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🌙🐍🗡 really fun patreon commission for @trbl-will-find-me around the concept of stories where girls live in the end (in this case persephone). i had a blast working on it!

my patreon is the only place i will occasionally open commission slots right now as i’m working on the deck and don’t have a lot of time for them. slots are first come first serve and will probably be available every two months or so?

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Were you not able to express your sexuality because your previous partner is ace? I'm asking because that's what happened to me when I dated an ace person. When I was with them, they said stuff that made me feel disgusting for even having sexual thoughts, and I felt that way for a while after I ended things. Whatever the case may be, you're awesome and everything will eventually be ok. :)

it was a way complicated situation that I’m not really gonna talk about in detail here, mostly out of respect for the other person. but thank you for the show of solidarity, it means a lot!

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Many things will happen after the so called "lowlightprimed" case ends. This is only the beginning or much harder case. L is a fool after all. A fool who could never match me in wits. Do not publish this or tell anyone about this, I will contact you at a later date. Expect me

Also a copycat.

This picture actually meant to be for the 15th anniversary…but I couldn’t finish it in time….then 686 happened and I was like screw this. Months later I saw it just sat there in the folder and be like “Eh…whatever, this is for SS arc anyway…”

“So what’s it gonna be, huh? Long sullen silence or mean comment?”

Since I’m on a superhero kick at the moment and I just got to see Deadpool, have a late night sketch of some Negasonic Teenage Warhead!

on the long list of small details skam pays attention to 

isak’s textbook is used!!! it’s the end of the semester so it’s not going to look brand new!! and it’s a small detail but when you see students in movies and shows they often carry these books that look like they just bought them, like no matter what time of the school year it is? and this is the type of little things you’re not necessarily meant to pay that much attention to, it doesn’t just stand out on its own but it’s a combination of all these little things that just makes the characters that much more relatable 

Every time its always Dean who ‘makes the call’ to Cas, how Sam knows this is the deal.

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Every time Dean moves away from Sam, or waits for him to go, then calls.

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How Dean was so confused in 10x21 when he picked up Sam’s phone and Cas was calling it. How when they do talk have clearly been on the phone for a while and right at the end, when in front of Sam, Dean switches to the case and ends with a perfunctory ‘ok let us know’ or ‘keep us posted’ (most recent example 12x13) …. 

It reminds me of how open Dean was on the phone with Cas when Sam wasn’t there in 12x02. 

How it’s been shown that they clearly call and text in between those that we see on camera.

It reminds me of his physical reactions, side glancing at Sam when they’re on speakerphone, straightening himself and the conversation out when it might digress because Sam is there…. 

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Exactly how he reacted when he was caught off guard and grinning over the idea of cute fluffy koalas and had to immediately pull his face back to neutral once he realised.

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Yeah, cos they’re like 3 brothers, sure.

Yeah yeah so the thing in Episode 7 was a confirmed kiss.

In Episode 10, they got married for the non-believers.

For those stubborn af people back then, though very few by the next episode…


Remember how Victor kissed Yuri’s ring before he performed Eros?


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And what a team it is.

Okay for thoses who are saying JB soundcloud songs “omg thoses lyrics are explicted” well let me tell you ,he is a grown ass man 22 year old , he’s not gonna be singing all the years cute kiddies song, he have’s the freedom too write or sing what his heart want.