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1985. Hell Awaits

is the second album by band Slayer, Released in March.

The band’s previous release, Show No Mercy, became Metal Blade Records’ highest selling release; as a result, producer Brian Slagel desired to release a second Slayer album. To that end, Slagel financed a recording budget (Show No Mercy was paid for by band members) and recruited several experienced producers to help in the studio. Still, Araya later stated the album had poor production quality: “Nowadays, production-wise, it’s so under par. But for what it was at the time, those are amazing records to me. I guess we could go in and redo it. But why ruin it?”

Lyrical themes on Hell Awaits include hell and Satan, as their debut. The intro of the first track “Hell Awaits” played backwards reveals the repeated phrase “join us”. Musically, the album features the band’s most progressive and diverse work compared to their previous releases, and according to Kerry King, he and Jeff Hanneman were very into Mercyful Fate at the time, which then led to the longer and more progressive songs. Defined as “influential to future extreme metal acts,”

Drummer Dave Lombardo, on the other hand, asserts the album was professionally done compared to Show No Mercy: “I didn’t have to overdub the cymbals, and we had a really good engineer.” Lombardo’s favorite song is “At Dawn They Sleep”, “because it was kind of slow and grungy, but then it had that double-bass part at the end.” While recording the track, neither guitarists King or Jeff Hanneman who wrote the lyrics were in the studio—only Araya and Slagel. On reading the lyrics, which featured a misspelled word, Araya sang it as it was spelled, although it’s not a real word.

To promote Hell Awaits, Slayer embarked on the Combat Tour with Venom and Exodus. Exodus guitarist Gary Holt commented, “We immediately bonded with the Slayer guys. It was two bands of friends playing with one band of heroes, you know? We were just star-struck.”

Inside Venom’s tour bus (the first time Slayer had been in one) the band members got drunk with Venom, while listening to Hell Awaits. Araya entered the bus “hammered out of his mind,” according to Lombardo, saying “I gotta take a piss! Where’s the bathroom in this thing?” Venom singer Conrad “Cronos” Lant responded, saying “Right here—right here in my mouth!” Araya took him literally and urinated on his hair. Cronos got up and punched him in the face, the two blamed each other all night, and Araya continued the tour with a black eye. Araya won’t discuss the incident other than saying that he was drunk and it was a very disrespectful thing to do.

Slayer were from the very beginning ahead of the rest, displaying greater innovation and ideas – with Hell Awaits they definitely became unstoppable and completely influential, the fragility of the early records was gone and they defined their attitude and direction, developing and refining their technique, able to make something bigger. Maybe Slagel & his team’s production and engineering job didn’t provide these compositions the power and presence their nature required, if this record was adequately produced as its successor it could’ve been absolutely spectacular but still, that handicap doesn’t deny the energy and greatness of this legendary stuff.

Hell awaits…and you shall join!

       Tom Araya       Jeff Hanneman      Kerry King      Dave Lombardo

Yahoo, end of days ... and the way forward
Verizon's acquisition of Yahoo's core internet businesses closes on Tuesday. What's next?

Yahoo, end of days … and the way forward

Update (6/25).

Dear Followers and Readers,

    I hope the recent post was interesting and informative.  The next installment of the Rikyū Chanoyu Sho is almost ready, and will be published later this week.

    My situation here has reached the critical stage.  I have to move out of this room before the end of next month.  My finances, however, are not even going to cover food until then, let alone moving expenses (and the deposit on a new room).  Right now the only “solution” that I can think of is to give all of the books and tea things to someone (if anyone is willing to take them lock, stock, and barrel), and call it quits.  Without my books and tea things, there is not going to be a translation of the Nampō Roku, ever – even if I eventually manage to find some sort of solution.  Once I give the things away, I will not be able to ask for them back later.  And without these things, doing the translation will be impossible.  Furthermore, under the circumstances there is no possibility that I will be paid for anything – the person will consider that they are doing me a favor by taking the things off my hands – so I will simply loose everything.

    Anyway, time is running out.

    Meanwhile I am still trying to resolve the PC issues.  It seems that someone (perhaps the same person or group who was reporting my posts as pornography to Tumblr a while ago) “followed” me with a fake Blog – one that instead installed malware on my PC when I tried to look at that Blog.  As a result I stopped following everybody, and will not reciprocate if anyone new follows me from here on.  It is just too much already.

    Have a good week.

Sincerely yours,

Daniel M. Burkus

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Hopefully tumblr lets me post this video.
Any ways this video from my lasik eye surgery.
I had all laser or blade-less lasik eye surgery on both of my eyes around 9:00am this morning (9/30/16). All laser means they didn’t use a microkeratome blade to make my cornea flap. My vision was pretty bad and I could only see about 3 inches in front of my face without my contacts in. The doctors and staff were very excited about my bad prescription - not because they are mean and are happy I couldn’t see but because they said I’m pretty much why this surgery was invented. I’m basically the poster child candidate for having this surgery.

The first scene is a aerial view and this is where he is cutting my cornea flap with the first laser. I don’t have a close up of this. Second scene is a close up of my eyes getting the corrective laser. The entire process from start to finish was maybe about 5-6 minutes. My vision from my last eye exam was around -9.00 for contacts and -9.75 for eye glasses.

Basic questions about lasik and my surgery:

You have to have a consultation to find out if you are a candidate. They will give you an extensive eye exam and measure your corneas. If you’ve ever had a regular eye exam it’s pretty much the same stuff with a few extra tests. Your vision prescription is also a factor. I thought my eyes were too bad to get this surgery but I was wrong. The doctor even told me my eyes could be much worst and still be fixed. So if you are considering this surgery your first step is a consultation.

Lasik overall IS permanent. It reshapes your cornea so your eye properly focuses. There is a small chance you could have a complication and will need a second surgery to perfectly fix your vision but that is rare. If any one tells you that lasik only lasts a few years they are wrong. Your eyes will be good until about 40 years of age and then the natural process of an aging eye takes over and you may or may not need reading glasses. It depends on your eyes.

The procedure was 100% pain free. You feel a slight pressure and that’s about it. It’s a little nerve wracking because even if you watch videos about this, you still aren’t sure if it’s gonna hurt but I promise I didn’t feel anything.

If you have eye insurance it most likely won’t cover lasik BUT some lasik offices will give you a discount on the surgery depending on what eye insurance you do have. I was offered a 15% discount but since I did my surgery this week they were having a deal where they cut off $400+ of the price per eye so $800 off total. That is why I got mine done so quickly because that’s a decent discount. Please only go to reputable lasik doctor to get your surgery. My doctor was highly recommended and had good reviews. I won’t say how much my procedure cost in total because depending on your situation and location the price will be different than mine. It’s extremely affordable though, especially for being a surgery. The office I went to offered different payment plans and I ended up financing my entire procedure to help my credit score. 👌🏻

Immediately after the surgery I could see better! It was blurry of course but significantly better than my natural vision. I took a nap for a few hours when I got home and just woke up about an hour ago and my vision is almost perfect! There is a slight blurring but that’s 100% natural and will subside in the next few weeks. My vision is so good I could drive car with no problems.

About an hour after my surgery my eyes started to sting a little which is natural and normal. The doctor will tell you the best thing to do is to nap as long as you can to get through the stinging. It’s a mild sting and nothing too extraneous just felt like dry eyes. I mean I could fall asleep so it wasn’t that bad of sting. After my nap I don’t really feel any sting, it just feels mildly irritated but not painful at all.

You will have 2-3 different eye drops to put into your eyes for the next week. You can’t rub your eye or wear makeup for at least a week.

This is seriously life changing. I used to wear glasses but after my prescription got too heavy I started having bad migraines from them so I have worn contacts since the 8th grade. It was so surreal waking up from my nap and being able to see clearly as soon as I opened my eyes NO CONTACTS OR GLASSES. 🚫👀👓 I used to have anxiety with taking my contacts out to see because if there were ever an emergency and I needed to get out of my house, like a fire, I couldn’t see. I feel like crying because I was born with blurry vision and I’ve had glasses and contacts ever since I was really young and now I can just open my eyes and it’s clear! It’s like getting my first pair of eye glasses when I was a kid. It’s like seeing for the first time all over again. I CAN SEE THE LEAVES ON THE TREES 🌳😊

I highly recommend getting this surgery. I know it can come off as scary because it’s your freaking eyes, I had anxiety about getting it done beforehand, but it was easy and fast 💕 my doctor and the staff were so nice and helpful. It was such a positive experience. I’m so happy I did this.

edit: I’m getting a lot of questions about this so I’m gonna make a master post tomorrow and answer some questions

At Pet Store

Me: -hauling cartful of emergency litter to the car-

Dudebro: -eyes me up from a few spots over with that sort of leering grin where you just KNOW they’re about to make a rude remark-

Me: -looks him dead in the eye, smiles, and hefts 25-lb bag (which looks much heavier) onto shoulder without much effort-

Dudebro: -goes a bit pale and hustle back into his own car without comment-

It’s always fun when you can literally SEE the predatory smugness drain out of their faces. I treasure these moments.

anonymous asked:

Are we still doing adult fails? I don't know if this can be counted as one but I borrowed a lot of money to my friend (little by little, but I didn't demand her to pay the previous ones because I was young and naive and I thought everything would be fine because hey she was one of my best friends who wouldn't screw me over. Right.) and all it caused in the end was a lot of sleepless nights and a ruined friendship. Don't borrow (bigger sums of) money to people without written agreement.

Loaning money to a friend is very rarely a good idea, in my experience, especially large amounts. The way I see it, unless you are hella rich, a large sum of money accounts for a massive percentage of your overall finances, something that could ruin you if not returned. It’s too big of a risk to take. Now, the way I see it, if someone doesn’t pay you back the first or second time, they’re not going to pay you back a third or thirtieth time.

I’m a very generous person. I am willing to loan money to friends if 1) I have known them a long time and 2) I know they will continue being in my life in the near future. If I have only known them a year or two and don’t know when I’ll see them next, then forget it. And if it’s someone who takes advantage of my generosity multiple times without paying me back? Fuck them. They’re done. I have zero patience for people who take advantage of others and for people with terrible financial abilities.

And a written agreement only goes so far. If you’re willing to bring it to small claims court, by all means, go ahead. But the person who refuses to pay you back likely won’t be swayed by a piece of paper (but it’s worth a try).

Money can ruin friendships. It’s an adulting fail to let this person take advantage of you, but I think it’s a lesson you’re going to remember.

“You Wouldn’t Have.” 5/?

BTS Taehyung Fanfiction

Theme: Angst, Fluff, Violence, Gang / Mafia AU

Word Count: 2706 Words

Parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

“Taehyung? How did you find me?” I asked repetitively.

“I heard your voice, I saw Jaebum and Jackson running in the woods so I assume they were after you.”

“Assume.” I exaggerated.

“Anyways you didn’t answer my question.”

“I’m fine.”

I didn’t want him to know about my ankle, but I know he was going to find out sooner or later.

“Hey. I think this is your chance.”

“Chance for what?” You asked.

“To run, away from Namjoon and our gang. I think this is a good time you can escape. I won’t tell him, I’ll just say you died from Jaebum.”

I felt a little lightheaded, but continued on paying attention to him.

“I know you shouldn’t have experienced this, and I’m sorry you had to go through this. But, this is what I do and live with. You should run away, I won’t stop you.”

I wanted to run, I wanted to get away from all of what I just experienced. Of course it was getting dark, I still felt light headed, everything was getting dizzy.

“T-Taehyung, I c-can’t. My ankle,” I showed Taehyung my ankle, he looks at it and his face fills with worry.

“W-Was this from Jaebum? What happened? It looks like it’s getting worse.” Taehyung asks.

“I fell when him and Jackson were chasing me, I tripped on a tree branch and hit a rock. I don’t know if I can run in this type of situation Taehyung. What should I do?” I asked in a panic tone.

He looks at my ankle one last time before he sighs. He wipes the blood on his hands off of him with his shirt and grabs the back of my shoulders with one arm. He uses his other arm to lift my legs up, he pulls me up and I was in his arms, he was carrying me.


“We have to go back to our territory, I can’t leave you here like this.” he interrupts.

I look at him in confusion but let him carry me, I had no other choice. It was either this or stay in the forest and slowly die.

As he continued on carrying me in the woods, my eyes were lowering, I felt sleepy, from all the running and my ankle hurting it wasn’t a good combination.

“T-Taehyung, I’m getting tired. It hurts, my ankle.” I said with a low voice.

“Stay with me, don’t close your eyes. We’re almost at there, just endure it. Keep your eyes open for me,” he said.

I look at the arm he was holding my legs, he was bleeding.

“You’re bleeding. Your arm..”

“I’m fine, don’t worry about me.”

“But you’re here worrying about my ankle..”

“It’s because I care about you.”


“Taehyung!” A male voice was heard in a distance.

The footsteps of running was getting closer.

“Is she okay? What happened?”

I look to see Jungkook, covered in bruises and blood around his neck. His lower lip was bleeding.

“She injured her ankle, but she’s awake.” Taehyung replies.

“What about Jaebum and Jackson?” another voice asks.

I turn again to see a tall man with light brown hair, and a jacket with historical pictures, only the left side of his cheek seems bruised.

“They were chasing her, luckily I saw them chasing her. But are you okay Jin?” Taehyung asks.

Jin nods, but then sees Taehyung’s arm.

“You’re bleeding. Let Jungkook carry her, we need to treat that arm.”

“Treat Y/N’s ankle first then me.”

“Here let me carry her-”

“I got it. I’m fine.” Taehyung backs away from Jungkook.

“Well we can’t treat her here, we need to go back to our territory and do it there. Again I don’t think you can carry her with that arm.” Jin said with worry.

Jin holds and looks at my ankle, it wasn’t bleeding as much as he thought it was.

“She’s going to be fine, it’s nothing serious. We just need to treat it with antibiotics and bandages. But Taehyung, your the arm is bleeding heavily.”

“Hyung, I said I’m fine. Let’s just bring her back. I think we should leave Hoseok and Yoongi here to protect this territory for now yes?” he asks.

Jin nods, “Come on, let’s go back.”

Taehyung continues on carrying me while Jungkook was by his side. Jin was in front of us, of course my eyes continued to wander off. The sky begins to get dark, and stars began to come across. With that scenery, I started to become more sleepy.

“T-Taehyung, I’m getting tired.” I said tiredly.

“Jin said it’s nothing serious. You can lower your eyes now if you want.” he said.

I look at the sky one last time before my eyes started to lower, as my vision starts to fade I can see Jungkook looking at me and nods. I finally had a black vision, I saw nothing, it was just pitch black. I fell asleep, only hearing the sounds of footsteps and the van door opening. That was the last thing I heard before I drifted myself to sleep.


I heard a small door creak sound. It was louder than it sounded, making me wake up from the slumber. I open my eyes, welcomed by the brightness of the room. I saw pure white vision, it was a couple seconds before I could finally see. I was back in the room, the same room where I was put in the beginning. I pulled myself up but felt an uncomfortable feeling on my ankle. I remembered that I hit it against a rock, of course it was wrapped in bandages.

“You’re awake.” a male voice said across the room.

I look to the see Namjoon standing against the wall where the ripped wallpaper was. Next to him was Jin, who was staring at my ankle.

“Yes, how long was I asleep?” I asked.

“Longer than I thought.” Jin replied.

I looked around to see all the group members in the room. Confused, I look to my side to see Taehyung next to the bed with a bandage wrapped around his injured arm.

“I’m glad you’re awake.” Jungkook said on the other side of the room.

“Me too.” Taehyung followed after.

“I see. So what happened to the territory?” I asked.

“We burned it down.” One with the mint colored hair said.


“Yoongi.” Taehyung interrupts.

“Ah. I’ve heard about you Yoongi.” I said.

He shrugs, “From Jungkook probably? He tells everyone’s profile to new people.”

I nodded, then I looked to see a man with brown hair and a blue and gold-ish varsity jacket.

“I’m guessing you are Hoseok?” I asked.

He nods, “Jungkook probably said things about me, it better be good things,” he jokes.

“I said bad things about you Hoseok hyung.” Jungkook responds.

“What?!” Hoseok shouts, he threatens Jungkook with a fist in the air and Jungkook flinches.

“Alright enough playing around, anyways, we’re surprised that you didn’t use that chance to run away from us. But then I realized that you’re injured because of your ankle, that’s why you couldn’t escape. But I’m giving you the chance to do so. So when your ankle heals, I’m letting you leave the group without getting killed.” Namjoon said.

I felt relieved, that he wasn’t going to kill me.

“So, when my ankle heals, you’re going to let me just leave?” I asked suspiciously.

He shrugs, “Unless you want to stay here and be in the group, it’s your choice. You’ve seen what we’ve done. We kill people, we take money, we take territories, nothing else.”

“Did you kill everyone in Jaebum’s territory?” I asked.

Namjoon nods.

“Even the girls I heard in there?” I continued.

Namjoon shakes his head, “They weren’t killed by us. Some ran off, the rest died from all the gun shootings from his group.”

“Jaebum told me, you guys take things in a more violent way than them. He wanted me to join his gang. I didn’t know how to respond.” I replied.

“What he said is true, we take things in a higher level than other gangs. We do things simple; kill, take, steal, go.” Hoseok said.

“What if, I joined your gang?” I asked.

“Y/N.” Taehyung said.

“Hmm. We never had a girl in our gang, I don’t know you would do if you’re in our gang. You have to be physically strong enough to fight other gangs.” Namjoon replies.

“When my ankle heals, and I don’t run away, what would you do?” I ask.

“Y/N. Our gang isn’t some club you can randomly join.” Jungkook interrupts.

“I know, but even if I leave, I know I won’t go back to a normal life like what I used to have.” I responded.

“What about your family and friends?” Jimin asks.

I had to give them the honest truth, I didn’t have any. I lived in a orphanage, the family I had was a mother that lived in that orphanage. When I grew older I left the orphanage, I left the mother and the other kids. Sadly, she died from a sickness. I now live on my own, but it’s hard. I hated my life, I wanted to work, but I didn’t have the required education to do so. I wanted to have a normal life, but I couldn’t.

“I-” I started to tear up.

“I don’t have any. I live on my own, I never met my parents, I never had friends, I never had a real family. I lived on my own for the past couple of years; and I hate it.” I responded.

“Sorry.” Jimin said.

“It seems that you had a bad past.” Yoongi said.

“Yeah.” I responded again.

“I mean it’s your decision.  If you want to join, tell me. You have to go through a test to join our gang.” Namjoon said.

“What test?” I asked.

“It’s a pain test.” Taehyung responds.

“What is it?” I ask.

“It’s a test with multiple tasks. It involves the pain that is moved physically and emotionally.”

I hesitated, I looked around, after my ankle heals, I have two choices.  Either go back into living like a “normal” person or stay with the gang. I was afraid of what to do. Both ways have two different endings. I didn’t have the finance to live on your own anymore. After the mother gave me the money to live on I used it for a while then it was all gone. If I join the gang, I can have a chance to get money and live on with people that could possibly become my friends. It was the for the greater good.

I sighed, “I’ll take the test.”

“What?!” Taehyung responds.

Yoongi scoffs, “That’s a first.”

Jungkook sighs and shakes his head, making me regret my decision.

Namjoon shrugs, “Alright then, you can take it once your ankle heals. It shouldn’t take long right Jin?”

Jin nods and heads towards the bed to look at you ankle.

“Huh? It looks like it’s fine. Can you try standing up?” Jin asks.

I nodded, I took the blanket off of me and slowly place my foot onto the wooden floor. As I put my weight on the injured ankle I felt nothing.

“Oh? It really hurt before, now I don’t feel anything. I swear I heard a snap.” I responded.

“Wow, Jin the miracle worker.” Hoseok shouted.

I took the injured ankle and lifted it up to take a step, still no pain. It felt like it was just numb but it wasn’t.

“It seems normal now. I think you will be able to take the test.” Jin said.

“Are you sure?” I ask.

“Are you even sure you want to take the test?” Jungkook asks.

I nodded, he shook his head again.

“Alright, we will do it tomorrow. You should rest for tomorrow though. Even though it’s only two tasks. They’re difficult to pass.” Namjoon said with a nod.

“I understand, how do I prepare myself?”

“You don’t. It’s the element of surprise,” Jimin said.

“That’s what happened when I took it.” Jungkook continues.

“Is it the same test for everyone?” I ask.

“It’s going to be different for you. I’m already planning it in my head.” Namjoon said.

“Oh. Well I guess I’ll just figure it out tomorrow.” I sighed.

“Alright, anyone can leave or come in the room. Jungkook can stay here for now. Taehyung, I need you on this one. He signals Taehyung to come outside with the other gang members besides Jungkook. The doors closes, there was just pure silence in the room.

Jungkook coughs, “So, why stay?” he asks.

I shrug, “I feel like this is a lot better than what I had before. You guys didn’t kill me, if I was in the other gang I felt like it would be worse. You and Taehyung basically saved me from getting killed. Does Namjoon trust me?” I ask.

“I don’t know. After the test I think he will. He’s half and half right now. I don’t know what test he’s making up for you. But even so you should know what’s coming at you.” He warns.

I nodded, “If I fail this, what happens?”

“I don’t know that either. He will probably just let you off.” Jungkook replies. He walks towards the side of the bed and tells you sit back down. I walked back to the bed feeling no pain on my ankle at all.

“It seems Jin is a miracle worker after all. He heals everyone really fast. He healed Taehyung’s arm not too long ago and it’s now looking like the wound was never there.” Jungkook said with a chuckle.

I look at Jungkook to see his lower lip was still an open wound.

“Your lip, it’s still bleeding. Have Jin treated it?” I asked.

“I said it was fine. It takes a while for it to heal on itself.” He replies.

“It shouldn’t take this long Jungkook, let me see. I cupped his face and made him look towards me.

As I was examining his lip, he was examining mine.

I saw his eyes wander, I let go of him and moved back.

“I-I think you should let Jin treat it. It’s better than letting it heal itself.” I stuttered.

“Why did you just stutter?” he asks smugly.

“I-It’s because you were looking at me like that. I was flustered okay?”

“Ah, I see. Well get used to it. Once you’re in the gang I feel like everything is going to be different.”

“I’m not even in the gang yet. Even so, you guys didn’t kill me in the beginning. If I was someone different, I would be dead by now. When I was being chased by Jaebum and Jackson, I said that I should’ve let you guys kill me in that alleyway.”

“I didn’t want to live at that point, I just felt used. I was only there because I was forced to. At least you told me what to do while I was in there. If I did something wrong, I think I would’ve died in Jaebum’s territory instead.” I explained.

“You’ll pass. I would welcome you to gang.”

“Again like what Taehyung said, you get attached too easily. Don’t get attached to me Jungkook.”

“Of course Taehyung and his words. You listen to him but not me.” Jungkook mumbled.

“He carried me all the way here while his arm was bleeding. He said he cares about me.”

He scoffs, “He cares about you but he didn’t care about what he did to the girl Namjoon killed.”

“You don’t listen to what I say. I warned you about Taehyung, but you’re ignoring that fact.” Jungkook exclaimed.

“I know what you said about him. But, he’s different.”

“He’s not different. He’s the same Taehyung that raped that girl Namjoon killed just accept that fact Y/N.”

“You’re lying.”

“I’m not.”

“Why are you lying to me?” I asked.

“I told you I’m not lying to you. Why would I lie to you?”

“Because you want me for yourself.”

One type of Wall Street personality tends to get 'destroyed' in their 30s and 40s, according to one of the richest billionaires in finance

(Steve Schwarzman.Thomson Reuters)
With more than four decades of experience on Wall Street, Steve Schwarzman has seen it all. 

The billionaire founder of Blackstone Group, who now also advises President Donald Trump, has built his company from a tiny advisory service in 1985 into an industry leader, with $368 billion in assets under management in 2017. 

Schwarzman, 70, has navigated the firm through multiple recessions and economic calamities that ended many other careers in finance. 

One of Schwarzman’s keys to a lengthy — and prosperous — stay on Wall Street? Respecting and mastering risk and not becoming overconfident.

Banking has a reputation for breeding gladiators. But in an interview with Jason Kelly of Bloomberg, Schwarzman said the “brave” are the personality types that tend to wash out early in finance (emphasis ours):

“So part of what benefited us was that we’re risk-averse. I have a saying: There are no brave old people in finance. Because if you’re brave, you mostly get destroyed in your 30s and 40s. If you make it to your 50s and 60s and you’re still prospering, you have a very good sense of how to avoid problems and when to be conservative or aggressive with your investments." 

Controlling risk was crucial to Blackstone’s growth and longevity, and the buck stopped with Schwarzman. Lose control of risk and ink a few stray deals, he warned, and "all of a sudden you’ve blown up your business." 

"I was committed that that wouldn’t happen,” Schwarzman told Bloomberg. 

Schwarzman’s full interview with Kelly is worth a read. Check it out at Bloomberg Markets.

NOW WATCH: Investing legend Ray Dalio shares the simple formula at the heart of his success

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DAY 2171

Jalsa, Mumbai              Mar 26/27,  2014              Wed/Thu  2:46 am

A day is always filled with those special moments when we share grief and laughter the same day ..

How does one switch one to another, I have no idea, but it switches .. intensity and anger at serial tv shoot, and a laughter and fun promo for the ‘Comedy with Kapil’ show .. happens ..

And in between there is the moment of serious discussion and debate on the business of the Company and the subsequent decisions to be made … this is most discomforting .. business talk does that to many .. it certainly does that to me .. we always wish our management to be taken care of by others, and we left alone to do what we feel we know best !!

But its a non starter at most times .. knowing the business of business is an arduous task .. some have great control and knowledge of it, and I envy them .. many like me do not and I envy that situation too ..

Money and commerce does that to many … it is what we work for , yet are unaware of what it does and where and how .. 

In general I have observed that many in the profession of creativity have been through the trauma of indiscreet and wrongly managed finance, ending up pauper like when the time comes to be secure and healthy ..that to me has been the most tragic situation ..

Business managers have been appointed, and given charge, but in time if your own interest and input gets compromised, or lessened .. then trouble starts .. relationships dry up, accusations abound, liability of one from the other build up and soon it has reached a stage when the mention even of the other, heats up the blood … money does that to people ..

So … anyway … after a rigorous visit to the camera most of the morning it was time to promote the film 'Bhoothnath Returns’, with the irresistible, Mr Kapil .. the Comedy with Kapil .. swell guy, who rides the wave of extreme popularity on the show ..

We will and shall be together on his show later .. and for that, the information shall be given later … 

'Later’ seems to be a most convenient word that has been used here on this platform for long .. its justification aside, I do wish to make amends … ya I know this is what is written often, but .. I will confess and assure again that it will …

My love to all

Amitabh Bachchan

oh yes .. its 6th April … the broadcast for the 'Comedy with Kapil’

On webseries crowdfunding, review blogs, independence and other complex issues - a response post

The outpouring of responses to my post from last night about webseries crowdfunding being unsustainable has been tremendous. Seriously. We’ve started something like six different conversations about a dozen and half different important topics in the world of webseries. Since I went offline last night, several more voices have chimed in or described their interest in joining the conversation through reblogs and asks. Rather than taking this all offscreen (which I’m concerned will cut people out of the conversation, which is the opposite of what I think is right in this case), I’ve decided to address a lot of the issues (and answer a lot of the asks) in a single post and tag each. and. every. one. of people who participated in the discussion, whether in direct responses or tags. But this is also still very much a conversation for the whole community, and so even if you’re not tagged, feel free to add your voice. Also it may be worth using lots of “read more” cuts! I messed up last time and clogged everyone’s dash, for which I apologize.

As always, opinions are my own and are not absolute. I’m probably wrong about stuff and it’s okay if we disagree right now. We’ll find our common ground. :)

And now the cut, before what I expect will be a monstrously long response comparable only to the Great Wall. Probably also long enough to be seen from space. And too long to properly edit so I apologize in advance for any clumsy turns of phrase or not-well-said impressions. My intention here is not to criticize the actions of any webseries nor imply that one type is better than the other. At all.  

Please note that I will be offline for a day or so not long after the publication of this post, so I will not be able to immediately respond to any messages or continued discussions. But please have them, because I will eagerly read through everything when I get back!

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captainscanarys  asked:

Sara & Len has been dating for a while when the mission is over, Sara decided to start over and move to Central City with Len (and one day he propose her) :) I loved your work so much & thank you ❤❤

dis: i don’t own LOT
note: thanks for the prompt!

“So…” Sara picked up on the nerves in his voice. She was sitting between his legs, back against his front, her head resting on his shoulder while he held one of her hands between his two. His fingertips were playing with hers and she leaned to one side so that she could turn her head to look up at him. “I was thinking…”


“Us.” A part of her started to get worried. Wondering if he was about to end things. He’d mentioned it to her, that he’d let his past fears get in the way of ever being serious with anyone. That he’d lost many opportunities to let someone in. “I was thinking when this was all over. Once Savage was defeated. That you’d…” He took a deep breath and she squeezed his hand. “Move in. With me.”

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The Price of Protection - A Twins One Shot

TITLE OF STORY: The Price of Protection
AUTHOR: cheers-mrhiddleston
WHICH TOM/CHARACTER:  AU Jag!Tom and Exec!Tom as Twins
GENRE: Angst, Action
FIC SUMMARY: Moira Courtney is the top financial mind of Thomas Hiddleston’s drug cartel, but when a dark piece of her past catches up with her new life, the twins know they have they have to step up to help her. 
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: Domestic abuse mentions, descriptions of violence, and language.
FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: Stand alone one shot in the twins’ universe, taking place after WYIM. Please send feedback and I hope y’all enjoy! You can check out the twins here!

Despite working for an international drug cartel, Moira Courtney remembered only being scared three times in her life.

The first had been the moment she felt the blinding, indescribable pain in her leg after Brennan pushed her down the two flights of stairs from their flat to the ground.

The second had been when her pregnancy test came back positive.

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