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Utaite Quotes Round 5.5

Amatsuki: Today, I’m staying in a hotel room with Hashiyan san and Kony chan. I need to prepare to end Kony chan’s life the moment he starts to snore
Amatsuki: This is what Kony chan gave me and Hashiyan san, check it out (picture of earplug)

Amatsuki: the wiiU has no memory space for Mario Kart DLC, Amatsuki found dead (^0^) Why is it so full…
Fan: Buy an external HDD
Amatsuki: It’s so expensive I laughed, I think I’ll cry now
Amatsuki: I found a 4G USB I wasn’t using and plugged it in, it’s working somehow. The wiiU itself has so little memory space it made me laugh

Amatsuki: I tightened my belt as far as it can go and my pants are still slipping down this is dangerous

Amatsuki: I was thinking that I have a pretty flexible mindset, and I’m very attentive, so I’m always getting dragged around by other people and I reached
Amatsuki: The character limit

Amatsuki: Yesterday I managed to lose both my bad luck and my wallet v(’ q ` )v It’s dangerouus what do I do I can’t find it
AmatsukI: I’ve lost my wallet so much, I don’t feel it anymore I’m feeling really anxious, and I’m seriously thinking that just letting all material things go might be better nooo ʅ( ՞ਊ՞)ʃ≡  ≡ʅ( ՞ਊ՞)ʃuhhhuuuuuhuhuuhu
-> Uratanuki: Losing wallets is what utaites are supposed to do
–> Amatsuki: Is that for real then considering how much I lose my wallets I must be a really successful utaite
Amatsuki: Anyway, I need to live on my 1000 yen that was in my pocket until I find my wallet I’ll try hard
Maybe if I tap it it’ll double itself
Tap my pockets and two Noguchis~
Tap my pockets and four Noguchis~
(Noguchi Hideo is on japanese 1000 yen bills, about 10USD)
Amatsuki: I missed my station while I was tweeting goodbye
Amatsuki: I found my wallet I found my wallet I found my wallet walleeeeeeeeeeet it was at the police station (´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)
Amatsuki: I’ve been using this wallet for four years and I’ve gotten it back after I lost it ten times!!! Thank you stranger that returned my wallet!!! You probably can’t read this but anyway!!!
Amatsuki: Got my wallet back…! A car ran it over and the credit cards are in pieces but my money is still in here, (´;ω;`) Thanku thanku

Fan: Mafukun are you getting married?!
Mafumafu: I don’t even have a girlfriend, let alone getting married, what the heck wwwwwwwwwwww

Mafumafu: I know this isn’t really something to laugh over, but sometimes I sleep and get encased in this sense of anxiety and I end up waking up crying wonder what this is at that moment it feels like I can’t hear very well and I’m in a dark place
Mafumafu: last time Urata san came over to sleep taht happened and I popped up yelling “Uwaaaaaaaaaa!!!” and Urata san told me “It’s okay. It’s okay.” and I remember being very reassured by that
Mafumafu: is what I told him and he told me he can’t remember that

Mafumafu: “Sleeping is closing your eyes. Removing yourself from the world full of things you don’t want to see. For just this moment, let’s return to nothingness” Can I send this artistic sentence and postpone my deadline (three days left)

Mafumafu: Um hey I just starting updating the computer without giving it a lot of thought and it’s not ending tomorrow’s the deadline is it okay brother Uhuh it’s fine we can work through the night you know the usual but what if the update doesn’t end well then we’re screwed but it’s okay
Mafumafu: You don’t have to be afraid you don’t I’m afraid

Mafumafu: Long ago when I didn’t know much about spam mail I used to answer seriously with “I don’t know why I won. Maybe you sent to the wrong address” to mails like “Congradulations! You won ooo!!!”
Mafumafu: and I even bragged that to my friends like “I’m getting a lot of mail these days”

Mafumafu: @Soraru: If I can change the song I’m going to write for you now, I’m going to change it to a weird song about tentacle fetishes.
Mafumafu: I brought up the tentacles to annoy Soraru san, but now they’re saying I like tentacles and I bought my computer to play ero games, I’m crying so this is how rumors are made I want to become a clam