Highlight Reel - Seokjin's Narration


起 : The Beginning

“Some moments become more vivid with the passage of time. Many encouters and farewells existed for this moment. A moment that made me believe no matter which alley, which crossroad I walk through, it’ll lead to this place in the end.”

承 : The Elucidation

“The sound of cicadas that chirred like showers ends in an instant. In the abrupt silence, I realize how beautiful the world is. Just the fact that you are in it makes all the difference. Even if all of these moments are just a lie, I still want to remain here.”

“Why is it that the happiest moments suddenly usher in great fear?”

轉 : The Twist

“Looking back, I have already knew it. That underneath the sparkling world before my eyes lay my deception. That everything was a dream to be crumbled away with a breath of wind. I turned away, eluded, closed my eyes. I was scared, scared of not being loved for who I am.”

結 : The Conclusion

“If we can rewind time, where should we go back to? Once we reach that place, can we correct all the errors and mistakes, and can we then become happy?”

“There are places that can’t be reached no matter how many seasons repeat. In the end, what we have to face is breaking through yet another storm. Loving without fear. Hesitancy and farewell. Living as who I am.”

game difficulty & accessibility

sometime tho can we have a Real conversation about games and accessibility? 

like, some of the big questions i have are:

  • what level of difficulty do different players desire when playing a game? sure, some gamers want to be pushed to the edge of their limits while playing, but others just want a fun way to decompress after a hard day - is it possible to design games for both audiences? 
  • I know ppl will go on and on about the ideal balance being a state of “flow” but like… is the optimal “flow” state different for different people? do some gamers require more challenge to acheive a full sense of blissful productivity, while other gamers want a more relaxed and punishment-free environment?
  • for gamers that do want more of a chellenge, what makes good “difficult” games feel fair rather than just frustrating? how do we balance challenges so that players don’t just give up in annoyance, but rather feel like success is within their grasp?
  • how can game challenges be created to scale for a variety of skill and interest levels? are there better ways to do this than an arbitrary difficulty selection screen? mechanically, is the best way to accomplish this merely to scale the stats and variables involved, or to actually alter the nature of the challenge / puzzle?
  • what are the different types of challenges that games use to create difficulty? are there pros and cons to the different challenge types (reaction-time/reflex, pattern memorization, logic puzzle, etc.)? i’ve heard people talk about challenges in execution (i.e. how well you can hit certain buttons with a certain timing) vs challenges that require more thought and planning.
  • when designing for players who struggle with certain physical skills, how do you still make challenges in the game fun? if a player is physically unable to quickly and accurately press the right button, how do you still design a reaction-based challenge that doesn’t feel impossible? are there other types of challenges you could implement? 
  • what about designing for players with bad memories, or short attention spans, or difficulty with spatial reasoning, or difficulty processing multiple simultaneous sources of information? can one mechanic even be designed to accomidate every possible type of player that will encouter your game?
  • does every player need to have the same experience with a game? if players are fundamentally different, and have different skills and limits, how can you design a set of mechanics that allows each player to utilize their own strengths? how can you make it so that a player who is bad at a certain challenge is still able to have fun - maybe by making it so that there are several possible ways to advance past any particular roadblock?
  • and, lastly, if different players are going to experience the game differently, are there parts of your plot that you want every player to experience? are these parts of the plot hidden behind challenges that some players, no matter how hard they try, won’t ever be able to complete? 

yeah idk hopefully people have some thoughts other than “blah blah git gud only hardcore players deserve to enjoy games” bc that shit is disgusting as fuck

It’s funny; after I’ve said goodbye to you, it seems like the world decided it doesn’t understand what ‘goodbye’ means. I keep seeing you no matter where I am, no matter what time of day it is, the two of us an all-too familiar face to each other in the midst of a crowd of strangers.

I look at you and you look at me, and there’s that moment again. Of our eyes meeting across the distance, of that split-second recognition, and the heavy meaning that follows. 

“Not yet,” you probably think as I wave hello to you.

“Not yet,” I think as well, as you wave back.

We keep on walking. Maybe it’s too soon for us. Maybe you’re not ready for it. Maybe I’m not, either. But as we walk away yet again from one another, I hope you’re thinking, “Someday.”

Because I am. I’m waiting for the day we’ll meet again, be it the second time or the third or the 238th time around, and our eyes will meet across the distance and everything will finally feel right. Finally, we’re going meet in the middle and stop for each other.

—  excerpts from a book I’ll never write

The Hideaway Cafe 

Drained from the daily grind in Uptown? Come to the Hideaway Cafe today for chill vibes and a good time.

  • CC Free
  • 20x30 lot size, placed in Uptown. 
  • As usual you’ll want bb.moveobjects enabled before you place or some objects might be missing
  • It has been playtested to ensure clean routing but let me know if you encouter problems.
  • TOU: Don’t be a dick and claim it as your own. If you want to edit it and share that please give me credit

My packs:

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Essays in Existentialism: Anya

AU where Anya lives and her perception of Lexa’s growing feelings for Clarke 

“Again?” Anya sighs, sitting up in her bed. The soft footsteps of the pacing Commander wake her for the fifth night in a row. The candles are low and dawn is close, the ground is hard in the impending chill, preparing for winter that will be harder than the last. 

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Moral Decay + Greg Gianforte

I just wrote about Greg Gianforte’s assault of Ben Jacobs, which in and of itself is a shocking incident but taken within the broader scope of growing  anti-media violence is a cultural alarm bell. 

The actual assault is evidence that Gianforte is unfit to hold elected office. That’s not really even debatable. 

What’s more troubling, however, than a single individual––who’s clearly unfit for office––winning an election is the is moral decay of the a political party which enthusiastically embraces such an unfit person. 

Certainly during the presidential election Donald Trump destroyed cultural and political norms about what we expect of elected officials – monogamy, personal integrity, shared epxierence, similar core values, etc.  But he also destroyed the moral credibility (however questionable it was in the first place) of the Republican Party’s gatekeepers; the elder statesmen, as it were, of the organization who, in “normal” times, are responsible for maintaining an ethos within the party.  

He did this by repeatedly breaking promises (i.e, “the pledge”), personally slandering the GOP field of candidates (all of them), usurping party processes and leadership structures, and with his conduct as a candidate – bragging about his penis size during a debate, for example. 

To reinforce the point, once in office Trump hired Bannon, Flynn, Gorka and Miller. And he nominated Sesions and Pruitt.  

That the party’s voters and leaders supported (and still support him) anyway created a clear permission structure for all manner of bad actors to try their hand at Trump’s version of Republican politics. Greg Gianforte is just the first; by function of a special election, of many who will attempt to follow in Trump’s footsteps in an explicit way.

Gianforte tied himself directly to Trump as a campaign strategy. That wasn’t the case for the Republican candidate in the Kansas special congressional election or in the Georgia 6th. 

In the 24 hours after the assault of Ben Jacobs Gianforte raised $100,000 according to reports. And, multiple reporters then reported personal ancedotes of interactions with voters who supported Gianforte’s actions - “Jacobs (and the media) had it coming.”

Moreover, while his campaign initially lied about the assulat in their press release, national GOP leaders remained silent. Upon direction questioning, not one elected congressional Republican backed away from Gianforte after the assault. 

Vice President Mike Pence hid from the media and the public so as to avoid being asked questions. Speaker Ryan made a tepid statement through a spokesperson. 

What’s clear, to me, is that even if they had––as a party leaders––decided to confront Gianforte publicly for his criminal actions no one would’ve cared. Not after they looked the other way on Trump’s sexual assulat. Not after vitcitim-shaming/blaming the women who came forward to disclose their encouters with Trump. Not after they’d adopted his anti-media playbook as their own. 

What’s unclear to me is whether or not Repubcalian leaders realize their own moral decay? 

Regadlress, it’s going to get harder for Republicans in the future, not easier. Gianforte is, by-and-large, a mainstream Trump-Republican (so much as that taxonomy can be applied). He’s a billionaire businessman. He’s on the board of a local Christian school. He ran for governor (and lost). He’s still married. He checks the boxes of a tranditional conservative who’s chosen to cast-in with Trump. 

But given the party’s lack of moral fortitude, and the reality that there just aren’t that many Greg Gianforte’s in the country, what mechanisms exist to prevent the Republican Party from becoming, say, an alt-right apparatus? 

In districts across the Midwest and South alt-right candidates could viably compete for congressional seats in the next two to three election cycles. What’s to stop them from running as Trump-Republicans? Will Speaker Ryan denounce them? Will the NRCC field competing candidates? These things seem highly unlikely given what we’ve just expierenced. 

Republicans are on the same “slippery slope” they frequently fear-monger about liberals creating regarding “alternative lifestyles.” That is to say, they’ve opened a door to the future that they might not be able to close –– even if they wanted to (which I’m not convinced they would want to close because in a lot of ways this door to the future is actually a door to their desired [mythological] past). 


Woodley’s Veggie Cafe

A bar and restaurant for your veg-head sims.  

  • CC Free
  • 20x30 lot size.
  • As usual you’ll want bb.moveobjects enabled before you place or some objects might be missing
  • It has been playtested to ensure clean routing but let me know if you encouter problems.
  • TOU: Don’t be a dick and claim it as your own. If you want to edit it and share that please give me credit

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anonymous asked:

if "yesterday" isn't supposed to be in the sub what's the correct subs for that part?

“some moments become more vivid with the passage of time. many encouters and farewells/goodbyes existed for this moment. a moment that made me believe no matter which alley, which crossroad i walk through, it’ll lead to this place in the end.”

I’m going through every page of TPoH and paying atention to RGB’s colours, and how much each is leaking and I have a theory for what each colour is according to what i’ve observed:

Blue is sadness, green is happiness, red is anger.

As for Yellow and Pink they’re harder to discern, Yellow seems to leak together with blue and pink with green so both could be close to those. I have a feeling yellow could be embarassment, but I’ve yet to find the proof.

And honestly there are some REALLY interesting things you realize by paying attention to the colours.

For instance, when RGB is explaining the Doubts and how they consume you, blue is leaking a lot. Which could mean he might’ve lost a child to doubts before.

Edit: Yellow is fear. It leaks a lot when they encouter their 1st Fears

Edit 2:  Okay got told that Modmad already told what the colours are then.

Well guess I’ll continue this post by pointing out interesting parts where the colours leak then.

For those who don’t know: Yellow is Fear, Green is Joy, Blue is sadness, Pink is CURIOSITY, and red is anger.

Edit 3: Okay here’s a summary of my thoughts while re-reading the comic:

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so, a few days ago i was playing tlou online and suddenly this guy who saw by my psn id that i was a girl sent me a fucking message saying crap to me like “wtf are u doing here, you cant play, you’re a girl”
Since unfortunally i already am used to receive crap like that, i decided to just delete his message and ignore him

When a new match started, i alone ran into his entire team and killed all of them. And every time i encoutered the guy during the match i managed to kill him (which was about 6 times). I was able to stab him in the back 2 times, that was pretty funny lmao

After the match was over he sent me this

that was way more satisfying than any answer i could’ve given him lmao

How to recognize and deal with a Destiheller in 3 easy steps.

When wandering through the wild world of Tumblr and especially if you step into the vast Supernatural fandom, is easy to spot the Destiel shippers, since their numbers are great and they move in packs. However, when approaching a Destiel shipper to decide if you want to be friends with them or not, you have to be very careful, for there is a more agressive species of this particular brand of shippers: the Destihelleres. *cue menacing music*

Now, you must be aware, most Destiel shippers are friendly and like a regular shipper, they only wish to enjoy their ship through fanart, fanfiction and meta-analysis. Some of them have given up on the canon show and some of them keep watching in the hopes that their ship may become canon some day. Whatever the case, if you approach them with kidness and respect, they will extend the same courtesy to you, even if you ship something different entirely.

The Destihellers, however… *more menacing music.*

Be not afraid, though, because through my experience and the experience of those around me who have dealt with them extensively, I have developed a foolproof method to detect and avoid Destihelleres. And as SPN has been confirmed for its thirteenth season (yes, this horse has been beaten into a fine powder) I thought it would be useful to share it. Let’s begin.

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