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Down the Rabbit Hole (pt. 4)

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(*squints at Jack* You are truly evil, sir.)

From inside the teapot, Amy can hear them talking.

Anti pours himself a cup of tea and settles into the chair at the other end of the long table, opposite Wilford. He kicks his feet up on a plate of cake, black boots ruining the pastry. “The King sent me out just a few hours ago. Apparently, there’s some girl wandering the wood. Ya wouldn’t happen ta know about that, would ya?”

Wilford smirks. “Speaking of the king, here’s a little song we used to sing in his honor. All together now!” The three begin singing, “Twinkle, twinkle little bat…”

Anti rolls his eyes and smashes the teacup in his hands against the table. “Enough nonsense! I know ya’ve got her hidden away somewhere. Yer always hiding the king’s victims.” Anti glitches over to where Wilford sits, drawing his sword and pressing the tip of it to Wilford’s throat. “Where is she?”

“I wouldn’t know,” Wilford says, wiggling his mustache up at Anti. “People are so easily misplaced, you know. One can often even lose themselves, if they aren’t careful.”

“Watch yer mouth,” Anti lets the tip of his blade nick Wilford’s skin before putting the sword away. “I can always have the Googles search yer house.”

The four men still on horseback watch with careful, glowing eyes. Their faces hold no signs of empathy, though Wilford knows for a fact that they resent being put under Anti’s command. But times have changed. Things are upside down, and Wilford tips his hat to the glitch. “You’ll find, dear sir, that I have nothing in the least to hide.”

Anti flicks his hand at the Googles, and the four of them dismount before tearing into Wilford’s house. The pink Ego doesn’t even turn to watch them. He simply blinks up at Anti and offers him a plate of little, blueberry muffins. Anti takes one and pops it into his mouth before knocking the rest of the treats onto the ground and getting back on his horse. “Careful who ya trust, Wilfy. Ya’ve made yer mistakes before, after all.”

“You just watch that head of yours. One of these days the King will make sure you lose it.” Wilford’s eyes dare Anti to say anymore, and the glitch bares his teeth at Wilford once more before riding back into the wood.

Wilford slips Host the teapot with Amy inside. “Take her and run. Bim and I can hold them off.”

Host bites his lip, taking the teapot gently and hugging it to his chest. “But…”

“No but’s, Hosty,” Bim says with a grin. “We can handle ourselves.”

The Host nods slowly and gets up, tucking the teapot under his arm before running in the opposite direction that Anti left in. The Googles notice him, even from inside the house, and they attempt to pursue him. But they come face to face with Bim and Wilford, both grinning insanely.

“Get out of our way,” Blue says firmly. “You do not wish to incur our wrath.”

“Oh, I really think we do,” Wilford says with a laugh.

Bim nods and rolls his shoulders. “I’m told I’m quite good at incurring such powerful emotions.” He winks at the Googles before the plants around their feet grow up and wrap around them, encasing them in a cocoon of wildflowers and grass.

Wilford watches as they struggle against the plants, slowly breaking out of their grasp. He pulls out a bottle from the pocket of his coat and removes the stopper with an oddly shaped wand attached. With a gentle blow, pink bubbles appear and float closer to the emerging droids. When the bubbles pop however, they bring with them tiny explosions of light and sound, disorienting the Googles as Bim disappears and reappears behind them.

He levitates the table off the ground, raising his hands above his hand, and brings it down on the four of them with one giant crash! When the dust and pink glitter settles, Wilford and Bim watch as the droids pick their way out of the rubble, eyes flashing in anger, and race forward.

Two of them seize Wilford and two seize Bim, wrestling them to the ground and pinning them there. Blue digs the heel of his boot into Bim’s back until he turns to smoke and disappears. Wilford writhes underneath the hold of Red and Green, but it’s no use. He’s trapped.

Host narrates breathlessly as he runs. He’s escaped, but at what cost?


OMG Laboradorite tables - already sold, i might have to watch for more of these though.


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Attic Kitchen

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There was an episode, like, really early on, when I came running up and I jumped over the couch and my heels hit the edge of the couch and I slipped off and took it right in the shins with the table. And the punch bowl just kinda goes, “whoosh,” like this, and everybody is like, still. And I hold it still, and I’m like- you just can’t smile now. And I’m like- “Stay in character. Stay in character. It doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t hurt.” And everybody else starts laughing. I remember watching the episode and going, “They kept it. That’s awesome!" I like making people laugh, and if that helps to make people happy, I’ll hurt myself a little bit. - Ashton Kutcher, That ‘70s Show

  • Kishimoto, in every volume of Naruto: The shinobi system is immoral. The shinobi system turns people into tools. The shinobi system causes wars. The shinobi system destroys small countries. The shinobi system destroys the poor. The shinobi system must be changed to bring peace and Naruto will be the one to bring that peace.
  • Me: Oh boy Naruto is ending and I'm so jazzed for that shinobi system reform!
  • Kishimoto: um...
  • Me: hello? hello????
  • Ikemoto: new mangaka who dis
She’s Just Not That Into You » Part I (A Harry Styles Miniseries)

First and foremost, I need to dedicate this miniseries to @stylesunchained​. If it weren’t for B, this idea would’ve never come to fruition. It’s been so lovely to torture you with snippets of this story, and now it’s finally here! And yes, the whole damn thing is dedicated to you, my beautiful friend.

Secondly, I need to take the time to thank @cuddlemusclestyles​ for her knowledge of England and always answering my questions about it. I would be lost without you, for you are my own personal Google.

And, of course, thank you all for the interest you’ve expressed for this miniseries. It’s always that much more enjoyable to write when you know you’ve got people rooting for you. I hope I don’t disappoint you.

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Singapore Sling

Pairing: Harry Styles X Reader

Rating: NC-17

Character count: 35,696 / Word Count: 6,521

Your duties as maid of honour were fairly simple: maximise alcohol and minimise stress, keep an eye on the bride-to-be, and above all else, have things under control. You’ve promised yourself to keep this wedding a fuckup-free zone, anticipating smooth sailing from the moment you land in Antigua. When danger emerges on the horizon in the form of a denim-clad devil dressed in Gucci and gold, things take a turn—nothing in the MOH handbook has prepared you for what to do in the event that you unwittingly sleep with the best man.

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Someone to Watch Over Me

Title:  Someone to Watch Over Me (A Bodyguard AU)

Series Masterlist (coming soon)

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Six months ago, everything changed. Widowed and alone, Dean Winchester is determined to pick himself up and move on, so he goes back to his job as a bodyguard for Singer Protective Services. His first assignment? An actress receiving death threats, an actress with an uncanny resemblance to his wife.

You don’t want protection, don’t need it. Especially from someone as cold and impersonal as Dean Winchester. You’re not afraid of a bunch of stupid death threats, you just want to be left alone to live your life.

Two people, two very different lives. Who will be the first to let the armor slip?

Characters:  Dean Winchester, Female reader, Bobby Singer, Tiny, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Georgia (OFC), Melissa (OFC-mentioned)

Word Count:  2936

Warnings: language, mentions stalking, death threats, mentions of blood

Author’s Notes: This was written for two challenges: @impala-dreamer One Prompt for All (had to be Dean x Reader, no more than 3,000 words, and the prompt: “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were trying to kill me.”) and @luci-in-trenchcoats AU & Things Challenge (I chose Bodyguard AU). I’m not gonna lie, a lot inspiration for this came from the Whitney Houston/Kevin Costner movie The Bodyguard.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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