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Anonymous asked: soulmate/college/roommate-AU where instead of a tattoo/name everyone’s born with a pendant/charm necklace that matches their soulmate’s. Dean walks to their bathroom thinking it’s empty but there’s Cas taking off his shirt to shower and Dean sees his necklace (that matches his, obviously) and freaks out (because Dean is totally 100% NOT gay at all). Bonus if Cas already knows.

Author’s note: Several people requested a Soulmate AU, so here it is. I did alter the rules for the necklaces a little bit, because I couldn’t imagine someone wearing a necklace when coming out of the womb. Omg, that sounded so weird, lol. Anyway, enjoy!

As much as Dean was trying to not let his sulky mood get to him, he was failing miserably. He sighed as he got into the elevator, pressing the ‘twelve’ button before heavily leaning against one of the walls. It wasn’t even the long day of exhausting lectures that had him this grumpy, not really…

As the elevator doors slid closed, his mind wandered to the text that his younger brother Sam had sent him that morning.

‘Hey Dean! Guess what, I already found my soulmate! Her name is Jess and she’s perfect!’

Of freaking course. The kid had turned sixteen less than a month ago, and he’d already found his match.

Dean wistfully thought back to his own sixteenth birthday; he’d been so excited when waking up that morning, for the first time admiring the silver necklace that had appeared around his neck while he’d been sleeping. The piece of jewelry that would lead him to the person he’d possibly spend the rest of his life with.

But now, four years later, Dean was beginning to lose all hope. Sure, not everyone was as lucky as Sammy, to find the one with the matching necklace within weeks after receiving it. There were plenty of stories out there about people who didn’t find their soulmate until they were in their thirties, or even forties. Regardless, sometimes Dean was tired of waiting, and today was one of those days. He was happy for his little brother, he honest to God was, yet he couldn’t help but feel slightly envious.


The elevator paused when it reached floor seven, and a little old lady offered Dean a friendly smile as she got on. Dean nodded at her, faking a smile of his own.

When the elevator started moving again, Dean absently reached for the necklace that was hidden behind two layers of clothing. To Dean, it was something private. He’d only pull it out whenever he found a girl with whom he thought he felt a possible connection, to see if it matched. It never had.

It was a personal matter, really. Some proudly wore their necklace for the world to see, like most of the still single girls that Dean encountered. Others, like Dean’s best friend Castiel, and their other friend Charlie, didn’t deem it necessary to wear their heart on their sleeve.


The ninth floor. The old lady shuffled to the exit, but not without wishing Dean a good day. As if. He smiled at her anyway.

Alone again, Dean pulled out the necklace, staring at the pendant almost resentfully; A flame made of emerald, cradled by wings made of sapphire. It was beautiful, it truly was, but it also made Dean bitter because every day, it reminded him of something still missing in his life.

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Seventeen at a wedding

Seungcheol: Cries when the couples are exchanging their vows. Its only the rehearsal

Jeonghan: Friend of the bride who low key doesn’t approve if the groom

Jisoo: Side-eyeing the wedding cake for the entirity of the wedding

Seungkwan: Fights over the bouquet and may have pushed a few people out of the way

Minghao: He just wandered into the wedding and no one has said anything yet

Vernon: Videotaping the fight for the bouquet

Jihoon: Giving the best man speech and trying not to crack a sarcastic remark

Junhui: Already a little tipsy on the drinks being served

Wonwoo: Ex of the bride and only came because free food

Mingyu: Sulking in the corner because he didnt want to come in the first place

Soonyoung: Crying and eating at the same time; very touched

Seokmin: Beaming smiles at everyone and making them go blind

Chan: Moonwalks across the isle to deliver the rings

so kordeigiselle gave me the extra push i needed to do this…..

what i’m about to say may hurt you guys but…..it’s the truth.

well…….Taylor is cheating on Calvin…..

and Kaylor is

 in fact real