encouragement (for bad days)

If you’re having a bad day...
  • Change your clothes. Even if you’re already wearing something comfortable, change into something else that’s still casual and comfy.
  • Eat your favorite food. A bowl of rice, ice cream, pasta, make a sandwich, anything that makes you happy.
  • Eat some fruit. A banana, apple, peach, pear, some berries, fruit is always a good option.
  • Eat some protein. Cheese, meat, eggs, rice and beans, ect. Something to give you energy.
  • Drink lots of water. Fill up a water bottle and keep it with you, but remember to actually drink it.
  • Find as many pillows and blankets as you can around the house and pile them on your bed. THE MESSIER, THE BETTER!
  • Bring your acquired snacks into your room. Even if you don’t make a habit of eating in your room, make an exception this time.
  • Bring a couple of your favorite stuffed animals to share your nest with.
  • If you have cats, invite them as well.
  • Watch an episode or two of your favorite show GUILT FREE. Nothing sad! Watch something that will make you smile and laugh a lot. And ENJOY IT. Give yourself this time to decompress without stressing over a million other things. I know it can be hard, but YOU CAN DO IT
  • Hang a sign outside your door, letting family members/roommates know that you are currently unavailable. Be polite, courteous, and take their needs into consideration if they need something from you, but it’s okay to have a little chunk of time all to yourself when you’re having a tough day. We’ve all been there.
  • Turn off your phone. Just for a little while so you can completely relax. Stay off social media too - you don’t need any drama right now.
  • Once you’ve finished your show and eaten a healthy amount of food, do something productive. Even if it’s just one or two little chores - sweep, do the dishes, tidy up your room, dust, reorganize the bookshelf, whatever. Do something that will make you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Even if it’s little, be proud of yourself for each task!
  • Listen to music while you’re working. iPod, record player, radio, etc. Make it something up beat with a nice and lively tempo.
  • Dance and sing. I don’t care if you dance like a fish out of water and sing like a dog whose tail was stepped on, you are a beautiful contribution to this world so don’t be afraid to shine!
  • Alternate in doing tasks throughout the day with doing things you enjoy. Paperwork and then a walk (fresh air always helps!), mop the floors than read that book you’ve been wanting to explore.
  • Talk to a friend if you need to. If you don’t think you have anyone to talk to, let me be the first to tell you, YOU DO! There are thousands of kindhearted people on here who would love to get to know you and want to help you and hear about your day if you are feeling under the weather.
  • Remember that this is today. Every tomorrow is another chance. Everyone has rough days, and sometimes we get a whole long string of them, but life is so much more than just the bad days. Go to bed knowing that tomorrow is a new start.

goldylocksandthethreefandoms  asked:

So, this is kinda inspired by you talking about soulmates, but could you do a hc about the reader and Tyler being "platonic soulmates"? It's something my best friend and I call each other and I feel like it could be super cute

Aww that’s adorable heck yes

- You guys hang out and call each other a lot
- To the point where people think you’re dating and you tell them that your not, you just love each other a lot as friends
- You guys get to interrogate the other one’s bf/gf/so before anyone else does
- You sleep in the same bed sometimes but its chill
- Being each other’s wingman
- Sometimes you guys feel like your the parents of Teamiplier
- When you have bad days you send each other encouraging texts
- You guys are scary good at those “how well do you know your best friend” game
- When you play games together you’re either on one team and constantly high fiving or you’re on opposite teams and trying to d e s t r o y each other
- Like you two aren’t allowed to play monopoly unsupervised because the board will get flipped and nobody trusts either of you not to smash the console if you play electronically
- Lots of snark but all in good fun
- Matching beanies cause you’re dorks


Bad days don’t last forever

No matter how bad things get, no matter how depressed and alone and useless you feel, I hope you remember that this bad time won’t last forever. Cliche, I know, but this has helped me get through some tough spots before so I figured it might help others as well.

You are not useless, friend. You are not alone, and it’s completely fine to have bad days. It’s okay if your effort is reduced or split for a while, and it’s okay to recover at your own pace. This won’t last forever, so keep moving forward - you’re doing great <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

Here’s the thing about personality disorders.

Among everyone I know with Avoidant Personality Disorder, I’m one of the happiest, most outgoing, and most emotionally secure.

I have strong, positive, intimate relationships in my life.

I feel comfortable interacting with strangers.

I even make friends easily.

(The secret they don’t tell you is that even when you’re good at it, not everyone is a good choice to try it with!)

But this week, despite all of those things,

I still turned off my phone to avoid a dreaded phonecall.

I was crushed by a moderate disappointment.

I genuinely worry that my friends have stopped liking me, and that I’m not welcome in my social groups anymore (“they’re finally onto me!”).

When someone confronted me about something, even without any overt hostility, I had an anxiety attack before I could respond. And after the conversation I cried in bed, so hard that when I got up, I had tiny fresh bruises around my eyes.

Most days, I have the impulse to take down posts that feel too personal, too confused, too me.

I doubt myself and everything I’m trying to do. Sometimes I still feel like hiding in a closet for the rest of my life would be a better idea.

And I obviously still struggle with all my usual avoidance problems – like the effort it takes to leave the house.

There are extenuating circumstances, but…

…the thing about having a personality disorder – or any mental illness! – is that it’s always there in the background.

It’s usually always under the surface. It can affect everything in your life.

And even when someone seems to be doing really, really well, this is still something they have to be aware of and careful with. Sometimes, if you’re recovering, it feels like it’s always waiting to take over again.

There are always triggers. There are always situations that will prompt a disordered response. Sometimes you’ll be able to choose away from acting on that response, and sometimes you won’t.

And there’s never a time when self-care stops being important.

So if you’re struggling?

Don’t worry. It doesn’t mean anything’s wrong with you, and it doesn’t mean you’re worse than everybody else. Because everybody has times where things are hard and awful.

It’s okay to talk about how much it sucks. We all need validation and support.

It’s also okay to deliberately focus on what’s good and what successes you’re having, if that’s helpful for you.

You can even do both at the same time. In spite of all the things I listed up there:

I turned my phone back on and called them back! I used my self-talk skills to cope with the disappointment! I kept showing up to my social group! I had the confrontational talk and survived! I didn’t take down any posts! I learned some things!

Most of us tend to downplay our victories and emphasize our faults and mistakes. Consciously doing the opposite of that can help us change our thought habits.

But mostly:

There’s no wrong way to heal. There’s no wrong way to get better, or learn what you need to learn. And you can get stronger and grow as a person, even when you have lots of bad days.

What works for you is good enough, and that’s all that matters. <3

a lady came into build-a-bear today, probably around 70 years old, and chose an Elsa bear with the song Let It Go and a sound that she recorded herself in French to go inside. I figured it was for a granddaughter and when I asked if it was a gift she said “no, it’s for me”. So I asked if she was a big Frozen fan and she said “oh I’ve never seen the movie but my friend gave me this song on CD when I was having a hard time. I just recorded myself a little encouraging message for bad days. I made my first bear when I was depressed and I wanted to get myself another one!”

After she left I asked my French co-worker if he heard what she recorded and he said “she told whoever the bear is for that they will have success when they try and that she loves them.”

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Secrets - Pack Imagine

-Okay anon, I enjoyed writing this one, I’m really sorry it’s so late and so short (it looked so longer on my computer)…

Request: Could I maybe request a pack imagine where you are super cute and shy and the really innocent one in the group, but you’ve got like a hidden talent (singer I guess) and one night the pack go out and u say ur sick and can’t go or something but you really have a gig and then they end up watching you and yeah just ur really different and confident and a lil bit sexy on stage and everyone is just like woah. Sorry this was so long xxx thank you

Warning: none whatsoever, full of fluff and encouragement and positivity :)

If you’re having a bad day, I’d look over here and read this, I hope this is good and will help you :)


“Wait a minute, Lydia, you actually want to go to someone else’s party?” Stiles asked as you sat in his living room.

“Why not? Gotta know the enemy, right?” Lydia asked with her usual smile.

“Hey, Y/n, you wanna come?” Scott looked over at you, but you shook your head.

“Tonight, I’m not going anywhere,” you told them as they all shot you questioning glances.

“What do you mean?” everyone else asked, since you were always up for spending your Saturday nights with them. It was kind of a pack tradition.

“Guys, I just - I feel sick enough as it is, I’m really not up for mingling with sweaty teenagers and underage drinking,” you shrugged, picking up the tea Lydia had made for you, telling you to just get better, though there was really nothing wrong with you. They just didn’t need to know that.

“I’d rather you got better,” Kira told you with an understanding smile. You nodded to her in thanks before the others just made plans, and you told them to have fun.

Lydia dropped you off at home, and you waved to her as she left, before going to change from your more lazy attire into something more appropriate for an acoustic gig. It didn’t take long, and you were just finishing your hair when the doorbell rang, and you went to open the door to see your friend - outside of the pack - as they held their guitar in hand. You greeted them and then let your hair fall, finished. You said bye to whoever was home, picked up your keys and the two of you left for the local cafe, where you were going to perform some songs you wrote together.

Okay, so maybe you weren’t sick at all. Not even a little bit. Maybe you had to say no because you had the performance, which you would never tell them about. Not because you thought they’d laugh at you - okay maybe there was that as well. It was mostly because you were always shy in front of them. You were the human who didn’t even do research, though you tried to help, but instead, you were always the one covering for them, caught up in the supernatural totally by accident. Your little hobby came later, an it helped you come out of your shell. It was a hidden life, which was how you were intending to keep it. You didn’t want any attention because of something you liked doing.

“Hello everybody!” your friend greeted the audience who turned up as you put the microphone stand up to your height.

“Good evening guys,” you smiled, finally speaking into the mic. The two of you were greeted by some cheers, and you quickly thanked the drummer who joined you for the night, before you started to play some covers of songs, you singing, your friend playing the guitar and the drummer doing her thing.

You were through your fourth songs out of six when you saw the door open, and a few very familiar faces walked in, and you wanted to freeze, but your solo was coming up, so you couldn’t. You ignored their presence the best you could and sung loudly, confidently and happily. It felt better to have your friends there, who seemed to be having fun, since the song was upbeat and it was really about having fun and just generally the time of your life. You smiled as you sung the last note, the song finishing and your group of friends, the pack, cheering the loudest in the whole cafe.

You finished the last two songs and quickly packed up before telling your friend you’d join them for something to drink after you talked to your other friends.

You rushed over to them before apologising fifty times and then being shut up by Lydia.

“You were so great!” she told you with a wide grin and pulling you into a hug, which Kira joined and then the rest of them did also. You couldn’t help but grin all night as they kept asking you questions about it all.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Scott asked as you sat with them and your friend, all of you with your own drinks in front of you.

You shrugged, lifting your cup to your mouth, “I didn’t want you guys to think I’d been lying this whole time,” you told them before taking a sip from the hot drink.

“Are you kissing? You killed it up there!” Kira laughed. All of your friends were really supportive of you and your passion, which only made your life easier.

You only received compliments about your voice and your performance, you could not keep thanking your friends over and over.

It’s safe to say that that cafe wasn’t the last place they saw you singing at.