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One of my all time favourite vocal performances by Jaebum<3


04x18 “The Monster at the End of This Book”
11x09 “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou”
Pick up the Pen, Dean Winchester.

And you know, the thing about this all isn’t that it can’t be unwritten. The important detail lies in the fact that it’s rewritten. Dean re-wrote the ending here when showing up with Cas and he wrote himself into the story in 5x22 “Swan Song”. That’s some big ability there. And just like he averted any prophecy made about him and his brother, I’m sure he’ll rewrite this supposedly “inevitable result” too, because just like this interaction between Sam and Lilith wasn’t love neither is the one between Dean and Amara. And that rewrite we have after all seen all throughout this season. On the big and the small scale. The rewrite of the Grand Story (of the World) and the rewrite of the characters in which they finally find themselves and undo past wrongs.