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let’s get this clear :: isak does not “deserve better” than even. isak deserved to have known before now that even was manic. isak deserved to know the truth and what he was getting into. but he doesn’t “deserve someone better”. even is still the same guy who cooks for isak and draws him things and clearly cares for him. if isak and even find out a system that works and is healthy for the both of them, which they will, they’ll be together but isak deserves someone to love him the way even does, and even deserves someone to love him the way isak does.


If volleyball was a one-on-one sport, we wouldn’t be able to win against Shiratorizawa. We’re smaller, and our individual attack strength falls short in comparison. But there are six of us on the court. If we win, it’s not because a miracle happened. Our concept won’t change until the very end! We’re going to punch our way through!  — Sawamura Daichi, Haikyuu!! S3 #09

The Rebel and the Rose: The Epilogue.

…and so, friends, we have reached the end! This is only wee, but it hints at Jamie and Claire’s future.

I still wanna say A MASSIVE thanks to @lenny9987 for being WOW. Thanks Len, you’re a genius and I’m very lucky to have had you look over this epic for me.

Happy Weekend all, and Salut! 

You can find the other chapters: HERE.

This is set about six months after their voyage from Wales to France and canny wee Murtagh has managed to seek out Claire’s uncle Lamb. The moral of this story is, always take a Murtagh. Adieu, folks…

Lambert had asked Jamie to accompany him through the vineyards, Claire had taken sick again in the morning and he needed to take the lad aside before he fretted himself into a hole.

“James, my boy. I know we haven’t been acquainted long, but you love my Claire, yes?”

Jamie scrunched his brow together in confusion. Of course he loved her? Had he not made it clear countless times. He scratched his head, nerves getting the better of him. Maybe Lambert Beauchamp didn’t approve of him, maybe this was the moment he would finally tell him it wasn’t to be.

“Aye, of course. I love her very much. Why do ye say so?”

“Ah, well. I fear you may have misread her situation somewhat. You’re a perceptive chap, but still naive in many things. You’re worried about her, she’s not sleeping and you’re suffering too. Do you know why?”

Jamie shook his head, she’d been sick on and off for weeks now. Him and Murtagh had no idea why, but they’d nursed her through it as best they could. After the stress of the past few weeks both were worried she’d fallen ill with some prison rot, or that her injuries weren’t as well healed as they appeared.

“It’s quite delicate you see. I have an understanding of a hand fast, your godfather, Mr Fraser, tells me he performed one for you and Claire. So technically you’re able to live as one. Well, this might cause you to…you know, marry her properly?” Jamie’s eyes met Lamb’s as he ran over the countless possibilities in his brain that could cause Claire’s uncle to suggest a wedding. His heart fluttered as hope surged through him.

“Ye approve o’ me and Claire then?” He mumbled, wanting to be sure he’d kent the correct meaning of it.

Lamb burst out in fits of laughter at this, bending over and holding his stomach as he wiped an amused tear from his eye.

“Approve? My dear boy! Anyone who is near to you for more that but a moment can see how right you are for each other. Who am I to stand in the way of true love?” He straightened then, a serious look taking over his usually placid features. “She’s been through enough, has Claire. You were the one to save her when I could not, James. I’ll be forever in your debt for that. Aside from that, though, I can see how deeply you’ve fallen for each other. I could never disapprove of that.”

Jamie breathed out a massive sigh of relief.

“So, ye ken why she’s sick? What do we do?” Jamie pressed, eager to be back if Lamb had means to help her.

“Do? Well, we wait. You’re to be a father, James.”

Jamie stopped dead. He could feel his heart pounding away in his chest, his lungs seemed painfully small as he gasped for breath. Lamb, who had continued walking unaware of Jamie’s sudden halt, turned to see where his son-in-law had gotten to. He smiled as he watched the young man take on board his news.

“I was worried that you hadn’t come to this conclusion yourself. I thought it best to bring you out here, alone.”

“You’re sure?” He whispered, his voice only audible as it caught on the breeze. Lamb could see a myriad of expressions pass through Jamie’s eyes. Hope, love, happiness…fear.

“I’m one hundred percent sure. She’s certainly with child.”

“Ah Dhia! A bairn. My bairn.” His eyes focused and unfocused as he contemplated what this would mean for them. A wee one of his own. He’d never thought such a thing were possible, especially as he readied his men for war only months before. His heart lightened as he pictured his Claire with a bonnie baby at her hip.

“Yes. Your very own. Now! This wedding I was thinking about, your uncle Jared wouldn’t be partial to lending us his house would he?”

Jamie smiled, the tears gathering in his eyes as he laughed and nodded. 

“Aye, aye. I think he just might be!”


Mystic Messenger - Bad Ends Guide

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For the purpose of people who are trying to 100% complete their game, this guide is to help them achieve all the Bad Ends in the game. Please note that, in case it wasn’t obvious, this guide will contain spoilers.

Note: As of this guide’s posting, there are still some bad ends that I either have not done yet or I don’t know exist. Please do not tell me how specifically to do this. If you don’t see it here, you can tell me of its existence if you know for certain it exists because you have done it. I don’t want “I heard there is X ending.” I only want to know of it if you have done it.

There are two types of Bad Ends: Story and Relationship.

  • Bad Story Ends: Happen when you choose answers that are not optimal to helping the character who’s route you are in achieve their personal goals.
  • Bad Relationship Ends: Happen when you either don’t participate in enough chats or don’t participate in chats at all.

(All guides will be placed under a cut)

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When asked if his next challenge was to replicate his show’s Broadway success around the world, Miranda said: “Our fun challenge is in finding an incredible UK cast. Our early forays into casting so far have been incredible, there’s such an amazing wealth of talent here.”

But will British audiences understand a musical about American history? Miranda doesn’t think they need to: “I get a lot of British journalists who say to me: ‘We don’t know a lot of that American history’, and I go: ‘most Americans don’t.’”

“That’s the dirty little secret. I didn’t know any of this stuff, I fell in love with the story reading Chernow’s biography. I think Hamilton’s story affects you no matter where you’re from, just by the sheer volume of stuff he got done while he was alive.

"You see that show and you go: 'man what am I doing with my life?’ I hope that will ring true here.”