Above you, you hear a calm voice: “There, that’s enough.” A tall and bright figure jumps down from one of the trees and walks toward the huge bear, who suddenly disappears and transforms into an angrily glaring Saran-Ri, who by the looks of it has your last encouter fresh in mind. Godrai, with his long white hair and bow, stands beside her and nods towards you. “Greetings. We meet again.”

An exerpt from a scene i wrote for my Symbaroum RP group! there’s a picture in the core rulebook who always reminded me of the very calmly composed NPC Godrai, and since i kinda fell in love with him and the disgruntled Saran-Ri, i wanted to draw my vision of them.

hi! if you happen to be reading this, should i continue it? let me know if this is something you might read.

“My name is Park Jimin!”

His name is Park Jimin.

“And I am cursed!”

And he is cursed.

Yoongi chokes on the Red Bull he insists on drinking even though he doesn’t need it. It just makes him look cool, for the books. “I’m sorry?”

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Almost done making my own pocket altar🌙🔮✨

Despite that it’s also been fun and exciting. I’m going to be so happy when it’s finished! So many hours were lost into simply waiting for the layers of paint or varnish to dry. It’s been bloody agony, I tell yah! xD

Part of it is my own fault, because you can put as much or as little effort into it as you like. And I chose to put a LOT of effort into it. Because I wanted it to look all pretty and stuff. 

But still… I can’t wait for this project to be finished. I probably won’t craft anything this elaborate any time soon, again! xD

king-among-knights  asked:

I'm that anon that rlly appreciates boys and tbh I regret sending that on anon now, but here I am :3 if u ever wanna gush about how great boys are or Voltron or anything else just send a message 👉👉

AAAYYYYY FAM YAS VOLTRON IS  GREAT HONESTLY IM ALWAYS HERE TO TALK ABOUT VOLTRON also kudos to  all the really good guys out there <333

The Magnus Archives ‘Pest Control’ (S02E15) Analysis

An episode that starts with Sims demanding that our newest narrator confirm without a shadow of a doubt that Jane Prentiss is dead?  An episode that digs into the nature of the Hive, and elaborates in surprising ways on what we learned from previous encouters with it?  Oh, yes please!  Perhaps more interesting than the revelations about the Hive, though, are the questions raised about a previously incidental character in this whole saga, and may tie in yet another plot thread to this particular branch of the story.  Come on in to hear what I think about ‘Pest Control’.

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Running practice for KageHina be like -
  • KageHina, engage themselves in a race, run way ahead of everyone else, too hyped up to see where they are going, end up losing their way, find themselves in a completely new place, confused as to why the others aren't behind them, encounter a rivalry powerhouse big shot: Hey, so you play volleyball? We do too!

Charley was dreading coming home from work but when she did Cedric was awaiting her. He apologised instantly and the had a rather interesting encouter in a bush…

“What happened last night Ced? You dont need to hide things from me.”

“Nothing, it doesnt matter. All i know is im on top of the world now and im ready to make it up to you!”

“Well that sounds like our evenings sorted…”

Sometimes we simply need someone to be there. Not to necessarily fix anything but just to say “Im here”, “I got you”, “I care about how you feel and how you are doing”
—  PhoenixRysin~LifeBlogger

30 Day SNSD Challenge:

Day 24 - A post dedicated to Tiffany -

Since last year I have been thinking that I am very fortunate. Because last year when I debuted, I gave many thanks to god for letting me have eight new family members, and this year I am very pleased to spend my birthday together with everyone here. There is a letter I wrote to SNSD members on my birthday. I wanted to read out the same letter to fans. It was a very long letter but in short, thank you for becoming a part of our family. In a family, we encouter happiness but also sadness, or good things but also bad things, however, let’s be together forever until the end. I love you.

Okay but there’s something i really wanted to see in the anime version of Owari no Seraph, and it’s this 

The first encouter between Mika and Yuu

Because it shows you that Mika is strong (body and mind)

Because it’s hilarious to see him beating Yuu with his innocent smile

And because nothing hurt you more than his smile in this last panel

Mika deserves hapiness….