursery, but one's the RA and one's the resident

Dex jolts out of his sleep when the on-call phone rings. Despite the fact that this is his second year as an RA, the on-call phone ringtone is something that he doubts he’ll ever get used to. He’s half-convinced the shrill, obscenely loud sound will haunt his nightmares forever.

“Hudson Hall on-call phone, this is Will,” he mumbles into the receiver.

“Um, so, here’s the thing,” he hears on the other side of the line. Dex immediately knows who it is and what the problem is, and he nearly hangs the damn phone up.

“Nurse, are you locked out again?” He asks.

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Rating: Teen

Relationship: Ten x Rose

Summary: The Doctor tries to charm his way to success. Sadly, things don’t quite go to plan.

Notes: Hello lovely people! This my response to this week’s @timepetalsprompts drabble prompt ‘freckles’ and ‘brogue. It’s in 3 drabbles and is…quite silly.  So….yeah. Hope you like anyway!

Also on A03.

“You’re full of it!

“Am not! You take that back, Rose Tyler!”

Rose stared. “You seriously think you can talk the Queen of Kirilta into just handin’ over the key to her high security vault by bein’ charmin’??”

Yes! I’m charm personified, Rose- I’m devilishly dashing! Absolutely alluring! Gregariously gorgeous! I’m practically irresistible in this body! And just look at the hair! Look at my freckly freckles!” He waggled his eyebrows. “And I can do a seriously sexy Scottish brogue. She doesn’t stand a chance against my brogue and my freckles.”

“Oh, God,” Rose muttered. This was a first-class disaster in the making. At this rate, she was either going to end up bailing him out of jail, or locked up with him.

Either way, he was a git.


Rose peered into the cell and sighed. “Yeah, that’s him.”

The guard shook his head. “What’s a nice girl like you doing mixed up with a troublemaker like this?”


Ignoring the Doctor’s indignant squawk, she smiled at the guard. “He’s not usually this much trouble. Must’ve forgotten to take his pills- makes him a bit loopy.”

“I don’t need pills!” the Doctor protested. “Superior physiology. I’m fit as a fiddle! Fitter than a fiddle! Fitter than FIVE fiddles!”

Rose shook her head pityingly. “See?”

The fatherly (orange) alien sighed in understanding, antennae bobbing. “Ah, lass, that’s a terrible shame for one so young. You’re a nice girl for sticking by him.”

“I beg your pardon! I’m not mad!

The guard nodded placatingly as he unlocked the door. “Of course you’re not.” He winked at Rose. “Now you go with your lovely wife have a nice lie down- you’ll feel ever so much better.”

Rose barely suppressed a grin. “Come on then, husband.”

The Doctor stormed past the both of them in a huff.


 “Alright, alright! You can stop laughing about it now.”

Rose only laughed harder.

“Fine,” the Doctor huffed, crossing his arms petulantly. “Be like that.”

Freckly freckles, you said. She won’t be able to resist my brogue, you said,” Rose gasped, trying to catch her breath.

“Well, if you want to be precise, she couldn’t resist me. Which is why she gave me her key.”

“The key to her room, Doctor!” Rose burst into laughter afresh. “You tried to open a high security vault with the key to her room. And you set off the alarm.”

The Doctor scowled.  “It’s not funny, Rose. She said it was the key to her secret vault. How was I supposed to know she was talking about, er, something else?”

Rose only laughed harder.

Not Letting Go - fic

Characters: Jon Kent, Damian Wayne, Ra’s al Ghul, bits of everybody else.
Pairing: jondami
Summary: Jon didn’t care that Ra’s was family. That the situation was complicated. He would not let that bastard hurt Damian again.
A/N: Jon’s like, 27 and Damian’s around 30. I love making people save Damian. Love IT. Jon literally starts wedding planning on the jet on the way back to Gotham. He’s also sappy as hell and like, reproposes every day, and likes to tell the story that he proposed in the midst of battle and saving his lover etc. Damian thinks he’s a huge loser (but he’s thrilled that Jon is his huge loser).


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Runaways | Jughead Jones

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Request: OMG okay I just got this idea but could you maybe write something were jughead and the reader like runaway together?? Like maybe because she’s pregnant or just because they both have terrible family you can choose

Pairing: Jughead x Reader
Description: You’re determined to get away from Riverdale even more so when you find out you’re pregnant.
Warnings: I don’t think there really is any? Just pregnancy and talks of rubbish family life.
Word Count: 1858
A/N: let’s pretend that they’re like 17/18 in this, ok. anyways lemme know what you think like always and if you wanna be added to the tagslist and stuffs <3

Starting a family was something a lot of people thought about. It was something a lot of people wanted and it was something a lot of people needed. When family life wasn’t the best at home in the first place, it was nice to have the idea that maybe, just maybe you could start a better family of your own. The whole shebang! A loving partner, a couple of kids and a nice home where you could be happy.

Your family life wasn’t the best. It was barely existent most days. Your dad had left when you were around five so you’d never really known him but from what you did remember he and your mom had so many arguments, it wasn’t healthy. It got so bad that one day he’d ended up leaving and not coming back, that’s what your mom and everyone else told you anyway. Since then, your mom wasn’t the happiest. She threw herself into her work often forgetting that she had you to care for. It sucked, it truly did. Then she remarried and things only got worse. Your step dad was always yelling at you and your mom always seemed to take his side. It hurt but you didn’t really have anywhere else to go. All you wanted was for a nice family life which is why when you were ten years old, you told yourself your dream was to make sure that any children and partner you had would know they were loved and appreciated every single day.

Some days you felt so lonely because you couldn’t exactly talk to your mom about anything but luckily for you, you had a good group of friends that were the most supportive people around and a loving boyfriend that you’d been with for two years now.

Jughead was the love of your life, there was no doubt about that.

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chim-chim-jibooty  asked:

Headcanon. Jikook having a make out session in the car with the others cringing. Jimin sitting in Jungkook's lap ass perky as hell //sorry I'm a slut for the jibooty//


•They had just won first place for spring day and were on their way back to the dorm
•jikook had been distant from each other bc of the cameras and backstage people
•when they had won firstvplace theyd been so exited and happy jimin almost jumped jungkook right on stage
•when theyd gotten to the car, they sat in the backseat
•jimin wasted no time before he was straddling jungkook and kissing him
•the others groaned and complained but jungkook just brushed them off by grabbing and squeezing jimins ass
•they made out the whole ride home the rest of the members debating throwing themselves out the car
•even the manager driving the bus would rather crash the car than have to hear one more moan come from jungkook or jimin
•jikook are very vocal when making out, and they both use the word baby a lot
•when they finally get to the dorm, the other members are gone in seconds, saying stuff like “we need to start separating them” and “do they ever take a break” and “istg if i ever hear the word daddy come out of either of their mouths again im kicking them out of bts”
•jikook end up locking themselves in the car to continue
•everyone is scarred


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▪ Delta wolf
▪ In charge when Taeil is away
▪ Takes shit off of no one
▪ Was that guy in high school
▪ Notorious player
▪ He just randomly got the title tbh
▪ He just smirked at a few girls
▪ Flirted here and there
▪ Next thing he knew he was hearing how he slept with everyone
▪ Didn’t really care
▪ Gentle soul tbh
▪ Killer smile
▪ No one can resist it
▪ Really does not care for what you have to say
▪ Quick to anger
▪ Likes to hunt
▪ Slightly uncontrollable
▪ Aggressive
▪ Possessive
▪ But really don’t piss him off
▪ Mistaken for the Alpha because of his aura
▪ Border patrols with Hansol
▪ He saw you one night
▪ On his way for snacks at 2 am
▪ Like always cause he’s a little piggy
▪ You were working a late shift
▪ Needless to say you needed to find a new job after meeting him
▪ Long story short
▪ You locked eyes
▪ Ended up making out in the back room
▪ Been his ever since
▪ No one touches you
▪ Literally no one
▪ The second most protective of his lover
▪ Bite marks
▪ Not just little red teeth marks
▪ Deep, scaring bite marks
▪ ‘Y-Yuta! What the hell!?’ - You
▪ ‘What? No one will mess with you.’ - Him, smugly
▪ ‘Unless they think I got attacked by a wild animal!’ - You
▪ ‘Oh no- would you like me to show you how you’d look if you were attacked by an animal?’ - Him, smirking
▪ You just kind of stop talking
▪ Walking away to clean the wound
▪ He’s a smug little shit
▪ Secretly just wants to be touched
▪ Pet
▪ Held
▪ Adored like a little prince
▪ Your fingers in his hair
▪ Kissing all over him
▪ Pampering him
▪ Showing him you love him
▪ Never
▪ Ever
▪ Shows a weak side to the pack
▪ Puts up a front that no one has broken through
▪ You are the only person who really knows Nakamoto Yuta
▪ His tail is sensitive
▪ Likes to run
▪ Swerving passed trees
▪ You are literally waiting for his cocky ass to slam right into one
▪ Always pacing in wolf form
▪ Curls around you at night meetings
▪ Keeps you warm
▪ Lets you sleep against him
▪ Though in human form
▪ You are the big spoon
▪ Is more like a cat in human form tbh
▪ He likes to cook for you
▪ Matching tattoos
▪ If you steal his shirt he will most likely steal yours
▪ Dumbass

V + Saeran not added because this seemed to get too repetitive *finger guns away*

  • He thinks its amazing that you’re known for your creativity and skill– Sighs and wishes he could be known like that with acting; But instead its all about his looks and voice in that area. But you, You’re known for ripping out hearts, stepping on them, and killing off fan favorites at a minutes notice. And he loves you for it, you sadistic little angel you.
  • Regardless he doesn’t really understand how hard writing actually is since.. he’s never really written before? One of those people that think you just throw a few words down and bam you’re done like no baby. no. we all wish it could be like that.
  • So he’s really surprised to see the process of it all; The writers block, the procrastinating, the editing and re-reading, the doubting yourself, then the random spurts of creativity where all you do is sit and write for hours. And he’s really never seen something more frustrating. It looks like such a tedious thing, he definitely takes back what he said about it being easy.
  • “ And she took the blade into her palms… No– That doesn’t sound right.. ” He watched with wide eyes as you wrote and rewrote sentences over and over again, he thought everything sounded fine? But you didn’t seem to like it. He knew you were tired, he’s told you multiple times to take a break but you refused. Insisting you had to get at least one chapter done tonight if anything.
  • He just sighs at your stubbornness with a knowing smile, offering you some tea or hot cocoa which you graciously accept. He’ll even try and help you with writing by sitting on the couch beside you and letting you read what you’ve written to him. Rereading it helps you catch mistakes and odd phrases or sentences, which is helpful. But he always says “ It sounds fine? Why are you deleting it? ” Z e n.
    • I feel like Jumin someday would love to write a memoir of some sorts, so when he finds out you’re an author he thinks thats perfect– You could help him with it if you’re feeling up to it.
    • But seeing how stressed and busy you usually are makes him not want to bring up the idea. He cant believe writing could be this tedious. He gives you a little room in his house as an office for you to work in and you’re in it constantly. When he comes home from work thats the first place he checks, surrounded with stress relieving candles and a cup of whatever you’re liking at the moment. He begs you to come to bed with him, but seeing as you wont budge he’ll pull up a chair and stay with you.
    • “ You’re adding too many big words. Your targeted audience wont understand a lot of that. ” Oh, he’s right. Actually its nice to have Jumin reading over your shoulder. Stressful as hell but he catches mistakes quickly and gives his honesty on certain phrases and sentences; since he’s read practically billions of books in his 27 years.
    • Eventually you get the chapter done after nearly a week and sheepishly show it to him. He reads it with a concentrated expression, not willing to give away any hint of emotion.
    • When he’s all done you ask him what he thinks about it. “ Its lovely, you capture the scenery beautifully and the emotions of your characters. I enjoyed it; as will others, my love. ” He praises you for your hard work by giving you a kiss on the top of the head and rubbing your (very sore) back softly. He’s proud of you. and youre pretty damn proud of yourself too? this man better give you a back rub for hours tonight because sitting at a desk for so long nearly killed you holy shit
    • Oh boy does he wish he had your patience and skill. never would admit this but he really lowkey wants you to write LOLOL fanfiction of his characters for him
    • He cant believe how much you work though. It seems like you’re on your laptop for decades on end and he hates it! Usually spends an hour or two on LOLOL before getting bored and checking up on you.
    • Aaaand youre still at your laptop looking like you’re ready to kill a man. Lovely.
    • “ MCCC…. ” He’s so whiney when you overwork yourself. He wants attention badly but you tell him youre busy. even though we all know you’ve been staring at that empty screen contemplating the meaning of life for hours now. dont lie.
    • Snuggles into your side and asks you about what your writing and such. He sees obviously not much progress being done on the screen, but he’s pretty sure you know that already..
    • Eventually he’ll encourage you to write for five minutes, take a quick break to stroke his hair and pay attention to the movie he put on ages ago, then return back to your five minutes of writing. It wasn’t much, but he didn’t want to complain.
    • Shes thought about becoming an author in the past; but never ended up taking it up. shes written zen fan-fiction before though so she knows a little somethin’ somethin’ about writing.
    • She finds herself cleaning your office a lot. Theres so many coffee cups in here MC. Did you sleep last night?
    • My character slept does that count?
    • No.
    • She eventually gives up on trying to place a schedule with you since you’re always tucked away inside that gross little office you could practically call home. So investing in a laptop for you was a much needed decision; make or break sort of thing. You can write and be within ten feet of her at the same time cant you?
    • Learns to adapt to your odd and unhealthy writing schedule as long as she can still snuggle with you while you’re at it. And you’re sweet enough to turn down the brightness of the screen when its late at night too so it doesn’t hurt her eyes, so sweet.
    • She loves to read your past books while you work and ends up curiously asking for some slight spoilers, which you don’t exactly tell her since.. Well you don’t really know yourself. She finds this funny though that you wrote the book but you don’t even know how it ends. But yet gets a bit excited thinking of all the power she has by being your girlfriend… 10/10 WILL crush you with her thighs if you kill off her favorite character.
    • He’s always asking you to write the weirdest shit for him just because you know how? seven I will not write a Yooseven / LOLOL crossover au. and dont break the forth wall youre scaring me.
    • Probably out of everyone he knows how hard it is on you to sit at a desk and stare at a screen when you need to get something done. Hacking and writing are different even if he insists otherwise, writing a small haiku into the programming of your computer to prove his point. *finger guns* why are you like this
    • He hates how you leave for so long to write but he gets its your job. He just wishes it wasn’t. So he gets insanely whiny about it, knocking on your office door and coming in asking “Are you all done now?” almost every five minutes. Luciel. Sh. Focus time.
    • You end up locking him out of the room but he doesnt take that very well and turns to passing notes under the crack of the door;
      “ Are you done now.. .. .. …… . . ”
      With his signature mini seven doodle attached or sometimes a poorly drawn elizabeth the 3rd in the corner. He was distracting you and he knew it, but he never stops until you’re chasing him halfway across the house with a broom to get him to shoo.
    • Eventually he might give up, but thats rare. You have no choice but to let him in and allow him to spin around on a wheely chair while you give him spoilers for upcoming chapters. He always gives you, quite dramatic, feedback; like gasping loudly whenever you say something “ intense ” is going to happen to your characters. Or trying to convince you to kill every single character in a fit of rage and passion. No Saeyoung. No. N'aw.. He thought it would be a great idea.