And yes, there sudden coheirentness is due to testing a new algorithm. I honestly should have expected that as soon as I say I’m going to leave Skylar alone for a bit I would be suddenly hit with the answers to like twelve problems I’ve been having with her. 

But anyways, it uses the “most common link” concept but now it’s weighted so that:

# of Links to Ask / # of Times she’s encoutered the word in general = relevance

So far, it’s managed to have Skylar come up with some pretty interesting responses.

Encounter #9

Julian was having a bad day. With his first job going terribly wrong thanks to someone ratting him out before he got there, he truly wasn’t in the mood to gather intel now. And yet, here he was, about to do exactly that. 

He’d never met an angel before though, so this was definitely going to be interesting. Now all he had to do was not blow his cover. “Hello.” Julian smiled, stepping towards the stranger, his hand outstretched in greeting. “I’m Julian, who are you?”

do you ever just realize you can literally draw anything you want?

do you ever just abuse that power to hell and back?

Someone once yelled at me “He LOVES you,” and it made me so mad, who the hell has the right to say something like that. Feelings are between two people and yeah they may be shared with others but that doesn’t mean one truly understands, it’s just concepts what truly is going on is between the two people. With that being said this picture in captures exactly what I wanted it to am I’m forever thankful for a fond memory of who I thought was Jack Kerouac.

Our lives are like trees. The trunks the main life source, ourselves, individual grooves and markings, each bit of bark unique, unlike anything else. Then the branches. oh, the branches. Intertwining, going all over the place. no one knows which way they’ll grow, or how many more branches will stem from each single one. They’re like us. Humans. Down a path, meeting and encoutering others as we grow. Changing each other, for not one branch may grow where another already is. Shaping ourselves around one another, infinately better for the encounter…..
We are like trees.
Our roots, our home, our past. our branches, our pathways, ourselves, everyone around us, the world, the universe, forever growing….