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THANK GOD I WAS TERRIFIED YOU WOULD KILL OFF LUCY JUST BEFORE SHE WAS FOUND! (I love this story btw easily one of my top three behind btl and shattered dreams kinda sad its gotta end soon good job on writing it) I CANT WAIT FOR FUTURE STORIES!

XD  I love how panicked people were.  Made me cackle like a witch.


Taken from an RP with @lonely-void-flower

TK discovers a broken Timeline and intend to set it back to it’s right flow. Unfortunately, altering the Timeline of this world comes at a price and TK now suffers the curse of what could have been Origin’s.

So far having fun as the story progresses! XD Hopefully this ends at a positive note! Until then, ADVENTURES AWAY!!

If there are any AUs with a knack for lifting curses, TK might just come over to visit! XDDD

Origin’stale © @lonely-void-flower

Quantumtale © me~~


Redrew my favourite screenshot of the recent Homestuck Credits~

Bleach Ending: The Unchanged Soul Society

The Bleach ending has left me, and many other readers, in a state of some confusion and dissatisfaction. So I’d like to talk about one of the unfulfilled promises of the story, one that is of greater concern to me than any other.

From the first time we begin to learn more about Soul Society, it becomes apparent that this is not a perfect, heavenly afterlife. Families are separated in the Rukongai and may never find each other; the Rukongai itself is broken into many districts, some of them fine places to live and some of them horrifying places where the residents suffer greatly until they die. Additionally, the Rukongai is separated from Seireitei by a literal wall. The only way to escape the Rukongai and enter Seireitei is by signing up to be a shinigami, and offering your life to a military organization.

Inside the city, the residents live in comfort and peace, unconcerned with the fate of those outside. Justice is decided by the Central 46, an organization with no oversight, one that can dictate its whims to the Gotei 13 and expect them to be enforced without question.

An insane scientist, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, someone who has conducted thousands of cruel experiments on the living souls of the Quincy, someone who uses the lives of his soldiers as pawns, someone who abuses physically and mentally his own created daughter, is a respected and important captain of the Gotei 13.

When Rukia Kuchiki is sentenced to death by the Central 46, an obviously excessive punishment for her crime, few residents of the Soul Society are willing to act to correct that injustice: the outsider Shiba clan, the kind-hearted Hanataro, Captain Ukitake, Captain Kyōraku, and their loyal underlings.

This universe is held together by a Soul King, a creature described by Aizen as a monster. Urahara does not contradict his characterization, and we never learn if the true nature of this being is anything other than monstrous.

Soul Society is a place of corruption, injustice, and intolerable cruelties in the beginning of Bleach.

And Ichigo changes some of that with his determined rescue of Rukia. He shines a light on the injustice of Soul Society and frees Rukia, changing the hearts and minds of many shinigami in the process. But he hasn’t changed the inherent injustice of the separation of the Rukongai and Seireitei, or corrected the cruelties of the outer districts of the Rukongai.

The Soul Society rescue establishes a pattern for the reader, one of Ichigo changing Soul Society, and thus the universe, for the better, and leaves us with an unwritten promise that Ichigo will continue to change Soul Society. At this point in the story, I felt confident that by the end of Bleach, Soul Society would be a place of justice and equality, where the innocent residents of the afterlife weren’t subjected to unnecessary cruelties.

It’s also pretty common in this type of a shounen story for the hero to positively change the world beyond the simple defeat of the main villain, increasing my confidence in Ichigo’s future deeds. And when the Thousand Year Blood War Arc begins, that promise is still unfulfilled, but I believed that Ichigo, in this final arc, would truly change all of Soul Society, and the universe. (Souls cycle through multiple planes of existence, including the Soul Society, so actions changing Soul Society would necessarily also change the universe as a whole, as I see it.)

In the beginning of the arc, when Mayuri kills thousands of unarmed, innocent residents of the Rukongai to correct an imbalance of souls in the universe, Yamamoto rebukes him, not for killing those people, but for doing it without permission. Because Yamamoto would, of course, have granted permission to Mayuri. Alternative courses of action that do not involve the murder of innocents are not considered. This incident, in particular, shines a light on how cruel and unjust Soul Society remains even after Ichigo’s rescue of Rukia produced some changes to the system. The residents of those districts in Rukongai cannot even afford shoes; the sandal prints are what allows the Vice Captains to deduce the murders were committed by shinigami.

I believe readers are meant to be horrified by this incident, by Mayuri’s actions and Yamamoto’s casual acceptance of them. I believe it tells us that Soul Society must still change, and the unwritten promise rises again, that this change to the universe will happen in this final arc.

Yamamoto’s death early in the war also points to a coming major change to Soul Society; the old guard, represented by Yamamoto, Unohana, and Sasakibe, is removed by death. Shunsui Kyōraku, a man who stood against Soul Society to aid in Rukia’s rescue, a man who kept hidden Nanao’s zanpakutō to protect her—an action that would have likely been punished heavily, given the death sentence Nanao’s mother received for losing the sword—becomes the new Captain Commander. He’s a man who is capable of accepting major changes to the way Soul Society works, a man who would likely welcome a more just and equitable universe.

Kyōraku is not the man who will bring about that change—that’s for the hero of Bleach, Ichigo, to do. At this point, a major reordering of the universe seems inevitable. The Soul King is eaten by Yhwach, the universe may crumble—and Ichigo must set it right, correcting the flaws and bringing about a better, more balanced world.

But that never happens. In the end, we never find out the true nature of the Soul King; we never even find out how the universe is being held together without a Soul King. Aizen may have become the new Soul King, but it’s not stated; we don’t even know how they managed to recapture the immortal Aizen—a man with a stone that grants wishes inside his chest and a sword that creates any illusion at his beck and call. In the final chapter, he is in his prison, not the Royal Realm, without any explanation, so I don’t think we should simply assume he is the new Soul King without further evidence.

Does the Royal Realm even exist anymore? Is there a Soul King on that throne? We will never know.

Beyond these plot holes, we discover that Soul Society is not fundamentally changed at all. Kyōraku tells Ukitake’s grave that they have rebuilt Soul Society; he says nothing about changing it. In the most telling sign of all, Mayuri remains a respected and important captain of the Gotei 13. This murderer, this person operating in disdain for the law and for basic decency—even now he’s installed a secret spying network during the rebuild of Seireitei—he has not received any justice for his crimes.

There is no justice. Ichigo has not changed the universe for the better, as we were led to believe he would; he has simply reset things as they were before. The promise of justice, equality, and fairness goes unfulfilled.

There is no change.

For me, this is the most disappointing aspect of the Bleach ending. I believed that Ichigo was a hero that would change the whole universe, setting things right for those innocent souls crossing over into a cruel afterlife. I believed that he would accomplish that change as he had rescued Rukia, with his resolute will, his sharp sword, and his loyal friends. But he did not.

A fundamental promise that the story made has been broken, and that makes the ending of Bleach all the more unfulfilling for me, and perhaps for other readers, as well.

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You're new Take Me Over one-shot is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I have a question that I've never been brave enough to ask until now, but I wanted to know - you said you wrote the ending, like the ending to the whole verse, where Kurt dies and then Blaine dies. Kurt dies first, right? Is Blaine with him when he dies? Since you said you're never going to post it, I just really want to know. Sorry it that sounds morbid.

Hey nonnie :) Just one question for you, dear nonnie - are you trying to kill me? xD I seriously think the ending of this story is the saddest thing I have ever written in my life. But here it goes:

Kurt ends up having a massive heart attack (way late in life) and ends up in a home. Blaine can’t live at home without him, so he moves in and stays with him. They live there for a good five or so years until Kurt has his next massive coronary. That one he doesn’t wake up from. Blaine stays with him while he’s actively dying. In those last moments while they’re alone, Blaine is telling Kurt how much he loves him, and he safewords, which is the first time we as readers would have seen Blaine safeword in this series, not because he hasn’t ever, but because seeing it is the most poignant part of their story. His purpose in safewording is to get Kurt to stop dying. A safeword stops a scene. But when it doesn’t, Blaine becomes overwhelmed. He isn’t just losing his lover or his best friend. He’s losing his anchor. He tells Kurt he loves him, and that’s when Kurt dies. 

There. I’m going to go drink. Stay blessed <3

Academy AU!!!

//Finally xD

1. Diana is a very intellegent student who works hard and strives to be the best and learn everything she can harness.

2. She occasionally wear black rimmed glasses when she reads or in general wear it in school but remove them when she goes home.

3. Her free time is usually in the Library to do her Homeworks and Projects so no time would be wasted (and also to do less at home ;3)

4. Despite being a smarty, she lacks physicall education so she somewhat dislikes a bit but ironically she is a good leader when it comes to teambuilding activities but idividual…she needs luck in her side.

5. She loves Math and Science end of story xD

6. Diana is a bit anti social since she likes being alone and wants to do things on her own way (thats why she dislikes group projects and anything that relates having a group) but she is open to have some friends to lighten up a bit. The only friends she considered are Ahri and Ekko.

7. She never had a single detention or broken a valiation in her entire life.

8. She has a ‘slight’ crush on Vladimir due to his works and his knowledge/wisdom. She sometimes chat and everytime they parted ways she would lightly blush.

9. He dislikes Darius greatly with his bullying and lazyness, in which Diana firmly belives he may not survive the Academy for the whole school years.

10. She both fear and like Fiora, like because of her teaching but sometimes questioned her look but sometimes does does not mind along with her accent and teaching. Fear because of her ruler that one day may get hit. She also visit Fiora if she was called or simply just wanted to.

Love and Lust

Requested by anonymous
>.> 99.9% sure you’re going to know who this is by the end of this request xD but can you write me a story with chuck x reader cute and fluffy idk maybe smutt, .> CHUCK IS LOVE CHUCK IS LIFE

Author’s Note: SMUT. Ye. Hope ya like @just-a-touch-of-crowley

Word Count: 1168 words

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Once upon a time you and Santana took a nap and it was great. The end


Great story 10/10 would read again napping with Santana is the best way to nap. The ancient babe’s always forgotten about since he didn’t stick around for too long in the manga/anime

Thanks this actually brought a little smile to face :3

- Ghost

Kingsman story idea:

Where due to recent events and having to literally re-build themselves from the ground up as well as doing their best to aid in keeping the world stable after the Valentine event, the Kingsman are tired and literally running themselves ragged, despite how impeccably dressed in appearance they may still hold.

Which leads to Eggsy rounding up and dragging the agents and even some of the tech crew for some relax time. In the form of some good old fashion, relaxing, not too serious, game of laser tag.

Nothing ever goes as planned when it comes to the Kingsman.

Que in an ultimate game of laser tag, Kingsman style, because despite some not knowing the proper rules of the game as some may have never played it before, each and everyone of them knows how to use a gun. Even if it happens to be plastic and just makes noise that is no where near the actual sound of a gun.

I also see this ending in a horrible mess of a disaster as completion heard up and some agents decide to kick things up a notch because dammit Bors your not allowed to use the umbrella in here to shield yourself! Tristan your not supposed to use the freaking air vents, how the hell did you even get up there? Was that a fucking explosion?! Who the hell brought bombs to a laser tag game?! No. Percival, we are only supposed to use one gun! One! Where did you even get that many? Dammit, Gawain, not again. Roxy, I’m pretty sure that’s not supposed to be used like that-okay, that’s effective. You keep doing that, I’ll be over here trying to play laser tag as it should-DAMMIT GAWAIN!

I also see the tech team teaming up to create a cluster against the agents because though they may not have as much field experience as the agents, they know how to hold their own together in this. Thus que in at some point the tech team vs the agents of Kingsman.

In the end, I just see Eggsy both fed up and greatly amused as he goes with the flow of things, because this is what he wanted. For his fellow comrades to get out and have some fun, relax (in this weird way that isn’t really all relaxing), bond, and become closer to each other because Kingsman tight family bond feels is happiness.

That and I just see Merlin owning everyone in the end because no one can beat the wizard of Kingsman.

Since both sent me the same ask so I thought I’d answer like this XD thank you for sending me this!

…. But now I think about it XD tricky question. HMM! 

For a moment I thought ‘How my life tale would end…would be to continue for more tales!’ but then I realized I think that probably doesn’t make sense because I’D GROW OLD AND BECOME A HAPPY ELDERLY PENGUIN WITH A CANE AND WATCH LITTLE KIDS UNDER A TREE AND SOME FORREST GUMP OST PLAYING IN THE BACKGROUND OF MY ENTIRE 10 MINUTES every life story has to end… somehow XD. 

HMMM! I think I want to be either in the end be married to a king who turns out to be a magician who later turns out to be a high ranking wizard who turns out to be like a mafia boss level sorcerer who later turns out to be the lost son of a dragon demon whom the dragon demon turns out to be the god of all dragon demons. 


I find out that at the end of the tale I am actually the long lost daughter of an old lady who turns out to actually be the long lost daughter of a powerful witch who later turns out to have the secret of a treasure that could grant wishes to only the last witch of her bloodline which then turns out my long lost witch mother was the next one to inherit the ‘secret treasure’ but later she pass it down to me and then in the end I become ULTIMATE RULER OF ALL GOOD AND EVIL AND I HAVE A PET UNICORN AND DRAGON LIKE FINALLY a well-trained witch living happily ever after XD (all alone, maybe even single and still available or single but not available because somewhere in that universe I still want to be married to Chuya to some mafia kingpin. 


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I finished the anime. Gotta say, I wasn't expecting that. XD Disappointed by the ending a bit, just cuz it really ended so suddenly. XD It didn't feel like it really resolved the whole story. XD just felt like they wanted to end the damn thing already so they ended it on the happiest moment and that was it. It was a good anime tho. :3

Yeah i know the ending was a little lackluster but there was we could have done to change that. However with the popularity it received i wouldn’t be surprised if we see a second season continuing the story in the following year, Hopefully that happens. And remember to always support the creators or else they’ll never make more.


Deathmask: Dite, you never told me that Misty was broke too!
Aphrodite: You’re the idiot who can believe that I would go to buy shoes alone.
Deathmask: Btw why am I carrying all the things you bought?
Misty: Someone have to do it, right?
Deathmask: But why me? All this shit is yours!
Aphrodite: Ugh, you don’t stop complaining. I don’t know why I brought you with us.

I’m sorry, I’m in the ‘crab bullying’ mode :’D.


Last comic for today guys, i just say a few of the story because i want end this too fast XD later Jackie tell her parents she had a friend and they listen her talk alone,

her parents remove the box but later they look Big jack mean Jackie is crying, the parents scared Big jack say he do him work making happy to jackie, and then BJ ask them to go house :3 continue



Never take Alfred to a haunted house (Alfred wore contacts that day cause he knew it was unsafe to take his glasses XD)
Alfred gets SO freaked out by the paranormal, even if it’s just a ghost story, he starts overthinking and then ends up scaring himself XD Arthur used to be the one to “protect” him when they we kids, but now Arthur has some competition and he doesn’t want to seem ungentlemanly enough to rip other people off of him XD

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⭐️ //Okay but... consider headcanons with the R-man and Aero though

For each “⭐️” I get, I’ll write a headcanon about our muses.

Reiner would go out in public with Aero on his shoulders just to score on the ‘hot dad’ look. Aero doesn’t really realize it he just understands cute women doting over him and probably eats it up like candy. Adara finds out. Kicks him. Rip Reiner.