10 anniversary for Fairy tail
And we get a gift, to see Gildarts!!!!

But we can also thank Mishima for pulling on our heart strings with Happy’s tearful eye and heavy burden of what may happen to our Pyro maniac wild child.

Like even though we know main characters of fairy tail don’t die. The fact of natsu being seriously hurt and that even the STORY, which will be played out will be, in my imagination so much more painful.

P.S I thank all fanfic writers out there for that. Thanks for hurting my heart.

End of the Line✗Hand-to-Hand ✗ AJ & Aquarius

Admittedly I haven’t been in many fights in the past; only your typical rough housing with friends and the most extreme being when I was jumped on the beach all those moons ago. Inadvertantly whoever it was that jumped me set off the domino effect that led me to the truth behind my parents dealings during the Rebellion. At this point I can’t decide whether I would have preferred to live out the time that followed in ignorance or be thankful for what he allowed me to see.

There was a possibility of finding myself in a fight without a weapon of any sort and I would either have to improvise or rely on my own two fists, so to speak. I knew the basics of how to defend myself, what areas to aim for and not to tuck my thumb inside my fist when throwing a punch. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of what I learned at the melee station yesterday carried over into the hand-to-hand station, which finally didn’t have a crowd hovering around it.


“Hey, stranger.” I smiled at AJ once she was finished speaking with the trainer. I didn’t see her at all yesterday, and was admittedly a little curious as to how she was holding up given what she told me on the train.

“Want some company?”


source: boomtheregoesyourpants 

Everybody’s got their demons
Even wide awake or dreaming
I’m the one who ends up leaving
Make it okay

See a war I wanna fight it
See a match I wanna strike it
Every fire I’ve ignited
Faded to grey

But now that I’m broken
Now that you know it
Caught up in a moment
Can you see inside?

‘Cause I’ve got a jet black heart
And there’s a hurricane underneath it
Trying to keep us apart
I write with a poison pen
But these chemicals moving between us
Are the reason to start again

Newest art piece that has taken me two months to complete!!! I love the idea of END!Natsu and wanted to draw an angst Nalu moment!~ 

The song is by 5 Seconds of Summer - Jet Black Heart

Hope you all enjoy it!~ Please do NOT repost without my permission.