I think the album works in three parts. The first part is us solidifying our identity with stuff that you’ve come to know and what sounds like the formula of our band. Then it moves into the more kind of 80s movie-inspired part, which leads with “An Encouter” through to “Girls”, and then from “12”, it starts with…it’s more like modern soul, really. If you look at “Pressure” and “Menswear” and “Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You”. It’s kind of gospel, it’s all about…that part of the record is all about my family, all about my struggles with my family and the idea of religion, the lack of religion, that led to the amount of gospel influence, and our love for gospel music, just as music. There’s a lot of that on the next record, I can tell you that. More gospel.
—  Matty Healy about ‘The 1975’ album. x
It’s Such A Drag

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Alright, so…while I’d been on the run with Hawke, I’d been working on The Tale of the Champion. We both agreed their story needed to be told - even if we didn’t always agree on how, heh. I finished it pretty quick, considering the first very rough draft burnt up in that sodding cave spider fiasco

We stopped by a town and I shipped the thing off to my editor in Kirkwall, figuring I should probably head back myself so my editor knew how to actually get in touch with me for edits. 
Naturally, I dragged my feet a bit on it for a few weeks, figuring I had time to stay and protect Hawke while my editor read through the book. 

Sooner than I’d hoped, the time came for me to leave and I made my way back to Kirkwall for final edits and to see the manuscript sent off to the printers. Things went…uncharacteristically well. Heh, looking back I probably should have seen that as a sign of some sort. 

Either way, the book was printed and started to get circulation pretty sodding quickly. I took up my old room back in The Hanged Man and started to pick up the pieces of my life again. 
Things seemed like they were going to start returning to…well, something like normal, whatever the sod that is, until I got some unwelcomed guest.

I’d just gotten home from a meeting with a few Guild members. I was tired and felt like shit after a night with no sleep. Turns out sleeping in a city that partially exploded can make you particularly jumpy when you haven’t had enough to drink. Or maybe it’s when you’ve had too much. 

Either way…I get back to the tavern, put Bianca up, and head back to the bar. That’s when I noticed two guys looking pretty sodding out of place - big burly guys who looked like they hadn’t laughed a day in their lives with huge eyeballs on their armor. I remember wondering if they’d come to buy drinks or a sense of humor when they got up and started walking toward me. 

I took a few steps back and when they advanced, I turned and bolted toward my room, trying to get to Bianca. Turns out the bastards were deceptively quick, even in that bulky armor. Didn’t help that I was too tired to see straight, either. 
I rounded the corner, tripped on the rug, and the bastards pinned me, taking a few hits at me until I was more or less compliant. Apparently neither of them could bother to actually carry me, so they decided to drag me out of the sodding tavern. Drag me. All the way to the sodding Chantry. From The Hanged Man.
And I really liked those sodding boots. 

They’d bound my hands behind my back but they’d done a shit job of it, so I started working on the rope as soon as my head had cleared. (grins) I may have large hands, but they’re surprisingly dexterous when I need them to be. 

Unfortunately, being dragged up sodding stairs in Lowtown and Hightown didn’t help matters any and by the time I managed to get my hands free, they were dragging me down a long, overly-decorated hallway and into a dark room. Which gave me all kinds of good feelings. (snorts)

I’d barely had a chance to clear my head when I was being shoved into a high-back chair. Heh, then again, I’m a dwarf - they’re all pretty much high-back chairs to me. Either way, let me tell you, I’ve had gentler invitations - which I mentioned, naturally.

I managed to clear my head right as a statuesque figure emerged into what little bit of light there was in the room and an accented voice spoke much too loudly for my still-ringing head. 

“I am Cassandra Pentaghast, Seeker of the Chantry.”

And that, messeres, is how I was dragged into this mess. (grins) Literally.

Sometimes we simply need someone to be there. Not to necessarily fix anything but just to say “Im here”, “I got you”, “I care about how you feel and how you are doing”
—  PhoenixRysin~LifeBlogger
Encounter #9

Julian was having a bad day. With his first job going terribly wrong thanks to someone ratting him out before he got there, he truly wasn’t in the mood to gather intel now. And yet, here he was, about to do exactly that. 

He’d never met an angel before though, so this was definitely going to be interesting. Now all he had to do was not blow his cover. “Hello.” Julian smiled, stepping towards the stranger, his hand outstretched in greeting. “I’m Julian, who are you?”


A strange encouter during a sure to be strange case…

This all started with a conversation I had with my sister. I was talking about that erised mirror and at one moment I was like “Hey, imagine Castiel coming across this mirror and getting confused when all he sees is him and Dean making out, and calling Dean, but then all Dean can see is the exact same thing and they both stay there confused”. And my sister was like “Yes, and then Sam comes in only to see it too!”. Because litterally everyone wants them to finaly do it! It made us laugh like crazy, hope you can find it funny too:)


Actual dialogue:

“So it was true.“

“How does this thing even exist?”

“Entertaining I’d say.”

“Such an interesting artefact…”

"Who the fuck invented  this?!”

“Is it the future?”

“More like what happens in their head!”

“I cannot say I am really surprised…”


30 Day SNSD Challenge:

Day 24 - A post dedicated to Tiffany -

Since last year I have been thinking that I am very fortunate. Because last year when I debuted, I gave many thanks to god for letting me have eight new family members, and this year I am very pleased to spend my birthday together with everyone here. There is a letter I wrote to SNSD members on my birthday. I wanted to read out the same letter to fans. It was a very long letter but in short, thank you for becoming a part of our family. In a family, we encouter happiness but also sadness, or good things but also bad things, however, let’s be together forever until the end. I love you.

Rescue Mission.

After a unexpected events in the navy base, in which Kumagawa stay for few days with Kako. Kako find out that one of her friends  Light Cruiser Yuubari is  missing. She was send on the mission with few other girls, but after encouter with small fleet of abyssals, she went missing. The admiral told Kako that Yuubari’s last position was reported not far from the medium size island and that he was planning to send a searching party. Even so Kako wasn’t a part of it, even if she insisted to that. Beeing a little bit angry, Kako decide to look for her friend alone, but on her way to the dock, Kumagawa blocked her way.  『Where are you going ? What are you trying to do ?』He asked with cold tone.