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Sorry if you have answered this before but, some positivity maybe? What are your favorite things about Dan?

His laughter:
-His giggles when they squeak at the end because he can’t breathe
-His giggles when they pitch up to that literal ‘hee hee hee!’
-His giggles when they start with that literal ‘ah-hah-hah-hah!’
-His giggles when he ends up snorting
-How he snaps or claps while laughing really hard

His voice:
-When it’s normal and gentle and sweet and soft
-When he brings it lower into that sensual rumbly goodness

His long baby deer legs:
-So graceful
-So dangerous
-Has been described as gliding when he walks
-Has also been described as purposeful in his strides
-Also falls over a lot

When he sings:
-When he makes up a song based on what’s going on
-When he sings something relevant to what’s going on
-When he just sings because he has a song stuck in his head
-When he just sings because he thought of a song just then
-Voice of an angel

His eyes:
-So pretty
-The little crinkles in the corners when he laughs
-When he drifts he just gets that faraway look in them that you can get lost in
-So warm
-So full of love
-Probably when he looks at you you feel like the only person on the planet

His smile:
-That cute puppy dog sweet childlike smile
-The smirk
-The dopey grin
-The lopsided grin
-When there’s a video and we get to see him smile while laughing
-When he sticks his tongue out and bites on the tip while smiling

His hugs:
-Self described “Huggin’ machine”
-Arms “made for huggin”“
-Best hugs on the planet
-His arms are long and really wind around you
-Perfect amount of squeezing
-No matter who you are or what shape you are you just fit against him
-Because he was made for hugging

His dancing:
-The side to side headbop
-Hands up for a snap
-Hand up for a little fly-away-wave
-The side to side full body shuffle
-The hip swing
-The full head bang sending hair everywhere

His lips:
-So soft
-Great shape
-When he bites the lower one when he’s thinking about something
-When he also licks the lower one when thinking about something (though rarer than biting)

His realness:
-When he talks about going through a tough time
-When he sends out genuine love to his fans whether they’re having a tough time themselves and he’s offering advice or when he’s humbled by the response to something he did
-When he tells a story of a time in his life
-When he’s expressing love for one of his friends

His sweetness:
-“Hi babies”
-“Hello lovelies”
-“I missed you guys”
-“Bye sweet treasures”
-“Hi ladies”
-“Bye, I love you!”
-“Can we do Grumps forever?”

How he tries to use his platform for good:
-Is always trying to learn and better himself through feedback
-Always tries to better everyone else by telling people to love one another
-Talks fans through anxiety and panic when they’re meeting and is always patient and understanding about it
-Knowing he provides an escape and has helped people through difficult times just by doing Grumps or NSP and talks about getting fan letters saying exactly that and is always blown away and always tells everyone 'thank you’ for getting the opportunity to help them

His hair:
-Wild curls
-Wonderful ringlets
-How he plays with it when he’s thinking about something
-How it is a mystery
-Sweet fluffy cloud of curly goodness
-How it is always described as soft

All of his music.
-All of it
-The deep, serene, drifting poignancy of The Northern Hues that followed struggles, but he didn’t give up, he took lessons and tried again and produced beautiful, driven, powerful but soft messages in Skyhill, falling again but only shelving his music for a while and finally catching his break with NSP when he found a musical partner in Brian

His gentleness:
-Either with real world animals (letting birds perch on his knees, petting sheep that previously shunned everyone else, being sweet with all manner of doggos and puppers, carefully holding and wistfully looking at a snake, enjoying aquariums on multiple occasions, more more more)
-Anything that is cute or a little silly looking in a game “Oohh I love it immediately!”

All of his lingo:
-Jimmy jams
-The use of um and like a lot (which denotes intelligence, by the way, look it up)

His genuineness with others, he never hides who he is.
His trusting nature, willing to put his faith in the people he loves.
Loving everyone.
Being a 'bad judge of character’ because he believes in the good in everyone.
Overcoming his struggles to become the musician he knew he was always meant to be.

His proud nerdiness:
-Loves Magic the Gathering (still owns his old decks)
-Loves DnD
-Harry Potter
-Game of Thrones
-Vidya games
-MUSIC he is SUCH a music nerd! Speaking of-

The incredible encyclopedia of music knowledge that he has.
-Can name millions of albums off the top of his head
-Can name all the songs of said albums
-Knows the names of all band members in any given band
-Knows trivia behind songs
-Has read just all the liner notes of every album he’s ever owned
-Can recall a tune rhythmically and melodically perfectly in a snap
-Has been to thousands of concerts

He’s also such a SPORTS nerd:
-The Giants
-Podcast about football
-Loves basketball and hockey too
-Throw in some baseball
-And soccer as well
-Can recall players names and statistics and games from years and years ago in any one of these sportsball categories

His encouraging change in people, whether they’re trying to be more like him or just trying to change for the better because he is such a good example of happiness and love. How he genuinely wants everyone to be better and accepting of themselves and others. How he talks openly about mental illness and encourages people to get help if they need to get help because there’s nothing wrong with it and everyone needs help.
“Love everyone, forgive everyone. Especially yourself.”

A concept

- Otabek does a lot of hip hop/contemporary fusion to replace his ballet
- He got into it through his time being rink mates with Leo de la Iglesia in America
- It adds to his music encyclopedia/ DJ!Altin/cool street boy facet
- also to mischievous friends, they’re actually his dance mates at the studios
- it’s why he dresses like a fuccboi

I’ve been watching a lot of One Million/T Milly Dance Studio videos 😭😭😬😬👍👍

On NYADA's acceptance process

So this is inspired by all the talk and discussion of Blaine getting to NYADA on his first try as opposed to Jesse and Elliot, and to a lesser extent, Kurt and Rachel. We’ve seen how Rachel and Kurt’s stories played out and why they played out that way so I’m going to focus on Jesse and Elliot here.

The very first thing that we have to take into account here is that the decision of who gets in or doesn’t get in the program rests solely in the hands of Carmen Tibideaux herself. She is the only one who sees the auditions and she is the one who makes the call. From what we know of her, she is not someone who gets impressed by theatricality. She wants soul and vulnerability and views theatricality as “surface”

Now go back to Jess St. James and his Vocal Adrenaline days. This is the leader of a choir that has been repeatedly described as “soulless automatons” A person who is theatrical by nature and who works said theatricality in his performances. Do you think that this will work with what we know Carmen is looking for? Jesse clearly left an impression on her that she remembered his audition two years later but ultimately, I don’t think his audition showed her what she was looking for. Carmen applauded his potential and passion but there was no talk about vulnerability, which we found out later is what she is looking for in performers. She also criticized his technique, saying that he ran into trouble with his breath work and his diction wasn’t crisp enough, which is something we’ve never seen directed at Rachel or Kurt (Actually, I think the one person whose technique was criticized at NYADA (well, sort of) was Beatrice, the girl who sang Ava Maria in the season 4 premiere and promptly got cut from the program)

It’s a little tricky with Elliot because we have no background information on him but this is still the guy who showed up for his audition in eye liner and came up with Starchild as a stage name in an homage to Ziggy Stardust. It’s not a stretch to imagine that Elliot was also theatrical in his NYADA audition. Elliot’s theatricality was a shock for Kurt, who is probably the most theatrical person on the show. How do you think Carmen received it? This is the woman who thought Not The Boy Next Door lacked depth and was devoid of complexity. It’s not solely about talent for her. All of those performers (Jesse, Elliot, Rachel, Kurt, Blaine) have talent in spades. She is looking for a specific thing, which she didn’t find in Jesse or Elliot for some reason.

Considering that NYADA is the most prestigious performing arts school in the country, it’s not a stretch to say that academic excellence also plays a factor, in addition to extra curricular activities and such (Remember how Kurt and Rachel were trying to get more things on their applications to bolster their chances? Yeah) Jesse definitely had the extra curricular part down. Vocal Adrenaline were National Champions throughout his school career and I believe there was a comment about him talking dance lessons back in season one. The academic side isn’t that good though. Jesse had another student attending maths, English and scientific for him in Carmel and he couldn’t figure it out for himself that he needed to attend other classes in college, because he was majoring in show choir, which resulted in him getting kicked out. Jesse isn’t exactly the model student.

Again, we have no idea what the deal with Elliot is. He clearly has a lot of musical experience and background. He’s been performing since he was in 5th grade and he took singing and piano lessons but we don’t know what his academic accomplishments are like. He does go to NYU though, so that’s an indication that he is a good student.

Let’s take a look at Blaine now, shall we? He was there when Kurt and Rachel auditioned, which gives him an advantage because he knows what Carmen is looking for and he has two people who go to NYADA to advice him. Plus, Kurt has been talking him up to Carmen and according to Sam, Blaine crushed his audition. Not to mention that Blaine is an emotional performer by nature. He radiates emotion when he is singing and he always assumes the identity of the person in the song, making the song tell his story. Blaine feels his songs, always. That’s one of the most striking things about him as a performer actually. Music is Blaine’s language, he’s never better at getting to people than when he is singing.

Now, is it really weird for Blaine to get in? He is, by every account, every college’s dream. Senior Class President, a member of 27 clubs, was the lead in one musical and in the ensemble in another, Valedictorian, has the second highest GPA in his class, has experience from his work in theme parks, has been winning competitions even before high school if his comment in Puppet Master and the trophies in his room is anything to go by, has been performing since he was a child, is a member of a National winning cheer leading squad (presumably since we don’t know what the hell happened with that), appeared in a Christmas special on tv, can play at least three different instruments and can arrange songs himself, was the lead of two show choirs, one of which won a National Championship one year and came in second place the next year. This is the guy whose safety schools are Columbia and NYU and who is a walking talking musical encyclopedia. What part of this makes it weird for Blaine to get into NYADA, first try or otherwise? He has the talent, the knowledge, the background and the academic excellence. Of course he got in.

And you know, if you think it’s still weird that Blaine got accepted into NYADA, I’d like to remind you that Adam Crawford and Brody Weston go to NYADA as well.

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Lynne, a thought. The fact that Darren (and Chris) remembers the name of their first concert, 5 yrs ago, with zero thought given, given his own music bkgrd and number of concerts worldwide he's seen. 1/?

(cont.) He’s not your average concert goer..this is a man who is a music encyclopedia and sees 100s of concerts and he remembered that name? Then he begs to be the one to tell the story?

Seems like that particular date, their first date, was very important to them.  You never forget your first date with the love of your life.

P.S. To my followers - ^this is Tracy.  Smart lady to follow.  You got questions? She’s got answers.  One of the smartest friends I know. 

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I just went through your soundcloud demos and I was just curios how you were exposed to the different music genres and started playing guitar and singing? What's your story? Oh and also... ¿cuantos lenguajes hablas? Perdon por todas las preguntas.

That’s a long answer. But, in short, I come from a music-centered background. My grandfather was a music promoter, my dad was a Latin music bandleader for many years, my mom sang in his orchestra, my brother sang around the house from morning to night and, well, growing up in Puerto Rico, music surrounded me. You can’t escape it there. It’s in the air, it’s in the food, at the lechoneras, on the streets, at the beach, at parties wherever, on your family and friends’ faces, at school…all that.

I grew up around my dad’s friends who were all in some way involved in music. I’d go on tour with him and was a kind of roadie. My dad’s a walking musical encyclopedia so I learned a lot from him…from The Beatles to Ismael Rivera to Maynard Ferguson. I got the music bug early on.

When I was a kid, I became intensely obsessed with Elvis Presley and that’s when I picked up the guitar. From there, I went through different musical obsessions. Later on, I developed a habit of exploring and going back into what influenced the music I was into at the moment.

I eventually found that if you climb the music tree high enough, you’ll see that everything’s connected. The Silvio Rodríguez seeds will bear the sweet trova fruit. The Dylan twig will sprinkle you with country blues and old-timey leaves. And if you shake it hard enough, you’ll fall onto the jazz branch and the fresh breeze of João Gilberto’s whisper isn’t far behind. It makes me want to play those sounds with a wailing of the trunk. It makes me want to go deep within the bark and visit every single corner, every single hole in the wood.

My closeness to my roots—my family, my upbringing, my island, my culture—informs my musical curiosity. And I guess that’s my story in a nutshell.

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i'm new on tumblr. What are some good Castle blogs to follow?

Well, first of all welcome!! I hope you like it here, because somehow you will find yourself unable to leave!! 

For sane and logical commentary of the show you cannot go wrong with alwayswritewithcoffee, castleramblings, and writingonthecastlewalls! (Plus when they do get sassy, it is hilarious!)

For any and all of your fanfic needs castlefanfics is a must!! - Like seriously you could ask Alex for that one fic, that one time, where Castle was in a blue striped shirt? And she probably already knows the exact one!

We truly have some amazing artists in the fandom; from fanart, to edits, graphicsm and gifs, behindgreeneyessrandom-ship  (fanart-by-e), a-torvs, 74flawsasofyesterday, officerbeckett, sofika0707, alwayswiththecoffee, musefulstranger and stanakaticland 

Laura over at ournorthstars is legit the master of 8Tracks = Literal Music Encyclopedia 

Emily over at hipstercastle always makes the best stuff!!

I follow some amazing writers and I am probably going to leave some off, (ON ACCIDENT!) tvfanatic, veraflynns, lousiemcdoogle, why-am-i-narrating, bunysliper, handcuffedplotbunnies, n-p-y-d, rewritetheending, and cassbones.

If death by tags is something you’re into, tellme0urstory and castleincalifornia can tag anyone under the table. 

Amazing people that I would be remiss in leaving off of this list, couldalwaysjustcuddle, castleismyoneanddone, beckettsbooha, writer-monkey47, beckettsdrawer, becketts-areola, weshipcaskett, stanamylove, allons-y-stana, sinetimoresedamore, hisgirlwednesday4-47, rickate-kateick-caskett, amtepe, sunrisefromindigo - These people keep my life and my dash interesting!

I hope this list helps! You are already off on a great start! Interacting with people will be one of the best parts of your tumblr experience, there are some amazing people here, and I am blessed to know a few!