It’s not stupid. I promise. It’s not stupid to turn into your 5 year old self and get happy beyond measure for the little things. It’s not stupid to be proud of yourself for completing a load of laundry and washing the dishes. You aren’t lame for patting yourself on the back when you chose a salad over a burger. You’re taking care of yourself and each victory - no matter how small - is worth celebrating. 

Making a difference in the world does not have to involve something overwhelming massive. You don’t need to find the cure for cancer or completely put an end to world hunger. Making a difference in the world comes from many small acts of kindness, each and every day. It comes from shedding light onto the lives of others’. YOU can make a difference. You can.

You are a warrior. You’ve been up against battle after battle; each challenging in its own way. Yet, you’re still standing. You’re still alive, and stronger than ever. You’ve got this.

you are all of these :)

Wake up every morning with purpose. When your feet hit the floor; you’re ready to do everything in your power to fight for your dreams.
If someone is facing a difficult time, one of the kindest things you can do for him or her is to say, ‘I’m going to love you through this.
—  Molly Friedenfield
Allow yourself to be a beginner. One does not begin something already being an expert at it. Improvement requires time and practice. It’ll happen, just be more patient with yourself.

You ARE strong.
You ARE capable.
You ARE brave.
You ARE smart.
You ARE worth it.
You ARE loved.
You ARE cared for.
You ARE beautiful.
You ARE amazing.
You ARE fearfully and wonderfully made. 

You are NOT a mistake. 
You are NOT ugly.
You are NOT weird. 
You are NOT a failure.
You are NOT a burden.
You are NOT weak. 
You are NOT a pain.
You are NOT annoying.

You CAN do it.
You CAN achieve that goal.
You CAN make it.
You CAN get through this.
You CAN stand up for yourself.
You CAN stand up to that person.
You CAN.

We ALL struggle.
We ALL have a past.
We ALL have fears.
We ALL have regrets.
We ALL fake smiles.
We ALL say the same, “I’m fine” lie.
We ALL have something we hate about ourselves.
We ALL have family problems.

You are not alone.