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So like, that house in Hateno could have actually been Link’s house before the Calamity, right?

Because the builders will tell you that it belonged to a soldier who never returned from the battle, and I mean… granted, probably a lot of soldiers never returned, but that concept art of Link’s sister showed her holding a Cucco, and Hateno is definitely a farming town… I’m just saying… Link might have bought his own dang house back

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If you're taking M!As. Rainbow Headless Horseman Ghost now through Halloween!

“Wait, ain’t I technically he–”

There was a poof of gray smoke and a startled noise emitted from the ghost. As soon as it cleared, he was standing in a Victorian like outfit. Complete with a cutlass hanging off his side and a cape. His usual cream and white colors were now dark gray and black, with his rainbow now darker shades as well to match the new tones.

“The colors…kinda now?? But, I can technically do this without gray mag–?!”

A nudge to the back made him stumble a bit forward a bit, barely catching himself as he turned around to see what just did that. Standing behind him was a skeleton alpaca. It’s eyes almost ablaze and seemed to be glowing from the inside, sharing a similar color scheme to the ghost.

The ghost eyes suddenly went big and sparkly.


He was going to be gushing for a while now.

So Hey, Horikoshi...

I just… um….

I have a question, sir…

I’m only wondering if…

M-Maybe there’s something you’re trying to…

say… here?

Bonus round: Can I copy your homework? Sure, but change it up a bit so it isn’t obvious you copied.


you shined so brightly this year, to the many more to come

                            ♡ happy birthday jeon jungkook


Part III of me crying over how beautiful Blake’s animation is in the short.


The Avengers (2012)

Dir. Joss Whedon