end gender based violence

“I feel unsafe walking down dark, badly lit streets.
Sometimes I feel people are watching me. I try to keep myself safe by not being alone, telling people where I am going, and using safe means of transport.
Don’t risk your safety girls! Be careful, take care of yourself and your besties!

Girl Guides @wagggs_world
and Scouts around the world are drawing an image of a “space or place” outside or inside where they feel unsafe.
These pictures will be exhibited at the UN in New York.
So take a pic of you holding your drawing and use the hashtag #throughhereyes.
Let’s do more to end gender-based violence. #Forherworld #GirlsAreUnsafe
Hair + Makeup by @domaneek_makeup
And ps yes this is an @aerie swimsuit avail rn 😘” (x)


Ezale Swaibu, second from right with his band; Gobiri Liki Jazz Band in Yumbe district, North Western Uganda.

“I used to be a beggar, my wife left because I became blind and I was dragged around by my children begging until I got this vision 4 years ago. I knew I had to take up courage and use my walking stick to move. I cultivated cassava and started keeping rabbits and goats. From zero, I now have 12 cows and I have put up a permanent family house"

I lead the Gobiri Liki Jazz Band, which performs at social events. I compose songs that teach about peace and love to end gender-based violence in this community. Now, I feel more organised. My children go to school, I have a new wife, I enjoy good meals and if there is anything to do in the family, they join me and we work together. ©Jjumba Martin / Oxfam

Bollywood actor and director Farhan Akhtar is a UN Women’s Goodwill Ambassador (South Asia) and the founder of MARD (Men Against Rape and Discrimination), a social initiative that engages men to fight for gender equality.

Join Akhtar, ‪#‎WEvolve‬ and the growing community of men and women from around the world working together to end gender-based violence. 

Learn more: www.wevolveglobal.org