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So tomorrow is the day homestuck ends. Is it just me or does this ending feel rushed? Like, even if we get an hour long video tomorrow, it's hard to believe it's going to be over. It seems like there is so much more stuff that has to happen. Are we even going to get to see them beat up caliborn? and oh boy do i hope they don't leave shit unanswered just so they can address it in *shudders* homestuck 2.0...I dunno man. Is this bothering you as much as it bothers me?

Here’s the thing, from my perspective.

Did you notice how little of importance actually happened in [S] Collide?

Remember how Andrew was keeping us let in on his general upd8 progress? And how he finished Act 7 first?

Andrew said long before that he opted not to do complex Strife flashes toward the end of Act 5 (showing Vriska and Rose fighting Bec Noir in their respective timeframes) because the payoff wouldn’t be worth the effort of stopping in the middle of the story for that long. In the end, a fight like that is often just a fight – a bunch of characters flailing around and using cool abilities, where almost all that matters about it is the final result. That’s a very low information-content flash compared to most of what Homestuck’s been lately. Cascade had far more plot developments and twists in it than Collide. Hell, Descend probably had more plot developments than Collide!

Am I complaining about this? Not at all: Andrew, very wisely, saved it for last, when he had plenty of time to bring together all the guest art he’d requested into a nice 18-minute piece of entertainment. AFTER he’d worked on finishing Act 7 to his satisfaction.

You see what I’m saying?

He saved the least important part to work on last!

I’m not saying that Act 7 is going to contain nearly a fraction of the animation content that Collide did. I’m saying that whatever weird form Act 7 takes, I believe it was meant to be the true masterpiece of the effort. And, once again: He wouldn’t have devoted SO MUCH hiatus time and effort to this conclusion if he didn’t want the end of Homestuck to measure up to his satisfaction. He had a general idea of how this story would end from the very beginning, and he wants to see that through, Ultimate lessons and all.