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What is Sans' HP at now? I'd imagine it has to be higher than 1 HP to deal with the creatures of the foil

B- HP is something that molds and changes for monsters under different circumstances, I feel. It’s why Undyne didn’t kill Sans when she broke his skull; he had been very happy, previous to the Glitch. In Undertale, when you fight him during Genocide, his hope is practically gone, the lowest it can be. All that’s keeping him alive is the drive to stop Frisk. In Axetale, his hope had soared due to his happiness and his love for his family, giving him new life and new vigor.

As it stands now, his hope is very low, probably around 80 to 100. It surges when Aliza comes, pushing him forward to try harder and be better, but before her fall, it lies at one or two, heavily damaged by his cracked soul and the Hunger and the never ending night of the diseased world he lives in. He has significent LV, from killing and eating other monsters, but that bears no effect on his, or any monsters’, HP.

So a lot of people are interested in a Hanahaki AU

And that just makes me ridiculously happy. A few people have messaged me for more, and so here’s Part 2

So while Lance is waking up in the hospital after the surgery, Keith is just silently fuming with the others while they eat. Everyone’s avoiding the elephant in the room. Who was Lance in love with? 

Keith didn’t know who she was, but there was a girl out there who almost killed Lance because she was too blind to how amazing he is and made him go through the pain of an unrequited love that almost killed him.

Then Shiro texts and says Lance is awake and Keith almost leaves everyone at the McDonald’s because they were taking too long to get in the damn car but they arrive at the hospital and everyone floods into Lance’s room just as the doctors leaving. Everyone’s hugging and crying and just making a mess of themselves because they’re so happy Lance is ok.

Then Lance looks over at Keith 

And his smile dims a bit and he looks confused. “Uh, who are you?”

Everyone in the room freezes. Keith can’t breath. He tells Lance to stop joking around because he’s not funny, but Lance is genuinely confused and a little annoyed because this complete stranger just waltzed into his hospital room and now he’s insulting him? Fuck him… who ever he is.

Thats when the reality of the situation starts to hit Keith. It was him. Lance was in love with him. His world was falling apart.

“Why didn’t you tell me?! You idiot, why didn’t you tell me?!” Shiro has to drag him out of the room to calm down but he can’t calm down because Lance was in love with him and he broke his heart.

Inside the hospital room, everyones trying to get over their shock and explain to Lance that no, Keith wasn’t a stranger. They ask if he can remember anything about Keith, but nothings there. He can remember getting into a fight on the first day of school with …. someone. He can remember getting birthday gifts, but can’t remember giving them to anyone. He can remember an empty space between Shiro and Lance, just enough for another person to stand. Keith’s just became an empty space or a blurry face in his memory.

Once outside the hospital Keith makes a confession to Shiro. He’s at the first stage of Hanahaki himself and takes medication to keep the flowers from blooming. He’s been in love with Lance for the past year but it was unrequited. And now Lance doesn’t even remember him.

(Now he needs to start over and make Lance fall for him one more time)

(Part 1)

Sick prompt #1

Written for @alisa-otaku and her Hanahaki disease bad ending prompt. Unfortunately it’s unfinished since I ended up passing out and dropping my ipad on my face. Still, I wanted to give you what I got done so you wouldn’t be waiting forever for something I may or may not return to.


It was a month after Hanzo’s arrival to the Watchpoint that he met the man who would kill him.

“There you are, luv!”

Hanzo could scarcely blink before Lena was in front of him, vibrating with energy as she grabbed hold of his arm, leading him forcefully down the hall. His bow was on his back, dressed casually for his morning training session with Zarya. “Miss Oxton-”

“Lena, sweetie.” It was a daily argument between them.

“Lena, then. Where are you taking me?”

“Jesse just arrived! You absolutely have to meet him! Oh you’ll just go mad!”

It took a while but he was beginning to understand her strange english colloquialisms. Better then he could a month ago, of course, when he was shocked to realize that he was not as fluent in english as he had first believed.

“Jesse is a previous member, I assume?”

“Gotcha in one! He was real tight with Genji back in the day. He musta told you about ‘im, right? Jesse McCree. The ol’ gunslinger!”

The name sounds familiar, but…

“He’s an honest to God cowboy!”

“Oh!” Genji had mentioned McCree many times. The rugged black ops agent with a winning smile who saved his life more times then he cared to recall. He’d been hopefully optimistic that the cowboy would eventually answer the recall. “A shame Genji will not be here to greet him.”

“He’ll be back from Nepal in no time!” Lena assures him, keeping her iron grip on his arm as they exit out onto the launchpad. Hanzo can just see a dropship in the distance flying toward them. “Sides, you and I’ll make him feel welcome enough for the whole team!”

It takes the ship almost no time to arrive, Lena carefully pulling them both back out of harm’s way as Athena carefully glides the ship to a stop. The door’s barely dropped open before Lena is screaming with joy and running to the ship, throwing her arms around the new arrival before he can even step out of the ship.


“Woah there!”

The man’s voice is deep, rumbling with a warmth that makes Hanzo stand straight at attention. McCree is his opposite in every way, beard untrimmed and wild, hair and clothing still dusty and in need of a good washing. Speaking of his clothes, he’s dressed like he’s stepped right out of an old western, complete with chaps and boots with spurs (Spurs!). Something shiny on his belt catches Hanzo’s eyes, pulling them toward the godawful belt buckle and then to the metal replacement for the man’s hand. The hand Lena is studying with a mix of awe and horror while McCree chuckles at her.

“Would you believe me if I said it wasn’t my fault?”

“Mercy’s going to give you a right earful!”

“Oh god, the doc’s already back? Why didn’t you warn me!”

“You’re a lucky goat. She’s off in Nepal with Genji to help with the relief work there. Should be back soon though.”

It’s as if mentioning Genji’s name at all reminds Lena of Hanzo’s presence and she blinks to him, pulling him over to McCree with a grin. “Oh! This here’s Hanzo!”

Hanzo dips into a low bow once Lena lets go of his hand. “Shimada Hanzo, at your service. It is an honour to meet a hero of the original Overwatch.”

He’s greeted by a low whistle, looking up to find McCree holding his hat to his chest, lips pursed and eyebrows raised high. “Well, howdy there… The name’s McCree, Jesse McCree… and ain’t ya just an angel fell from heaven.”

The confusion must be evident on Hanzo’s face because Lena has to cover the grin on her face with her hands. She blinks back to Jesse’s face and stuffs his hat back onto his head. “You haven’t changed at all!”

“What! What I do!”

“You’ve been here all of five seconds and you’re already flirting up a storm!”

“He caught me off guard, aight?” He pushes Lena away playfully before fixing his hat and shooting Hanzo a smile. “So, Shimada, was it? Any relation to ol’ Genji Shimada?”

“My brother.” He responds carefully, watching Jesse’s face for any reaction.

There is none. Instead, he’s greeted by a hand held out for him to grab. “Well, it’s a pleasure to meet ya, Hanzo.”

He pronounces it terribly but Hanzo finds it amusing rather than annoying. “Likewise.”

“How about I go get settled in and then you and I meet up later tonight to get to know each other better over some drinks?”

They both ignore Lena’s guffaw, and her following squeal of delight as Hanzo smiles in response. “I look forward to it.”

They fall into bed together that same evening, and Hanzo wakes up in bed alone.

voiceless #2

This ending won the poll:

Hanahaki Disease GOOD ending - Lance has feelings for Keef. However, he can’t say anything because his voice is gone. But everything turns out fine and Lance’s voice is back :)

here’s part 1

And here is part 2! whoops it’s a lot longer and langstier than i originally intended

WARNING: yup there’s still LOTS of langst even if the ending is good, best prepare yourself

“Shut up, you stupid boy. I ought to get rid of your whiny voice.” Lotor snapped before grinning with realization. “Perhaps I should.”

Lance’s eyes widened. No, he can’t do that, it’s all I have, it’s all I have from Earth, it’s all I am, I’m useless if I’m voiceless, please, no, anything but that-

But Lance couldn’t say anything. He couldn’t talk, god, he couldn’t breathe, he was choking. He couldn’t do this to Lance, he couldn’t take his voice away. Lance desperately grasped at his throat with his sweaty, chained, hands. No, no, no, no… 

“Foolish human, I haven’t even done anything. You really are pathetic,” Lotor spat, looking down at Lance’s trembling, crumpled form as if Lance was nothing more than a pesky piece of gum on the bottom of his shoe.

“N-no-” Lance’s breathing was labored and forced. “-don’t, please-” Lance’s voice cracked, and it sounded so broken and weak.

“Reduced to begging at my feet?” Lotor cackled, voice shrill and unforgiving. “How fun this will be. Tell me, little paladin, all of your secrets.”

Lotor was approaching, looming over Lance, and he couldn’t do anything. He was helpless to whatever sick thing Lotor had in plan for him.

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Let’s not forget that Eijun Sawamura

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  • was captain and ace of his middle school team, and is known as a big brother figure among his friends.

  • is an only child. 
  • is pretty much Kuramochi’s gofer and favorite punching bag. 

  • has a pretty hot childhood friend, who secretly has a crush on him. 
  • prefers any kind of food but natto. 

  • loves and enjoys reading Shoujo Manga. 

  • ranks 3rd as the most friendly and most sociable in the Seido Baseball Club Secret Rankings by the managers. (Toujou is first) 

  • greatly values teamwork and camaraderie. 
  • started playing baseball because of Jikkyō Powerful Pro Yakyū series

  • was recruited by Rei Takashima. 

  • chose Seido after his meeting with Miyuki. 

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  • is better than Miyuki in Shogi.

  • is very blunt with Miyuki and usually treats him as someone of his own age. He also has a habit of calling him by his full name. 

  • looks up to Shunpei Sanada as the kind of pitcher he wants to be.

  • read books like the Book of Five Rings, which led him to call his superiors old Japanese military ranks and switching his speech pattern to flowery language from time to time.

  • is fond of giving nicknames to his teammates. (ex. Cheetah-sama, Metabolic-senpai, Beard-senpai, Wolf Brat…LOL XD) 

  • bears a surname that shares the same Kanji character  村 (Mura)  with Okumura Koushuu ( 奥村 光舟) . (Sawamura Eijun>>  沢 栄純)  

  • is based on Eiji Sawamura, a pro baseball player who played for the Yomiuri Giants

  • wears his school uniform neatly and properly. 

  • gets cat-eyed when flustered. 

  • is very emotional and cries easily. 

  • has suffered from YIPS, a career-ending disease, and overcame it. 

Originally posted by struckbylightning-hxh

  • is a southpaw pitcher with unique timing. 

  • has a naturally flexible body with supple joints, allowing him to immediately change the pitch’s direction. (Also the reason why Kuramochi likes to practice his wrestling moves on him.) 

  • has pitched for 2 full games.

  • is quite competent with infield defense and pick-offs.

  • specializes in throwing idiosyncratic pitches.   

  • has an arsenal of pitches that includes a 4-Seam Fastball, 2-Seam Fastball, Cutter, Changeup, and Splitter.

  • unknowingly threw a Cutter to strike out Sensen’s Ace, Maki.  Now  the Cutter has become one of the key pitches within his repertoire.
  • learned the Changeup overnight. 

  • managed to piss off Mei Narumiya when he first pitched the Circle Changeup in an official game. 

  • developed the ‘Numbers’ system with Miyuki for his pitching repertoire.

  • used to struggle with control, but he has improved considerably and is able to locate pitches consistently.
  • has an unorthodox pitching form that doesn’t allow the batter to see the release point of the pitch, which consequently messes up the batter’s timing. 

  • is also surprisingly level-headed in critical situations.  He is always able to pull off amazing pitches in a pinch, which never fails to amaze Miyuki.

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  • is the best “bunter” in the series, which earned him the title of “Bunt Master” or “Bunt Meijin”. He is also referred to as the “Kawai of Seidou”. This nickname is a reference to Masahiro Kawai, a former player for the Yomiuri Giants who was known for his defense and bunting skills.

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  • hero-worships and deeply respects Chris.  

  • considers Chris as his valuable mentor and sometimes calls him ‘Master’. 

  • brought back the light into Chris’s eyes and motivated him to play with the team. 

Originally posted by deimonology

  • has the funniest and silliest expressions. 

  • is the team’s mood-maker. 

  • is praised by Coach Ugai for his motivational skills. ( “ The spice called motivation gives birth to good synergy. With such a kid on the team, the team is bound to get stronger.”

  • has a PRAISE KINK. 

  • usually offers bunting advice to his teammates. 

  • is very loud and rambunctious (and it’s up to Kuramochi to keep him in line). 

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  • is just one of the cutest ever. 
  • is a total dork. 

  • acts like an adorable dog at times. 

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Originally posted by kirisuya

  • is very beautiful.  (Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too PURE FOR THIS WORLD  (●´艸`)ヾ )

  • has a bright and charming smile that can rival the sun. 

  • has an amazing pair of eyes. 

  • is strong-willed, competitive, outspoken, and courageous

  • is tough on himself and evaluates himself relentlessly. 

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Don’t forget that Eijun is more than just this silly, noisy and obnoxious guy. He is very cute and precious, and a very hard-working person. He has come a long way since he began his high school career in Seido. He’s undeniably one of the key players of the team and has improved tremendously. ヾ(:3ノシヾ)

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This is a PSA brought to you in part by yours truly.
Okay, bye! I’m dead.    _(┐「ε:)_

Feel free to add anything else about our favorite Sunshine Child!!!  


Historical Horrors [1/?] → The Black Death (Bubonic Plague) 

↳The world is crumbling into ruin. Armies are marching. Men and women are dying everywhere, in huge numbers. Fields are abandoned and towns deserted. The wrath of the Lord is upon us and He may be intending to destroy the whole of creation.

Blue - CommonNonsense - Overwatch (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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McCree’s just as surprised as anyone else when he starts coughing up small, delicate blue petals. But it’s easy to guess why it happens–there’s only one thing in this world to cause someone to start producing flowers from their lungs, and the way things are, his prognosis isn’t good.

finally done: probably the angstiest thing I’ll ever write

has a happy ending though, promise

I have no idea if anyone has tried calling Yoosung during the “drink chocolate milk or you die” disease, but if you haven’t; you’re missing out.

EDIT: I’m seeing comments about redoing Yoosung’s route just for this phonecall-You dont have to. This is during Day 4 and you dont have to be on Yoosung’s side to get this phonecall. Just call him after Seven tells him via chat that he cant drink coffee.

Waking The Fallen Solos

Waking The Fallen Solos

  • (Hail To The King here
  • (Nightmare here)
  • (Diamonds In The Rough here)
  • (Self-Titled here)
  • (City of Evil here)
  • (Sounding the Seventh Trumpet here
I remember growing up and hearing the topic of drugs. Always being warned. We could over dose, or get diseases or end up looking 50 when we’re 30. But nobody ever fucking warns us about the actual scary parts. They don’t tell you about lying in bed at 3am because you honestly can’t sleep. And you’re alone. And you can’t stop crying. And you feel like you have this monster inside of your body just trying to rip itself out. They never tell you that feinding for dope actually isn’t the worst thing. The worst thing is that you can no longer be “normal”. You’re not that girl who can have a few beers at the party and enjoy herself. You’re the girl who is drowning herself in alcohol while figuring out ways that she can rationalize ditching all her “normal” friends to go and pick up meth or oxy or just anything because she simply cannot live another minute inside of her own skin when she’s sober. They never fucking tell you that.
BTS’ Seokjin, Jimin, Taehyung and Jeongguk’s Reaction to Meeting a Shy Fanboy

part 2 is finally here after a period of writer’s block and a few death threats !!! i hope all of u enjoy  ♡

Rap Line | Seokjin&Maknae Line


When you were kneeling infront of him, he could tell that you were nervous but he didn’t quite know why. He would try and make a joke to make you feel more comfortable.

“Is my handsomeness too intimidating? Because if anything, I should be feeling intimidated by you - you’re so gorgeous!”

This would make you both laugh, easing a bit of the tension.

“Aish, I’m blushing…well, I’d like to say that you have a beautiful voice. I absolutely love listening to you sing. I like listening to Awake when I feel anxious. It helps calm me down.”

At this, he would smile so brightly and give you a signature flying kiss.

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“Ah, a boy,” Jimin would smile as you your album was passed along to him. When you smiled back at him, a faint blush painted his cheeks and he looked down at his lap, avoiding your gaze. 

“Your pink hair suits you really well,” you giggled as he put on a cute head band. Jimin wasn’t really used to meeting fanboys, only ever talking with a few in fan signs over the years. He loved it just as much as meeting non male fans, because he knew that people found him stunningly attractive, regardless of their gender. He loved the attention and praise in which they showered upon him.

“Ah, really? Do you think I’m cute too?” He pouted and pointed to his cheek. This made you giggle and blush, looking down at the floor beneath you. 

“I do think that you’re cute. You’re stunning.” You admitted, Jimin biting his bottom lip and giggling again.

“Yah, so cute,” he smiled, passing your album on to the next member.

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The millisecond in which he spotted you, Taehyung grabbed for a microphone and held it up to his boxy smile.

“A guy! Hi there,” he wiggled his eyebrows at you, laughing at his own silliness. When it was your turn to meet him, he immediately reached out and ruffled your hair, making the both of you laugh. 

He looked down at your post-it-note question which read:


Would you like to go on a date with me? 

He suddenly got very excited. This was a question he had recieved from countless female fans, but this was his first time being asked by a guy. He wrote the answer quickly as for you not to see, carefully putting it inside your album and closing it over. 

As soon as you got back to your seat in the audience, you pulled the note out and read his answer:

Of course!!!~  you’re very handsome~

You looked up to see Taehyung sitting alone without a fan infront of him. He was looking around the audience and when his eyes met yours, he winked at you and giggled.

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The entire time that you two talked, he would be so damn excited. Getting to talk to male fans was something that happened very rarely, so he always took advantage when the oppertunity showed itself. Their opinions on songs and their favourite members always differed from female fans’, something which was refreshing to hear.

“Ah, Jeongguk-ah, you’re really good looking with those glasses,” you cooed, to which he flashed a toothy smile and laughed softly. 

When you told him that he was you bias, his expression looked as though he had just been told that all wars had just ended, every disease was cured and everyone on earth was vowed a life of happiness and love. 

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- angus  ♡ ♡ ♡


So Jason’s on an interview once, bc he’s Bruce Wayne’s kid and all, and he gets asked about why he thinks what he thinks about Trump and this is what he says:

“Well, before I say anything else, for all of you who are mad that I was shit talking the president, I want to point out that I did the reading, and according to the constitution it’s my right to call Trump a dick because all the first ammendment says it that I can’t threaten his life. I can destroy his self-esteem all I want. But I digress.
“You guys know that Bruce adopted me, took me off the streets. What you don’t know is that before that, I grew up in the worst part of Gotham - Crime Alley. Crime Alley like if you took all the crime in Gotham and Bludhaven, and threw it into one really long alleyway, and there’s still more crime than that. Growing up, my dad was god knows where, and my mom was an addict. I spent more time on the streets than anywhere else. Living in crime alley allowed me to see the worst in humanity. I’d seen people who did unspeakable things, drug dealers on every corner. But the thing is, there weren’t just criminals there. There were kids and teenagers, people barely older or younger than I was, and they were homeless. They were all drug addicts, abuse victims, homeless children and adults,?part of the lgbt community, teen parents, people suffering from mental illnesses, and more. They were my friends. But the way people looked at them was horrible. I saw how they were treated. People would walk by, hurrying down the streets, turning their heads away or spitting at them or making them feel inhuman. It’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.
"Some of these people didn’t make it. They died of starvation, hypothermia, disease… some ended their own lives. I watched one of them stab themself, because of the way people were treating them. They’d been kicked out of their home, just because they weren’t a straight, cis kid like their parents wanted. It’s so, so messed up. And that’s why I hate Trump. I see the way he looks at, talks to, and talks about LGBT people, women, everyone. I see how racist and horrible he is and he reminds me of the way people treated the Crime Alley kids. How they looked at me differently, because I was basically homeless and because I didn’t have the privilege they do. I don’t understand how people can be so fucking blind. There are people out there who have killed themselves over the way Trump and everyone like him treats them. That’s fucked up. That’s so fucked up. So I am so fucking sorry, Mr. President, if I hurt your feelings here. But I don’t give a SHIT what you think. You’re a total dick, and I hope that someday you’ll realize that, but let’s be honest: you won’t, because you’re too busy throwing hissy fits when you don’t get want you want handed to you on a silver fucking platter. Fuck you. I’m done with this interview.” He walks out after, pissed off and twenty minutes later Red Hood’s killed three more rapists.

(There was half an hour left in the interview, too, and it was being aired live)

Anon: “Ok if you think somebody with a severe impairment who can’t talk is able to be smart name somebody smart who can’t talk or do anything for themselves.”

Stephen Hawking is a physicist who has changed how we see space and how we theorize about black holes. 

Stephen has ALS. He first developed it in his early 20′s. He was supposed to die in 3 years, but has lived wayyyy way way longer.

He literally cannot speak with his mouth or do anything for himself. He uses a ventilator to breathe. He requires round the clock care for every physical need.

His computer responds to commands from a sensor on his glasses that register twitches in his cheek muscle. It means his communication is very slow and requires patience. He communicates with people close to him using facial gestures, like movements of his eyes, eyebrows and smiling or frowning. He expresses disapproval / annoyance by grinding his teeth.

Stephen is proof that one should never assume no intelligence or thought just because someone can’t speak or needs complete assistance. This goes for nonverbal autistic people and people with any sort of disability that affects their movement, cognition or how they speak.

Even someone in the end stages of Alzheimer’s disease are still “there” even if it’s not in a way we’re used to. They are a human being who deserves to be treated with love and respect so they can finish their lives feeling loved.

Anon tried to catch me. They caught themselves instead. ;)

yulyuly123  asked:

So... I'm like 14 and I'm already a sugar babe. I know it's bad &a dangerous situation I'm putting myself in, but the money is so...good? I honestly don't know what to do

You decided to join the adult world so I’m gonna give you un-sugar coated adult honesty.

You are being naive, stupid, and selfish. I’m gonna go out on a limb here to say that you probably don’t have any real bills or financial NEEDS at 14.

Your SD’s can most likely tell you’re underage and barely pubescent, which makes them PEDOPHILES. You’re literally entrusting the wellbeing of your safety with men knowingly committing SEVERAL FELONIES with a CHILD. If they’re somehow blind, and can’t tell you’re underage, then you’re risking every single man’s career and family that you come across.

I always warn women (actual women, not girls) of being cautious cause there are thousands of men looking to take advantage or hurt us (my own experience, too). You are at a serious risk of running into a psycho pedophile or pedophile ring who will have far more experience of hurting young girls than you will have experience or resources of staying safe. One of the biggest reason we get paid high rates is because every single lady in the industry knows we’re gambling with our safety.

Not only are you risking MORTAL danger, you are risking literally everything for everyone around you.

Let me break this down.

You’re risking for yourself:
•Serious damage to your psyche
•Contracting STD’s you can’t legally get healthcare for without alerting authorities. Not to mention, risk getting a LIFE ENDING disease at 14 is impossibly stupid.
•Rape (this is a very high risk)
•Arrest record (without a question once caught)
•Being made public because often times the media will make an example out of these type of cases. Say goodbye to college, reputation, and an actual career.
•Taken from the state (Your parents will be deemed unfit to care for you if you’re caught promoting prostitution as a minor.)
•Impregnation at 15 (There are sick men whose fetish it is to impregnate without consent. You are not allowed to legally buy Plan B.)
•Being abducted (Underage and young females are the #1 market for human TRAFFICKING rings.)
•Being killed (Don’t think you’ll be able to outrun or outsmart career criminals should they decide to turn psycho on you. There have been thousands of women before you who have perished in this field.)

What you’re risking for your SD’s:
•Ruining their career. Nobody can have a pedophile stain on their record while remaining in a high respectable position.
•Ruining their family life. This won’t be a simple affair to end, it’ll become a complicated legal situation.
•They will lose custody of their own children. No court will deem a father fit when they’re having sex with minors.
•Arrest; because they’re facilitating child prostitution.

What you’re risking for your family:
•Losing their daughter to the state
•Losing their other children to the state (Once a family’s been deemed unfit to care, they’re legally required to remove all children in their custody.)
•Arrest; because it is legally their fault you’re committing felonies under their care
•Heartbreak once they know what you’re doing.

So all around, you’re risking everyone’s life for some money that you don’t even have a real need for. You better slap yourself with some reality. Stop being so goddamn naive because you’re being so shortsighted, just seeing the money infront of you at this second. At 14, you still have a chance to get your shit together, make different life choices and pursue a life so that hopefully you will never have an actual need to do this when real bills set in. If you think any of the things I listed were exaggerated to scare you, you need to do your research. There’s nothing exaggerated or false about it. This industry is cut throat and brutally high risk.

If you’re somehow in a position where your family life is abusive or your basic needs can’t be met at home, message me privately. I will try my best to help you out of it.

If you’re just doing it for some extra cash - read this entire post again. Stop being selfish, stupid, and reckless. This isn’t a game. 4 years is a very long time to be playing Russian Roulette. It’s a matter of time before all of it explodes, ruining your entire future with it. Start thinking ahead, stay in school, and for god’s sakes; just enjoy your childhood.