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tfw you hate the ending but basically you’re the leads of a big franchise and need to get paid, so you take the promo selfies but you’re actually lowkey planning how to shit on it through your art in a few days time.

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Hello can you tell me a little about how japan is reacting to the end of bleach in terms of ships? Are they okay with ih? or are they sad like us? sorry bad english

From what I’ve seen on twitter and various forums, they hate it. Period. Everyone and their grandmothers are basically confused as to why Kubo ended it that way and lament the fact that it should have been IR. “Bleach” trended on twitter at one point and the majority of the tweets were basically negative.

There have been Japanese fans who straight up destroyed all their Bleach merchandise (which is pretty extreme, but…) and the general consensus is that they’re not going to waste their money on buying the last volume/ magazine.

Photos from this post. It’s worthy to note that the photos are from Weibo (A chinese forum) but the photos were grabbed off from twitter through Japanese fans.

And this photo and translations from this post shows the Japanese netizens reacting.

Also, according to @daethberry,  when the ending came out, people cried at work, refunds were demanded and basically they hoped it was all a joke. Yikes.

And the Bleach Live Action?

Forget about it! Everyone is pretty much “who asked for this?” And the whole thing has turned into a laughing matter. Fukushi Sota, get the fuck out of this production now!


Basically, the Bleach Rock Musical cast went “fuck this”, and the actor and actress for Ichigo and Rukia did an impromptu “proposal” to each other in character and every single cast member became a bunch of emotional wrecks. Did I say this was televised and streamed? CAUSE IT WAS, SO THEY HAD AN AGENDA! Go team! 


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