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Imagine though, one day after many weeks of being their "son" Jack makes the mistake to snap at them. "Stop it! Just.. stop this charade! You're not my real dads, you never will be! We're not even the same species!" etc. And ho boy, KO and BD are MAD! KO mostly mad, BD mostly hurt and sad... which makes KO even madder! They're just so angry at Jack. They want to have this little (dysfunctional) family on the side of the war that's going on. They later remind him of the threat of hurting his mom.

Jack knew he had made a mistake the instant the words left his mouth.  The oppressive silence that followed hung in the air around the three figures present like a dense fog.  For a moment, all Jack could hear were his own shaky breaths and the pounding of his blood in his ears.  His fists remain tightly clenched and trembling down at his sides as he sucked in air through clenched teeth.

Neither of the two mechs had moved.  Breakdown’s hand still hovered awkwardly in mid-air, reaching out to pull Jack in for another embrace, another brush of his hair, another sickening display of affection that Jack simply couldn’t stomach anymore.  Breakdown looked as though he had been slapped.

Knock Out loomed over Jack in the dim, shadowy light of the habsuite.  His gleaming, red optics burned like hellfire in the gloom as his gaze bored into Jack with an intense, barely contained fury.  When he spoke, his voice was frighteningly calm.

“Apologize,” he said.

Jack swallowed heavily, forcing himself to meet the burning red eyes with quiet defiance.  Breakdown’s optics briefly flickered over to his partner before focusing once again on the trembling boy.

Knock Out took a few, purposeful, menacing steps towards Jack.  The corners of his mouth and optics twitched slightly as his thin veneer of control started to slip.  “Jack,” Knock Out growled, his eyes boring into Jack’s own with a cold fury that made him shudder in fear as well as anger.  “Apologize to your father and me.  Right.  Now…”

Jack remained rooted to the spot.  He stared up at the monstrous creature before him with a mixture of absolute terror and loathing.  He was shaking so violently that his breaths were coming through in harsh, ragged gasps.  His eyes stung with un-shed, hot, angry tears and there was a tightness in his throat that made it difficult for him to speak.  There was a heavy, tension-filled paused that engulfed the two of them for a brief moment before Jack felt his anger and wounded pride overwhelm his sense of self-preservation.

“You’re not my parents,” he hissed with all the venom he had been holding back since this nightmare began.  “You never will be.”

Knock Out’s eyes flashed in primal rage as he lunged for Jack with a guttural snarl.  Breakdown cried out in protest as the deadly sharp talons closed around Jack’s lanky frame, lifting him into the air to meet Knock Out’s poisonous gaze.  Jack hissed in pain as he struggled against the constricting hold of the vice-like claws.  

“Need I remind you what’s at stake here for you, boy?” Knock Out snarled, the usual oily smoothness of  his tone replaced by a harsh, animalistic growl.  His grip around Jack tightened, causing the boy to gasp for air.  “We made a deal, Jack!  You better start holding up your end of the bargain!  Or do I need to pay a visit to that precious mother of yours?!”

Knock Out stormed over to the opposite side of the room, brushing past Breakdown who merely stepped out of his way with a look of fearful apprehension.  Knock Out reached for the bottom drawer of his desk, yanking it open with a growl of frustration.  He roughly tossed Jack inside, causing him to hit the metal bottom with a dull thud.  Jack scrambled away from him, gazing back up at his captor with frightened, tear-filled eyes.  Knock Out loomed over the opening of the drawer, the sinister purple light of the habsuite outlining his frame and shrouding his face in shadow.  The only thing Jack could make out were his piercing, blood red optics as he continued to bore down at him with a predatory-like intensity.

“You can come out when you’ve learned to be a loving son,” Knock Out hissed, slamming the drawer closed and trapping Jack in complete darkness.

Breakdown watched warily as Knock Out strode across the room again, still fuming as his engine began to give off a low, frustrated rumble.  Knock Out crossed over into the adjoining bedroom and flopped himself down into a chair, picking up a discarded novel and pretending to be invested in it.

Breakdown followed him, hovering just outside the doorway as he leaned against the wall with one massive shoulder.  He eyed his partner with a slight air of concern.  “That was kind of cold, KO,” he said softly, folding his arms over his chest.  Knock Out continued to avoid making optic contact.

“You can’t be too lenient with children, dear.  It spoils them,” he replied smoothly, the calmness of his voice failing to disguise the flickering waves of hurt and anger coursing through his EM field.

Breakdown cast a sympathetic look over his shoulder at the abandoned desk, as Knock Out scrolled through his datapad with an aggrivated flick of his talons.  A suffocating, awkward silence followed.  “I think he’s crying,” Breakdown whispered after a moment.

“Let him cry then,” Knock Out sneered, tossing aside his datapad in frustration.  He strode towards Breakdown, the corners of his mouth twitching upwards ever so slightly in a cruel, humorless smirk.  “He can come out when he’s finally learned his lesson.”

Some thoughts

I think old xian won’t end 19 days the way we would like… at least jian yi and zhan zheng xi’s love story won’t become a reality? I’ve got a feeling that this story will end with the note of unrequited love. Because there’s been constant signs I guess. Jian yi showing such strong gestures of love and all zhan zheng xi does is accept them but not return in the same way? The aftermath of the kiss would be a good example. He saw how distraught Jian yi was by the rejection and zhan zheng xi realised that he did love Jian yi but not in the same way. That’s why he made that promise of protecting jian yi while holding his hand. And to be honest won’t be disappointed if Old Xian would make that choice of not making them be together in the future. Maybe that’s why she gave us so many confirmations about He tian and Mo Guan Shan’s future relationship. Because there actually is a difference between the two pairs. An old friendship where one fell in love with the other whereas on he tian’s case ; a chemistry between two individuals that lead to some sort of atraction (we haven’t seen current chapters to see this but artworks have confirmed it) So yeah, some random thoughts about how the story might end. XD sorry for the rambling

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Taken from an RP with @lonely-void-flower

TK discovers a broken Timeline and intend to set it back to it’s right flow. Unfortunately, altering the Timeline of this world comes at a price and TK now suffers the curse of what could have been Origin’s.

So far having fun as the story progresses! XD Hopefully this ends at a positive note! Until then, ADVENTURES AWAY!!

If there are any AUs with a knack for lifting curses, TK might just come over to visit! XDDD

Origin’stale © @lonely-void-flower

Quantumtale © me~~

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Is it hard for you to come up with what happens next in the comic? I'm just wondering :o

mmmmm it depends ;-; I know how it will end. I’ve planned the story but not the details xD so yes everyday I sit there and stare the white page. some days is fery fast and it takes 2 minutes to sketch it but wow sometimes it takes 30 minutes or more ;__;

Fan story ! Birthday !

captainthane submitted:

(Okay first of all, this is absolutely not canon !! It’s just something i wanted to try to bring some fun to all of you ^^. Everything here is fan content. It’s my own interpretations so it could have a lot of mistakes and misinterpretations because we only have one chapter of caretaker and not all the background of each character ! So don’t be surprised if i use characters like Sans, Toriel, etc. It’s my first time so i hope you like it ! PS : English is not my first language so i could make some mistakes sorry !)

Asriel is thoughtful. In two days, it’s the birthday of Chara (the day they fall into the underground). He doesn’t know what he can prepare for them. They will be 15 years old and last year they already had a special chocolate cake. He is in Snowdin trying to find some new ideas.

- What should i do ? I already cooked a chocolate cake for them last year ! AAHHH !! Think Asriel ! (Asriel) 

-What’s wrong little tiny Asgore ? (Papyrus)

-Sup kiddo what’s the problem ? (Sans) 

-Oh Howdy Papyrus and Sans ! I try to find what kind of gifts i can offer for Chara. Their birthday is in two days !

-Nyhe he he the great Papyrus already has the solution ! (P)

- No don’t say it Pap…(A)


-Papyrus NO ! You know what happened the last time Chara ate your spaghetti….(A)

-They had a perfect expression, they love them ! (P)

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Steal My Heart (steal my whole life too) 20/28

Genre: Chaptered, fantasy AU, Prince!Phil, Thief!Dan, romance, enemies to lovers, angst and fluff, slow burn (like serious slow burn)

Warnings: some violence, mentions of death (no main characters), dark magic, descriptions of wounds/blood, some hints of sexual scenes (but no actual smut), murder, dangerous situations, stealing/thievery

Summary: Captain of the Royal Guard and Prince of Morellia, Philip Lester has never been given the chance to find love. Instead, he’s run from a system that works to end class differences and improve equality for its citizens. Happy as he is to make the world a better place, Phil can’t help feeling bitter towards his ancestors for making it impossible for him to find someone who will actually love him for more than just his title, and strives instead for a life of justice and doing good - only to meet his match in the King of Thieves, a man who will change everything he once thought he knew in life. Together, they must depart on a quest to save the kingdom, and, in the process, destroy their differences and find their own form of love.

Word count: 240,000+

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@my-usernames-taken1 submitted: So some other oc’s…well the one on the right goes to a story i wanna make called Monstter Hunter Academy.(yes i added another “T”) its about the humans and demons joining forces to kill monsters. Monsters are everywhere. The only ones who can see it are demons, students of M.H.A and little kids (how monsters under the bed and in the closet were made) Monsters are made by bad vibes. Id tell u the whole summary but its waaay to long.

And on the left is another story idea which is called Pandora’s Box. The boy is not the main character but he is a very sadistic bean.(( I guess imagine levi…with a person who will kill anyone if they feel like it not even caring bout the law)) Anywho its about ghost realising into the world and terrorizing everything. A bunch of religious schools were made to destroy the evil spirits with there cross and..yea ( i made it sound boring D-: sry)

Youve inspired me to kill all my characters xD. None of my stories have happy endings..well maybe 2. Anywho u also inspired me to try harder with this dream of being a mangaka. X3 thank u.

Bleach Ending: The Unchanged Soul Society

The Bleach ending has left me, and many other readers, in a state of some confusion and dissatisfaction. So I’d like to talk about one of the unfulfilled promises of the story, one that is of greater concern to me than any other.

From the first time we begin to learn more about Soul Society, it becomes apparent that this is not a perfect, heavenly afterlife. Families are separated in the Rukongai and may never find each other; the Rukongai itself is broken into many districts, some of them fine places to live and some of them horrifying places where the residents suffer greatly until they die. Additionally, the Rukongai is separated from Seireitei by a literal wall. The only way to escape the Rukongai and enter Seireitei is by signing up to be a shinigami, and offering your life to a military organization.

Inside the city, the residents live in comfort and peace, unconcerned with the fate of those outside. Justice is decided by the Central 46, an organization with no oversight, one that can dictate its whims to the Gotei 13 and expect them to be enforced without question.

An insane scientist, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, someone who has conducted thousands of cruel experiments on the living souls of the Quincy, someone who uses the lives of his soldiers as pawns, someone who abuses physically and mentally his own created daughter, is a respected and important captain of the Gotei 13.

When Rukia Kuchiki is sentenced to death by the Central 46, an obviously excessive punishment for her crime, few residents of the Soul Society are willing to act to correct that injustice: the outsider Shiba clan, the kind-hearted Hanataro, Captain Ukitake, Captain Kyōraku, and their loyal underlings.

This universe is held together by a Soul King, a creature described by Aizen as a monster. Urahara does not contradict his characterization, and we never learn if the true nature of this being is anything other than monstrous.

Soul Society is a place of corruption, injustice, and intolerable cruelties in the beginning of Bleach.

And Ichigo changes some of that with his determined rescue of Rukia. He shines a light on the injustice of Soul Society and frees Rukia, changing the hearts and minds of many shinigami in the process. But he hasn’t changed the inherent injustice of the separation of the Rukongai and Seireitei, or corrected the cruelties of the outer districts of the Rukongai.

The Soul Society rescue establishes a pattern for the reader, one of Ichigo changing Soul Society, and thus the universe, for the better, and leaves us with an unwritten promise that Ichigo will continue to change Soul Society. At this point in the story, I felt confident that by the end of Bleach, Soul Society would be a place of justice and equality, where the innocent residents of the afterlife weren’t subjected to unnecessary cruelties.

It’s also pretty common in this type of a shounen story for the hero to positively change the world beyond the simple defeat of the main villain, increasing my confidence in Ichigo’s future deeds. And when the Thousand Year Blood War Arc begins, that promise is still unfulfilled, but I believed that Ichigo, in this final arc, would truly change all of Soul Society, and the universe. (Souls cycle through multiple planes of existence, including the Soul Society, so actions changing Soul Society would necessarily also change the universe as a whole, as I see it.)

In the beginning of the arc, when Mayuri kills thousands of unarmed, innocent residents of the Rukongai to correct an imbalance of souls in the universe, Yamamoto rebukes him, not for killing those people, but for doing it without permission. Because Yamamoto would, of course, have granted permission to Mayuri. Alternative courses of action that do not involve the murder of innocents are not considered. This incident, in particular, shines a light on how cruel and unjust Soul Society remains even after Ichigo’s rescue of Rukia produced some changes to the system. The residents of those districts in Rukongai cannot even afford shoes; the sandal prints are what allows the Vice Captains to deduce the murders were committed by shinigami.

I believe readers are meant to be horrified by this incident, by Mayuri’s actions and Yamamoto’s casual acceptance of them. I believe it tells us that Soul Society must still change, and the unwritten promise rises again, that this change to the universe will happen in this final arc.

Yamamoto’s death early in the war also points to a coming major change to Soul Society; the old guard, represented by Yamamoto, Unohana, and Sasakibe, is removed by death. Shunsui Kyōraku, a man who stood against Soul Society to aid in Rukia’s rescue, a man who kept hidden Nanao’s zanpakutō to protect her—an action that would have likely been punished heavily, given the death sentence Nanao’s mother received for losing the sword—becomes the new Captain Commander. He’s a man who is capable of accepting major changes to the way Soul Society works, a man who would likely welcome a more just and equitable universe.

Kyōraku is not the man who will bring about that change—that’s for the hero of Bleach, Ichigo, to do. At this point, a major reordering of the universe seems inevitable. The Soul King is eaten by Yhwach, the universe may crumble—and Ichigo must set it right, correcting the flaws and bringing about a better, more balanced world.

But that never happens. In the end, we never find out the true nature of the Soul King; we never even find out how the universe is being held together without a Soul King. Aizen may have become the new Soul King, but it’s not stated; we don’t even know how they managed to recapture the immortal Aizen—a man with a stone that grants wishes inside his chest and a sword that creates any illusion at his beck and call. In the final chapter, he is in his prison, not the Royal Realm, without any explanation, so I don’t think we should simply assume he is the new Soul King without further evidence.

Does the Royal Realm even exist anymore? Is there a Soul King on that throne? We will never know.

Beyond these plot holes, we discover that Soul Society is not fundamentally changed at all. Kyōraku tells Ukitake’s grave that they have rebuilt Soul Society; he says nothing about changing it. In the most telling sign of all, Mayuri remains a respected and important captain of the Gotei 13. This murderer, this person operating in disdain for the law and for basic decency—even now he’s installed a secret spying network during the rebuild of Seireitei—he has not received any justice for his crimes.

There is no justice. Ichigo has not changed the universe for the better, as we were led to believe he would; he has simply reset things as they were before. The promise of justice, equality, and fairness goes unfulfilled.

There is no change.

For me, this is the most disappointing aspect of the Bleach ending. I believed that Ichigo was a hero that would change the whole universe, setting things right for those innocent souls crossing over into a cruel afterlife. I believed that he would accomplish that change as he had rescued Rukia, with his resolute will, his sharp sword, and his loyal friends. But he did not.

A fundamental promise that the story made has been broken, and that makes the ending of Bleach all the more unfulfilling for me, and perhaps for other readers, as well.

H E  L P

      OKAY so this is my Bouncer son(he goes by Kinzoku but name is tentative) and I cANNOT for the life of me decide on a FC so, GUESS WHO GETS TO HELP? =D The choices(so far) are:


Jellal(cause yay hood)

This guy whose name I need to ask M for again….

Or the angry muffin Kanda

     …of course, this is from the crap I have, feel free to toss ideas, since i hate myself I’ll likely icon if i need to!  thoughts?

This is a fan art for “Sweet talker” by @clintspietro
If you’re a HawkSilver shipper, you might have read already. Or you should have known about it at least. The fic is legendary, I must say. ;-)

I’m not satisfied with my work. Sadly, it’s really messed up. 
I just wanted to show how much I love the story, also, want to appreciate and cheer up the author. 

Thank you for writing such a great story and keep writing it. 
As much as I want to see how the story ends, I don’t want it to end…Oh, my. XD

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So, who did you romance in Awakening? Just out of curiosity, given your recent comic (which is beautiful, by the way. Can't wait for more!)

I accidentally married Chrom for my first playthrough because I had no idea we could marry. Lol

**EDIT: I don’t know why the image looks so blurry, sorry. e__e;;**

But Chrom was a wonderful husband and Lucina’s decision was heart wrenching.  So I guess in the end it made more of an impact for the story line for me. XD;

After knowing marriage was an option, I went for Lon’qu for my second playthrough (who would’ve been my first option had I had prior knowledge)~ And Frederick of course~ ; )  Who says no to a knight in shiny armor?

**EDIT: Oh!  And thank you~!  I hope to get more pages out soon~! >_<)/


Have actually received lots of loot in the past few weeks but haven’t felt like taking pictures of them…

Anyway, here’s one of the IchiMika doujinshi I’ve received. It’s called ‘IchiMika Gohan: Shiawase Tamago’ and it’s an anthology of cooking themed short stories and comics by various writers and artists, featuring various egg dishes. There are even recipes for the dishes featured at the end of each story! XD

My fave is this one, ‘Shiawase no Sagikage’ by Toru. 

Toru is one of my favourite artists. There’s a rather dreamy quality to her artwork. I’m still waiting for the last book of her epic IchiMika trilogy ‘I’m Yours’ that basically spans across time and space. So far the 1st and 2nd books have over 300 pages each!!

Anyway, back to this story. It’s a modern-day AU. IchiMika are lovers. Ichigo is a university student while Mikazuki is an author of unknown age… XD;; (It says so in the artist’s notes at the end!) The 2 have been busy and haven’t seen each other for 2 weeks. When Ichigo goes to Mikazuki’s apartment, he finds him napping on the sofa. Ichigo is tempted to wake him but doesn’t and decides instead to make his lover something to eat when he awakes. Mikazuki wakes up to the sounds of cooking. (It’s an open kitchen.) Ichigo is making him an egg salad sandwich as that’s basically the only thing he knows how to make! XD He’s actually a terrible cook…!! He just can’t do it no matter how many times his younger brothers try to teach him. Mikazuki gets up to help him and also make some pasta for Ichigo. Ichigo then leans over for a kiss saying how he wants to eat Mikazuki up~ :3c But then his tummy growls hungrily and spoils the moment! XD Poor Ichi-nii!

Anyway, I really really love the part above where they watch each other eat~ ❤ Then Ichigo asks Mikazuki why he always seems to enjoy the simple sandwiches he makes for him and Mikazuki goes something like how it’s because he finds the way Ichigo tries his best to make him something to eat, though he can’t cook, very cute and endearing etc.~ ❤ Then Mikazuki reaches over to wipe some pasta sauce from the corners of Ichigo’s mouth. And… I’m pretty sure they then go off to satisfy another kind of hunger!!

Los Angeles (Part 7)

Part 7 :) This one’s a little shorter, but it felt like it needed to end where I ended it, so I left it there xD There’s more story to tell, hopefully I’ll be able to tell it :) Links to all other parts are below :)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

There he was, sitting out in the waiting room, fiddling with his thumbs and looking around. He looked like he was hurting, deeply hurting, but it also looked like he wasn’t worried about himself, he wasn’t hurting for himself.

Amelia pushed along the stand that her IV was attached to, and walked slowly towards where Owen was sat, not sure what she was going to say or even what she was doing there. She had said some pretty bad stuff to him, yet he was still here. He hadn’t gone anywhere, and it didn’t seem like he was even going to. The thing was, she didn’t want to push him away. She really didn’t want to push him away, she wanted him to hold her and stroke her hair like he always did. She wanted him to be there, and she wanted to be able to pour her heart out to him. But she couldn’t, she just couldn’t. None of that could happen, not now.

“Amelia? What are you doing? You should be in bed, you’’ll hurt yourself!” Owen stood up as soon as he saw her coming, raising his voice probably louder than he should have, due to the situation.

Amelia sat down on a nearby chair and leant slightly backwards to get a bit more comfortable. She looked up at Owen, her face blank and cold.

“Happy now?” She said, not looking directly at him while she spoke, just in his general direction.

“Actually-” Owen started, giving up on the sentence before it was really even started. “Amelia…” He said instead, with a sigh.

“Yes, because this is the first time I’ve heard that tone of voice.” Amelia remarked sarcastically, making sure to keep her eye contact firm on the hospital floor in front of her, instead of on Owen.

“You told me once, ‘it’s harder to love someone than to walk away from them’.”

“Who knew I was that wise.” Amelia spoke up again, the sarcasm in her voice reaching what must have been some kind of record high.

“Walking away isn’t easy either. Walking away, it tears you to shreds. It can- It can tear you to shreds. So much, that there are barely any remnants of you left.”

Amelia pushed her IV forward a little, and then pulled it right back. Gently, so it didn’t pull on the needle. Even though most of the time she couldn’t feel it, if it was in there and it wasn’t moving, a sudden jolt or even just a twitch, she was painfully reminded that yes, there was still a needle in there.

“There’s no easy in the hard stuff. There’s no easy way out, no quick escape. Avoidance, that’s not a permanent solution. It usually does more harm than good.” Owen said, only just beginning to talk about how he was feeling about this whole mess they had got themselves into.

“Owen, I-” Amelia started, but Owen carried on like she hadn’t even said a word.

“You can’t just push me away. You can’t keep pushing me away. You can’t push everyone away. Everyone who cares about you. You isolate yourself to the point where it’s just you and your self-destructive tendencies, that’s all you have left. That’s not a way to live, that’s not a way to let yourself be.” He carried on, getting a little heated now.

“Owen…” Amelia tried again, to no luck for the second time.

“You have to let people in. You have to let people share burden’s with you. You can’t just keep shutting people out. That’s not how this works, that’s not how this works.” He said, sighing because there was no magic wand anyone could wave that would just fix everything, real life wasn’t that easy.

Amelia didn’t even try to speak this time. She didn’t even try to hold back anything. No cover ups, no pretending, none of it. She could feel a tear rolling down her cheek, followed by another, and another, until a whole flood had come through the gates and she was powerless to stop it. This time she couldn’t even do anything, this time she couldn’t even try.

Before a split second could even pass, Owen had wrapped his arms around her and was holding her in tight embrace. She tried to fight away a little bit, but he didn’t give in, he just held her tighter.  She let herself collapse, she let herself crumble. He held her, and soothed her, stroking her hair and rubbing circles onto her back. They sat, for what seemed like forever, in the hospital waiting room, as if it was only them in the entire world. No one else mattered, no one else even existed. Only them. Amelia looked up at him, blinking tears from her eyes, and she didn’t even have to say a word. He knew exactly how she was feeling.