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character(s): jeon jungkook 

“for a while we pretended that we never had to end it, but we knew we’d have to say goodbye”

it was fun while it lasted, the late night dates, cuddling, staying up all night talking about nothing and everything. watching him put his everything into doing something he loved. you never minded him waking you up in the middle of the night just to sing you a song he wrote, but the inevitable end was near. unfortunately, he and his group were going on a world tour soon. the pair never liked to think of it, they wanted their last memories together to be happy, but they knew before he left that they would have to end it.

“you were crying at the airport, when they finally closed the plane door. i could barely hold it all inside”

after a week, you finally convinced him to let you see him off to the plane. one last goodbye. he turned one last time to see you wipe away a flurry of tears cascading down your features, something he wanted to badly to stop. it hurt him just as much as it hurt you that he was leaving. when the gates finally shut, he let the tears fall. he let out all the emotion he held in, in front of you. seeing him like this made his members question whether your separation was more of a blessing or a curse.

“torn in two and i know i shouldn’t tell you, but i just can’t stop thinking of you. wherever you are”

about a month and a half into the tour and poor jungkook was still hurting, he hid it well in front of fans and most of his members. his hyung’s knew better and watched the youngest member in pity as he dragged along on their rare day’s off. he sat on the edge of his bed, his thumb hovering over your contact, he wanted to call you so badly but he feared you had already moved on. his mind busy having an internal battle never noticed yoongi coming over and gently removing the phone from him and putting an arm around his shoulder, doing his best to comfort the boy. yet, jungkook wasn’t listening to a word he said, he was too busy thinking of you.

“every night i almost call you just to say it always will be you. wherever you are”

every night a bit of sleep is lost as he continues to stare at your contact. all he wanted to do was hear your voice. he needs you to know that he will never love someone as much as he loved.. loves** you. tears well in his eyes as he looks at your picture. it was one of those rare early dates and the two of you were out at lunch, the sun hitting you perfectly, producing a glowing halo of sun rays and jungkook couldn’t help but snap a quick picture. he shut his phone off before falling into the best sleep he’s had since leaving you.

“i could fly a thousand oceans, but there’s nothing that compares to what we had, and so i walk alone”

two months. he’s in america now, still thinking about you. now everyone notices that just a bit of jungkook is gone. they think something terrible has happened to his family, some think he isn’t getting enough rest because he pushes himself so much more these days, or may be it’s because of a certain someone. he is more introverted, more of a loner. he never liked being in people’s company longer than he deemed necessary. he just enjoys being alone more, it helps him cope but it also worsens the pain.

“i wish i didn’t have to be gone. maybe you’ve already moved on, but the truth is I don’t want to know”

there are days where he thought that if he didn’t go on this stupid tour he would still be with you. there are days where he thinks that maybe if he never met you then he wouldn’t be hurting, these thoughts are the quickest to vanish. seeing as he is so so deeply in love with you that if he never met you, he would feel half empty all the time, desperately searching for answers within different countries and never staying long enough to establish any sort of connection to the people there. then there are the days where he believes you’ve moved on. it’s not something he enjoys thinking about, but he can’t help it. there are days where he wants to ask any of his friends to reach out, asking if you’ve found someone else. he doesn’t want to know because it’ll hurt so much more knowing that he’s been replaced.

“torn in two and i know i shouldn’t tell you, but i just can’t stop thinking of you. wherever you are”

now it’s your turn. you haven’t moved on, how are you supposed to? nothing on this planet or in this life will be half as great as your relationship with jungkook. how are you supposed to move on when all you can think about is him? he’s in your mind 24/7 but you’ll never tell him that, he’s halfway across the world by now and knowing you still love him, he’ll fly back to you and then never finish that tour. so you’ll silently sit there and think about the greatest love you’ve ever had and ever will have while he travels the world doing the things he loves.

“every night i almost call you just to say it always will be you. wherever you are”

truth be told he isn’t the only one losing sleep over internal debates. you sit there for what seems like hours deciding if you should call him and tell him that he is the only one for you, but it’s too late. he’ll probably never know, in your mind you’ll never want to tear him away from his music. together or separated, music is the one thing he loves more than you. in your heart you know it’ll always be him, and only him

“you can say we’ll be together someday. nothing lasts forever, nothing stays the same. so why can’t I stop feeling this way?”

yea there’s always the possibility of rekindling that flame, i mean it’s not like he’s never going to come back to korea. he’ll be back, but the only question is if you’ll cross paths again. nothing is permanent so who knows, maybe you’ll bump into each other again at a coffee shop just like the first time and you’ll have a dinner, you’ll catch up, and you’ll fall in love all over again. yet, it feels like you’ll never see each other again. why does it feel like nothing will ever change? does it feel that way because maybe, by some evil force of nature your paths will never cross again?

I feel like yeah in the beginning Harry held up the gay flag for us but near the end of the tour, specifically when he wrapped it around himself or idk ran across the stage as if it was a cape, I really think that was for himself


*offers plate of cookies* So reader is guitarist/vocalist in an up-and-coming band on tour with Asking Alexandria. Reader and Ben spend the whole thing flirting, and near the end of the tour Ben & reader are off at a bar getting tipsy. Ben gets a bit excited, the two have sex in one of the buses, and in the morning Ben asks reader out all sweet-like. Pretty please and a million thanks!! <3

*Gladly accepts cookies and noms them viciously* I have another request for a ben bruce smut but nothing specific sooo I hope it’s okay if this answers that, too c:

“Y/N!” a familiar accented voice yelled. “You and the guys are coming out with us tonight!” 

“Yeah,” I replied loudly, not turning around as I messed with my guitar.

“It wasn’t a question,” Ben’s voice came from right behind me. I jumped a little and turned to find him standing behind me with a smirk. I smiled at him.

“Well, well, well if it isn’t Mr. Bruce. Come to make fun of me some more?” I asked playfully.

“Saving most of that for tonight,” he replied, giving me a heart-melting grin. “Short stuff.”

“Hey! Not very nice,” I told him, feigning hurt. Ben grinned evilly and leaned in so he could whisper in my ear.

“Just think, since you’re already so close to the ground it won’t be so bad when you get on your knees for me,” he said, an edge of lust to his voice. I felt my cheeks turn pink and I slapped his arm, laughing lightly. Ben just grinned and walked away. “See you tonight. You better look hot,” he called over his shoulder.

“I always look hot!” I yelled back.

“Very true,” came his reply. I just shook my head and grabbed my things to head to the bus. If I wanted to look really good then I needed to start getting ready. I was still sweaty and gross from our performance. 

~A few hours later~

I grabbed my phone and ID along with some cash and stuffed it all into a little clutch thingy I had, heading over to AA’s bus with the rest of the band. We climbed on and headed for a club downtown. I sat next to Ben on the bus and we talked the whole ride there, laughing and kinda flirting a bit. 

Okay, flirting a lot. As soon as we met before the tour there was an instant connection between us. So much sexual tension and chemistry shifted between our bodies every time we were around each other. The entire tour had been nothing but a flirtationship for us. Now, as we sat together on our way to this club, I noticed Ben’s eyes sometimes trailing to the hem of my dress, biting his lip as they did so. I smirked to myself, knowing this outfit would drive him crazy throughout the night. 

“Alright, lets go fuckers!” Danny yelled as we pulled up to the place. We cheered and got out, piling into the building. We all got drinks and a big booth for us all to fit before heading to the dance floor. I stayed behind to watch the others. When Ben noticed, he came back and sat with me, ordering another beer. 

“Feel like being anti-social or what?” he asked. I shook my head, taking another swig of my drink.

“No, I just need a bit more alcohol in me before I go out there and dance,” I told him. He laughed and went up to the bar. When he returned, he had a whole tray of different drinks.

“Well, then lets get started because I’d like to dance with your fine ass before the night is over,” he said, eyeing me happily. I giggled and obliged, grabbing another concoction. Ben and I drank and drank until finally all the drinks were gone. We were laughing obnoxiously at each other, the poison running strongly through our veins.

“You are so very funny,” I slurred, poking him in the chest and nearly falling over into his lap. We laughed some more.

“Are you drunk enough to dance yet?” he asked. I nodded and he grabbed my hand, leading me to the floor. Ben’s hands found my hips and our bodies swayed in unison to the beat of the music. Eventually he turned me around and pulled me to him. I began to grind into his hips, earning a few groans in my ear, which really turned me on. After a bit more of this, Ben whispered something about leaving in my ear and I nodded happily. With excitement, he pulled me outside and then onto the empty bus. 

Before I could say anything, Ben’s lips crashed onto mine. Our bodies slammed into a wall, our hands roaming each other fiercely. Our kissed was sloppy, but passionate. His tongue tasted like whiskey and I loved it. Ben’s hands went around my back and grabbed my ass roughly, making me gasp and giggle at the same time. He smiled against my mouth.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he said, his voice low and husky, turning me on. I knew I wanted him. I had wanted him from the very first second I saw him. With a boost of confidence, I ran my hands under Ben’s shirt, forcing it over his head with his help, and then back him up to the couch. He pulled me down to him, lust in his eyes, so I was straddling his hips. Then he began to kiss my neck, biting and sucking and leaving marks, making me come undone. His hands ran up my thighs to the hem of my dress, pushing it up. Then they traveled up my sides and over my shoulder blades until I heard a zipper being undone. He stood me up and I let the dress fall off my body, leaving me in just a black lacy thong and my feels. His eyes raked my figure and I blushed slightly. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered, pulling me back to him, but not down to his lap. I moved to take off my shoes, but he stopped me. “Leave them on.” He smirked and gripped my hips, tossing me onto the couch and then climbing over my body. 

~In the morning~

I woke up wrapped in an unfamiliar blanket. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and galnced around a bit. I was in an unfamiliar bunk. I laid there confused until memories of last night returned. 

Dancing with Ben; coming back to the bus; all the alcohol; making out; seeing him shirtless; my dress slipping off; his lips all over my body; screaming his name as I-

I smiled at the thought of it, a slight blush dusting my cheeks. I was in Ben’s bunk then. But where was he? I woke up alone. I pulled back the curtain and peered out. I couldn’t see him, but I could smell food. It was then I realized how hungry I was. I uncovered myself, seeing I apparently had on one of his shirts and a pair of shorts, and hopped out. 

“Good morning Sleeping Beauty,” Ben greeted from the small kitchenette thing. He was standing over a plate of pancakes and frying some bacon. 

“Morning,” I mumbled with a grin. He planted a kiss on the top of my head when I walked up to him, his arm snaking gently around my waist. “What are you making this for? And why are you even awake?”

“I got up this morning to make a special breakfast just for you and I,” he said with a smile. I blushed visibly, making him chuckle deep in his throat. 

“Special?” I asked.

“Yeah. I thought, uh, after a special night that you deserved a special reward..” he said awkwardly.

“Reward?” I scoffed. “Do you think I like did you some kind of favor or something..?’

“Oh god, that came out so wrong I’m so sorry,” he rushed out. I was so lost. “I haven’t really done this before I guess so I’m a little nervous, uhm, I meant like a, uhm-”

“Ben, calm down. It’s okay,” I said, placing my hand on his arm. He took a deep breath and looked down at me with those gorgeous eyes.

“What I’m trying to say is I want to ask you out. I would like to actually date you and call you my girlfriend and…stuff,” he told me, biting his lip and shifting his weight as he did so. A smile crept across my lips.

“And you were trying to do it with pancakes?” I asked. He nodded and blushed slightly. “Well, I accept because I really love pancakes.” I stuffed one into my mouth playfully, making him laugh and pull me in for a hug.

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Ahh I saw the cabaret tour in SF with Randy Harrison and he was awesome! I had no idea he sang but he sings so well! Cabaret is one of my favorite musicals and I loove the song 'I Don't Care Much' and he rocked it. In the sad tragic way that the song is, of course. But still, rocked it. That's awesome that you got called up to dance with him!! I'm happy for you.

Ahhhh YES!!! His voice is seriously a dream. And obviously I can’t confirm it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if since he’s nearing the end of his tour that he’s just bringing EVERYTHING with him for these final few shows. I had seen him last April in Baltimore and thought he killed it, especially I Don’t Care Much, but when he did that song this past week it was seriously just chills. And on Sunday in particular the opening number was incredible. Everything was spot on, super high energy, fantastic chemistry among the cast…gahhhhh, honestly, even without the dancing, which was a dream in and of itself, that final performance was just everything and I wish I could live in it forever, sigh sigh sigh. 

The Band | 5SOS

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Warnings: None

Summary: After only having one band signed to their label, 5sos were forced to find another. What they find was quite the surprise.

A/N: Okay so I made a similar one to this called Tour Life a long while ago, but it seemed stupid as I reread it so here I go posting a much better sounding one. hope you like it. Please let me know if you want a part 2. Feedback is always great!Xx

“Alright, boys! We’re nearing the end of your tour, a quarter of the songs from the third album are written and recorded. We need to find a new band to sign to your label.” John Feldman spoke the the four aussies sat on the leather couch in the studio.

At his words, the boys all looked at each other in confusion. They had no time to go searching for a band (or they just simply didn’t want to).

Luke, Michael, Ashton, and Calum were on a little day long break before their next show. In the midst of them relaxing in their own apartments, John called them up to discuss future plans for their label, Hi or Hey Records.

“How will we do that exactly?” Michael asked.

John walked over the a computer sitting on top of the recording equipment. He opened the laptop, screen turning on in the process, and displayed the records email which contained dozens of demos for different bands. “We listen to these demos sent in.”

They all groaned, not wanting to spend hours on end listening to random music that may have the potential of being band. It’s not exactly that they weren’t up to find new music, but the fact that they had to use a day off to do this really stressed them out.

“Alright, alright. Enough complaining. Let’s get started.”

A/N: I know that was short but the next one will be a bit longer, I promise. Also, the band they’re signing doesn’t come in until the third part. Alright, bye. LIKE I SAID FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED!


Kiseop solo dance @ Japan Live Tour 2015

I’m seeing a lot of people struggling with the possibility of taking time out of University just now. So I wanted to say this…

Firstly, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Hundreds of people, for many different reasons, feel the same way as you right now. When I thought I needed to take time out I felt like I was the only person in the world considering a break; I was a loser, an anomaly, a dropout. Not true. It’s seriously incredibly common to take time out and for a whole host of different reasons (I have a friend who took a year out near the end of his medical degree to tour with his (truly awful, but special to him, band!) so don’t think you’re unusual.

Secondly, DO IT. It’s one year out of YOUR ENTIRE LIFE and, for many of you out there, it could save your life. And I don’t just mean physically; taking time to get your mental health on track will save your family life, your social life, your friendships and your emotional wellbeing. University is great, but it’s extremely stressful - there is intense academic pressure, pressure to go out and socialise, money worries. Imagine if that’s lifted from your shoulders for a while. 

I took a year out. I was terrified to do it - what would my family think? Did it make me a great big failure? Was I even sick enough to take medical leave? The answer is everyone deserves time out if they, and they alone, think they need it. Listen to no one but your heart. It was the best decision I ever made as it gave me breathing space. With the stress of academics lifted from me my sole responsibility became to work on my mental health, and far from being an isolated loser I actually did more in my time off than I ever hoped - volunteering, spending time with my family, learning to actually ENJOY LIFE again. 

Do not feel bad for considering time out. It’s your life. You only get one shot. You have no idea how quickly the year will go and you’ll never look back. 

It’s the last night of the 1989 tour, it’s nearing the end of the show, the crowd’s enthusiasm, energy and hype hasn’t died down at all as you can hear the excitement roar through the stadium and suddenly, the lights dim. The crowd shushes and those who know the setlist are expecting Shake it Off, and at the very most, maybe another special guest. But Taylor is known for her surprises. Out of the shadows a bright spotlight appears, shining so bright. A silhouette is all the crowd sees as the beginning notes of Treacherous plays.
Taylor walks out onto the elevated catwalk with long wavy hair and straight across bangs wearing a black tank top and white tutu. Every single person in the crowd dies. RIP in peace.