Witchcryption -- The Fairy Tale

As some of you may know I’ve recently fallen back in love with the had written word by pretty much abandoning my online grimoire and beginning a new one. I’ve found, however, that as much as I like the idea of an easy to reference topic by topic grimoire it’s begun to feel like writing a textbook. So once again I began to search for the alternative and after looking at older grimoires came up with a fun way for those who wish to keep their books hidden and inconspicuous. So if you’re reading this and are a closeted or hidden witch, please consider giving this a try if it calls to you. 

Basically were going to write our book in the form of narrative, as the title puts it, a book of fairy tales. To begin decide your setting. Are we in a classical fantasy kingdom with brave knights and dragons, a post apocolyptic anarchist commune or a modern setting? literally anywhere can be your place that you write about so choose what you feel is best for your workings. As for the information itself I’ll use my own book as an example. I set up my book as a collection of tales set in a mythical kingdom of Yrolg. The name of the kingdom is actually a sort of sigilized word for”Glory” written backwards, if you dont want to do this then name your setting what ever you like, it honestly only happened because i couldn’t figure out a name and it was the first word that came up in bibliomancy. Each of these tales is set up as a spell in fable form and example would be the healing blanket spell I posted earlier, where this story follows a blacksmith trying to create a suit of armor for a knight whom he has fallen in love with. So when working with descriptions such as the incantations being spoken by the Spirit, a recurring character that would represent the witch writing this story, calling out from the heavens to the blacksmith as he tends the forge. this is just one example of this and honestly I can’t think of a wrong way to do this. It can focus on one person and their adventures, it can have multiple settings, the only limit is literally your imagination.   

But also consider correspondences or other things as being placed within multiple fables when appropriate, like in the healing blanket spell I used sandalwood incense and powered aspirin, these were mentioned as the wood used to light the forge and the asprin as being Nirpsa (again backwards can be your friend when it comes to witchcryption) a mythical substance gather by defeating a beast there by producing the substance for curing all ills. This might not seem to some as the best idea for those who use their books as a way to quickly find information, but for those who would enjoy this sort of thing it has its benifits. When I write a spell in this format I find it gives it a certain power. The idea behind the spell is that this blanket or armor will protect the knight the blacksmith loves so that when the armor is worn by the knight he will be protected by that love, in the same way the healing blanket spell enchants the blanket you use with love. The way you write the story can be a powerful even sigilizing process where you can imbune your spells and book with more personal power.

I hope this helps some witches out there who are in a rut, need to be discreet or simply find this idea a fun thing to play around with.  I do plan to post an example of a story when I have the time to transcribe it onto tumblr.

Good Luck!

The NSA Knew Of HeartBleed Bug For Two Years And Used It To Spy On The Internet

The NSA knew about the Internet security bug Heartbleed and regularly used it to gather intelligence for at least two years, anonymous sources told Bloomberg.

If the report is true — both the White House and the NSA say it’s not  — the NSA could have collected information like passwords and private communications from hundreds of thousands of websites, since Heartbleed is a bug in the popular open-source encryption software OpenSSL, used to secure data flowing from users’ computers to hundreds of thousands of websites, including Gmail and Facebook.

Almost two-thirds of all sites on the Internet use OpenSSL, according to estimates, making this bug possibly one of the most dangerous the Internet has ever seen and potentially allowing the NSA to access information on millions of users.

Matthew Prince, the CEO of security firm Cloudflare, tweeted that it’s “hard as a tech company today to not feel like we’re at war with our own government.

Despite the outrage, this revelation doesn’t come as a complete surprise for many. Over the past few days, some have already speculated whether the NSA used Heartbleed to breach SSL, since documents leaked by Edward Snowden revealed the spy agency has been trying to breach it for years.

It would not at all surprise me if the NSA had discovered this long before the rest of us had,” Matt Blaze, a cryptographer and computer security professor at the University of Pennsylvania, told Wired. “It’s certainly something that the NSA would find extremely useful in their arsenal.

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