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Reading in Restraint: The Last Chained Libraries

In the Middle Ages, books were incredibly scarce, and although many wanted to share knowledge with the masses, they didn’t quite trust the public. So the chained library was born, and while most of these restrained reading collections have vanished, a rare few still exist, looking much as they did centuries ago. 

Come with us for a tour of the world’s last remaining chained libraries, on Atlas Obscura!

For the last 44 years, you could ask Maria how to get to Sesame Street, but not any more. Sonia Manzano, the actress who has played the character since 1971, is retiring and won’t be part of the next season.

Manzano, 65, announced the news earlier this week at the American Library Association Annual Conference.

On the show, Maria owned the Fix-It shop, repairing all sorts of things, including a lot of toasters, with her husband Luis, writes the Associated Press:

“In confirming Manzano’s retirement, Sesame Workshop said ‘she will always be a part of the fabric of our neighborhood. During her 44-year career as the iconic "Maria,” and the first leading Latina woman on television, she was a role model for young girls and women for generations.’“

Maria Leaves Sesame Street After 44 Years On The Block

Photo: Zach Hyman/Sesame Street

To Bryan and Mike,

Thank you for giving us Aang and Korra. Avatar the Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra aren’t just TV shows. They’re apart of our lives. This is something we’ve been into since we were young. This is something we looked forward to every week. We related to what the characters went through. We understood why Kuvira wanted to take Republic City and the Earth Kingdom. Why the Red Lotus did all they did. Why Amon wanted equality. We watched Korra struggle to find herself after being poisoned. We watched Aang cope with the fact that his people were gone. We’ve seen all the episodes, watched your creation. This show isn’t just a show. It teaches life lessons and has broken so many barriers many people thought couldn’t be broken. This show has given us hope. Bryan and Mike, your creation has inspired us and it will continue to live on through you and us, the Fandom. Thank you for all these years. Thank you for your creation.

Thank you. Love,

The ATLA/LOK fandom