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170218 BTS The Wings Tour in Seoul - Spring Day 봄날
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so update accounts on Twitter are spreading around a petition for people to sign, and literally begging for more tour dates, so that Harry will add more tour dates to his first tour? are you… kidding me? why can’t they just leave things alone and be happy for those who got tickets? why are they forgetting that Harry’s probably going to be around for years and years, touring albums and performing new songs and feeding us what we long for?

fans also seem to be getting mad at the wrong person with all of this. yes, it’s Harry first solo tour and yes, Harry had a say in where he wanted to perform… but, he probably didn’t get into specifics and say he definitely wanted to perform in a specific arena in a specific country under a specific capacity. his tour team and management are the ones who organise that… it’s not Harry’s fault that he’s not coming to your country, or that he’s not selling enough tickets or he’s only doing one date for a specific place.

it honestly breaks my heart that not all of us will have the opportunity to see him on his first tour. it really does. i cannot stress that enough… because… we all deserve to see him on his FIRST tour, performing his FIRST album, as a solo act for the FIRST time. we got him here. we supported him up until this point. it would be a perfect thing to give back to us for all those sleepless nights and money spent on him. 

so - and i cannot stress this enough - i’m not trying to be horrible to those who don’t have tickets, because it is unfair that you didn’t any for this tour and i wish he did have bigger venues to be able to hold all of us, but, i highly doubt Harry’s team will add more shows because they seem to have it all set out in stone of where Harry wants to go and what venues are best suited to him for this tour. if they add more, they’ll either have to bring the start of the tour closer or make him work right after New Year in order to get these extra dates performed and done. which means, he’ll have no time to properly celebrate the new year with his family… which is something he missed out on when being in the band… his career is now under his control. 

these update accounts make it sound like this is his ONE and ONLY tour and that when it finishes, it’ll be completely over for Harry and he’ll disappear from us for the rest of his life and do nothing else… completely forgetting that he literally indirectly tweeted saying that he’ll (most probably) tour next year - “if you’ll have me”. he’ll be back. he’ll tour again! and before we know it, he’ll be in stadiums, performing to 90,000 people with the best aesthetic and the best music and the best stage presence. he’s easing himself into that. dipping his toe into the water, if you will. he’ll be there - it just takes some time.

i don’t know why, and i don’t to sound whiny or be a bitch to those who didn’t get tickets, but, this really annoyed me… maybe because i’ve seen it all over my Twitter timeline… update accounts kind of urk me in the wrong direction anyway, but, this is just the tip for me right now. :((


Josh Dun X Reader

Request: Could you write in imagine where you and josh recently got married but when he has finally come home from tour he barely spends any time with you and you get upset about it so you try to talk to him about it but he yells at you and a big fight happens but then you guys make up and it’s cute yay? ❤️

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Europe/UK Playlists!

So – going to the first two & last three shows of @teganandsara’s European tour seems to have worked out well, though I may possibly be jetlagged forever.   I met so many cool people and had so much fun hanging out with you all.   I love the beginnings and ends of tours because the energy is usually so different. :)  Full playlists for all of them are up!

Oslo, Norway @ Rockefeller Music Hall - 1/29/17

Stockholm, Sweden @ Nobelberget - 1/30/17

Glasgow, Scotland @ O2 ABC - 2/17/17

Birmingham, England @ O2 Institute - 2/18/17 (My birthday! :D)

Dublin, Ireland @ Vicar Street - 2/19/17 (200th show OMG WTF)

(request) I Want To Taste You

V/Reader oneshot vampire/highschool au

Genre: smut/fluff

Warnings: vampire things

Word count: 2,113

Request: taehyung vampire smut

A/N: I didn’t mean for this to be so long I’m so sorry it just kind of happened and the fluff just kind of crept in there


  As class president you had a lot of responsibility and you enjoyed it, there was just one tiny part of your job you didn’t enjoy. Showing new students around. You’d only ever done it once or twice before and it was always uncomfortable. Speaking in front of your class mates who you’d known for years was easy, speaking to a stranger always left you shaken and tongue tied. So when your tutor pulled you aside after class and told you a new student would be joining your day was ruined.

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frank always acknowledges that he knows who am at the end of tours but never at the beginning so I can’t figure out if he actually always remembers who I am or if I’m just a face he sees 5 times in a row and is like..guess I gotta ask her name now

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when do u think the tour for this album will be?? end of 2017?? beginning of 2018??

If the album does come out sometime between August-September, i think the tour would start early 2018 with the exception of a few stand-off shows, like the macys parade or today show, GMA, talk shows, etc.


The Beginning or the End par Max Rive - Photo Tours
Via Flickr :
Taken in Iceland a few hours after sunrise Same photo on 500px

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Hey! I found your blog recently and I also just started listening to MFS and I really like their music. I'm a bit lost as to where to start to learn more about them and their motivation/thoughts behind their music since it's been a couple years since they've debuted. What would you suggest?

Hello (^^)v Welcome to the fandom.

I’m guessing you probably discovered them through their more popular songs like ALONE, 不可逆リプレイス or the more recent ones like Missing You. Firstly, too many people get caught up in singer Hiro’s family relations and ignore the other members. So, I would highly encourage a new fan to NOT follow that crowd XD

There are basically 4 aspects to MFS that all fans need to know OR you won’t understand the band and what diehard fans talk about:

1. Band members & the personnel changes.
2. Their musical roots especially the main songwriter Sho Tsuchiya + their twin band named fromus.
3. Hiro’s lyrics in relations to his life story.
4. The important people in their team especially their boss GEN, A&R exec KTR (Kentaro Suzuki) from Japan Music System (JMS) & circle of friends. Also, their earliest mentor K ( Kei Goto) the late singer of Pay Money To My Pain (PTP).


1. Sho Tsuchiya ~ leader, guitarist, main composer (currently only functions behind the scene & as a non-touring member)
2. Nob @ Nobuaki Katou ~ bassist
3. Teru @ Teruki Nishizawa ~ guitarist (many like to categorize him as rhythm guitarist when Sho was in but I personally disagree because he played both lead & rhythm guitars even from the 1st album)
4. Kid'z ~ drummer (officially joined on 3 Mar 2016)
5. Hiro @ Hiroki Moriuchi ~ vocalist, lyricist
6. Masack @ Masaki Kojima ~ drummer (officially left on 3 Mar 2016)

MFS current members “deactivated" from public social media in early 2016. So, don’t bother looking XD


Sho’s hiatus:
Sho remains as a member. He announced his hiatus in October 2015. I won’t call it “inactive" like some people do because he’s still composing with them and most recently served as the Sound Producer for ANTITHESE. He’s just not a touring member for now. He didn’t give specific reason other than family matter.

Drummer change:
Masaki didn’t state why he left but it looked like he didn’t want to be tied down to only one genre of music. He was active playing outside MFS before his departure. So, he probably wanted that musical freedom even though he loves MFS. But his decision was enough to badly crush the two youngest members at the time, Hiro and Teruki, from what I observed. Those two younger men were still emotionally dealing with Sho’s hiatus at that moment.
Kid'z is their friend / labelmate who had always got along well with Teru & Hiro. He had worked together with Sho & Nob before too. Co-incidentally, his band officially split up in Nov 2015. So, he was the natural choice to replace Masaki. But Kid'z was drumming as a sessionist musician for singer ナノ(nano) at the time MFS took him. He stopped using his real name and took on a stage name Kid'z* after that. 

* I personally don’t use his real name in public anymore out of respect for his decision. Understandably, he was initially worried about MFS fans’ reaction. Also, it was and probably still is an awkward situation for him regarding his former bandmates when their band split up and he went to their biggest rival band just a few months later. So, I chose to respect his wish to start anew.


On my blog so far, the interview that tells their formation year story the most is this one from GEKIROCK.

MFS GEKIROCK Interview March 2016 Translation

The band did describe how they got together in this video interview around minutes 01:42 to 02:58.

My Japanese listening ability is not up to that point yet though, sorry. Hiro explained how he and Sho met at a PTP concert. Couldn’t catch what Sho said about Hiro & Masaki with the music playing in the background :-/ Hiro also said he and Teru knew each other when they were high school students. Well, the GEKIROCK interview is a pretty good picture of their history.

FOR OLD PHOTOS of MFS, check out these places:

My First Story Unofficial fanpage on FB
My First Story Thailand fanpage on FB
ex-drummer Masaki Kojima’s Twitter @kojimasa 


Ignore whatever musical comparison people made about them and OOR. The real band to compare MFS to is their real twin band fromus, a piano-rock unit. I made an entry about them here.


I personally feel that musically, MFS first two albums are the direct guitar edition fromus. Just take MFS, change the singer & then the guitars to piano. You’ll get fromus.


They do have influences from old school hard rock & metal. Sho and Nob are already in their 30s. Both men said they started on guitar with British rock legend Deep Purple’s Smoke On The Water. Guitarist Teruki grew up with a heavy-metal-music-loving father and would often cite Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica as his early influences.


If you want to see their musical & lyrical evolution, try to listen to their songs chronologically from the 1st album to the current work.

Albums & Singles

1. MY FIRST STORY ~ MV Second Limit & Take It Back
2. THE STORY IS MY LIFE ~ MVs The Story Is My Life & The Reason
3. 最終回STORY (Saishukai STORY)
4. BONEDS (a joint 4-band project in which they contributed 2 songs)
5. BLACK RAIL ~ MVs Black Rail & FAKE
6. 不可逆リプレイス ( Fukagyaku Replace) ~ their breakthrough song IMO
7. 虚言NEUROSE ~ MVs 虚言NEUROSE, Child Error & Someday (lyrics MV available on Livehouse iOS App & STORYTELLER website)
9. ANTITHESE ~ MVs The Puzzle (exclusive for STORYTELLER members only), Missing You (there’s another STORYTELLER-only version too) & Last Call

Update: 12 Jan 2016. Sorry I forgot the MVs from the ALONE single XD

They also have a special 2-track single dedicated to band leader Sho Tsuchiya, released to the public at the Budokan called:

We’re Just Waiting 4 You (available at MAGIC ROOM while stock lasts)

DVD Collection so far:

1. THE STORY IS MY LIFE Final at Shibuya Club Quattro (bundled with 最終回STORY) ~ the only official DVD released when Hiro still sported his natural black hair colour.
2. The Ending of the Beginning at Ebisu Liquidroom.
4. ITSUWARI NEUROSE Tour Final at Shinkiba Studio Coast.
5. MFS at A.V.E.S.T. Vol.9 (released as a free bonus for ANTITHESE Pre-order)

TIDBITS Info (^_-)

Hiro called 虚言NEUROSE creation process as “creating a human-like superhero" & the sound as “listening to the radio in the city“. Does that make any sense to you? LOL. Read what he said in this interview:

Hiro’s Interview with Rockin’ On Japan magazine Jan 2015


Sho let Hiro be in charge of lyrics writing from the start (from an interview for Yamaha Music).

Hiro comes from a famous family thanks to his parents and his successful brother. As a result, he was heavily thrashed on the internet by people who disliked his “easy entry” into the music industry. Hiro used to be very active on Twitter but the criticism against him soon turned into cyber-bullying. I personally had seen the cruel things people wrote about him on Japanese 2ch forum.

I can only guess what happened that drove Hiro to leave social media. Other than abusive online comments, some people probably took advantage of his Twitter presence by sending inappropriate messages or even being intrusive about his brother Taka’s personal life. He tweeted an angry response about 2ch on 14 Feb 2013. Then he wrote on his blog on Ameblo (now deleted / deactivated(?)) that “people’s words can hurt". A few months later, he tweeted “I started blocking fucked up people" in English. Not long after, he tweeted his final tweet “Goodbye forever" and abandoned Twitter in Sept 2013.

He then channeled his anger through the song BLACK RAIL in 2014. He explained it in this interview.

Hiro MFS Rolling Stone Japan Aug 2014 Interview Translation

From then on, a lot of his lyrics reflected what he was going through while writing them.

It must be noted that the special project singles ALONE & 不可逆リプレイス (Fukagyaku Replace) were written for the themes of those projects. Hiro talked at length about ALONE around its release and there are a bunch of them that I posted on this blog.

For details on ALONE Project with HAL College, read these posts:

HAL Project Special Musician Interview with MFS Translation

MY FIRST STORY Flying Postman Interview Translation

Hiro’s ALONE Blog Translation

What is HAL Project & HAL College?

不可逆リプレイス / Fukagyaku Replace was made for the historical anime Nobunaga Concerto. Interesting to note that Hiro wrote the lyrics not from the main character Saburo’s point of view but the other guy Michi. The lines, “I don’t know why but you saved me ………… “ all the way to “I will follow you ….. keep you close to me,” were directly inspired by what Michi said to Saburo in the finale or Episode 10.

The lyrics of Someday are for the late K.
Hiro said in Kaohsiung, Taiwan that “This is a very important song to me,“.

His blog entry translation on K’s death

ANTITHESE Lyrics & Hiro’s personal stories

The Puzzle & Tomorrowland are about his heartbreak over Masaki’s departure.
Home is about his family who split up after his parents divorced.


1. GEN ~ boss, owner of INTACT Records, owner of Zephyren, organizer of AVEST Project, formerly of Subciety clothing brand.
Twitter : @Zephyren_gen
Instagram : Zephyren Gen

2. KTR (Kentaro Suzuki) ~ A&R + marketing exec of JMS, marketing exec of Deviluse clothing, regularly seen at MFS video shoots and concerts.
Twitter : @kkktttrrr,
Instagram: Kentaro Suzuki

3. The late K @ Kei Goto ~ vocalist of Pay Money To My Pain (PTP), mentor in MFS early days.

4. Nori (producer), Makiko (merchandising) but she’s better known now as the lady who covered Rassungorerai with Hiro XD

5. Japan Music System (JMS) ~ the music distribution company specializing in indie music and the one that markets/promotes MFS music
YouTube Channel: JMSTV
Online shop for bands’ merchandise: MAGIC ROOM ONLINE STORE

5. Circle of friends among many:  
Shirakawa-san (SAKAEYA clothing shop manager) ~ the members regularly visit his shop.
Twitter: @sakaeyatencho

~ artists they had musically collaborated with.

The funny interview with Hiro & KOJI about the Sink Like A Stone collaboration in which Hiro admitted the song’s high notes were difficult to sing is here.


All MFS members let go of their individual public social media after the club was launched in 2016. If you’re interested to join, feel free to ask questions on how to do that.

In case you have an iOS mobile device ……..

JMS created a Japan-only iOS App called LIVEHOUSE where they feature videos from JMS artists. The videos vary from live performances, interviews, behind the scenes etc. However, if you create a different Apple ID specifically for Japan iTunes account, you can still download the App and watch those videos even if you don’t live in Japan.

*Update (12 Jan 2016): You will then get to watch videos like this one!

Lastly yet very important, don’t believe any ridiculous claim about Hiro and his brother Taka hating each other because they don’t. You’ll find such comments at some point, I’m sure. These two brothers love and support each other away from the public eye and rightfully keep their family relationship private.

I hope that will give you a good start (^_-)


Sufjan Stevens ft. Gallant | Hotline Bling | 11.5.15

in honor of all the new sufjan entering the universe, i decided to upload front row footage of the man himself covering drake’s hotline bling w/ gallant. this was videoed by my sweet mama while i stood up and danced because the world is abundant - so i apologize for the quality. i feel truly blessed to have seen three iterations of this tour -  beginning, middle, and end. each show was a tremendous display of the depths of despair and the triumphs of faith; each show came at poignant times in my own life. the first show in May was raw, visceral, and spiritual.  November’s show (the day i found out i was accepted to grad school) was one of the first with the hotline bling addition, which seemed to me a beautiful sign of hope and momentum (keep it moving!). July’s show at panorama nyc was the fully bedazzled suf, complete with wings and adz-ian cacophony -a full circle experience. we are in awe of you, suf.
blind faith | god’s grace | nothing else left to impart

ki-bumkey  asked:

Heey! I'm a new follower! Can i have a svt reaction? How would they react to you both having a fight a day before he is leaving for a tour? Thanks 🌻

Welcome new follower! Were glad to have you join us and thank you so much for the request.


He’d be fairly upset having to leave thing the way they were, but work is work. He’d call you up multiple times to try and straighten out whatever you were fighting about when ever he get the chance. 


You two would have gotten over some heated discussions about some thing, idk, like what spice should go in the stew, but then branched off into something else so the fight just kept getting more heated. he’d be in the middle of saying something back when he’d remember the tour. “well you know what….*sigh* actually i’m sorry, i don’t even know why we’re fighting”


Josh honestly wouldn’t leave until he had set things right with you. He’d call you over to the dorm just before they’d leave and fix what had been broken, then give you a hug and kiss goodbye. 


 This boy omg. He comes of as quite proud so he’d leave off on tour with out saying anything to you, but after a while he’d begin to regret it and phone you as soon as possible to apologize to you. 


 The poor boy. After the fight he’d probably storm off back to the dorm to complain to the other members. But the next day when there in the car on the way to the concert he’d realize he shouldn’t have left you like that and would probably bring his mood down until he could personally tell you he’s sorry. (honest to glob this boy is impossible to find sad gifs for, so my apologize)


“Fine, you want to be like this? Alright then I’ll see you in a month when you’ve thought this over”. He’d probably leave pretty pissed, believing you were the one who started the fight in the first place. But he’d probably re think about it over the course of the tour and tell you when he gets back that he’s sorry and that it was no one’s fault.


He wouldn’t get over it easily, he would carry that frustration with him for most of the tour. when it started coming closer to the end of the tour he would be tried and begin to regret not making things up with you. He’d get back from the tour and show up at your door with a single rose. “I’m sorry jagi, I shouldn’t have left things the way they were.”


This little sunshine would try his hardest to stay positive throughout the tour, but the members would begin to notice that he wasn’t act like himself, he’d probably vent to hoshi or one of the other members and they’d convince him to call you right now to resolve it even if it’s late at night


At first after the fight he’d want to give you sometime before calling you because he knew you needed some space, but leaving something like this would bother him to no end if he didn’t get it resolved sooner rather than later. He would ask his manager to stop by your apartment just before they left so he could leave a letter he wrote as an apologie.


Cute little dumpling. He’d walk back to the dorm after the fight and it would hit him suddenly that he was going to be gone for some time because of the tour. He run back to your place and probably pull you in for an immediate hug and apologize over and over again. 


The guilt would be real for him. He would want to make up with you as soon as possible with you, but if it wasn’t an option he’d remind you everyday while he was on tour that he was sorry, as well that he loved you until he got back from tour.


He’d probably be very frustrated after the fight thinking something along the lines off “i’m glad i’m leaving on tour, maybe then she’ll apologize because she misses me so much.” But reason would kick in and guilt would sweep over him. Its would probably be early but you’d get a really long text of apology from him. 


Please don’t make this poor boy cry T-T. He’d get really upset like almost to the brink of tears trying to apologize to you and explain that he doesn’t want to leave you like this. Even if you did except his apologize, he’d still feel really guilty.

- Admin Alisa

Doing it Right #23

Peyton’s POV

Since I told Jack about the pregnancy, things got significantly better in our lives. I returned to work after our Thanksgiving in Omaha while Jack and Johnson continued to plan their tour. They finally decided they wouldn’t start until April, when their European leg of the tour would begin. It landed that the tour would end in the beginning of August to ensure Jack would be home in time for when the baby would be born. The only thing left to plan was our wedding. The original date was supposed to be around October but we scratched that since our baby would only be a few months old, we couldn’t handle planning a wedding, too. Jack had suggested we just put the wedding on hold for a while, until we could figure things out. I agreed it was a smart idea.
“Hey babe, how was your day?” I asked Jack as he crawled into bed next to me.
He had been at the studio working late with Johnson and Nate. The three of them had a new song set to release before the tour.
“Long,” he mumbled as he laid down.
“I think we should get marry next week,” I suddenly said.
Jack had previously been tired but now he was wide awake. He sat up and looked at me.
“Next week?” He asked, his eyes wide.
I nodded.
“Next week.”
“Peyton, that’s hardly enough time to plan a wedding,” he said.
“I know, it’s crazy, but I want to.”
“Why? I thought we agreed to wait until after the baby was born?”
I sighed.
“It’s just, I don’t want to be fat and gross for our wedding, I want to feel beautiful and I haven’t started showing yet-”
Jack cut me off.
“You could never look fat and gross,” he told me.
“You know what I mean,” I pouted.
“Okay. Let’s do it,” he said.
I looked at him in surprise.
“Yes, if that’s what you want, then let’s do it, let’s get married next week!”
I flung my arms around him.
“I love you, I love you, I love you!” I giggled into his neck.
“Our moms are going to kill us,” he chuckled.
“I’ll go call them right now!” I said and crawled out of bed. “Goodnight, Jay, I love you, baby!”

Jack’s POV

Peyton blew me a kiss and scampered out of our room to go call our moms. I couldn’t help but smile as I rolled over to go to bed. She was crazy. But I loved it. Plus the thought of finally being married to the girl of my dreams in just a week, sounded pretty incredible. I decided I should let the boys know before I fell asleep. I picked up my phone and sent out a quick text. They were about to give me so much shit for it. I laughed at the thought and then put my phone down, I could wait for their responses until the morning.


When I woke up, I found the bed the way I fell asleep: empty. I looked over to see the time. It was around 10 am. I remembered it was Saturday morning so Peyton wasn’t working. Where could she be? Did she even go to sleep? I rubbed my eyes and crawled out of bed. I didn’t bother to put on a shirt so I walked downstairs in just my shorts. I found Peyton sitting at the dining room table surrounded by papers and her laptop.
“Well look at you,” I chuckled while walking over to kiss her head. “Did you come to bed last night?”
“Just for a quick nap,” Peyton answered, her eyes not leaving the computer screen once.
“Peyton that’s not good, you need your rest,” I told her while taking a seat in the chair across from her.
“I also have a wedding to plan!” She said, looking up to give me a smile.
“Fine, well let me help, what can I do?”
“You can shower and then pick our moms up from the airport.”
“They’re here?” I asked.
“Yes, they want to help with the planning,” Peyton explained.
I chuckled.
“You girls,” I said while standing up. “Sure, I’ll go pick them up.”
With that, I walked back upstairs to our room to get ready and tried to prepare myself for the chaotic week ahead.

Peyton’s POV

As I sat at the dining room table, I couldn’t believe how much there was to do. My head hurt and I was tired. I sighed and picked up my phone. I needed Grace.
“I’ll be there in ten,” she said to me once I explained everything.
A wave of relief rushed over me. Grace would be here soon and then Katherine and my mom. That was plenty of help. We would be able to plan a wedding in a week…right? I tried to not think about it or else I could seriously freak out. As I gave myself a break from scouring the Internet for a bakery, I decided to call Johnson.
“Johnson, it’s Peyton,” I said.
“Hi Pey, I hear you had the crazy idea of getting married in a week,” he laughed on the phone.
“That was me,” I giggled. “But listen, I’m going to need your help. You have to get the boys all fittings for their tuxes and plan Jack a bachelor party, okay?” I instructed him.
“Don’t worry, P, you can count on me. Just take care of all the other stuff, I’ll handle the boys.”
I smiled at Johnson’s words. He always had a way of comforting.
“Thank you, Johnson, I love you,” I told him.
“I love you too, Pey, now get back to planning!” He joked.
I hung up the phone and dove back into planning. This week was going to be a long one.

I wanted to write briefly to thank everyone for the overwhelming amount of messages we have all had over the last week, even the handful of people I’ve bumped into since the announcement. So many stories about little events and crossovers of significance our band has had, accidentally or otherwise, with you in the last ten years or so. It’s all truly appreciated and really re-affirmed what an amazing time it has been. So, thank you.

On a personal note, The Maccabees always meant the absolute world to me. It has given me incredible purpose and been the place where I have lived out what were childhood dreams. I am very grateful for that. We were what I considered to be as authentic a band as you could get, from putting a band together in a bedroom as teenagers and learning between ourselves, literally starting being totally unable to play, to making four albums, writing and recording everything ourselves from the beginning to the end, touring the world and making the band our lives into our thirties. Part of being in a group that works is just the coincidence of the right collection of people meeting each other at the right time. It’s that little thing that just makes a band it’s own and inimitable. I believe we had that.

It was far from unblemished and, as tends to happen when you are learning in public, there were a lot of calamities, which though at the time were mortifying, with hindsight, are just really funny. Personally, given the chance I probably would take back shouting ‘FELIX!” down the microphone to a very silent but very full Birmingham NIA (supporting Ben Folds, ten years ago) when asked by someone in the front row, ‘What’s your name?”, him just trying to point out we hadn’t told the crowd what the band were called yet. It’s one of many.

Amongst those though, we made some huge strides, laughed a lot and were part of some really special shows. In the early days they were chaotic, drunk and frenetic, and in the latter they felt fully attentive, impassioned and multi-dimensional. Though the nature of the shows changed quite dramatically across the years I, almost always, felt borderline euphoric on stage with the band, looking across and seeing my brother, for a while both brothers even, and friends I had grown up with playing this music we had made and that I loved. Of course, there were more than a handful of really average gigs, some of which I’m sure you witnessed yourselves, but there were also no doubt some really magical ones too. When you have been part of something like that it is an absolute buzz, a really unexplainable thing. I used to walk around still fuelled by them, on top of the world, for weeks after they happened. Just as valuable to me as those over time were the never-ending hours travelling on buses, sleeping on airport floors, generally waiting around and turning killing time into an art form on tour between all of us, road crew and whoever else happened to be there. I wouldn’t be surprised if the waiting around, having moaned about it pretty much for the duration, is the thing I miss the most once we have had distance.

There were long spells too when making a record felt so impossible that we were never going to get out of it sane. We poured so much detail into the writing and the making that over the 14 years we probably made less music than we could have done. Sometimes we just felt like we were going backwards for months. But we always got there, always finished with evolved music, something different from the last and a progression of where we had been, and those records always took us to new places too. It wasn’t for everyone. But I loved it all. I really, honestly did. It’s where I learnt to play guitar, write music and have lived out my entire adult life until now. I’d recommend being in a band to anyone. I feel like we did it on our own terms and always immersed ourselves really passionately into what our group stood for. It was a magical time.

I’m looking forward to what is next. We’ll wait and see exactly what that is whilst the dust settles. The future is a bit unknown, but then again, it kind of always is. Thank you again to all those that shared in any of the good times over the years!!! The farewell shows should be great I hope.

See you soon and lots of love,

Watch on fyjjong.tumblr.com

during minho’s backstage interview (which can be viewed above) at the 31st golden disk awards the mc asked him what shinee’s plans are for the year. ninho mentioned their japanese tour (which begins at the end of the month), and then said that there’s a “possibility” that shinee will be releasing a new album this year (in korea) after the tour ends. (source)