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sebastian stan is so lucky because he gets to be with sebastian stan all day and touch sebastian's jaw and hair, and lick and bite sebastian's lips.

Still chipping away at the pile of gifs. Have some casual eyefuckery, the main cause of sudden death for photographers and audiences everywhere. (x)

  • Aoi: heeeey... isn’t it a little too coooold?
  • heeeey... I just can’t, man*....
  • *He said 'kupo' which I chose to translate as 'man'. The word kupo seems to be referring to the Final Fantasy games. Apparently, it’s the word that moogles (a race in FF) use at the end of their sentences. According to Urban Dictionary, some say it has no meaning, some claim it means something along the lines of 'dude', 'man', 'eh' (at the end of sentence as used in Canada), some even say that it has a more vulgar meaning and it actually means 'fucker'. It could also just be a means of emphasizing a sentence or simply a noise that moogles make.

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Does anyone else have customers give them "the stare". For example, at my store you can choose fuel points for your rewards. Lets say you earn .05 off gas in December the points will expire at the end of January. February 1st a man through my line got defensive, "I had .15 cents yesterday" so I explained the expiration to him. He just repeated what he said and stared at me for a good 30+seconds not saying anything like he was waiting for me to tell him I was wrong or magically put them back on.


The One Where Two Australians Find the Coffee Shop in a Beloved Fan Fic

I am a longtime reader and follower of Owlet’s Infinite Coffee & Protection Detail series on AO3. Starting in the dying moments of Captain America: the Winter Soldier, the reader follows Bucky Barnes as he abruptly ‘resets’ after Steve Rogers tells him that he’ll be with Barnes ‘until the end of the line’. No longer the Winter Soldier, but not really the man he was prior either, Barnes needs to figure out who he is now, all the while keeping Rogers safe from those who would do him harm. There’s also coffee.

I personally think it’s the best fanfic I have ever read and will love it to my dying day. I am also geek. (this is important)

Recently, @gemfyre and I travelled around Europe and the USA. Gemfyre is also a huge IC&PD fangirl and fellow geek. (this is also important).

An important scene early in the first story in the IC&PD series is This, You Protect. Rogers is tucked away in his hospital room at George Washington University Hospital in Washington DC (probably listening to the Trouble Man soundtrack with Sam Wilson), while Barnes is introduced to coffee after swiping someone’s Starbucks cup. To say it’s a world changing moment would be a bit of a understatement and when he comes a Starbucks near the hospital, he must have more

Knowing we were going to be visiting Washington DC (museums!), I sat down with my copy of This, You Protect, and the map of DC on google. Using the passage from the story, I found the Starbucks. 

(As far as I am concerned, it is the Starbucks that fits the criteria from the story best for me and Gemfyre, which is what really mattered. I told you, we’re geeks.)

We get to DC and one of the first things we do is figure out the subway system to get us to the Foggy Bottom area and then it’s a short walk… and there it is, a block away from the GWUH (first photo), just like in the story (second photo). 

Third photo is a Three Shot Double Pump White Mocha with Extra Whip, with my little Cap doll that was one of our travelling mascots. The barista was amused and a little confused by the specificity of my order, but I just said a ‘friend’ had recommended it.  (Barnes and all the characters in IC&PD have become dear literary friends, sometimes helping me get through rough spots in my life).

And that’s me in the fourth photo. The CONFIRM t-shirt is to do with IC&PD - it’s how Barnes says ‘yes’. I had them made on Redbubble. Gemfyre has one too. 

But what does it taste like? You ask. Sweet bliss. Where I live in Australia does not have Starbucks and miss my Barnes Special.

This was not the only Infinite Coffee & Protection Detail related activity we did on this trip - that is for another post and another day

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So if TFP is in Sherlock's mind, then how do we explain Greg's "good man" line at the end of TFP? Any theories?

Honestly, this line caught me up for a long while.

Due to how TFP is edited / it’s plot / all the film references / shoddy logic it’s definitely a dream sequence.

Of course Sherlock’s never heard the “good man” line.

But considering the fact that Sherlock has a flashback to the waterfall in TAB as well as the Redbeard plot and the focus on solving ‘The Final Problem’ it means that TFP can’t be John’s dream.

My current theory is that it’s a reality bleed-through similar to John yelling “Wake up!” in the morgue in TLD and his “You made a vow, you swore it” in TST. Sherlock’s vow wasn’t to protect John/Mary/the baby, although this was implied, his vow was “to always be there”. Sherlock technically was present for Mary’s death, meaning that it’s likely that John is standing over Sherlock’s hospital bed, distraught over the fact that he’s losing Sherlock once again.

I think the same thing is happening with Greg’s line in the form of a ‘goodbye speech’ / conversation with John. When Lestrade’s interrogating John in TLD, the whole scene looks visually like they’re sitting on either side of a hospital bed, so I feel like Lestrade says something along the lines of “When you first met Sherlock you asked why I put up with him, and I told you that it was because he was a great man. I was wrong. Sherlock has always been a good man.” except, y’know, more poetic and articulate.

Either that, or the line is filtered through John speaking to Sherlock, e.g., “When I first met you, I asked Lestrade …” Because of the hospital bed/interrogation set-up in TLD, though, I’m currently leaning more towards Lestrade being the one to say it. 

In this scene there are a couple of lines that I also think are reality bleed-through such as “Christ, I can’t believe we didn’t see this coming” and John’s “We did see this coming” which then Sherlock likely extrapolates to be about him shooting Magnussen as opposed to his drug habit / suicidal tendencies.


Right. Maybe the last ones, but then again, maybe not. A different leather jacket, also profile. (x)


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Right. So 4 seconds of footage can be turned into 6 gifs. True, the last two are the first 5 at fewer frames, but that strand of hair is just mesmerising to watch. But I’m fine. I’m great. I don’t have a problem. (x)