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A preview of the 2017 High Speed! Seiyuu Event is out! [x]


Arisa Shepard - It’s Not the End

…because I’m a sap and yes I got that extra little scene and Garrus smirking at the end and refusing to put Sheps name on the wall.

Final screen spam from ME3 peeps. Be prepared for Andromeda stuff to start again soon - tho I intend to finish any and all Trilogy fics I’ve started as well, namely the Kissing Turians AU series. Promise!

[Giveaway] Belated Thanks for the Follows!

I promised I would do one at 1,000 followers.  Then at 2,000 followers.  Well, why not at 3,500+ followers, eh?  Here’s a thank you to all the people who have chosen to follow this little blog.  I’ve chatted with some great people thanks to this foray into the Korean studyblr side of Tumblr, so here’s my little way of paying forward all of the well wishes and kindness.

Two lucky winners will receive:

-A Highlighter Set

-A Kakao Friends Sticker Set (Ryan or A-Peach)

- A Retractable Eraser Set

-A Pokemon Mechanical Pencil (Snorlax or Squirtle)

-A Butter Friends Notebook

-Their Choice of One of Two Novels: Both of these novels are used but in excellent condition.  They are by YA fantasy author 구병모.  The first book, 빨간 구두당, is a collection of beautiful fairy tale retellings.  The second is 위저드 베이커리, which was so popular in Korea a few years ago that it was made into a play that is still running in the theatre district here. 위저드 베이커리 tells the story of a young man who runs away from home after a false accusation (TW: sexual abuse) and finds refuge in a bakery that sells magical treats with unwanted side effects. Reading level-wise, I would say both are good for intermediate/high intermediate, with 빨간 구두당 being the more difficult of the two due to its lyrical prose style.


1. You must be following this blog to participate.

2.  Anyone under the age of 18 must have parental permission to participate as I will require your address in order to send the prizes.

3. Reblog this post with the title of the novel you want (one winner will be chosen for each novel).

4.  Likes won’t count.

5. No spamming please.  3 reblogs max!

This giveaway will end on JUNE 16.  Two winners (one for each novel) will be selected randomly and contacted through messaging.

Thanks again, and good luck!

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Ah hi i was that anon that send u the iceskaterau and omg thank u!(u might have noticed, but i usually send prompts ending with 3 pervyemojis(゚ω゚)srry if i spam u sometimes and thank you for answering every one!)(╹◡╹)and i got a lot more ideas! They invite eachother to watch their contests. Some people foundout about them, they made it to the headlines: love on ice. Gladio getting jealous of Prompto skating partner.Gladio teaching Prompto hockey but he somehow made it look elegant while doing it

Pervyemoji Anon, I love all of your sweet ideas! Thank you for starting this whole hockey/skater AU idea <3 ! I’m so deep in this hell right now and that’s all your fault, but I can’t really complain. What a happy aesthetic to carry around with me all day <3 I’m going to write something based off a couple of the ideas you listed here :) The rest will happen, too, but in the interest of keeping this a semi-chronological story, I’ll revisit them later *wink* Hope you enjoy!

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Cheesy Cheese under the cut!! v v v

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May I request some HCs for Kaminari having an equally "meme" female s/o?

(My blog only gives the best memes.)

Kaminari Denki:

  • The meme team is in town and everyone else from the class will probably groan in annoyance at the abundance of terrible puns, cheesy pick-up lines and roaring laughter from the two.
  • Connecting through memes and internet jokes is a great way of bonding for the both of them, because either they’re trying to express negative or positive feelings, they can do it in a salty or sassy way.
  • Although, if Kaminari sees his partner gets a little dark with her jokes lately, he would question her about it and ask her to share her problems with him.
  • Kaminari is the type of dude who sends really cringy lovey memes to his significant other in the middle of the night only to be responded with “I love you, but go to sleep, you meme king!”
  • They’re the ones at fault for spamming the group chat at 3 AM and end up getting blocked by either Iida or Bakugou.

Das de end of the self-rebloop spam :3 But I gots an-


I will be changing the format of MISFiTS since I don’t think it’ll have more meaning and impact as a comic. I think I’m gonna make it as some sort of picture book (like a children’s book :3) and compress it to one thing. I’m gonna make a PDF copy available for it once I’m done and I won’t post anything about the story until the project’s done (I just really wanna end it, guys XP)

Plus, it’s a great practice for making children’s books :3

Doing this to focus more on making my original comic about Daedelweiss’ origins and making more animatics and something…….. new owo

You guys will see XP Thanks for reading and have a lovely dae!! >3<

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lol you asked for it: the last part of the fic where Roberto sends a letter to Leah asking her to come to Altaria from Dres Van during a war situation. Or you can do that tactician MC asking for breakfast eggs from Zain for her prince. Either one.

LOL okay! XD

The Roberto/Dres Van fic:

I was not planning to end the fic that way at all, actually. I was sitting on that response for a while (sorry @alfords) because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to write. Then I got the idea for the letter, and just went with it. 

And at the end, when I decided to have Leah go back to Altaria, that’s when the idea for Dres Van’s closed land borders vs. Altaria’s open borders popped into my head.

And of course Lindita would be in Liberty with Keith.

Lindita, who sent me angst spam.

Then the ending just fell into place. >3>

BMP Fire Emblem AU fic:

I really liked the imagery the Anon sent of MC sneaking around and the butlers being all “why.” Again, I just kinda went with it. I wanted to work more on conveying MC and Zain’s individual personalities, at least in the AU. So I hope I succeed with that. X)

My fav part to write was the last part, where MC is described as once being the Counsel of Kings. Because yes. It was very satisfying to write. :D