end of semester feels

i just have a lot of feelings about peter and mj so here we are. (part two can be found here)

  • peter is not looking forward to junior year
  • he somehow ended up signing up for like 3 different AP classes that he definitely did not remember signing up for
  • but being spiderman, he barely sleeps so his memory has been out of sorts lately
  • anyways so the first day of school rolls around and his first class is AP bio, and ned was his partner in regular bio but Ned is taking environmental science this year
  • and ned is peter’s only friend
  • so our spidey boy is without a lab partner, until michelle walks in right as the bell rings, drops her bag right next to Peter’s laptop on the lab counter, and begins reading catcher in the rye
  • she’s read it multiple times, just fyi
  • peter is shook
  • because he and michelle are friends now? i mean she’s caption of decathlon now that liz is gone and he’s sort of one of the best on the team and they are sort of partners there too
  • so peter rolls with it
  • and michelle ends up making AP bio fun, for example she and peter come up with names for everyone else in their class since they sit at the back of the room
  • flash is named: “dumbass”.
  • not original, but it works for them
  • AP bio is usually after lunch, and so often if there is a quick decathlon meeting during lunch, peter and michelle find themselves walking together
  • it’s not until peter realizes he’s low on webs that he realizes the problem
  • Michelle is sort of his ‘other ned’ if you will
  • basically, she never leaves him alone
  • and she doesn’t know he sneaks into the labs to make more webs
  • this is a situation, because how is peter supposed to distract her long enough to sneak into the chem labs?
  • cue ned the chair guy
  • peter gives ned one job, JUST ONE JOB, to keep michelle distracted during lunch so he can sneak into the chem lab, test out his new webs, and get out.
  • but the only thing ned can talk about is his new lego millennium falcon
  • and michelle is not into hearing ned talk about that for more than 5 minutes because he isn’t peter
  •  so somehow she escapes and finds herself wandering around the halls when she realizes where the hell is peter?
  • eventually she finds herself downstairs and she hears a strange noise from a nearby door. 
  • so she peeks into what looks like the chem lab and low and behold peter parker is shooting webs out of his hands
  • it clicks
  • the bruises, the sudden disappearances, decathlon, why spiderman was in DC out of all places…
  • next thing peter knows, michelle is in front of him, and she’s pissed
  • like, REALLY pissed
  • peter doesn’t catch much of what she’s saying besides the occasional “you could be killed” or “NED knows and i DON’T?” or “is this the damn stark internship?”
  • and peter is staring with his mouth open because even though she just found out his deepest darkest secret in the most obvious place (did he learn nothing from the aunt may incident?) her eyes are a gorgeous shade of brown and she’s kind of adorable when she’s mad
  • but that’s not that point
  • it takes peter the rest of lunch period to calm her down and to convince her not to tell anyone, not that she would, but you never know
  • and it takes him even longer to reassure her that he is perfectly safe and that the suit is very, very, reliable
  • she demands to see it, and peter refuses because they’re in the damn chem lab for god’s sake
  • eventually they head to AP bio, and Michelle doesn’t ask anymore questions. In fact, she doesn’t ask anymore questions for a while
  • peter thinks she forgot, or that she doesn’t care that much, but then a major accident happens in downtown in the middle of the night a few days later and spiderman is seen pulling people from a burning building, but no one saw spiderman come out before it collapsed. 
  • he skips school the next day because he’s “sick” and ned brings him his homework. he doesn’t ask about michelle, because he thinks that if she really doesn’t care after all, it’s better that he doesn’t know
  • he’s proven wrong – because when he does go back to school and walks into AP bio, Michelle launches herself into his arms in front of the whole class. 
  • and while afterwords she makes some joke about how peter saved their project that isn’t due until the end of the semester, peter starts to feel butterflies in his stomach. 
  • and maybe, just maybe, michelle feels them too

Mikor már szinte úgy érzed, hogy kezd egyenesbe jönni az életed, de jön egy “személy” és a legapróbb önbecsülésedet és motivációdat öli ki belőled egyetlen toll vonással!
Még jó, hogy nem kegyetlen az élet…

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231116 - it’s 3 days to my next paper and less than a week to the end of finals!! Feeling so blessed this semester that I got to do modules that remind me of why I chose to major in theatre in the first place! From learning about Sanskrit theatre, to reading Butler and Derrida in Performance Studies class, I’ve been fortunate enough to encounter ideas and theories that have given me new perspectives eeek!! Hope you’re all doing fine and all the best who have tests (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

Okay so it’s getting to those end of semester exams and you’re feeling overtired, malnourished, over-caffeinated, stressed as fuck, and its all just getting a bit out of hand. Here’s some tips to keep yourself human until its over and you can go home and cry or something, buckle up kids.

1. Buy some vegetables or fruit
          Okay so you’re living on toast and pasta and you don’t have time to cook anything more complicated, but its okay! Go to your nearest Lidl or whatever and buy some fruit that you like, fruit juice, veggies you can much without prepping to much like red peppers and carrots and stuff. Now when you’re up at 2am writing a report or finishing an assignment and you can feel your body shutting down, have a glass of fruit juice and munch on some veggie bois. You’ll feel way better even if you continue to live on pasta. Even just a handful of grapes or a carrot and hummus can save a life.

2. Have a shower as a study break
          If you’re stressing and tired but you have something due that night, you just gotta buckle down and do it, but being sleepy and headachey is Not going to help. It’s super tempting to just drink more coffee or down a redbull but thats only gonna mean that when you Do finish you won’t be able to sleep, so jump in the shower. A cold-ish shower works best but a hot shower is okay too. When you get out, don’t put snuggly stuff on, get some jeans and a hoodie, shoes or slippers. Now you are more awake and in the headspace to do work!

3. Do your dishes/laundry as a study break
          I know it hurts. Believe me… but doing your laundry and dishes is still important, even if you have an exam coming up. During your study break just get ur headphones on, blast some feel-good sing-along tunes and get some housework done! Not only does it make you feel better in general to have a clean house, but you’re also keeping yourself engaged with something that can’t distract you for too long.

4. Timetable in relaxation/recuperation after a long study day
          Even if you don’t finish working until 4am, you need to let yourself relax before going to sleep! Watch some TV, do a hobby like drawing or reading, read some fluffy fanfic, drink some hot choc. Treat yo self!

5. Stay fed and hydrated
          Timetable in mealtimes if you have to, just make sure you’re not sitting hungry. Even if you’re just eating some toast, you need sustenance! Same thing for stress-eaters (like me), if you timetable your mealtimes it helps to stop yourself from overeating due to stress, and make sure you have something to do in your study breaks that isn’t food! Also try and have water on the desk while you’re working, if you can see it you’ll drink it!

6. Deal with hangovers as well as you can
          During exam period if I go out I only have say two pints and then stop because I hate dealing with hangovers, but if you do go hard, make sure the next day that you drink loads of water, have a good meal, get showered and dressed, and take some painkillers if necessary. Try not to stew all day in your bed watching Netflix because as lovely as that is, in the end it makes you feel worse!

Good luck with your exams and deadlines, and please look after yourselves! <3

Fic Prompt/Request: SSS Family Time

Anonymous asked:

Okay, so this last semester sucked. University has definitely taken a toll on me. Thankfully it’s almost over. Still, I still have to go trough my exams to call it off completely. Please tell me you have something cute of Sarada ou SasuSaku romantic/funny moment planned out for this week.

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so at this stage, mclaren have engines so abysmal, they can’t actually finish races, extremely disillusioned drivers and fans, are probably in the darkest point in their history, and right now, between their drivers have a 70-place grid penalty. this reminds me of that point towards the end of the semester when the despair feels almost tangible, it’s not even funny

rineechan  asked:

Only if you are in the mood for headcannoning, but how did that trip to Switzerland in the CN-verse go? Did skiing make it on the list of acceptable athletic activities? Did Steve take one look at the ice and snow, decide 'nope' and dragged Tony off to test the hype of bearskins infront of open fireplaces? Did Tony even ever leave CERN? Or did Steve only get his omega back once they touched back down on American soil? :) You know, just any headcanon you'd like to share. ;) Thx for all the work!!

Steve would, of course, be great at skiing.  Tony…not so much. He’s a California kid, and all this snow stuff…ugh.  But, oh, he would love CERN, and probably have to be almost dragged away to look at mountains and lakes and stuff.  Looking at Steve, though, he knows this place brings back memories.  Not just the cold of the ocean, but the war and, most importantly, the person who was lost in snow-covered mountains all those years ago.  So, I think Tony would push aside his desire to fanboy over science stuff and spend time with Steve. First, trying to distract him and take care of him, but then, he would kind of find himself enjoying it.  Switzerland really is gorgeous, and so different from what he is used to seeing from their mountain cabin back home.  

Steve would tell him about the time the US accidentally bombed Switzerland on April Fool’s Day. No one was amused, except the soldiers, for whom gallows humor was a kind of relief.  They’d have real hot chocolate and curl up by the fire, and sometimes, Tony would talk about science, and Steve would talk about building small, dirty snowmen behind the tenement back in Brooklyn those years when they got enough and the kids got a snow day.  He’d tell Tony about the big storm of 1930, then the one in ‘35 and how the streetcars got stuck in Times Square because the switch froze, and how it apparently was eclipsed by the Great Blizzard of ‘47 and something called Snowmaggedon, a name Steve would find silly, but amusing. 

They make love on a bearskin rug in front of the fire because Tony thinks this is something you’re supposed to do. Or, they try to.  It turns out that screwing on a relatively thin rug over wood floors is a tad more uncomfortable than they describe it in books and movies, but the bed has this huge,puffy white duvet that’s like a cloud, and Tony likes to run and leap onto it so it makes a popping-whooshing sound when the air goes out of it. Steve just shakes his head.  They feed the squirrels and something Tony learns is called a snow vole that Tony thinks is a rat with better PR, but he gives it some roasted walnuts anyway.  Tony builds a snow-bot and christens it YET-I.  Steve buys him a Rolex this time, the kind that keeps track of Heats, because they’ve been talking about trying, maybe, maybe after the semester ends, and it feels so strange to wear it, like something has begun, even though it hasn’t, not really.  Still, Tony likes to look down at it sometimes, and when he does, his chest gets tight with something he can’t quite name, not yet.  He catches Steve looking at him sometimes, in this soft, joyous kind of way that makes his breath catch. They don’t really say anything, not explicitly, but Tony keeps the watch by his bed and it’s the first thing he sees in the morning, the time, and he thinks, “I love him,” and “Soon,”: and he’s pretty sure it is a bit like a prayer, if he believed in that stuff, and, and Steve thinks, “I love him,” and “Please,” and that is a prayer. 

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Scenario with Tendo Satori proposing to his fem s/o please?

Sooo, I wrote this in the bath which I think was a major part of my inspiration. Lol! But I had so much fun while writing this! Thank you for requesting it, Anon, and I hope you enjoy it!


Everything was leading up to this moment. From the first moment she had seated herself next to him in their shared intro to literature class on their first day of college. Tendou had known then, when she had turned to him and smiled, that this was going to be something great.

It was only two days out of the week they would see each other and for only an hour and a half at a time, plus the occasional study sessions. It wasn’t enough though, not for him, not when he really wanted to know her. And with the end of the semester fast approaching, he could feel the panic of never seeing her again on that large campus. So he reacted impulsively the next time she had gotten up to leave, the words of ‘see you next time’ on her lips when he took hold of her wrist to stop her.

She did stop and Tendou wasn’t sure what he was doing, had no words in his head to say except that he wanted to see her more. The expectancy in her eyes pushed him forward despite his malfunctioning brain as he opened his mouth to let the words “Can I take you on a date?” tumbled out. Instantly, a terror washed over him, because - fuck - what if she said no? Would she even be willing to hang out with him casually if she knew that he wanted more than that? It would be awkward, it would be strange, it would hurt.

The redhead was in the middle of working out a way to fix his mistake when he was brought out of his spiral by the smile that stretched wide across her face. “It’s about time,” her voice held delight as it delivered the small tease. She took hold of the hand that had originally taken hold of her wrist and gave it a small squeeze. “Pick me up Friday.”

He watched her walk away after that, leaving him reeling as he tried to catch up with himself. There was nothing stopping him from smiling for the rest of the week.

Their first date led to a second followed closely by a third. It didn’t take long for them to jump over all the formal dates to declare themselves as an official couple, their fingers linked together as they walked across campus. Kisses were shared in hallways and they made love for the first time on the floor of her dorm with the long forgotten television dimly lighting their actions. And he realized as he loved her that he had never known what love really was until that moment; it had just been some obscure concept until she had brought it meaning.

And with each day he spent with her new meanings emerged within his heart of what love was. Love was her. It was her studying late with a mug of coffee in hand. Love was her hair between his fingers. It was her face when they had moved into their first apartment together. It was her laugh late at night when they had stayed up far past their bedtime. Love was their shared life together.

It was love that led him up to this moment where his long fingers fiddled with the small box he had stored away. Eyes lingered to the open doorway of their shared bathroom where she was soaking in her weekly bubble bath. Maybe the timing was mundane, but it was in this moment that she was entirely her; entirely everything that he loved. She was bare and open and at ease just as he always wanted her to be when she was with him for the rest of their lives.

When he entered into the room, he gaze wandered over her. Her feet were propped on one end, her toes wiggling with the soft beat of the music that played and her head was resting on the other end beneath a pillow, eyes closed as she soaked in the calming atmosphere around her.

Maybe he made a noise or maybe she sensed him, but her eyes soon fell on him, a smile instantly pulling at her lips. “Care to join?” she questioned lazily, hand rising from the bubbles to beckon him closer and there was no way he would ever deny her anything.

Kneeling beside the tub, he leaned to press his mouth to hers, his heart raising in rhythm just as it had the very first time he had been graced to kiss her. “I love you,” he breathed against her mouth, body instinctively moving to capture her mouth once again. She moved back though, a small laugh leaving her lips when he followed. Her hand was at his shirt collar then, gripping him tightly as she pulled into the sudding water. Their laughter mingled as his stuck his hand into the depths of the warm water to support himself and it only took him one more second before he was placing his whole clothed body into the tub with her.

He kissed her again and again and again. He never wanted to stop, never wanted any of it to end. “Marry me?” he questioned against her lips, fingers tracing the length of her jaw and he kissed her when she shuddered against him.

“Yes,” her reply came back quick but just as breathless as he felt. Tendou kissed her again, deeper than the ones previously shared before he was quickly pulling back, his eyes wide and mouth agape. he was sure water was lining the bathroom floor now but he paid it no mind.

“Yes?” he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Yes!” she beamed at him, hands reaching for his wet clothes to bring his lips back to her’s.

“You’re saying yes?”

“Yes, you dope! I’m saying yes!” her head fell back as she laughed and it was definitely the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. And he would get to see it everyday for the rest of his life.

“Oh!” Tendou’s hands were dipping into the water then, eyes trying to see past the suds as he searched for that small box. “Here, uh–” he pulled the box free from the depths, turning it over to open and display the ring within, “–[Last Name] [First Name], will you marry me?”

Her eyes darted to the ring for merely a moment before she was looking back up into his eyes. Closing the close distance between them, she brought her mouth to his again, “Yes.”

Igniparous Chapter 4, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction
Dragons. Fire born beasts larger than houses, wicked fangs and claws that could tear people to pieces. They train them. They ride them. They fight beside them. Eventyr, an academy in Northern Ishgar, is where young men and women go to train for the Ryttere, the military's Dragon Corps. But dragons aren't the only thing Natsu and Lucy discover there.

His fingers drum against the wood of the desk, tapping in a fast, steady rhythm as he waits impatiently for class to begin. Honestly, he really doesn’t want to be here at the moment, it’s too early for them to be having a class. Whoever decided eight A.M. was a suitable time for them to start the day must absolutely hate them. Granted, he knows that the he’d be complaining whether or not class started at eight. It’s Biology, the worst of all the classes.

Natsu didn’t like taking biology and anatomy courses back in high school, preferring science classes where he could make things explode over having to memorize every bone in his body. Not only was his teacher horrible, but it wasn’t like the information was actually relevant to, well, anything really. Sure, he now knows the scientific name for all of the bones in his hand, but where is that going to take him in life?

The fun “dragon” part of the course is sort of cancelled out by the “biology” portion, and Natsu just knows it’s going to be a wonderful year. His first class on Monday every week is something he hates. Brilliant. At least he has this class with people he knows, which is a blessing in his opinion.

Gajeel and Gray are just as terrible at biology as he is, so if Natsu fails, they go down with him. It’s his only solace at this point. They’ll pass or fail together, and Natsu won’t feel quite as shitty at the end of the semester. Luckily, biology isn’t a requirement for him to join the Corps. Whether he passes or not, Natsu will still end up flying eventually.

He leans back in his chair, rocking until he’s leaning on only the back legs, close to tipping, but not quite. Natsu has excellent balance for the most part. While he isn’t quite as graceful as Gray, he’s also not as bumbling as Gajeel, falling somewhere between the two. While his cousin isn’t clumsy, exactly, he’s never had quite the same reflexes as the rest of them, though he definitely packs a harder punch, much to his annoyance.

Natsu digresses, knowing that raw strength isn’t anything if someone is fast enough to dodge the hit.

Give A Little Love

For Ely– happy birthday darling!  You are such a beautiful beautiful person, and you deserve all the love in the world <3 

(This is basically a love letter to Jonathan Byers and I don’t regret it at all, especially considering the stunt I pulled for Death Day.)
Title comes from the Noah & The Whale song of the same title: “And my love is my whole being, and I’ve shared what I could.  But if you give a little love, you can get a little love of your own.”

“Steve Harrington, if you steal one more of my french fries, I’m going to shoot you.” Nancy glared at Steve over her drink.  Steve chuckled and flopped back onto the grass, chewing happily.

“Why do I get the feeling you’ve threatened me with that before?” he responded cheekily, and Nancy threw a fry at him petulantly.  It landed in his hair, and Steve didn’t hesitate before snatching it and popping it into his mouth, looking smug.  Nancy made a noise of disgust before leaning back against Jonathan.

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