I couldnt pick which one to draw so i just drew em both yayayayayayayya

Su ye
Oh and Maria you dont have to put both of em on the book though

Dayum Jasper only wants SUAVEEEEE to take care of em
Not Gazelle

Aaannndd apperantly Jasper just doesnt liek her
Cuz boi
Ship war
Amiright or amiright

Gazelle, Jasper, Encre and Suave belongs to @blogthegreatrouge

Fallacy x Encre

EHHHHHHHH THAT FUCKING PIC KILLED LIKE I AM STILL SCREAMING. JUST ENJOY~ and yes this is basically a continuation of The Living Art Piece (GO CHECK IT OUT!) *le shrug* its ending a bit different tho I also don’t know French so I’m just going to English it ;3

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This just arrived the other day - handmade ink Anzu artwork by Zellgarm off Etsy. Shipped over from Europe and can’t wait to find a good frame for my favorite WoW mount. There’s all kinds of detail on here and I especially like the aesthetic blue egg design.

Ink, aquarelle, encre and watercolors print, again by Zellgarm, not me


J’ai utilisé les illustrations de mon Inktober pour faire un jeu de plateau avec l’histoire de Monster. J’ai totalement inventé les modes et les règles du jeu et ils s’inspirent du scénario d’origine. Bon, bien sûr, attention au spoil, car l’intégralité des étapes narratives figurent sur un seul plateau…