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Historical Fanfic No One Asked For: Blue Coat Red Coat

Steve found his mark in the barn.

He held his wounded belly, chest rising and falling. A wounded, wild animal. He looked up at Steve with all the defiance a dying man could muster. Steve held his bayonet at the ready. He should’ve shot. The man was a rebel, a traitor to the king. But that look in those steel eyes– they spoke of desperation, of a life suppressed and denied freedom. Steve wasn’t daft. In those eyes, Steve saw himself, clear and free of England’s patriotism. He wore the colors of oppression, the symbol of a king who let others die in his stead, he grew up reciting prayers altered to fit a king angered by the Catholic Church. He was a lie, and all it took was that flash, unfiltered, raw and so very clear in the blue coat’s gaze. So Steve lowered his bayonet, dropped to his knees and pulled out his bandages. 

The man flinched away, but his throat betrayed him with mangled whines of pain. He let Steve undo the buttons on his jacket and rip open his cotton shirt. The wound glistened in the barn. Orange flames from Steve’s lantern painted the man’s chest in wild flashes of color. Steve pulled out a flask of water, cleaning the wound. He’d need ale to prevent infection, but Steve couldn’t move him like this. 

“W-why? So you c-can take me prisoner? Torture me for information?” The man spit in Steve’s face. “Fuck you.” 

“No.” Steve wiped the saliva off his cheek. “Because fuck the king. That’s why.” 

The man’s eyes rounded, his sharp gaze was less wolf and more human. His skin even warmed as he relaxed against the hay. 

“Those’re traitor’s words,” he said before coughing. “You’re a captain.” He pointed to the gorget over Steve’s sternum. 

“Yeah well, maybe I’ve seen enough people die for a man who’s too scared to fight his own battles.” 

The man tried to laugh, but it came out garbled and wet. He rested his head back, adam’s apple bobbing. “Welcome to the rebellion, red coat.”

“What’s your name, blue coat?”

The man flashed a smile, his canines glinting in the lantern light. With a wince, he sat up more, holding the bandages where Steve packed the wound. “Get me outta here alive, and I’ll think about telling you.” 


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This is perhaps the greatest risk any of us will take, to be seen as we truly are.


I need more Yoichi and Mika in my life please. I think Yoichi would be the most enthusiastic to get to know Mika and he would slowly start to open up to him after Yuu makes them spend time together. Yoichi tries really hard to earn his friendship with buying him ice cream, but forgets the poor guy can’t eat people food anymore. He appreciates the effort, though.

This is supposed to be totally platonic until I slowly started shipping them more and more shhh

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that "person a/person b" thing you just reblogged and iwaoi 👌👌

Oikawa will never be used to Iwaizumi’s affectionate gestures. 

It’s not that Iwaizumi isn’t affectionate- he is, in his own private way- but Oikawa is so head over heels in love that even after 5 years of dating and 15 years of friendship, he damn near passes out whenever Iwaizumi grabs his hand in public. 

He should be used to it. Even though Oikawa no longer cries when Iwaizumi plays with his hair, he still gasps. Iwaizumi’s kisses still feel like their first, not as clumsy but still as loving. Still gentle. Still everything Oikawa wanted and wants and will want. 

So when Oikawa reaches out to cradle Iwaizumi’s face and Iwaizumi turns into his palm and lays the gentlest of kisses, it really shouldn’t make him emotional enough to start immediately crying. Especially not now. 

“Tooru-” Iwaizumi sighs but his eyes are amused and gentle. 

“Fuck-” Oikawa whimpers, “That’s so sweet. That’s- that’s so fucking gay-”

Iwaizumi laughs, leaning down to kiss his boyfriend, a disbelieving smile pressed into their lips,

“I’m literally inside you right now, I think it’s safe to say that this is as gay as it gets.” 

Not gonna lie…I was feeling a little bitter last night & wasn’t as pleased as one should prob be about an engagement of one of their fav actors.

But like, look at how EXCITED he is to be engaged in his caption here!! How can I feel negative about this engagement when it makes this adorable puppy so incredibly happy??

Setting my personal feelings aside, because all I want for him is happiness. The more, the merrier. 👍

“I have to work hard. If I dont it’s the end for me”- Kim Jonghyun(JR), Produce 101 Ep.4